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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Cyd@lone on

      indeed, what are we missing from VIP#2 once we already get all the figures? the spawn cards?
      @kickstartmyheart : +1!

    2. kickstartmyheart on

      Thanks skritter, that clears it up! I just wasn't sure if all sculpts were included. They should just add vip#2 to the patient 0 list to clear confusion.

    3. Skritter on

      Yes Experience Deck needs numbering. Management will be painful without them.

      +1 for numbers

    4. Anthony B

      I love the experience cards! Always looking for new ways to campaign games together. +1 for numbering the cards

    5. Skritter on

      So you are already getting VIP #1 = 20 zombies
      Half of VIP #2 = 10 zombies
      Exclusives 2x3 = 6 zombies

      TOTAL VIPs already included in your base pledge = 36 VIP zombies

    6. Skritter on

      There are only 5 sculpts in VIP #2. You are already getting all the sculpts included.

    7. Skritter on

      @kickstartmyheart. From the stretch goals you are getting 2 each of 5 different sculpts (10 VIPs). That is exactly half of what is in VIP #2.

      You are also getting 3 each X 2 exclusive sculpts, Elviz & Princess Leah.

      You don't need VIP #2 unless you want more.

    8. kickstartmyheart on

      Just want to make sure I'm doing this right. I need to add $20 for VIP set #2 because only some are included as stretch goals, right?

    9. Missing avatar

      Rune Thingvad Olsen on

      Yeah, an optional upgrade from VIP SG's to full VIP#2 box, would be very nice indeed! :)

    10. Joe Kiyoshi

      They should make an addon to upgrade from the free half set of vip#2 to a full set of vip#2. Id pay 10$ to upgrade. Then i wouldnt have an uneven amount of vip#1 vs vip#2.

    11. Missing avatar

      Patrick P on

      What would be really cool is if they made "kickstarter only" spawn cards that mixes up the different types of zombies. For instance..
      Blue level = 1 walker + 1 berserker walker
      Yellow level = 1 walker + 2 toxic runners
      Orange level= 1 berserker fatty + 1 toxic fatty
      Red level = 3 zombie dogs + 2 runners + 1 toxic fatty
      Would be pretty cool to mix up the spawns

    12. Nick CC on

      Actually looking at the number of VIPs we get, looks to be around 20 in the VIP box #1 as well as the 16 that we're getting as part of the stretch goals. For backers that don't have season 1/2 or PO, it would be a good investment to have the VIPs, as AN and RM only come with the new types of zombies in stock. so getting the VIP box #2 would also be a good thing in that regards

    13. Missing avatar

      cliff hutton on

      Would it be possible to get a Print and Play copy of the experience deck ? or list of the cards.. Would love to start using them now.

    14. Christian on

      Hm, what about some Zombicide jerseys or hoodies as optional buy? So everyone could spread the word much more easy :-)

    15. Matthew Churchill on

      @Thiago, @Zombicide - please read my last post. :-)

    16. Matthew Churchill on

      4/5 members of the VIP #2 box can represent zombie members of The Village People. Could we have sculpts for the big chief, cowboy and soldier zombie too to complete the line-up?

    17. Kenny Tan on

      Hey this just gave me a cool idea! How about a small booklet of all the SKILLS from Zombiecide 1 2 3 and all the expansions... this way all the player can have a small booklet and check whenever they need clarifications!

    18. Philippe Proteau on

      @Thiago: thanks for the clarifications. I was actually wondering what the VIP box was bringing in. :)

      Take care.


    19. Goeshi on

      @Jason. As stretch goals we are (currently) getting exactly half of the miniatures from VIP box #2 and their pimp weapons. We also get 6 exclusive VIP minis, bringing the total of bonus minis to 16.

      We also, of course, get a full VIP box #1 as part of our pledge.

    20. Thiago Aranha on

      @Jason: All backers are getting VIP #1 as part of the initial pledge. Several SGs are giving backers all contents of VIP #2, though not in the quantities found in the box.

    21. Skritter on

      Glad to see some support individual numbering system for the Experience Cards, similar to the spawn cards?

      Lets get some numbers on those cards!

      (It would make it easier to keep records from game to game for ALL the survivors concerned who had what item. Numbers are easier to record than the name of the card.)

    22. Missing avatar

      Nicki Stevens on

      Zombie Santa looks excellent!!!
      Any chance you will be re-releasing the rest of the "Big Bang" survivors or zombivors for purchase? I would love to get them all. =)

    23. Jason on

      I am confused by the VIP zombies. Are we getting VIP #1 as SG or are we only getting part of it and part of VIP #2 or are the both included and we just have the option to buy more of them in the box? What will we need to purchase to have the contents of both boxes?

    24. Missing avatar

      Rune Thingvad Olsen on

      Cool update!
      I'm not sure if I get the note about pimp weapons right? Does VIP#2 have the same pimp weapons as the ones shown in the SG? (Daisho, golden ak-47, pink assault rifle) And if so, what weapons are then in the VIP#1 box? Diddent get there would even be weapons in #1. But nice ;)

    25. Paint'Riot Studio

      The Experience cards looks fun !! i hope to see new survivors after !
      For those want to see how looks dogz and zombie dogz ,you can see it paint on my page :…

    26. Daniele Silvi on

      +1 numbering the cards

    27. SEGERS Marcus on

      Does The Experience Deck will be in French and Spanish too, as like all other supplement pack?
      I'm think that linked Experience with game played and number of zombies killed with a type of weapon or style iof fight, it's better than only draw a card.

    28. Eli Butcher on

      @Abbath, the poses are the same, but if you look at the Dogz images, the new ones are attached to the base, and not using a post through the chest, making them look impaled.

    29. Goeshi on

      Kudos CMON. This update kicks ass.

    30. Gary fisher on

      Love the experience cards. Will prob dish one out to every survivor at the start of each game.

    31. MARAÏNI Mathieu on

      Because Guillotines games speak in french :
      Excellente idée ce deck de carte d'expérience. cela va tout à fait dans le style de campagne que nous sommes en train de mettre au point dans le sud de la France. Nous étions en train de nous poser la question de l'évolution inter-scénario sans toucher à l'échelle d'expérience et vous venez de nous fournir la réponse. Cependant je suis d'accord qu'il faudrait prévoir une échelle particulière ou alors pouvoir choisir les cartes et pas les piocher.

      And because all people here speak english.
      Great idea this deck experience card. it is quite in the style of campaign that we are developing in the south of France. We were asking ourselves the question of inter-change scenario without touching wide experience and you just give us the answer. However, I agree that there should be a special power or then choose the cards and not draw level.

    32. Alex

      Great update, been waiting for this to get exciting again. Love the idea of the experience cards being built into a scenario, so that you get one for completing a specific objective. Could also choose one at the start of a mission to replace your blue skill.

    33. C on

      +1 numbering the cards!

    34. Craig Johnston on

      Another use for the Experience Cards is as an alternate reward for gaining an objective. Instead of earning the additional 5xp, you could instead earn a draw from the Experience Deck.

    35. Thormars on

      Because Guillotine Games guys speak also in french :
      Pour les cartes d'expérience, c'est une excellente idée. Par contre, la façon de les obtenir n'est pas optimale.
      Je pense que chaque carte devrait avoir des conditions d'obtention, du type ; Pour être un Swordmaster, tuer 10 zombies à l'épée. Une échelle de graduation, comme celle de l'expérience des fiches de survivants, pourraient être utilisée pour se rappeler de l'évolution de cette expérience. Ce serait aussi un moyen d'utiliser les marqueurs jaunes qu'on a tous par poignées.

    36. Skritter on

      Will the Experience Cards come with a individual numbering system, similar to the spawn cards? It would make it easier to keep records from game to game for ALL the survivors concerned who had what item. Numbers are easier to record than the name of the card.

    37. Thormars on

      I think we have enough VIP sculpts (or maybe one or two more exclusives sculpts... ^^). If you get the two boxes and the kickstarter bonuses, it gives you 56 VIP's !
      With the PvP's and Team theme of Rue Morgue, I prefer more team survivors, like A-Team, some cops squad, rock squad, psychopath squad, and so on...

    38. Timo Honold

      Sounds very interesting... like the stretch

    39. XofMdS on

      What about a "Rifle / Start with a Rifle" card coming into effect in-game?

    40. Nico on

      I hope CMON give us more KS-EXKLUSIVE zombies or VIP`s. PLEASE!!!

    41. Christian on

      Excellent idea with the experience cards!

    42. Aneurin James Kennerley on

      Be nice to get 6 dealt out at the start of a scenario - When the mission is complete and starting with the player with the highest XP - each player (that survived) picks one of the cards.

      I was also thinking it would be nice to track (on the XP track) all kills, melee kills and ranged kills (we have enough markers) and the skill you take depends on which (melee or range) is higher.

    43. Aneurin James Kennerley on

      @Sylvain - so that on your next mission you can start with a rifle?

    44. Jenelle Adams on

      Love the experience cards. Great incentive to just keep playing multiple missions. True game night. :)

    45. Sylvain Fontaine on

      This update is nice.
      One point I don't get, though... What's the point with the experience card "start with a rifle" ?

    46. Michael McCarthy Kellerman on

      YMCA!! All we need is a cowboy and Indian zombie...

    47. Dreadpirate

      I'm envisioning scenarios that offer these cards as rewards for achieving specific goals (instead of 'just' for killing). Very nice.

    48. Aneurin James Kennerley on

      Maybe I will house rule this to 1 experience card if you survive a mission.

    49. Abbath on

      @Eli Butcher: New Dogz sculpts? Where did you get this from?

    50. C on

      The S3 base game has 6 more survivors than S2, and we're getting the dashboards for the exclusives of previous seasons. That's a lot of survivors! Wonder if Hasslefree or Impact Miniatures will run a KS for proxies... :D