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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Eli Butcher on

      @donnbobhardy - I would agree. And with most KS I will just purchase everything upfront, but CMON does the thing where they only put the one or 2 next SG, which means I will need to upgrade my pledge every couple days in some cases. I find that extreme, so with their KS (at least now that I know how their's work) is to just wait a bit, or at least closer to the time of closer. I know when people do this, it causes a spike at the end, but I also find it annoying that they only tell us what the next 1 or 2 are, rather than giving out a road map (which "to me" motivates people more.)

    2. Joshua Leslie on

      I don't think that the dogs or dogz are new sculpts. They will probably have the chest poles, and the pictures are of master sculpts which don't have them.

    3. donnbobhardy

      @Eli - It's better to up as we go (or in anticipation). That way we hit stretch goals faster.

    4. Eli Butcher on

      @Joshua Leslie, you're right about pledge averages. I'm currently down for $150 for the Patient 0, but I already know that I'm going to be doing at least $200 currently. The reason I haven't upgraded further, is that I know there will be more Optional Buys that I want. I'm also curious on what the difference is between the new Dogz boxes listed here and the ones that are currently being sold at retail. It does seem like they're new sculpts ( without the chest poles ). But by the end, my total will be in the mid-200s. I just wish they'd include some more dice options and some 3D Environments...

    5. Joshua Leslie on

      I don't think that it's accurate to compare average pledges in the middle of the campaign to the average pledge that Season 2 ended on after all the add-ons had been debuted.
      We're in day 11 of this kickstarter, and the average pledge is $169. On day 1, the average pledge was $145. It's going up a couple dollars a day.
      At this point in Season 2, the average pledge was around $200. So still more than now, but still a ways off from the $250 something it finished at. Also, the average pledges were going to be higher because of the pledge levels that included season 1, and the few super high I am Legend pledge levels.
      There is no way that when all is said and done, the average pledge per backer this season won't be in the mid 200's also.

    6. Kaiser on

      Did we find out if these dog add on boxes are like shown - so no peg sticking into their chest?

    7. Carmen on

      @Neil: Yes- if you backed Season 2, you get a $10 credit toward your pledge (but not toward shipping((?)).)

    8. donnbobhardy

      @Edouard - The exlusives from previous seasons won't be back, but the core boxes might be available in the pledge manager.

    9. Dani C on

      Thanks Thiago :) .

    10. Mictlan

      About RM Zombivors,

      In the general comments Thiago cryptically said that the KS campaign is far from over. Also someone posted a link to Q&A with the developers and there are things hinted that the Zombivors are going to be part of the campaign.

      Many people are comparing Season 2 to this KS. It has many conceptual differences: in the last KS you could really buy more "meaty" packages: Original game and Zombie boxes (which could be added in this drive later on). This drive also has less upgrade stuff: no dices for example. Also has less variety on pledge levels. That has made that the amount pledge is a little less. On average las season everyone dropped $252, while here is $168.
      We are seeing SG that might not make sense to the people that are dropping their money in the campaign. But it genereting a lot of traffic and lots of don't normally see that on other KS. Its a game of patience as we still have 18 days to go.

    11. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Eli Butcher: I hope too than Zombivor RM come in this campaign but I don't know if they are plan.
      In season 1,all additional survivors come with zombivor from kickstarter,only box don't have.
      I have hear that kickstarter exclusive of season 1 and 2 will be available this kickstarter but when,I don't know...maybe on pledge manager...

    12. Eli Butcher on

      @Edouard Foraz, I knew someone had mentioned the Zombivors several times, I was just hoping that with more people asking that they might finally respond. lol. I don't see why they would do this like Season 1 because the reason there were no Zombivors in Season 1 is that they had not been introduced into the game yet. Then they rectified that by including them into TCM. Since it's now common practice to need the Zombivors for gameplay, it doesn't make sense to "not" include them.

      Regarding the SG, I did just look up Season 2, and it seems that once they hit the $1200k mark, that's when they started offering all the new Survivors/Zombivors. So perhaps those of us (myself included) who have been asking for more Survivors, will probably get them fairly soon. If they follow the same pattern as last time.

    13. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Eli Butcher:i have try to tell CMON about zombivor version of RM ,no response,i think it will be same like Season 1 box with no zombivor,it's what i think.
      In Season 1 ,Zombivor apear in TCM box....
      About SG,i think the seasons 2 SG are better than this season but i think this season will obtain 3 millions easy,i hope more new survivors will come....

    14. Eli Butcher on

      @CMON I'm still curious about the RM Zombivors? Are they not including them with this season? Since they're promoting them as part of AN, and they're included in every other Season and Expansion to date, it doesn't seem like they wouldn't be included. But they're neither listed in the RM content list or shown in the image???

    15. Eli Butcher on

      @Nick Roberts, I think people are just tired of the "hacked" $50k stretch goals. The ones that should really be together, and should really be $100k stretch goals. Like the Crowz/Crowz Cards. You can't use them separately, so they shouldn't have had an SG for each one, but it's a great $100k SG. I think it's just the SG tactics that people don't like. Also, like having 2 SG for a Survivor/Zombivor. They're great as a $100k SG, but when you break them apart, they become mostly unusable, not to mention that on some, they're touting the Zombivor as "free", when it's not. You still have to do the Optional Buy for the Survivor, in order to get it.

      I'm not happy with how they're breaking these SG down, BUT I'm thrilled with the stuff they're putting out, and I'm buying up everything I can. I just wish they'd maybe switch over to more logical/realistic $100k SG. BUT, by doing that, you lose the constant updates everyday, and it would slow the pacing and momentum of the KS.

    16. Thiago Aranha on

      @Dani C: When a Team Action allows a Survivor to Move, he may use any skills he has that don't require an activation. So Wanda could move 2 zones.

    17. Skritter on

      S2 backers get a $10 discount or bonus to spend

    18. MaMart on

      @Joshua Leslie
      I hope you're right but I think it really depends on the type and amount of SG that will be placed in the field. The number of additional SG is inevitably decreasing and will be so until the final sprint of last days. You must consider that many backers (including myself) have funded the project "with reserve"...

    19. Nick AKA Help needed on

      Why are we losing backers with 50k stretch.goals? We already have a boat load of stuff for our dollar!

    20. Neil H on

      Erm..... I backed season 1 and 2, wasn't there some mention of a delay reimbursement in the form of a discount? or did I just make that up.

    21. Dani C on

      What happens with Wanda and Belle if you use the team action move, do move one zone, moving all along with the rest of the team, or YES or YES they move 2 zones?

    22. Missing avatar

      holeski on

      Can I get a real answer why CMON/GG has made the stretch goals so far apart?? Your losing backing with doing so.

    23. Nico on

      @FELIPE MACHADO... Yes, i want more 3D-stuff too...please cmon! Doors, cars, helicopter, maybe zombie-rats

    24. Eli Butcher on

      @Skritter, if I want to set up a double set of tiles for a custom campaign, then I'd like to have more, OR maybe set up a campaign using house rules where I have to defend a spot on the board and "need" to use additional barricades, then more 3D barricades would be something I would love to buy more of. :)

      "All your barricades are belong to me!!!"

    25. Skritter on

      @Eli the Butcher. Your only allowed 2 barricades per game,


    26. Eli Butcher on

      My big question goes back to a comment posted yesterday, which is where are all the typical Add-Ons??? Like the extra Dice (glow in the dark or black/red please), but most of all, where are the additional barricades that I want to purchase??? If they'd let that stuff loose, I bet we'd pick up the pace again. I know I'd buy a couple sets and items!

    27. Joshua Leslie on

      @MaMart, we might be more than halfway there with our backers, but I don't think that we've reached the halfway point in terms of funds raised. I think we'll end up closer to 10,000 backers,
      Current average pledge per backer is like $168. If we can get that number up to $275 (which is do-able if they keep adding another add or two every other day) and increase backers (more are joining every day) we'll easily get to $2,750,000. My optimistic guess is that it'll end up with about 11K backers and around $3.1 Mil raised.

    28. Felipe Machado on

      This is my first Zombicide KS (I have Core, Prison and Toxic City from retail) and I'll be buying only 2 survivors... That's already 40 survivors (with the ones I'll be getting here)... It's more than I think I'll ever use...

      I really would like crowz and doors and maybe plastic cars and choppers (or any other 3D element that would make my game look cooler) and even team action cards more than I would like more survivors (sure, I still would like me some Terry Crews... =P)...

    29. MaMart on

      We're more than halfway of possible backers and probably of funds. If the RM zombivors and 3D elements remain outside?

    30. Rod Mendes on

      I hope se get more new survivors, cause I really don't like the Rue Morgue survivors

    31. Eli Butcher on

      I have been pretty vocal on here about my thought on the way the SG are broken up, and my need for more CROWZ SGs. Lol. But there's been a lot of chat about the lack of free figures too. It just occurred to me that we've had a lot less than previous KS... BUT with these new VIP zombies, which is new, we've gotten a ton of variety, many that are KS exclusive and free. ( like Slave Leah ) This is awesome, but I do hope we get some more survivors. AND CROWZ.

    32. Thiago Aranha on

      Still 18 days to go, guys. We're not even halfway there.

    33. Guto Gerbase on

      @Thiago Aranha any word of the 12 zombivors versions of suvivors from rue morgue? (and we still waiting for the 3D doors, really i think it will improve a lot the gameplay, some times i just miss the flat tokens) and keep the good work!

    34. Thiago Aranha on

      All Survivors selected to perform the Team Action must be able to perform all aspects of it. However, if midway through the execution of the Team Action circumstances change, the action is not interrupted and they all get to do as much as they're able.

    35. Joshua Leslie on

      I'm pretty sure that the will not.
      But my guess is that we'll see some more in with the Zombivors from Rue Morgue, potentially some more as a stretch goal. and maybe some with a box of companions.

    36. Garou on

      Will they include some in Angry Neighbours?

    37. Joshua Leslie on

      @Garou, only 3 team options so far.

    38. Garou on

      Only three team options....?

    39. Mictlan


      If we are building a new box of VIPs then we are short of models. VIP #1 is 20 zombies strong. So far we "only" have 8 minis of non exclusive additional VIPs. If we follow the same path as the first one, then it should be other sculpture and then 2 more copies to make the whole box.

      Only one I really don't like too many repeated zombies is the hotdog...Imagine spending your mindless undead stuffed into a hotdog...Could be funny if it's not you :D

    40. Joshua Leslie on

      @Skritter..I'm reading it was you have two team actions to choose from at the start of the game. Each turn, you can choose to use one of them once.

    41. Skritter on

      ....No more MOVE! for my team.

      That's No more MOVE! for the rest of the game.

    42. Joshua Leslie on

      One thing to note is that only the Leia and Elvis VIPs are marked as kickstarter exclusive.
      There is a lot of speculation that the other stretch goal VIPs are building towards a village people theme, which could make up an entire VIP #2 box. The punk could conceivably be the biker/leather daddy, leaving us needing a cowboy and a native american.

    43. Skritter on

      Are these TEAM ACTIONS a '1 use' only? You give up that particular Team Action card to use it. eg Does my team only use the MOVE! action once and that's it for MOVE! No more MOVE! for my team.

    44. Mictlan

      I was just numbering the different pictures we have seen. I find that the VIP box being 5 sculptures with 4 repeats each sensible.

      The first 2 SG where Leia and Elvis. Having 3 minis of them each seems a little bit much...but given that we are going to have 4 hotdogs running around its not that bad.

      The next 4 SG where Police, Sailor, Construction Worker and Punk (Biker). With 2 minis each. The theory is that we could get 2 more sculptures to get the magic 20 number. I would really prefer more repets on the police and punk than on leia and elvis...but who am I to refuse freebies :D

      I'm wondering how are the different zombie spawn card labeled to see what brand of undead you get as we now have regular zombies, berserkers, toxic, skinner and seekers.

      I would love to get my hands on more regular abomination sculptures. An alternate toxic and berserker abomination will be great too...That could be a good idea of a new box: 1 abomination of each type new sculpture for all of them (regular, toxic, berserker and A-bomb)

    45. Mathieu Boisvert

      @donnbobhardy - Good point, I hope this question/scenario makes it to the Rules FAQs and CMON takes the time to clarify :D

    46. donnbobhardy

      Or just the rules...

    47. Mathieu Boisvert

      Good point Joshua, Hopefully this will make its way to the rules faqs

    48. donnbobhardy

      @Joshua - Good point.

    49. Punxnbutter on

      Good update; it's not something I think I'll want to use but I might change my mind later. It depends on how difficult things get with more dog cards and the intro of the Crows with the new season. I dig the progression in this game, new mechanics but not overly complicated.

      Well done.

    50. Joshua Leslie on

      BUT...if that was the case and not every survivor got to take the free action because there was nothing left to charge, that would give some reason to ever pick the move team action, which otherwise would be completely inferior to charge.