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The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
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20,915 backers pledged $4,079,204 to help bring this project to life.

Piper Unlocked! Blackheart goes bad! And let's talk values!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivor!

It's a bloody Sunday, destroying another stretch goal! Now all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Piper, including her miniature and ID card!

And we continue charging towards unlocking her faithful companion, only for Knight-Level backers:

As we approach the end of the campaign, we thought we'd take a look back and just try to tally up all the value that's been unlocked for our backers. You've helped push this campaign beyond our wildest dreams, and the haul that's accumulating in the vault is truly impressive.

Here's a breakdown of the retail value of all the rewards. It amounts to well over $500 for a $150 Knight-level pledge.

Spread the word! You wouldn't want a friend to miss out on this opportunity, would you? And who knows what we might need to come up with if you push us far enough?

Oh, but we have some more good news (for us, not for the Survivors). Another Survivor has gone bad and joined the ranks of the Necromancers!

Stefan Kopinski's Special Guest box contains The Blackheart, and while this shaman was apparently disgusted at the undead horde, it seems meddling with dark powers has finally corrupted him and put him on the Necromancer path! The Stefan Kopinski box will contain Necromancer cards so The Blackheart can be played either as a Survivor or as a special Necromancer, by using the Necromancer Cabal rules.

The Blackheart's proximity to death made him all the more resilient. It's harder to kill what can be barely considered to be living. In order to kill The Blackheart you will need a weapon that deals 2 Damage or more!

Raise thy Swords!

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    1. Carmen on

      oops ... wrong comments section....

    2. Carmen on

      So who's going to create the scenario where none of the Grail characters can get into a tower because it's full of Frenchies?

    3. donnbobhardy

      @Daniel - It's part of the experience. Better to just ignore it.

    4. dafrca on

      I am so very excited to wake up and find another goal down and we are more than halfway to the next one. However, I was also sad to see another round of bitching and moaning by some.

    5. aron aka jello on

      @Xipe Totec - Here's the thing, all these artists boxes are bound for the retail market. Retail is very sensitive to how many SKUs you're putting on the shelf and having all those units moving are roughly the same rate. Doing single survivor boxes on store shelves would be an absolute mess for everyone. Look at how many stores carry boardgames and expansions compared to how many carry miniatures games... there's a reason, dozens-to-hundreds of small, low dollar, different items is a pain to deal with, not to mention much easier to get stolen.

    6. Max Maloney on

      @Xipe Totec - I disagree. I really don't think they want to fulfill that many individual figures in the orders. It would increase the complexity of the process quite a lot. And I don't think they would necessarily raise more.

    7. Devil Inside Productions

      @Micah, cmon have a store for god's sake, where they sell individual figures all year round. This is a glorified pre-order, nothing less. The guest figures could very easily be sent separately like a store order with shipping included/added if necessary. There'd be no need to affect fulfilment of the core game, quite the contrary in fact if the guest boxes are all intended to be shipped with everything else.

    8. C on

      @Xipe @Micah: Also, at the retail level, you don't want *that* many SKU's (different products). 4-pack Guest Boxes reduce the number of Zombicide products a retailer has to carry.

    9. tasky87 on

      ooo i hope we get one more necromancer as a stretch goal. right now I'm getting 5 and need 6 i plan on buying the Stefan's box but i don't want the Critchlow box just for To-Me-Ku-Pa. please CMON one more free necro make my wishes come true

    10. Max Maloney on

      @Doug Williams - That is ridiculous. There are a couple of things they have added due to backer requests, such as the Necromancers in guest boxes. But there were literally dozens, if not hundreds, of requests FROM THE BACKERS for those. And yes, the Blackheart was on many peopels' lists. They also produced the plastic tokens due to request. But all the main goals, such as survivor figures and abominations, were clearly planned ahead of time (which is why they already have sculpts ready to show). Gimme a break.

    11. Doug Williams on

      Ya that necromancer is repulsed and terrified by the dead. I realize CMoN is just trying to get things in order for the end of this Kickstarter but it feels like they are rushing and making things up last minute. Its crap....

    12. donnbobhardy

      For all those who want guest box figures, but don't want all of them, check out my thread on BGG! Maybe we can make a trade.

    13. Max Maloney on

      @Ron - I'm sure that's an oversight. There's no way they'll bother to produce that thing for retail. It wouldn't sell for enough money or in enough quantities to be worth their time.

    14. David Smith on

      Stefan Kopinski's Special Guest box contains The Blackheart, and while this shaman was apparently disgusted at the undead horde, it seems meddling with dark powers has finally corrupted him and put him on the Necromancer path!

    15. The Collector on

      Why would Blackheart become a necromancer, he hates necromancers and the undead, it makes no sense.

    16. Astor Sigma

      @Lee Taylor Just add the amount of the add ons you want to your pledge. There will be a pledge manager released after the campaign that will let you specify what the extra money is for.

    17. Lee Taylor on

      Hi Guys, I’m I missing something here (probably)!!! I have backed Zombicide at $150 but how can I add additional items such as Skeleton Archers :) or doors?


    18. Ron N. on

      @Micah Rose It doesn't have a "Kickstarter Exclusive" Label on it, hence my concern.

    19. Micah Rose on

      @Ron N They've assigned 'retail' values to all the exclusives. The coin is still exclusive.

    20. Micah Rose on

      @Xipe Totec Dude, are you really suggesting that they should have had each of 62 figures (not including Gowain, Grin, Scowl, and Gregoire upcoming) as individual survivors for retail. That suggestion is nuts. It would break the Guest Box format and break fulfillment. Terrible idea.

    21. Ron N. on

      Wait is the First Player coin not kickstarter exclusive anymore?

    22. greg0038 on

      @Teowulff You are correct. The only Knight-only items are in the orange box at the top right of the description/

    23. GoonerWA on

      @Teowulff yes they are

    24. Teowulff

      I can' t imagine - but am I assuming correctly that the 3 wolves (@390k) and the wolf-bomination (885k) are part of the huntsman pledge as well? As they don' t show any "knight only" badges?

    25. Jack

      Nice update but I think they are under estimating the value of all this. The KSE's won't be available after this campaign to retailers right, so depending on the success of the gameplay and marketing, they are surely worth more than what is listed. Specifically all those survivors...

      Stefan Kopinski will definitely sell better now

    26. Pedro Nunes on

      Well done CMON! This guest box is great!

    27. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      Now for a second they had me close to a heart attack as I thought they'd ruined another guest box for me. Then I read he's still a survivor, so still getting this box.

      Still waiting for a Walk of the Dead box (like Matt below) and for Crowz cards, but being this late in the campaign I guess I'm out of luck, have to swallow my disappointment in this campaign and will have some weeks of making gaming material in front of me. Better go roam the basement for extra zombies.

    28. Junior6288 on

      @elijah just re-read the update and you'll get your answer.

    29. Max Maloney on

      In the main comment thread, Thiago confirmed that the Blackheart can be both survivor and necromancer. The original update text has been modified above and it's clear now that you get both cards.

    30. Matt Price on

      That guest box is now officially super cool...

      But I'm still holding out for an all-zombie add on box that just gives us extra zombies (walkers, runners, fatties, maybe one abomination?) for extra large games, special scenarios, RPGs, and table top wargames.

      C'mon CMON, don't fail me!

    31. Missing avatar

      2nd Layer on

      @Sanguinius: Instead of making accusations you should read what they tell you. It's about retail value and Wulfsburg will be $ 60 in retail.

    32. greg0038 on

      I agree with you, Ron N. !
      It will be so strange if he is the only one from a guest box to be only and necromancer and not a survivor/nocromancer. Let's lobby this to Thiago ! :-)

    33. Grimoire Studios on

      @christopher carter
      It is broken down. Knight only covers what's in the little square to the top right

    34. Alderman Jack on

      I would like to see a separate box containing the guest box necromancers.
      But whatever, I am fully content now that even Piper has joined our ranks.

    35. Sanguinius on

      it seems they upped the value of wulfsburg to 60$ while clearly its 50$, another marketing ploy i guess.

      dont fool yourself, the shipping prices listed at the beginning only include the base game, so no they definitely wont stay so low with all the additional content we are getting.

    36. christopher carter on

      Can you do a breake down for the $100 one as well plz would be nice to see what we have saved

    37. Ron N. on

      To-Me Ku-Pa should have both survivor and necromancer cards as well!

    38. Andrew on


      But breaking them down would cost CMON more and hurt the box sales, as people would just pick and choose. Plus it would make fulfillment alot more complex.

    39. Jalister on

      I'm with Xipe. I would have added more if the guest boxes could have been broken down to individual figures.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      I hope he is able to be a survivor and necromancer!

    41. rodney nadeau on


    42. Grimoire Studios on

      says he gets both a survivor and necromancer card

    43. Devil Inside Productions

      Sadly, this just cements the fact that these Guest Survivors/Necromancers should've been separate add-ons. As it stands I may get one box, but if they'd been available individually I would've definitely got at least 8 figures, including The Blackheart. I'm pretty confident doing it that way would've raised a considerable amount more.

    44. Micah Rose on

      Man, I wasn't going to do either of the Kopinsky's but I gots to have all them cabal members!

    45. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      (that is, with the first player coin)

    46. Missing avatar

      Ivan Magalhães on

      Nice! Loved it that you can now play him both as a survivor and a necromancer! That's just sweet!

    47. rodney nadeau on

      Does he still come with the survivor dashboard?

    48. Pierfrancesco on

      Let's hope that the shipping costs will remain low as the ones listed at the beginning of the campaign @.@