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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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    1. Adrien Auger on

      Or, I suppose it would be more than that... If you had 4 dogs and 2 weapons, you'd be rolling a die for each actor, times two, and then adding a die for each dog. So, you'd be rolling 14 dice before zombies even enter the equation.

    2. Adrien Auger on

      Wow. Whoa, wait a second. So.. If you're rolling with a pack of 4 dogs, and you're wielding two weapons, you, right off the bat, roll 10 dice with barbarian BEFORE including other zombies in the zone? And if you had 5 zombies in that zone, you'd be rolling 20 dice? Is that right?

    3. Missing avatar

      Nils Strakeljahn on

      Does Jump mean, you cannot jump through rooms, since the line of sight ends in the adjacent room?

    4. Jonathan on

      Neat skills. Some of them seem very powerful when combined with some of the existing ones. Barbarian and Full Auto could be devestating with the right weapons in hand, especially the pimp weapons that have high accuracy.

      This is without knowing what any of the experience gear cards provide.

    5. PhePhe B

      Just throwing it out there... I'd really love to see Steve Irwin and MacGyver as survivors. Just putting it out there.

    6. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Will:yes,if you don't have his zombivor version,he can't reborn as zombivor like my Dave miniature who don't have his zombivor can say " RIP Dave !"
      I think it will be same rules for PVP,when a character is kill by another character,he can't reborn because he is killed by a survivor !

    7. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Will:you can use a zombivor at the beginning of the scenario until choose a survivor.
      Or when your survivor is killed by zombies,I will back next turn as Zombivor.

    8. Jason on

      "Should use" i mean

    9. Jason on

      If it's not too late to change... I think you use the wording "once per round" instead of once per activation. Once per activation sounds like you can do it each action... It's confusing.

    10. Space Buccaneer Zip! on

      Question: Berserker and Full Auto abilities essentially give the the attacker the option of rolling 1 die/target, correct? The first time I read it, my mind said "Each die I roll has the value X where X is the number of actors" and that didn't make sense so I tried "The accuracy of the die is equal to the number of actors in the zone", which made more sense but is clearly wrong

    11. Will Jackson Jr. on

      Haven't played Zombicide but one time. Are there any scenarios where the Zombivore version of survivor begins to attack remaining survivors? Just wondering due to having to unlock zombivore or make purchase to obtain them included for free. Or is it just a thing of once you die your out of game without a Zombivore character?

    12. Missing avatar

      Karlos Gajewski on

      Hi Thiago, I have a few questions if you don't mind:
      -Will the Team Building Deck contain cards for all the survivors released after it was unlocked, including any future survivors not yet announced?
      -Will Survivors in future kickstarter/retail releases come with cards to add to the Team Building Deck?
      -Is the Team Building Deck stretch goal reward exactly the same composition as the optional buy Team Building Deck?
      Anything you could add would be great, thanks

    13. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Abbath :it's that i want to say ! and wanda have in addittion bloodlust....i don't know whitch wanda i will use and the new saison 1 survivor maybe not need zombivor,it's maybe besause of this there is no zombivor on RM box.
      Double skill on blue danger change a lot of things...
      Barbarian and Full auto are just same skill at melee and range,if i good understand ?

    14. Abbath on

      "you have to stop at the first zombie but you get out for free" that was wrong
      "you have to stop at the first zombie but you get out with 1 AP" is the correct explanation

    15. Abbath on

      @Edouard Foraz:
      The big difference is that slippery works different in Season 3.
      Before it was "ignore all zombies in crossed zones". Now it becomes "you have to stop at the first zombie but you get out for free".
      The new Hit & Run gets the same result as the old slippery for the same AP costs if you manage to kill a zombie.

    16. Paint'Riot Studio

      Hit and Run is great for wanda,he don't change a lot to shippery.
      Love also the barbarian skill !

    17. Abbath on

      @Thiago Is full auto and barbarian limited to once per turn or has it any other disadvantages other than being a crawler generator?
      The more I think about this skills the more I get the feeling they are overpowered because make the numbers of dice for weapons obsolete. E.g. the meat cleaver is way better than the chainsaw with barbarian.

    18. Rod Mendes on

      Ultimate Wanda already has Bloodlust: Melee and Hit & Run

    19. Davyd Atkins on

      I'm really intrigued about all this helicopter talk.

    20. Sanguinius on

      can the hit and run skill be used in combination with the bloodlust skills?
      ie use an action with bloodlust to move to a zone with zombies and attack them, then as you killed 1 or more zombies, immediately move out freely with hit and run?
      or it only works for regular combat actions?

    21. Sanguinius on

      as far as i see it, the barbarian and full auto skills change the number of dice that you roll during the ranged action ie if there are 5 actors, you roll 5 dice instead of the number of dice indicated on the weapon.
      the skill becomes more effective the more actors are present but less effective vs small numbers of actors.
      though i feel they should limit it to actions with weapons that lend themselves to it like submachine guns or the chainsaw, it will seem wierd if you can roll 10+ dice with a simple pistol or a rifle (perhaps just limit it to double or triple the normal amount of dice so it automatically relates to the weapon used).

    22. antwan ragland on

      ridiculously excited about all of this kickstarter btw. So happy I managed to get in on this one.

    23. antwan ragland on

      Are these all of the new skills (excluding the addressed scavenger) or are there more to be revealed?

    24. Skritter on

      @Abbath. I am just saying why do they have to leave doubt in the wording. Why don't they say

      " he uses by the number of Actors standing in his Zone (including all Zombies, Zombie Dogs, Birdz as well as other Survivors and himself)."

      And leave no room for questions?

    25. Sanguinius on

      its a bit overpowered to let sprint be used any number of times

    26. Timo Honold

      Barbarian and full auto sounds great!
      Charge seems a llittle overpowered?!
      free reload and hit&run sounds like fun gg

    27. Fish on

      @ Jeffrey and others. i was assuming the value as the one of the dice. If I target à zone with 6 zombies in it with full auto, all my dices are considered to be 6. But this seems too powerful so I may be wrong.
      Hit & run is huge : it's a blitz that doesn't need to kill the last zombie and with slippery included. Wow
      Endly, I think that Louise blue skill is missing from the list (I remember something like + 1 search card but I may have read it wrong)

    28. Craig Johnston on

      Hit and Run has to be my favourite of the bunch. I'll be updating my Consolidated Skill Sheet as soon as I get home. :)

    29. Abbath on

      Skritter: If you take barbarion and full auto literally it means the survivor goes berserk and attacks every single target in the zone. So it is quite clear that the zombies are part of it. ;)

      What I don't unterstand is why the survivor himself is counted in. Maybe just for game mechanic reasons.

    30. Skritter on

      " he uses by the number of Actors standing in his Zone (including other Survivors and himself)."

      Why would they ONLY just point out that it Survivors (which includes the attacker) and no mention of anything else?

    31. Abbath on

      @Michael: Zombies/Dogz/Crows and Survivors/Dogs are actors according to the rulebooks.

    32. C on

      Actors include zombies. See the rulebook, or this reference sheet:

    33. Michael on

      I would also be very interested in an official calrification on what an actor exactly is. My guess is: Survivors, Zombivors, Dogs and Human Companions but no Zombies

    34. Peter McAndrew on

      Barbarian/Full auto should perhaps be altered to have quote marks around "Dice" in "Dice value". Just saying dice value reads to me like it means the value on the dice (aka roll).

    35. SharpMonkey on

      I think the rules define actors as any individual miniature

    36. SharpMonkey on

      I love the new skills! Hit and Run looks very powerful. The dog skill makes me more curious about finally adding them to my game. Full auto indeed sounds like a good easy to kill every last mofo in the it should! Great stuff

    37. Frencois

      Would make no sense if Barbarian would give you additional dice for zombies. I guess only for survivors, companions, neighbors and zombivors on your team.

    38. ALDI on

      But I could be wrong...

    39. ALDI on

      Barbarian and full auto say 'actors in zone' referring to survivors. I don't believe they get dice for zombies in their zone based on how it reads... even though that would be awesome

    40. Bryn Edwards on

      Hope none of the RM/AN survivors have the dog skill.. Or does one of them come with dog companions?

    41. JJ

      @Gregory, @Arsoner - Barbarian & Full Auto: The dice value of the weapon(s), I am assuming, is the dice value as printed on the equipment card. Therefore if you are dual wielding claw hammers in a zone with 5 zombies, yourself and 2 other survivors you get to roll 16 dice! 5Z + 2S +You =8 multiply by 2 because you are dual wielding and you get 16 dice. This can be a great skill when you are up against a horde of zombies, but also a bit of a double edged sword when you are killing skinners!

    42. Gregory Liedtka on

      I was also a little confused by Barbarian and Full Auto with reguards to duel wielding. If for example I have 2 claw hammers and there are 5 people in the same zone would I get 10 dice or only 5?

    43. Jrec on

      Wow. Scavenger is awesome!!

    44. Roy Burns on

      Okay, Scavenger is much better than I thought it was going to be.

    45. Thiago Aranha on

      Ok, ok. Here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

      SCAVENGER: The Survivor can Search in any Zone. This includes street Zones, indoor alleys, hospital Zones, helipads, tents, etc.

    46. Missing avatar


      These skills look awesome!

    47. wargamer70 on

      And please describe Scavenger as well. Thx.

    48. Arsonor

      So Barbarian and Full Auto...

      If there are 5 models in a zone that you are attacking, you can replace any dice roll with a 5?

    49. Jeremey on

      Sweet update!