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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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    1. Scott & Mindy on

      Where the heck is tile 4 and 10?!?!
      I only received nine times like the game says I should.

    2. Paint'Riot Studio

      the tiles looks good !! particularly Angry Neighbors tiles !
      @Davyd:not sure maybe next saison.....

    3. Davyd Atkins on

      Can we please get Zombivor versions of the Rue Morgue survivors? Either as a stretch goal or an add on please? I want to be able to use them with zombivor rules.

    4. Aneurin James Kennerley on

      No toilets in the hospital?

    5. Russell Lau on

      how much will the game cost to ship to singapore? I don want to get a whopping ass bill!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jwest1403 on

      Love the tiles and that the hospital is only one side, with the other random cityscape. The different building and street configurations are also great for customisation (ie, L shaped ones, all building except one corner street corner etc). Can't wait.

    7. Abbath on

      Are the yellow markings in the rooms on tile R6 only eyecandy or are these rooms counted as street zones?
      Because in PO and RM all hallways (street zones) are marked with yellow borders.

    8. Abbath on

      What closely at the tiles the locker rooms got the words "locker room" written on the floor. Couldn't be more obvious XD

    9. Abbath on

      @Deansy: yes, because there are no street zones on 10V and 12V . The tile names are not normed but usually part of the "street zone" graphics ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew Eustace on

      What about Michael Cain from the Italian Job. Call him 'Kane', and have his quote be "Hang on lads. I've got a great idea." :-P

    11. C on

      Any of you familiar with the Lingster Zombicide fan materials? I found his Zombicide tiles set, but no sign of tokens. Mebbe contact him for some PnP tokens?

    12. Daniele Silvi on

      What about Sewers tokens? To customize the tiles. Never understood why cmon didn't separate them from terrain tiles from the beginning

    13. Doody on

      I like how 6v, 7v and 8v look like survivors have set up in them, being cleaner and having lights set up. nice touch!

    14. Joe Kiyoshi

      I was merely adding options to up the difficulty. If you could lure zombies into a never ending pit that they couldnt get out of. Whats the threat after that?

    15. Jeremey on

      Love the games set up on 7R, nice touch!

    16. Evil Mushroom Games on

      I'm loving 7r , even when the world's gone to the zombies. Make time and space for games/games room

    17. Anthony Leon on

      @JJ you are right their is a Zombiecide game their as well as some others

    18. Deansy on

      just noticed that 10V & 12V have their tile names written in graffiti & not stenciled on like the rest. I'm not a fan...

    19. John GT

      So there's nothing FUNCTIONALLY different about the extra AN helicopter? If it's just another helicopter, I may want it, but I may not NEED it.

    20. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      I think that I will use tokens for the beds, once there are zombies coming out of the beds, it should not happen again.

    21. Deansy on

      @JJ sure looks like it!! LoL.
      Also looks like a 4 player RPG in the bottom left & a tabletop miniatures game top right...

    22. Jason on

      Very powerful indeed but don't forget that if you let too many zombies pile up in a pit, you'll run out of zombies and extra activations will occur. You'll need to be careful.

    23. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      @Jason Thanks! Seems pretty powerful but at least it's simple. Totally forgot about the dogs haha.

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      Loving the experience cards. Things that add to the rules of the game are awesome and Kudos to GG for trying different stretch goals to just loads of survivors like in season 2.

      Great job guys but i now think you need to create some more different survivors for stretch goals. A few recommendations i like are

      Lara Croft
      Walter White
      RE characters
      Left 4 dead characters
      Walking Dead Characters
      Gary King
      Child survivor possibly based on Clementine or Newt
      and im sure there are more

      Please can we have another survivor stretch goal

    25. donnbobhardy

      @Joe - It should be...
      Walker/Fatty/Abom = attack OR move. 1 action
      Runner = (attack OR move) + (attack OR move). 2 actions

    26. Jason on

      I don't understand what you're talking about Joe. Walker/Fatty/Abom have 1 activation. Runners have 2. There's no max occupancy to the pits.

    27. Joe Kiyoshi

      Walker/Fatty/Abom = attack + move. 2 actions?
      Runner = attack + move + attack + move. 4 actions?

      Maybe holes can have a max occupancy so they can climb out on top of each other (wwz movie)

      Maybe Aboms could have the rule of not being affected by holes because they are so big they could crawl out anyway.

    28. Francois on

      It's sad that there's only 3 tiles in AN. They are good.

    29. C on

      > Hospital tiles present a constant source of danger: beds!

      Anyone else remember the Requiem for a Dream scene with the refrigerator? :D

    30. Alex

      I hope it's really obvious which rooms are locker rooms whilst playing. Shame you can't search in the normal rooms as it could tempt you in, only to get hit by a bed spawn :)

      I hope we get another one of these updates showing us the new survivor dashboards, and maybe new skill explanations :)

    31. Jason on

      @Andrew Zombie dogs get 3 actions. It means any zombie with less than 3 actions is stuck in the hole. Zombie dogs are fast enough to get out though.

    32. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I'm a little confused with the wholes. It says that if a zombie falls in a hole then they have to use 2 additional actions in addition to the regular move action to get out. Since zombies can get at most two actions at a time (runners) does that mean that all zombies are permanently stuck if they fall in a hole? Or does it take 3 turns for them to get out? Or do they only get out if they get enough actions in a single turn? (ie. you draw two extra walker activation cards).

    33. JJ on

      is there a zombicide game on the table in 7R? :D

    34. Jason on

      Yeah, thanks for the updates Thiago. These are really nice. Hopefully we'll see a pvp update soon :)

    35. ALDI on

      I love these game play/game box updates! These tiles look great and will look great added to seasons 1, 2, and tcm... time to start making large scale map storyline campaigns!

    36. Carmen on

      Great update- lots of fun info!
      I found myself counting those beds after I reading about the crawler spawnings.

    37. Jason on

      I'm guessing you can move from point A to point B, kind of like a teleport. Since it can only hold 4 though... it could be risky to split up the group that way!

    38. Nick CC on

      Just wondering, but how do helicopters work? are they just as a starting and exit point, or could they be used like a guard tower in PO, but like a mobile one? Imagine now having 2 copters working like that, death from above!

    39. Jason on

      Right you are... I should have figured that out myself, thanks!

      I really dig tile 10V... I guess I'm getting angry neighbors now!

    40. Thiago Aranha on

      @Jason: 1) You're not taking into account that the tiles don't hav the street door tokens on them.
      2) That is not an example of how it would be set up on a mission. Those are just the two sides of a tile.

    41. Jason on

      Looks great but I'm confused on two aspects.

      1.) If zombies use the diagonal boards as well, what's the point of the pit? How would a zombie fall in it instead of moving diagonally?
      2.) On the very first picture with tiles 1R and 1V, the room exits in the middle of the intersection of 2 street spaces on tile 1R. Which space would it connect to?

    42. Sanguinius on

      its refreshing to see that finally the tile numbers are organised logically with front and back having the same number but different letter, it will ease the pain of finding the right tiles!

      i hope its not too difficult to distinguish the rooms that can be searched from the ones that cannot, at first sight there seem to be very few of them.

      i noted there are staircase tokens in RM, but i dont see higher levels on the map tiles, how will this play out?

      will there be new cars in either RM or AN?

    43. Ophelia on

      Thanks, I can post and read comments, but all I see are tiles. Was generally curious.

      Best location ever.

    44. Missing avatar

      CrAm on


    45. Thiago Aranha on

      @Sharkey: Yes, those images represent bot sides of each tile. Zombies can also use the boards, if they are moving in that direction.

    46. Pachro on

      Hopefully the hospital tiles have corridors that line up with each other. The prison tiles were very awkward in this sense so hopefully these will be better. The AN tiles look good, I may have to get an extra pack of those. The helicopter should also be able to land on TCM's parking lot tile. We need some more vehicles for PVP on these maps.

    47. Sharkey on

      Awesome, thank you for showing us all of the tiles! It think I may just have to order another RM tile set now! And am I right to assume that the same numbered tiles shown together are the front and back sides of that tile?

      For the diagonal pits do only survivors use the boards while zombies fall into it?

    48. David Anderson

      Could we see what a tile would look like with 3D doors?

    49. Brent S on

      I've never found the need for extra tiles. It I would like the alternate helicopter token. Anyway that can be purchased individually (or better yet as a stretch goal).

    50. Brandon Ross on

      Having only played S1, it's cool to see tiles with different rules like the hospitals.

      The Angry Neighbor's tiles might not be so bad, being able to get extra holes.