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The world's best zombie boardgame is back with new zombies, new survivors, new mechanics, new weapons, and even PvP rules!
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12,011 backers pledged $2,849,064 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Chad Carlson on

      I got my Rue Morgue, but had a move due to a job change. I had not seen mention of an update regarding addresses/shipping since this one, and asked about changing my shipping address since I had to move. I was informed that since labels had printed, there was no way to change my shipping address, and I would just have to hope the people who get my package when it does ship are kind enough to send it back, where I can pay for new shipping again. Or the people who get it when it ships will keep it, and I am simply out of luck. My wife, who also has a wave 2 coming, is in the same boat. There is absolutely nothing we can do except hope people will not keep our stuff. Very disappointed.

    2. C on

      Still waiting in CA, too.

    3. Mark Allan Reynolds on

      Thanks again CMON for the early shipping of Rue Morgue!

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthew Webster on

      I am sad. I was hoping to get mine. Is there still hope?

    5. Missing avatar

      Josh Tippetts on

      Got my Rue Morgue the other night, was super surprised cause I hadn't even looked here for a while and didn't know it was coming. Spending tonight with friends playing!

    6. Anthony Racano on

      @Ken apparently New York is too

    7. Ken Boucher on

      So my assumption is: No email or package by this point and you didn't make the cut. Either that or the warehouse thinks Nebraska is another country. We get a lot of that. :)

    8. C on

      @Steven: You can look at S2 or pretty much any US-based KS for that answer.

    9. Ron W Dubray on

      I got an email the day after I posted that I did not get one :) 48 hours after it was delivered :). LOL kind of unreal LOL

    10. Steven Parker on

      Really? What about the rest of the world??????

    11. C on

      @Kevin: Welcome to KS. Didn't you learn from S2??

    12. Joe Crane on

      Well Canada is kind of second fiddle to America... You should be used to living in our shadow by now.

    13. Kevin Fox on

      Yes, as a Canadian backer that bought in to every optional purchase for this Kickstarter, offense taken. Nothing quite like being told that you're just not as important as Americans.

    14. Aaron "HARDCORE" F on

      Hey got my set today! One problem, tile 4 is dented. Has anyone else gotten dented tiles? Is there someon I can talk to to get a replacement?

    15. Sharkey on

      Oh man it's on the truck for delivery today, can't wait!!! XD

    16. kickstartmyheart on

      @Ron, no package but I received an email with tracking #. I think some just made it out the door before the notification.

    17. Gerald Collins

      I found my package when I got home yesterday, and hadn't been aware the packages were going out early at all. When I checked my email I had a notice that the package had shipped that arrived at 13:00, which was after the package arrived. A very pleasant surprise. Thanks for the early Christmas present.

    18. Ron W Dubray on

      I was shocked to find the box on my porch, no email or notification at all. so don't expect one guys.

    19. Jeremy Gentry on

      Got mine in yesterday. Thanks for the early Christmas present CMON .
      I did get an email from CMON with tracking info the day before mine arrived.

    20. Floyd Santiago on

      Will we be notified if our game has shipped?

    21. John Ling on

      Hoody Hoo!

      I got mine yesterday!

      I've got to unbox it still and show off contents, but there it is...

    22. Bri Wright

      Got mine yesterday!!!!! I see a hookie day for me and the hubby to get some friends over very soon!!!

    23. Clarence Garland on

      Mine showed up yesterday. No tracking or anything on the pledge manager and no email from cmon, it just showed up. Thankfully I've been stalking the KS like an obsessed lunatic anyway, and was expecting it, but not everyone does that. I'm happy with it even though the stuff I really want is yet to come... this will help tide me over until then.

    24. Neil H on

      Is there a chance we may see some of the new skills posted, also intrigued to see what new toys we get to throw at the zombies.

    25. Chris Vilfroy on

      Uhh. So my tracking number says mine got delivered to Missouri. I live in Cali. Is it possible I just ended up with the wrong tracking number? I really hope so cause I was really looking forward to this and when it said delivered and it wasn't here, kinda bummed me out

    26. Tyler von Oy on

      My 2 copies of Rue Morgue came in today, and I am stoked because I was planning on giving one for a Christmas gift anyway. So now I have something I can physically give till the other stuff arrives later on. WOOHOO! Hurray for running out of shipping space. haha. Best of luck with the rest of shipment/etc.

    27. Neb Nnamrreh on

      how can i tell if i'll be getting this now or later? im excited regardless.

    28. Mike X on

      I got my copy today! Can't wait for the rest!

    29. Francis A. Thibert Jr on

      Mine came in today! The new survivors look awesome.

    30. Den aka MDS (Morathi's Darkest Sin) on

      Great gesture to our American cousins.. and no worries here.. I can wait. :)

    31. KZ (KingZombie)

      @Nathan & Trey: Enjoy!

      I saw a looks sweet. I can't wait to play!

    32. Nathan Wenig on

      Just got my shipment, and can hardly wait to play it with the family next week. Thank you

    33. Trey Morton on

      I received my confirmation email yesterday from CKPM Administrator with my tracking number. Ten minutes ago a knock on my door, and I have Season 3! NW of Austin, TX, by the way. Unexpected, and I'm extremely happy to receive it. Thanks!!

    34. KZ (KingZombie)

      I tried checking the pledge manager to see if they had posted the tracking number there....but not yet.

      Here's to hoping!

    35. Vince D on

      Mine came today - wow!! Merry Christmas! Thanks CMON!!!

    36. donnbobhardy

      CMON seems to be very behind on updating tracking through the pledge manager. The only people that I have heard of getting tracking have gotten it direct from FedEx. If you're not signed up through FedEx to receive updates, I would not expect to get an email before your package arrives.

    37. KZ (KingZombie)

      I was wondering the same thing… Will we be getting tracking information? One of my friends had their set show up on Friday with no tracking information. Have all of the US games shipped yet? Should I be concerned if I haven't gotten mine this week?

    38. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kahl on

      I never got any tracking info. How is that info coming to us?

    39. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      Huh. Mine just showed up in the mail yesterday with no tracking. No complaining here, of course!

    40. thisRalf on

      The entitlement here is ridiculous.

      CMON throws some folks a bone due to the fact that they had a problem, found a nice way to solve it, and everybody here is offended? Put on your big boy pants and grow up. You don't get what you want in life a lot of the time. Some people are going to have it better than you and that is life. Sometimes it is because they worked harder than you, other times its because they are luckier. Today it is the latter.

      Compensation? Here it is: you will get your stuff in a month or two from now like you were promised. Be patient. It builds character, the kind a lot of folks here don't seem to have.

    41. Missing avatar

      Richard Norman on

      I think CMON should send me some free stuff b/c I'm getting my Rue Morgue early and have to put up with all of the b***** comments from those who aren't.

    42. Roberto Ruiz on

      Got my delivery confirmation for this thursday!

    43. Zach Hollowell on

      Just got an email from fedex with a tracking number.
      Yeah, its cool that I'm getting it early, but come on people. You want free stuff? Really? Have you not seen the incredible list of stretch goals you get for just backing this thing? Some of you are the most childish examples of backers I've ever seen.
      To me, a big part of Kickstarter is saying that someone has a company/product that you really believe in, and backing it shouldn't mean you get special treatment. If you really believe in a product be patient within reason. If they are way off on their projected date, OK, maybe then you can complain. Mad because it's early for some people? Put your big boy pants on and stop crying.

    44. Fatewalker on

      Looks like mine just came in the Mail!!!! YAY!!!!

    45. Benjamin Hagen on

      As non-US backer I'm still fine with that. Why shouldn't I? I doesn't negatively influence the estimated shipping of the whole package in February. I rather feel happy for the ones receiving their Rue Morgue early! Enjoy it guys! :)

    46. C on

      Agreeing with Donn. Shipping overseas is more expensive and more complicated than domestic and CMON is NOT pocketing your payment, and some creators even lose money on international shipments, because of increasing shipping costs. Any shipping issues which overseas might encounter (eg. packaging or missing items) are also less expensive to resolve if caught at the domestic stage. Retailers and even pre-orders often receive their shipments differently than KS backers. Myself, if I don't think a project is worth backing for $100+ dollars, I'll just wait for it at retail and see if I can pick it up on sale a few months later.

    47. donnbobhardy

      I just got my tracking from FedEx, so they are slowly trickling out.

    48. Missing avatar

      Moran Taylor on

      As a ROW my main complaint is Arcadia Quest only arrived here last week several months after North American copies were delivered yet we could go to some retail outlets and purchase the game.
      Prioritising retail shipping over backers seems to be a low act considering the American backers received their copies at least a month before the ROW shipped from chine.

    49. Süß on

      Must not be all US backers as I confirmed well before the deadline and haven't seen an update to my pledge manager page.