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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Isaque F. Da Terra on

      July 5 2015 still nothing I have not got any item and all my friends that ordered it with me got it about 2 months ago. Why did I not get my order? I ordered one of every thing but got one box of Rue Morge and that is all that came. Do I get my money back or my stuff that I ordered?

    2. kickstartmyheart on

      @Joshua and Anthony, I've backed 3 other CMoN Kickstarters. There have been hiccups but they have always made good. It takes awhile sometimes but they have come through for me each time. I only had one issue one time with communication from their customer service but every other time their customer service has been great.

    3. Missing avatar

      Riko Reese on

      @CMON and @Joshua Essoe - I am STILL waiting for the base game Rue Morgue. Like you I am a bit discouraged and feel that maybe I should not have backed Black Plague.. But I keep hoping.. I too asked for something (no mailing order, no tracking number... nothing) and revived an email over a week ago that it would be taken care of and they would let me know...... STILL waiting to hear that it has been taken care of. The game keeps mocking me every time I walk into my FLGS. I feel frustrated since everyone has bee playing it for two months now and I was bragging about being a backer and was going to have it early and all this other cool stuff (some that I can't even use without the core game.). Some one please just let me know its on its way. I know you have copies .... all my friends already bought it.

    4. Anthony Ebare on

      That's good to hear Joshua. I have some hope of getting my missing stuff then too.

    5. Joshua Essoe on

      You're probably right, Anthony -- that they need to slow down on the Kickstarters and make sure one is completely finished before embarking on a new one. One bit of good news (for me at least) is that I heard back from CMON today and they say they are taking care of the issue and will email shipping confirmation of my missing items as soon as they have it.

    6. Anthony Ebare on

      I am pledging for black plague, but I think CMON needs to slow down on their kickstarters and make sure they completely finish one , before they make more.

    7. Anthony Ebare on

      I'm in the same boat Joshua Essoe. I got Rue Morgue and angry neighbors, the dice tower dice, but nothing else. I waited to see if there was another box going to show up, but it didn't.

    8. Joshua Essoe on

      Also missing, is Angry Neighbors, or course. The only thing that did arrive was the base game, Rue Morgue, itself.

    9. Joshua Essoe on

      With no responses forthcoming elsewhere, I'm giving this venue a shot.
      I'm growing increasingly concerned about the lack of response regarding the $150 or so of missing merchandise I ordered from the Kickstarter. I've been reading just terrible things about CMON customer service, and I find myself getting more and more frustrated by the utter lack of response to my emails. Especially given that I've spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on all the Zombicide seasons, and other some of the other games, and am a backer of Black Plague right now. It makes me feel like a damn fool. This isn't the way to treat an up-till-now loyal customer and enthusiastic supporter.

      My missing order:
      Ultimate Survivors #1 $25.00 1 $25.00
      Moustache Pack #2 $25.00 1 $25.00
      Patrick $10.00 1 $10.00
      Oksana $10.00 1 $10.00
      Benny $10.00 1 $10.00
      Nikki $10.00 1 $10.00
      Curro $10.00 1 $10.00
      Kris $10.00 1 $10.00
      Miss Trish $10.00 1 $10.00

      Please respond ASAP.

    10. kickstartmyheart on

      @Daniel Head, submit a missing parts request. My understanding is that we should have received everything in the second shipment. Some people may receive a third shipment if it was one of the items from the missing shipping containers..

    11. Missing avatar

      Bill Fugler

      I have received nothing and no word since May 20th when we were told that the Canadian orders would ship soon.....

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel Head

      I've received 2 shipments- Rue Morgue months ago. And a 2nd shipment within last couple weeks- that does not have everything else I ordered. Is there a 3rd package being shipped out, or do I need to submit a "missing items" for everything that was not in the 2nd shipment?

    13. Alderman Jack on

      @CMON: maybe in the next update you could add a roadmap / timeline for both the ongoing shipping and the missing parts requests? Knowing how long we will approximately have to wait may save you a lot of reminder mails. Impatience is fed by the unknown more than by time.

    14. Missing avatar

      Isaque F. Da Terra on

      I never got my tracking number and it is June 13, 2015. So I need one of every item on season 3 of Zombicide exept Rue Morgue box set witch is the only item I get a few months ago...
      PS how can you start another kickstarter before you finish shipping the one before? Is your hands not full with orders needing to be met before you fill your hands with more items that will be a year late to ship???

    15. Missing avatar

      Isaque F. Da Terra on

      I did not get any of my Zombicide season 3 exept for the Rue Morgue box set. Nothing else came. All my friends that live in the same area as me got all of there stuff 2 weeks ago. Please explain when will my stuff get here?

    16. Michael Swanson on

      I am missing almost every stretch goal. (I got about 5 stretch goals in my order). Am I to assume that is all I am going to get and I will need to submit a missing parts order?

    17. Gregory Chambers on

      Hey @CMON where is my $450 Pledge?? Why aren't you answering any emails anymore? Do you really want me to submit 30 tickets a day? How about 100? How about 8000? Maybe a Million?

    18. Alderman Jack on

      @CMON: is there an ETA on when missing parts requests will be handled? I guess you're kinda swamped right now, but should I think months, weeks, days?

    19. phil pattenden on

      Alright, cool. I guess I had a complete package sent then. Everything accounted for 8)

    20. Francois on

      yes, this are the pimp weapons you were looking for.

    21. phil pattenden on

      @Martin thanks, I looked there and saw 3 weapon cards. Was the pink gun, golden ak47, and sword the pimp deck? or was there more?

    22. Martin Durand on

      I still didn't get anything yet so I can't be sure but from what I heard, it is suppose to be with the VIP box because you can pick 1 pimp card when killing 5 VIP's.

    23. phil pattenden on

      Does anyone know where the pimp weapon deck was located in the order? It's the only piece of my order that I can't find and want to make sure I looked in the right place before requesting a replacement.

    24. Francois on

      Can we at least get an answer as our request as been received and you'll work on it sooner or latter ?

    25. Missing avatar

      Sebastien Bougie on

      Wait!.. Just got email from Canada post with tracking number... I guest I will get ot this week... I'm in Mirabel Quebec

    26. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kahl on

      @oliver. I had to change mine too. They sure did charge me another 2 dollars for the new address so they better not be sending mine to my old address. But my tracking number is just that. A number. My package hasnt even been received to a post office yet. It says 2 day shipping too. Baaahahahah nope. I love the new kick starter, but yeah. I can't justify backing a new kickstarter when i haven't even received my last one. It's like loaning a friend money when they haven't paid you back from the last time.

    27. Matthew Churchill on

      How do I access the promised online pdf campaign?

    28. Missing avatar

      Stuart Day on

      Hi Cmon,
      Is it possible somewhere to post a picture of what we should be getting and there part numbers?

      I have the packing slip and just trying to reconcile it against what I have received, to ensure I ask for the correct parts/part numbers.

      I assume I am not the only one to have this problem.

    29. Missing avatar

      Pontifex Maximus on

      Hello, i'm french and i have the same problem than Paul Lapierre. no tracking, no answer from support mail. It's realy strange.....I 'm waiting for your new Kickstarter.

    30. WarWolf on

      Mine is acting like a po box as well even when I change the address to my brothers house.

    31. Paul Lapierre on

      From Canada. I didnt received anything... No tracking number, no rue morgue, no other items... And it's also a little bit frustrating to see the game disponible in stores since a little while... On the top of this, a new Zombicide kickstarter (Black plague) running while I'm still waiting for this one. For sure I'm not going back the new kickstarter without having the time to test this one previously...

    32. Missing avatar


      Finally got a tracking number for phase 2. Still nothing for phase 1. And it's just a label, not an actual package. Someday perhaps.

    33. Missing avatar

      Martin Nicole on

      Am in Canada Still no tracking, nor answer from support mail, my friends have the game from a month.

    34. Oliver Heesemann on

      Why did your program not accept my new address? Why does it say it's a p.o. box?? why do you send the package to my old address?? Btw the new tenant will love to sell my stuff on ebay, i guess.

    35. Aaron Bonk-Richards on

      I sent a PM about a week ago with no response. Would like to get it this month....

    36. Florian Stumpf on

      I haven't received any CoolMiniOrNot Kickstarter without contacting you guys.
      You hate me -,-

    37. CMON 37-time creator on

      Hey Guys,
      While many backers have received their pledge, we are still shipping out pledges that were confirmed after the deadline. We are still working as quickly as possible to get everything mailed out. If you are concerned about the status of your pledge, please send us a message to the Zombicide: Season 3 private messages and we will be happy to check on it for you.

    38. Richard Simmons on

      @michael chumley
      For your comprehension little boy:

      PHASE 0 (complete)
      ME: Early Rue Morgue (bonus) [Doesn't count towards actual S&H]
      YOU: ~ (no bonus)

      PHASE 1 (incomplete)
      ME: ALL Items Ordered ~ NOTHING YET... STILL WAITING
      YOU: ALL Items Ordered ~ DELIVERED... (Rue Morgue missing)

      PHASE 2 (pending)
      ME: IF Missing Items (optional) ~ UNKNOWN
      YOU: IF Missing Items (optional) ~ YES

      PHASE 1 needs to be completed before moving onto PHASE 2 to be fair to all backers.

      Now, I'll ask you a question, why do you think it would be fair for CMON to handle PHASE 2 for

      you before they have even handled PHASE 1 for me? Is it because you think your special?

    39. michael chumley on

      @Richard Simmons
      But you did receive a package from CMON, the fact that you did not pay for shipping does not matter you did get a package from CMON with Zombicide Season 3 stuff. You can try and justify it however you want but this is the last I am going to say on this. I am just having fun, passing the time but I can see you are getting mad so before you get to mad I am stopping.

    40. Richard Simmons on

      @michael chumley
      Oh but you are, and I'll explain to you how you are, by me stating what I spent, you believe that I think I'm special, because I'm waiting on $500 worth of stuff in comparison to your $100 worth of stuff. But it's not that I think I'm special, pay attention here, because I just pointed out the defining difference from my previous post to you. I even broke it down to you in phases. But let me point out that you think because I got my Rue Morgue, that I already got a shipment, therefore everything else I haven't gotten means I should be considered on the missing/replacement parts category, here are your words:

      "Also a second thought you are in the missing parts group as well, you got some stuff so are just missing the rest aka parts, now it may be lots of parts but you at least can play with the base game. :)"

      This statement is so false and misinformed your making me wanna laugh, and you find it funny. You haven't been paying attention to some updates otherwise you would know that those that got Rue Morgue was an early shipping bonus, nothing more, it was on CMON's dime. The actual shipment is now, this is the one that counts. So it's not that I think I'm more special than you because I have more "value" coming my way than you do, you already got your initial package (albeit with a missing game), I have not, you need to wait IMO. Before CMON fixes it, they should finish all packages initially due to all backers before moving onto the replacement/missing parts phase. This is an orderly way of moving one step at a time, and keeping it fair for everybody come time for that replacement/missing parts window. But instead what CMON is doing and how they have handled this whole shipping process throughout this entire campaign is unbalanced and inconsistent. Personally I thought getting my Rogue Morgue when I did and just only that was kind of unusual and not really a fair way to go about things IMO, but that was on CMON not me as backer that paid my fair share for S&H.

      Just so you know, so that you don't try to use that "I think I'm special" argument again, what I just said is that I have not gotten my package, you have, so it's not me thinking I'm special to get my package before you, it me thinking it's fair for me to my package before your get your replacements. Hope you comprehend that much, its very simple.

    41. michael chumley on

      @Richard Simmons
      Not looking for a fight, just find it funny how you think that you should get your stuff before anyone else as you are special because your stuff that you are waiting on has more value. I would think that at this point anyone what has not got there stuff (any or all of it) is more or less in the same boat. We will get it when we get it, I am not worried about it. If it was up to me, I would fix the ROW orders first as they will take the most time, or I would fix the easiest first as you reduce the number that you still need to fix faster that way. Either way I know that I am not special in regards to this and how much I spent what my backer number is weather I got an early bird or not makes no difference.

    42. Mike Watkins

      I too have yet to receive a tracking number. I also was slotted for "Phase 1" in February... I am a USA customer. My payment was on time. My pledge manager was up to date. I also kickstarted Zombicide 1 + 2 with no issues. There was even a packing slip created months ago, but no update since.

      I've tried posting on here and contacted your customer service. I have not received a response via either medium and it's been over a week.

      And now you guys are about to announce yet another kickstarter for the Black Plague AND take requests for parts on a game of which your current backers are still left in the dark?

      It's already bad that I could buy everything I kickstarted on CSI for cheaper, since they somehow got their games before me... but this update is just painful at this point.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ronald Feliciano on


      I have yet to receive a tracking number and I was slotted for "Phase 1". I know there were issues with parts, but, as a business, it doesn't make sense to provide parts for damaged/incomplete orders when there are a lot of other customers who have, as of today, not received anything at all. All customers are important, but giving some customers part of the game and then offering to provide what is missing/damaged to them with out first making sure ALL customers are on the same page... its just bad business. It makes backers feel like the company is playing favorites or just letting pledges fall through the cracks.

      I am in the USA, with shipping payed last year, and have been on a confirmed "status" since then. I also backed Xenoshift and Blood Rage... got my Xenoshift, but this is not giving me high expectations for the Blood Rage deliveries... Your brand is just as important as your product. Currently... its hurting.

      Any news or updates, about incomplete pledges, would be greatly appreciated.


    44. Richard Simmons on

      @michael chumley
      Clearly your looking for an argument, then you will get one, they said that 1st shipment that provided Rue Morgue was a bonus early delivery that not all would get, it was on CMON's expense, it doesn't really count, this actual delivery/wave is the real delivery that is to take place for ALL backers, if you didn't get Rue Morgue that first time, then you just didn't get that bonus, but it does not interfere with your actual delivery that you spent money on, that all backers including myself spent money on. That is where everything should be equalized. If you did not get Rue Morgue as a bonus and it was not included in your delivery at this time then that definitely falls into the category of a missing item/piece/game, which should be handled after they have handled all the initial deliveries of ALL backers first, moving onto replacement parts/items is getting ahead of themselves. You received your initial delivery that you paid for, I have not, so according to my logic, yes my logic they need to handle the shipping process orderly, not split their resources yet. Their is a saying in life, one step at a time. CMON is rushing, what does that lead too? Sloppiness, mistakes, etc.

    45. Felipe Otake on

      How about people like me that don't received any part of my pledge?

    46. michael chumley on

      @Richard Simmons
      So I see, it is all about the value, not if you are missing part of it, so if someone got part of their order but is missing the rest (like several people in other countries) and it is of higher value than what you are waiting for they should get it before you? Yes they did get part of there order like you and I , but what they are waiting on is of more value than what you or I are still waiting on. By you logic they should be a higher priority than you, as you are a higher priority than I.

    47. Richard Simmons on

      @michael chumley
      For you, probably 2nd phase, but theirs a big difference waiting for a $100 base game that can be easily bought after the KS campaign probably for way cheaper, is worst case scenario of it never arriving to you, than the KS exclusives themselves that cost $400+ difference in comparison to that base game. I spent almost $600, I got the base game $100 in the mail back in Dec but I think it's more important to get all those extras that amount to $500 now. Your situation is reverse than mines, but it's also better for you IMO because your only waiting on $100 worth of stuff that can be replaced easily where as I'm waiting on $500 worth of stuff that is mostly exclusive. I also get anxious when it comes to 2nd wave shipments, because that is when the truly exclusive stuff is mailed out. I would definitely prefer to be in your situation right now more than mines.

    48. Anaanamus on

      Do I submit a missing parts request for my entire order if I haven't received a tracking number yet?

    49. Alderman Jack on

      @michael: same here on all counts.
      I confirmed, I received my shipment. But ... I am missing a base game.
      I am glad CMON allows me to request my missing 'part' now. And just like you I fully trust CMON to deliver all of my pledge soon.
      Now about that Black Plague ...

    50. michael chumley on

      @Richard Simmons
      Also a second thought you are in the missing parts group as well, you got some stuff so are just missing the rest aka parts, now it may be lots of parts but you at least can play with the base game. :)