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The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
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    1. Eli Butcher on

      People are totally right about being disappointing in the lack of tiles in Wolfsburge, BUT I think these tiles specifically add new functionality, rather than just being an aesthetic add-on. They introduce the whole tower mechanic. Something that is different even from the towers from Prison Outbreak. I do with they'd have included at least a 3rd tile, like they did with Angry neighbors, but I'm happy to have the new game play options. It's also the one tlle option that I'm a little uncertain how it will behave with the Abominitaur.

    2. Eli Butcher on

      @chang - I've been continually waiting for them to dive into the "Marvel: 1602" group... I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some of those.

    3. KBL on

      @Chang hehe you're quite right there.
      Basicly we're kids in a candy store, with a credit card - unhealthy mix XD
      @Ernster I think we're on the same page, I'm currently at 300$ and going gonzo on WB and add ons. I think we get a sweet deal here, so I'm all in :)
      @Farfadet It's totally cool that you don't share my opinion on the WB deal. I just happen to believe it is a great deal. No shots fired; )

    4. Ernster on

      Oh, and who wants to bet they squeezing one more Knights pledge exclusive to sweeten the pledge?

    5. Ernster on

      @KBL, it is not just $50 for the 4 exclusives but the expansion itself is discounted and you are not paying retail. If you do not want it that is your choice. It dies however, give you an online discount, extra miniatures to play with and four exclusives. Shat the exclusives at five dollars each are a deal including the expansion discounted. I am not arguing with you but he'll, you spend more on a night out with bobbers than a night in with beers and a game.

    6. Farfadet on

      @KBL, I also think Wulfsburg is a weak add-on because there are only 2 new tiles (previous Zombicide add-on always had more) and even if wolfs are cool I'm sad this add-on bring to us only wolfs.
      Now I'm thinking about up to knight level because even if this add-on is weak it isn't bad.
      And because there are now 4 KS exclusives mini I couldn't buy in retails.
      The 2 more heroes are nice (not Highlander and not Batman always make dreams).
      But the necro and the alphabomination bring new rules with them and that's a big deal !
      Truely, I only wish this add-on had more tiles to be fully happy.

    7. chang on

      @KBL i see your point; but you really thing that any collector have rationalization?

      I play it "smart" on my KS because i dont collect mini; more than welcome to do proxy. Im at 190 for this one; and might decrease my pledge. But put a x-men statue and there goes my playing smart. The day they make add on mini based on the x-men im fuck. He/she probable really like the idea of playing with mini that have batman theme :)
      a LOT of stuff here has not rationalization..

    8. KBL on

      Okay so 4 figures.
      And I couldn't care less what tips the scale for people. If a pair of Batman themed figures makes it worth spending the extra $50 for you. Sure go ahead.
      I'm just saying I don't understand that rationalization.

    9. antwan ragland on

      + 30 for more strong female characters and more survivor diversity. I seriously don't understand why this offends so many people in the gaming community.There like +50 survivors. Would you really not want the game if 15 of them where not white? If so you have some real problems...

    10. Ernster on

      @KBL, he gets 4 additional knights pledge characters. Gowan, Alphaobinitation, Grin, and scowl. Seems like a great deal to me plus it is lower than MSRP!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jose Pastor on

      @CrimsonGhost you forgot the Bunny Abomination :-D CMoN, make it happen!

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Holman on

      @KBL, why does it matter what it takes for him to raise his pledge?

    13. KBL on

      lemme get this straight.
      22 Wolfz
      4 extra survivors
      4 extra dashboards (+ pegs)
      2 tiles (doublesided)
      30 cards AND
      1 extra campaign for WB
      is a weak add on, but you'll give 50$ for two figures, just because they resemble The Joker and The Batman.........
      I'm afraid I don't understand your logic.

    14. Last Of The Brunnen G on

      You b@st@rds. No way was I going to up my pledge to knight level. Wulfsburg is a weak add on. Then you had to go and make Grin and Scowl. Where's my wallet......

    15. Pedro Nunes on

      +20 to greater character diversity and more female characters

    16. Ernster on

      I love the Scowl or not Batman character. I think he just needs more "Marvelous toys" on his belt. Boomerang blades, hand crossbow or mor daggers would fill out his " utility" weapons belt nicely.

    17. Farfadet on

      Damned this not Batman makes me thinking about to up my pledge to knight level.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      +10 for greater character diversity!

    19. euansmith

      I will have to practice my Christian Bale voice for playing Scowl.

    20. Nathan on

      Thanks for your comment, Junior6288, I totally agree with you. I've been hoping for some more non-white survivors, and some of the strong resistance to that has been kind of baffling. Anyway, we'll see what they still have in store for us. I think it will be an exciting last few days of the campaign.

    21. Ronald Fritz on

      oh dear, so many more to be painted.....

    22. Junior6288 on

      @elijah you beat me to it! So i'll just quote you for emphasis, "necromancers and zombies aren't real and neither are wizards, dwarves or elves." Which is pretty much what I said to the person earlier in the campaign who said they didn't need more survivors of color, cause they were all slaves during this point in history anyway. Jesus, makes my head explode. This $#!% is fiction!! DX
      "I for one think this game deserves stronger female survivors" <- and THIS!

    23. Kevin O'Mara on

      Oh man! I'm already drafting up a scenario for the survivors to fight through a cabal sanctum :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      @magmlava here here

    25. move over on

      lol, zombies and orcs and farting lightening bolts are cool, but a lady with a longbow???? Oh shit, lets not get too crazy now!

    26. JBMaster007 on

      I do not know if somebody has already asked for it: PLEASE to supply with the Evil Troy necromancer stat card the additional miniature, in the grey colors like others zombies miniatures. It would be necessary it's a pity to play this mini if it's difficult to distinguish it in the middle of the survivors. Thanks to other backers interested to relieve my request.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      @Pedro who cares if women archers are a modern Hollywood conception, necromancers and zombies aren't real and neither are wizards, dwarves or elves. I for one think this game deserves stronger female survivors

    28. Micah Rose on

      @Antwan Ragland I was thinking that they would do that. I think their sales will increase through that route and it will make production simpler and less expensive. Also, seasons don't fit the setting as well as they do in modern. Since they make their big money at retail. I think it is the way to go.

    29. barry morgan on

      @gregg - we house ruled that getting to a mission objective X thing allowed us to locate a trapped/hiding survivor (with lowest xp in the lowest band a party member is in) if any of us have bought the farm

    30. Lobo on

      Bat-Scowl, absolutely great **D

    31. antwan ragland on

      Is it possible they are making so many survivors because Z:BP will be a standalone game? like only to get expansions and no more seasons? Then it may make since why we are getting so many survivors. I don't mind because I love the variety. Now if only they would give me a werewolf survivor. LOVE the batman, can I get a Flash??

    32. Torvald on

      Blank cards. Then I'll put whatever I like on the table with it's own rules.

    33. Pedro Nunes on

      @Junior6288 don't get me wrong, I'd love more female characters! Lady Faye is awesome for instance! But women using bows is a modern hollywood conception, they were much better wielding swords or spears. Many men didn't have the strength to use an English longbow properly, for example.

    34. Crimson Ghost on

      Awesome picks CMON!!! Now we just need a Lancelot, Galahad, and most importantly THE BLACK KNIGHT!!!

    35. vaanguard on

      @Thiago: In reading Scowl's info card it says necromancer lairs are "often filled with traps". Are there any traps included in ZBP? If not, it would be a great add-on pack.

      Many backers have been asking, me included, for Crowz spawn cards (just the cards) and Ratz.

      Peering into your crystal ball and grabbing your trusty eight-ball, what would you say the possibility of getting either or both of these is?

    36. Junior6288 on :|

    37. Pedro Nunes on

      Gilbert sculpt is awesome, now we need the black knight! Also, male archers would be nice (women rarely had the strength to pull the string).

    38. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      My wife and I are glad for all the different survivors, we generally like to randomly draw characters each game, but she is disappointed that almost all the kickstarter exclusive survivors created by zombiecide are male (only two female!) Where are all the women???

    39. John Dominguez on

      We need Patsy with coconuts now please as a figure!

    40. ProgorKrom on

      Definitive for "Black plague" we need tons of rats, some wererats and an unique AbominRATion

    41. dafrca on

      I agree with Ryan. People need to stop calling for stuff CMON has already said no to and they need to stop complaining about the free stuff they get. I mean if you don't want the free stuff then box it up and send it to any one of us. Or take pictures of it and sell them off on eBay. But either way, stop complaining please.

    42. Missing avatar

      King Quincy on

      "What makes you think she's a witch?"

    43. Richard Simmons on

      Do Medieval Spawn next!

    44. Pedro Nunes on

      CMON keep giving us miniatures or scenarios! There is no need for tokens or tiles. I would like 3 skeletal archers as stretch goal, so we could try it in our game before buying the whole set at retail.
      Next goal is probably an abomination at 3 million!

    45. Greg Breault / RocketSlug Games on

      Mmmmm, that Scowl, Gilbert, and Lady Faye. Nice!

    46. bourrague arnaud on

      Need more chain mail and amoured plate cards.....lots knights in this KS......

    47. Missing avatar

      Frey on

      I don´t complain if the survivors show witt, character and style. So I very much appreciate the addition of Scowl ... another sword wielding sterotype ... not so much. However, still better than Feye, who can´t even feature a good analogy...

    48. Emayotte on

      And what about RATZ?
      Black Plague without RATZ is like ice-scream without freezer!