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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Sven Van Hoye on

      At this rate, the retail version will be quicker at my friends house then my kickstarter version :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Keefer on

      With all due respect, I think I have found the problem in your shipping delay! Check here.

    3. Joshua Leslie on

      From past Kickstarters, the delivery month has always been when delivery is supposed to start, not when all packages are supposed to be received. Expecting that you'd have it in hand by the end of February wasn't a realistic hope. As far as delays, I think that has been spelled out. The shipments going out of Atlanta are currently delayed while they wait for materials in a ship container that is caught up in the West Coast Port Delays. Atlanta is responsible for sending stuff out to the US, Canada and RoW (everywhere else that isn't the EU or Asia Pacific).
      On 2/6 in these comments, CMON said "@Nick, Yes Canada is handled by the USA." The simple answer you were looking for was in this thread, you just had to scroll down a few dozen comments.

    4. kevin laroche on

      I tought i was going to have it by the end of february. I dont really care about a little delay but id like to know for Canada. I never see info saying canada customers, do i count as US delays? Is it possible to have that simple answer..?

    5. Etienne Lullien on

      It's interesting to see how EU backers are dealt with... especially when you know that this game was developped by french guys.

      Naaa, I just want to say: don't promise anything if you're not 100% sure you can do it ( -> give us informations) - especially at work / with the ones who are funding your project.

      I'd just ask: how much would it cost just to inform us?

      That's it.

    6. Andy McCormick on

      I have a feeling we will never see season 3 :( Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Looks like we are all being lead up the mountain by Billy ( Year of The Goat). It's ok CMON throw in Dave The Geek and all will be forgiven :)

    7. Punxnbutter on

      It's a lockout not a strike, the shipping companies/big business sure know how to manipulate Americans. Just deduct what little money you make right from your pay check to some SuperPAC for billionaires and get it over with. Skip the pretence of the little guy being worth anything and just fork it over.

    8. Missing avatar

      Darklet on

      Really bad investor management. We gave you our money in advance. We deseve to be told the truth. Like Andy said: If you have no update, tell us you have no update. Dont do nothing!
      With Chinese New Year starting tomorrow, basically the whole country will shut down. Expect no news from China until middle of next week (at the earliest).
      This is my first KS and I was always pleased with how CMoN handled their zombicide franchise - frequently free missions, blank cards to download, etc. But reading some of these comments here tells me this no-information-policy seems normal for them :(

    9. lee mahon on

      CMON in failure to update EU backers SHOCKER....

      ...No...Wait...thats just standard practice isnt it.......

    10. Bryce Robinson on

      If it's one thing CMoN can be relied upon, it's being unreliable. Delays are delays. Not keeping your client base updated when you said you would(EU shipping), is just disrespectful.

    11. JonLenine on

      "we should have a status update sometime during next week." this update was post at the end of the last week, next week means between the 16 and the 21 feb...
      ...and the new will be " the packages is onboard but the boat will remain on port for the 2 next week"

      (that's my third KS with Cmon...i always add 2 to 4 months for EU delivery and stop to rant about it)

    12. Andy McCormick on

      CMON I appreciate you may have no news but at least let us know you have no news. At the moment you are starting to lose respect as a good company.. Give some backers base game early and now not keeping backers informed. Not impressed! We are understanding people and if it has been delayed , just let us know! If you are awaiting an update let us know. Come on show me the CMON we have backed to be professional!

    13. Stuart Fern on

      Hi there. I am assuming Australia is in the APAC region which will be shipping some time after the 19th of February. The time after the 19th of February is a fairly vague concept as it stretches from the 20th of February through to the rest of eternity. Can you give us a little more information to work with? Thanks so much.

    14. Bryce Robinson on

      What a status update for EU shipping. This is becoming all too familiar with CMoN.

    15. Daniele Silvi on

      Where is the update???

    16. Eric M. on

      We Chinese factory has told us they have packed the pledges for EU and will ship the container with the packed pledges before Chinese New Year. This means we should have a status update sometime during next week."

      Should be an update soon so we know when the ship is leaving!

    17. William Z. Cohen

      SO many KS projects can learn from the success of your company...

    18. C on

      @Michael: Thanks! Hope you and I get our games soon!

    19. michael chumley on

      @ C

      As a US Backer I can confirm that we have not all got our base game yet.

    20. Madison Hanks on

      you can change mine from USA to china. I live and work in China. I will be taking my games back to china to introduce Shanghai to the awesomeness that is Zombicide. No one here has heard of it!

    21. Missing avatar

      Max Coelho on

      Nevermind! Just saw RoW!
      : )
      Thanks again for this awesome game!

    22. Missing avatar

      Max Coelho on

      Is Brazil included in APAC?

    23. estrus on

      Weren't they on strike like a month ago? WTH??

    24. Joshua Leslie on

      I'm still waiting for one copy of my base game, but I don't think I had actually confirmed the pledge on that account in time, so that's more my fault than a shipping error.

    25. C on

      So not all US backers received their base game yet? Please confirm. Thanks!

    26. Joshua Leslie on

      With the containers that you have on hand/expect to get Monday, will you be able to begin staging and shipping, or are there still materials that are on the inbound containers still shipping that need to go in all/the majority of the packages for delivery?

    27. Altrstar on

      Just confirming - AU/NZ is part of APAC (as per general definition) or RoW?


    28. Hans von Z on

      oh this is really bad news . i always assume a year between end of campaign and the product arriving on my doorstep . how the heck am i going to explain this early arrival to my wife ?

      thanks for keeping us updated :)

    29. Arigat on

      @Rafael Solo
      Don't Cry, you'll get it way before Canada and ROW. You got your basic game and they ship to US first since its 'easier"
      So stop crying about yourself.
      ROW are the real patient one

    30. Casey Gaffney on

      Back in the old days they used to send in gangs of thugs and crack skulls to get things moving again. Just sayin'. :D

    31. Machete on

      Pay your dues cmon! Hahha

    32. Vadim Deylgat

      Great to see this ship soon. Any news on Xenoshyft by any chance?

    33. Brian L. Bird on

      Thanks for keeping us informed!

    34. kickstartmyheart on

      Man if these port guys worked as often as they strike, maybe they would get paid more.
      Thanks for the communication, You guys rock, keep it up.

      And go Hawks!

    35. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Nick, Yes Canada is handled by the USA.

      @Magic, we commented on the Amazon issue in the general comments.

    36. Sven Van Roeyen on

      Yummi. Bring it on !!!

    37. Joshua Leslie on

      @Magic, they addressed it in the main comments section.

    38. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      there will be only one wave, so you should get all stuff

    39. Nick

      Does Canada count as part of US? No mention of us hehe. I'm pretty excited to get my hands on it!

    40. thisRalf on

      Awesome. For everybody that complained that Americans got Rue Morgue early, we may not get the rest of our pledge on time. For all you grumps out there that complained: there is your cosmic karma.

      Sucks, but I'm patient. :)

    41. Anthony Weakland on

      Do all containers need to be present before packaging and sending begins or do you anticipate fulfilling as product arrives for backers?

    42. Missing avatar


      Are you planning on explaining why Angry Neighbors is in stock right now on Amazon?

    43. Sven Van Roeyen on

      Is the EU pledge the full package or just the base set with the rest following later ?