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The follow up to the hit boardgame of 2012! More Zombie action with tons of great miniatures and fast paced rules!
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Ultimate Survivors #2!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

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Shipping for Wave 2 Completed in All Regions

Posted by CMON (Creator)
At this time, to our knowledge, we have completed shipping of all confirmed orders for Zombicide: Season 2, Waves 1 and 2. If you are missing your shipment of Wave 1, Wave 2, or any parts of any of these shipments, at this time please send an email to and we will be happy to assist you personally with making sure your items reach you. If you received a tracking number for your package and the tracking information indicates it was returned to one of our shipping hubs, and you have not yet been contacted by us, please send an email to

As this Kickstarter comes to an end, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your support of Zombicide, and for your help in bringing Season 2 to life. We can't wait to bring even more from the world of Zombicide to you in the future, and we hope to see you again soon for the Zombicide: Season 3 Kickstarter!

Zombicide Wave 2 Shipping Update

Posted by CMON (Creator)


The container with the EU packages is on the way and should be arriving in Germany very soon. Once that container arrives, all our EU shipping partners will have to do is unload the container and begin shipping out boxes. There is very little turnaround time.


Our Chinese factory has already begun shipping out orders to our backers in the Asia Pacific. The factory should be wrapping up completion in the coming weeks.

America and RoW

We completed shipping for America and RoW late last week. You should have received a tracking number.

If you have an outstanding parts request with our support team, those will start going out tomorrow. We wanted to complete fulfilling order before moving into parts request as to avoid any confusion or mistakes.

Thank you for your support and your patience. If you have any questions please email

Dashboard alert trackers without numbers and Season 1 exclusive character dashboards

Posted by CMON (Creator)

For those of you who are not already aware, the dashboards on the wave 2 exclusive characters are missing the numbers printed on to the alert tracker.  Unfortunately, since the design team normally doesn't use the numbers when playing the game (and instead advancing the trackers in steps), these were missed in proofing and production on our end and only noticed by those of you who do actually find the numbers a necessary part of your gameplay.

If you have taken the time to let us know your thoughts on this matter, we thank you for your feedback, as well as those backers who’ve written to us over the past year about feeling left out due to missing Season 1.

It’s no big secret that we will be launching Season 3 of Zombicide soon, sometime in Q2. As a way of expressing our apologies for the inconvenience having to use the dashboards with the missing numbers, we will be providing backers that backed both Season 2 and Season 3 with a $10 credit to be applied to any Season 3 optional items in the CoolMiniOrNot pledge manager; this will happen automatically if you use the same email address on S3 as you did S2 - if not CoolMiniorNot will be able to link your accounts after the S3 campaign is complete.

We will also be providing free dashboards for all season 1 and season 2 promos and exclusives to any backer of Season 3 with necessary updates and amendments made (if any), so as to include those of you who missed season 1 or any of the optional exclusives (which you can then proxy other models for). This will also have the added benefit of being inclusive to new backers who want to join us in the world of Zombicide so they aren't left out of any gameplay. In the meantime, high resolution files of these dashboards will be available at for your own print and play.

Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for the Season 3 announcement!

- Percy

CEO Guillotine Games

Zombicide Wave 2 Shipping Update

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hello Zombicide backers!

We have a couple of updates that we think should make you very happy!

Rest of World

As of today all of the Rest of World (RoW) packages being shipped from the US warehouse (Brazil, Canada, Chile, Israel, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirate) are on their way to the post office. If you’re a backer residing in one of these countries, then you should receive a tracking number no later than Tuesday. If you receive the tracking number before Tuesday, please give it until Tuesday to start reporting any movement on the packages. The USPS system occasionally recycles tracking numbers so sometimes they report incorrect information such as claiming the package is being delivered to a different address than yours. Best practice is to wait a few days, in this case until Tuesday, for the tracking number to start giving accurate information.

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific (APAC) backers, our factory in China has packed your boxes and has gotten them labeled. They started shipping packages out today. They believe it will take about 7 to 10 days to complete shipping of all the packages. So for Asia Pacific things are moving swiftly and smoothly.


EU Backers, the container with your packages is on its way already. The scheduled arrival date will be early April. We’re sorry we can’t give a more precise date at this time, but with customs and transportation it is never possible to speak in specifics. Once the container arrives, however, it should only take a few days for our logistics partner to get the packages sent out to you. All they will have to do is unpack the container and then ship out as many boxes a day as possible. There is no unpacking and repacking to be done. The transition from container to shipment literally a matter a day or two. We will update you once we get confirmation that the container has arrived.


Finally, now that we have finished packing the above mentioned RoW orders we will move onto packing American backers’ boxes. Zombicide Season 2 was our largest kickstarter ever and that has resulted in a huge number of boxes to be packed. Unlike EU and APAC we have to pack each order by hand using our warehouse staff. This takes some time, but we average a few hundred boxes a day. This means, starting next week backers will begin seeing tracking numbers in their inboxes. As mentioned in the RoW section above, please give the tracking number between 24-48 hours to start accurately reporting information about your package.

As shipping continues we will keep you updated with more information.

Thank you for your patience during this project and for all the support you’ve given us in making Zombicide one of the biggest board games around. If you have any questions please email