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The follow up to the hit boardgame of 2012! More Zombie action with tons of great miniatures and fast paced rules!
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8,944 backers pledged $2,255,018 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Timo Honold

      it is a no go like the ZC minis from this other KS project, cannot remember the name of the game.

    2. Timo Honold

      For me the not shown remorse (if there is any) is worser than the the missing numbers...

      and all people who are angry about the ZC S2 KS have a reason more!
      And they have the right to!

    3. Chris Taylor on

      Hopefully there will be a way to get the corrected components without having to back Season 3. We have enough Zombicide and don't plan on getting more.

    4. BoardGameRevolution

      @Timo agreed it would be nice if they tried to save face and actually apologize and show a litter remorse instead of being greedy egotist.

    5. Pele Kophoros on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    6. Timo Honold

      it is a fault, no doubt, but you still can play with almost no cutback.
      the most hate here is still cause of the shipping disaster.

      and for me personally I'm missing in the update such as " we are really sorry about that"

    7. Garou on

      Whats next? Dashboards without the picture of the character? You can use a pencil a draw it... I am ironic but with the same politic we have the same problem: the will not fix the problem unless you pay again in season 4... :(

    8. Tasker on

      Thinking on it. What number is this in the list of 'how many Kickstarters has CMoN fecked up' up to now?

    9. DAJ1974 on

      Its a principle thing for me. i shouldnt have to pay $100+ to get something i have already paid for. anyone thinking its a great solution is just a blinkered fanboy

    10. Carl on

      I think you said it more succinctly than i did.

    11. Garou on

      Whats next?dashboards without the name of the survivor? It doesnt affects gameplay and yoy can write it with a pen.

    12. Timo Honold

      Or write the numbers on the dashboard with a pen, in steps of 2 or 5 f.e.

    13. Konstantin Lasko on

      So I will have to wait a year or more and pay $100+ in order to get what I payed for a year ago? Is it just me, or anyone else see a little problem here? I'm already mad about getting my season 2 wave 1 shipment in January instead of October.

    14. Michael Racel on

      @Carl I didn't see your post until after I submitted mine. Nice to see folks are thinking about easy workarounds!

    15. BoardGameRevolution

      @Michael Hopefully they have some sense to offer a "fix only" pledge. I'd be willing to pay a couple bucks for shipping but shouldn't have to spend hundreds when I already paid for the defective items.

    16. Timo Honold

      Forget it, I haven't received wave 2 yet xD

    17. Garou on

      When you throw a molotov you count one by one?
      Sometimes we killed more than 30 or 40 zombies.
      I dont want to use a pen in my dashboards! I dont want to print them.
      Is it hard to understand that we only want dashboards like the others? I want a correct product ,nothing more...

    18. Timo Honold

      I have looked to mine... I have not find any dashboard without numbers...
      Which caras are without numbers?

    19. Michael Racel on

      @Thomas I guess for some of us you are calling “fanboys”, when we back KS campaigns, we expect some issues to come up. We are buying first generation products (always risky) and more often than not we are getting SG exclusives that are onetime offerings with limited production runs that are difficult and costly to do again (case in point here). KS campaigns require you to accept risks. If you aren't willing to do that, wait until the game is out in retail. If you buy a retail version of a product and it has an issue like the one being discussed here, I agree that the company should make it right. I don't feel the same about KS campaigns. CMoN and GG have come up with a way to provide new dashboards that will allow them to offset their production costs by folding the replacement dashboards into their ZS3 production run and reduce shipping costs by including the dashboards with ZS3 orders. Plus, you get a $10 credit (i.e., additional free exclusive character). I believe that this is a great compromise for a “problem” that is simply solved by placing a dashboard you are not currently using underneath one with the missing numbers and using the top part of the bottom dashboard for tracking zombie kills.

    20. Niranth on

      Those Season One dashboards will go well with the minis listed And as my lung are starting to work somewhat, I may even get there myself.

    21. Fango on

      I can see why people are still upset. Its the whole principle of the matter. But really, they just saved their Season 3 kickstarter. If you like the game, and were planning on getting Season 3, your problem is solved. If you are new to Zombicide, you get official dashboards for all previously printed survivors, so you are not missing out on the complete package of playable items....yet the previous backers are still kept happy because their figures stayed exclusive. There are lots of alternate zombie/hero models out there that can be used as proxies. BBG has a nice forum thread that lists models and manufacturers...

      People who are so pissed that they wont be backing season 3 aren't CMON's/GG's concern, as they wont be seeing any money from them anyway....except for the minority of those who will cross their arms, scowl and harrumph just on basic principle.

      I was bummed that the cards were incomplete...I like the numbers on the dashboard trackers for the obvious reasons that people have been talking about (easier math for large kill bumps, etc.) But I was going to back season 3 regardless. This solution may not be the apex of morally/ethically sound business practice (this matter really is pretty minor IMHO), but it more than satisfies me as a customer. I'm glad that at least they changed their minds to offer this solution.

    22. Worldsmith Industries on

      Thanks for the update. This solution works for me.

    23. Rick on

      Missing the numbers isn't that big a deal. Sounds like a good solution to me.

    24. Carl on

      For those who absolutely need a number counter there is an easy fix. Grab a card with a tracker that has a number counter place it partly underneath the faulty card so that the card with the good counter is showing. Now use the good counter to track your kills.

      That assumes you don't want to use a pen to mark up your card.

    25. Garou on

      I am quite astonished about backers... I cant believe how adult people is deceived easily. This is not a solution. This is somehow: open your wallets again fools we are not going yo give you a shit. We will sell you again a product and if we can we will do again this for season 4. Im not hater, I am a free costumer! I have my rights! I love zombicide but I am not an idiot who gives money who tries to lie me.
      Step by step? I cant stop laughing! Dont they know yo count numbers or simple additions? I repeat the same as other backers: numbers are important.

    26. Pachro on

      I'm not totally satisfied with this, but I'll bet Season 3 is just as funded or more.

    27. BoardGameRevolution

      @dagda It's great for people who want to back s3 but leaves the rest in the dark. Hopefully they realize this and offer a special pledge tier for us.

    28. Missing avatar

      Inkwizita on

      There's two issues with this post.

      One really trying to get me to spend more money on Cmon products after fracking us over in s2 by blackmail. Great sales technique.

      Secondly I'm not sure I'm that keen on Cmon advertising s3 before season 2 has actually been received by all backers.

    29. Dagda

      I wouldn't call it blackmail. I've critizized CMoN a lot during this campaign and when I read about the dashboards I was all rage again but tried to calm down first before posting again (also, I wanted to have them in front of me before being all fire and spit). And I don't like that CMoN and GG were going "oh, that is just a minor visual thing without gameplay effect, we don't plan to do anything about it", but I do understand that the costs and logistics are very high to make this right.
      Now they offer a solution that will be acceptable for a lot of backers. A lot of us missed season 1 and now we will get at least the dashboards to play with some proxies. Also, we will get some credit to use, which is nice as well (even though it is really just a nice to have).
      I am okay with that, but I understand if people don't want to back season 3 and I hope GG and CMoN find a solution to compensate them too.

    30. Timo Honold

      we will be providing backers that backed both Season 2 and Season 3 with a $10 credit to be applied to any Season 3 optional items in the CoolMiniOrNot pledge manager
      Does this mean, I have to pledge 10 in addition to get the fixed dashboards, or I get them automatically if I pledged 10minimum by ZC S3?

    31. BoardGameRevolution

      @cmon If you can offer a "fix only" pledge that is either free or say $2 to cover shipping I'll shut up but honestly it's unfair to expect people to have to spend more money to get something they already paid for.

    32. Sebĉjo on

      @Thomas: +1. That's just unbelievable.
      So I can say goodbye to well-printed dashboards. Crap. I won't pay more than $100 to have the right to recieve what I was suppose to get with S2. And I don't want to take the risk to get ripped off again.

    33. David Gardiner on

      Ford Engineer - "Sir, we forgot to print numbers on the speedo" ... .Ford Exec - "recalling will cost us too much, cant hurt our margin, lets offer people the chance to print their own speedo dial and for anyone that buys our next model we'll throw in a speedo for their previous model for free" :)

    34. Thiago Soares Leite on

      @CMoN is possible to send the fixed dashboards with another CMoN projects? like Arcania Quest? =D

    35. Missing avatar

      sheila hatcher on

      And since I bought 2 copies in season 2 and 3 copies at I get multiple credits and copies?

    36. BoardGameRevolution

      Is everyone mindless fan boys and not realize this is a form of blackmail? They are holding replacement cards hostage instead of sending them out like they should and everyone is ok with this. WOW

    37. Brian Laing on

      great compromise guys!!

    38. Andrew on

      I'm satisfied. My wallet isn't satisfied with the Z3KS coming so quickly though!

    39. Ben Coleman on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    40. Michael Racel on

      I believe that this is a good compromise. Thanks CMoN, see you next quarter for Z3! ...unless the Rivet Wars expansion KS comes out first...

    41. DAJ1974 on

      have to buy S3 to get the right bits for S2 ... PASS .. how about sending out the correct ones to S2 backers that dont want S3 since it should have been right to start with

    42. Missing avatar

      sheila hatcher on

      So did you work this into the budget of SG for season 3? Is that why it will be then?

    43. Missing avatar

      Alain Marti on

      For everyone
      This time it is not CMON
      It is percy from GG who is botching this thing

    44. MMeurman on

      Thanks, this solution works for me. See you at season 3!

    45. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys. I honestly haven't even played Season 2 yet (I had lent Zombicide to a friend just before these got shipped and wanted to wait until I had everything again) and didn't know about the mistake.

      I really wish you guys would slow down a touch, though. It seems like a lot of these games would have benefitted from having a few more eyes on them before production, and you're the ones setting the estimated delivery dates so it shouldn't be hard to allocate more time into making sure this is a game you can be proud of. That said, good luck with Season 3.

    46. Joshua Leslie on

      Great news. I am totally satisfied with this solution. Thank you for listening to backer feedback.
      I get that it's not ideal for some people, but at the end of the day I will have a fix for the issue with the cards, and in a way that makes the most sense financially for the company.
      I will echo Donberry in offering to help get extra copies for people who want the cards but are choosing not to back season 3.
      I'm coyotenomad on BGG.

    47. nxumdon

      @Kumquat HAHAHAHA exactly!!!!! And so the cycle continues...break the cycle, stop supporting CMoN pre-orders.

    48. Timo Honold

      Why should I get Season 1 exclusive character dashboards?!
      What use for a dashboard without minis...
      I really have to say, I don't know what this update should tell... maybe my english is not good enough...

      Is there anywhere a list of the errors of the dashboards??

    49. PAUL BAUGH on

      Wow that's great! Cant wait for season 3