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The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
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20,915 backers pledged $4,079,204 to help bring this project to life.

Last Naïade character unlocked! Now welcome Edouard Guiton!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

Stretch Goal unlocked! Now all backers will get Ostokar the Pale, the last of the Naiade Special Guest Survivors, coming not only with his miniature and ID card, but also cards to use him as a Necromancer with the Necromancer Cabal rules!

Here's a preview of the sculpts of the four Naiade characters:

And right ahead of us still lies the next Stretch Goal, that will unlock Grin the Necromancer to Knight-level backers only.

Our next Special Guest brings back his striking art style to Zombicide:

The Edouard Guiton Special Guest box includes 4 unique Survivors designed by him, including their miniatures and ID cards.

Born in Chicago on March 30, 1977 to a French father and Franco-Belgian mother, Edouard Guiton grew up in the Paris suburbs. He became passionate about drawing very early, never imagining that sketching monsters, warriors, and other childish fantasies could be a job.
In 1997, he participated in the creation of the game production company Rackham, co-founded by his brother Raphaël Guiton. Edouard worked as Rackham’s main character designer for many years, in addition to working on illustrations, covers, and concepts for different game and video game publishers.
Edouard’s first comics, produced by Soleil, appeared in 2009. In that same year, Edouard began working with Ankama, an important, young French company, producing cartoons, video games, games, toys, and comics. Edouard lives and works in Paris.

Here are the master sculpts from the Edourad Guiton box:

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Black Plague Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

Raise thy Swords!

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    1. Fallen on

      maybe just maybe they change them to what they actually look like on the picture... lets all cross our fingers

    2. dafrca on

      I keep looking at these wanting to like them more, but I just can't help thinking how much better they would look if they all were not arching their back and looking to the sky. The artwork is so wonderful and the sculpts are just short of the artwork. :-(

    3. aron aka jello on

      I have to agree that the Naiade elf sculpts do seem to miss some essence that the art has.. they seem more like humans with long ears than the lithe elves depicted in the pics.

    4. Yror on

      Nice sculpts, but why are they all recoiling? May look weird on the table together.

    5. Jeffrey Williams

      Lord Hewelin is probably my favorite so far.

    6. eclipse on

      love the sculpts and design !! have to swap out my adrian smith choice of survivors for this

    7. Sharkey on

      In sure many of the $1 backers up their pledges when the 48 hour email goes out.

    8. Jay Pollard on

      Thanks guys. I'll throw an extra $40 on and help towards stretch goals ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Gunnar Diechmann on

      As Markus said. Many Pledgers just Pledge 1$ and then use the Pledgemanager later least I heard this, thats rather unsolidary.

    10. Missing avatar

      Freddydafox on

      That's surly true, but doesn't help unlocking stretchgoals. :-)

    11. Pachro on

      The actual pledge manager doesn't come out for 1-2 months after a CMON projects ends. You can also pay for extras there with PayPal for what it's worth.

    12. Missing avatar

      Freddydafox on

      @Jay Pollard: If you plan on spending the money anyway, then just increase your pledge amount accordingly now. Later when the funding is closed you choose whatever you want to spend that extra money for.
      In that way you help unlocking further strech goals.

    13. Jay Pollard on

      When I go into pledge manager there is no where to add extra items/list a number for extra charecters boxes. All I can do is alter my total funding or pick the basic box or the knight level; is it something that opens up after the project funding closes or am I being blind/confused?

    14. Missing avatar

      david on

      Come on less than 3k we want to see the next SG

    15. Agreave (carpets ARE required) on

      Judging by the actual sculpts shown the art 'style' seems to be a lot more toned down and similar IMO. The ones I really feel will look odd are the besieged ones-but what the heck just look at a crowd of people, all alike?

    16. Todd Ferrullo on

      @Andreas Well judging from the graphic on the campaign page, I would guess that we have one more Add On Guest Artist Box still coming. Walker, Coimbra and Parillo are all reasonable guesses (since they are all known for Fantasy art) but I doubt that there will be a Kovalic box since I believe that was the least popular Guest Box in season three and was very focused on his comic strip characters.

    17. Andreas Urban on

      Will there be Special Guest Boxes from

      - Kevin Walker
      - Miguel Coimbra
      - Lucia Parillo
      - John Kovalic

      too ? Cause they had Boxes in the other Zombicide.

    18. Matthew Friett on

      Who cares if the art fits? That's why it's a guest box. I don't want the art to fit. I want variety, variety, variety.

    19. Dean Jones

      Aw, man! That new guest box is awesome! I have looked at all the others, but there are none others that I like all the models in. Most of them just feel like more of the same. This one though... Wow! I love it! Bugger... another increase to my pledge...

    20. donnbobhardy

      I can't really see how any of these "don't fit" in Zombicide. It's not like there's any sort of cohesive story. Is it because I've been skipping the backstories? On the other hand, I agree that I would love to be able to switch out SG guest boxes for add-on guest boxes in the PM.

    21. C on

      My guess is that Z doesn't have any particular story background, so the Guests were given more leeway and creative freedom. Some characters existed *long* before Z was around, and may have been selected by their artists for reasons other than to fit a Z universe. Meanwhile, Conan has a definite story background, and the artists may have been chosen for how well their work fit the Conan universe, and they may have been directed to fit a certain style. Z, of course, has many more Guest boxes, so it's more likely to find a box that's different from what you expect. The Z exclusives also weren't made to fit a Z universe (since it doesn't exist) but more to cater to fan demand for a 3D figure.

    22. Carmen on

      I don't like many of the Guest Boxes either, but that's just how CMON/Guillotine Games chose to approach/market it. Whereas Conan kept it focused, GG is offering a little bit of weirdness across the spectrum to try to appeal to an audience with diverse artistic tastes, and it's working ... to the tune of $2.4 million so far.

    23. Steve Liu on

      I agree. I spelt it out some time back about it....they are coming up with more weird themes...maybe bringing in disney characters in soon.... And this is the the very reason why it is also an open-theme game....
      Soon, a gigantic dragon on the board...

      I am hoping I can even "remove" it as one of the SG selection during PM if there is an option. It is ....just messed up.

    24. Michael J Ward on

      Okay. I get it. I have checked out the Conan KS (man, awesomeness) and they had a ton of guest boxes. And they worked in that context. Why? Because they all held to the same dark age feel.. They had a common feel. It worked.

      Doesn't work for Zombicide, You have a core set and hero box of AWESOMENESS in terms of quirkly style that we all love.

      We want more of that. But no. Here are umpteen guest boxes of weirdness.

      What do we get? Guest boxes or (albiet very talented) sculptures. That have... (deep breath)


      Am I alone here?!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason Dean on

      Can I please ask that the name of the sculptor for each special guest box set be included. For me, the sculptor is just as important as the guest artist as they are the ones who bring these beautiful pictures to life :)

    26. chang on

      @Doctor Nny do we know for sure that it has teh goat as part of the mini? thx

    27. Max Maloney on

      Why do people ask for no more survivors. Have people still not figured out that this stuff was already prepared ahead of time? If they have guest boxes made and planned, then they will be unveiled in the campaign. What's done is done.

    28. KBL on

      This box was not for me.
      Funny how people have different tastes. Personally I'd go for Kopinski brothers, Smith and Howe and some people think they're the least interesting. Others, like me, find Critchlow, Parente and Gipi, the most boring of the bunch. Good job CMoN/GG finding artist that appeal to a wide audience :)
      Also, I'll most likely try and remove the hands on chains on the Ottokar figure - looks insanely stupid imo.

    29. Junior6288 on

      Great Character Designs!! Lovin' this box of survivors!

    30. Frank Wisnes

      @Pveith That was the least interesting comment I've read in a while. Why did you think anyone would be interesting in reading your whining?

    31. Doctor Nny on

      +1 at NO MORE SURVIVORS at all. Addon or otherwise. >_> I'd love to pledge more and get more addons but only 1 of the boxes are worth buying (in my personal opinion) and Id only get that box b/c of the goat.

    32. tasky87 on

      I like that they are offering all these guest boxes, something for everybody. i do feel sorry for any completionists cause there are alot now. as for me i think ill get both the Kopinski boxes, Howe, and Guiton, but i will likely buy some later cause the price be getting high. remember these are not kickstarter exclusive

    33. Smottz on

      I'm awfully surprised by all the complaining. These are awesome! Though I'd enjoy other things as well, these survivors have been incredible. Guest boxes for the win!

    34. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      Love this box, Guiton's characters for modern Zombicide are a fix part of almost every group.
      Still, some days ago I cut all extras (280$) from our pledge and it will stay this way unless there's finally separate cards for the Crowz and/or another kind of zombie. My group won't use the optional necromancers, we just don't enjoy hunting boss types. So we don't care about the current SG being unlocked or not, and I suppose the next SGs will be more of that kind so I won't check back for updates until the last day of the campaign.
      The way it is now BP will sadly collect dust on a shelf until at least S2 is out, while we play the modern Zombicide in the meantime. No use to waste so much money on extras at this point then.
      Sorry, I really don't want to rain on the fun of anyone and I'm happy for everyone who finds exactly what he wants in this game. Truly am. But free money must be spent on what is the most fun and currently my most anticipated game steers in a direction that doesn't sound fun for me anymore, personally.
      Happy gaming!

    35. Pachro on

      I really like Guiton's art and the sculpts are nice too (even if some of the poses aren't quite the same). I might be tempted to add this one as it's not as serious as previous g.a.b.s and matches the art of the base game more in my opinion.

    36. Pedro Nunes on

      @James Agreed, no cartoon characters!
      As long as it increases the pledge amount, please continue offering those guest boxes! I won`t buy any of them, but I like it when people (that don`t even want more guest boxes) keep spending and unlocking stretch goals.

    37. James W. Durney on

      I don't like cartoon type characters. I like a more realistic look, even if they don't exist in the real world.

    38. The Collector on

      The Naiade sculpts doesn't really fit with the artwork, the necromancer elf looks like a human with pointy ears, he is not thin enough to be an elf or fit with the artwork, the female elf has a human man face, I really hope they will change that.

    39. Matthew Friett on

      Yeah, what the hell is up with the "Hey look at my boobs I have all these boobs" pose in the sculpt? It's awful. If you don't change it I'll be changing it with a saw and green stuff.

    40. Nicole Persram

      Excited about the Naiade figures. :D Was going to skip over the guest box like I have all of the other ones, but this one is actually really great looking. Maybe I'll have to get one guest box now...

    41. Rick Koeppen on

      @ Daniel: The problem is that they aren't free. Some are, but most are add ons. I am not even upset that they cost extra money, I would just prefer spending that extra money on something other than more survivors, which is coming from someone who loves variety...this is just too much.

    42. Coralline Algae on

      That barbarian is pretty darn amazing.. and I've never seen a dwarf use his beard for clothes. Crazy stuff.

      Are these survivors just going to battle each other? There are almost more heroes than enemies.

      Please take a break with the survivors. Maybe throw out a few more walkers, runners and fatties. These add-ons are all excellent but some of us want them to fight zombies.

    43. Max Maloney on

      Naïade survivor sculpts are a little disappointing. They don't seem to capture the feel of his designs as well as some of the others we've seen. The Guiton ones are much better, BUT what the hell happened to Shalheira?! Her art shows her strong and determined; her sculpt shows her arching her back like a pin-up model. That's unfortunate. Lord Hewelin has a similar pose alteration from art to sculpt.

    44. dafrca on

      Just increased my pledge. Love the new Survivor options. And regardless of those calling for no more, please feel free to give me any and all the FREE stuff you wish to. I love getting FREE things. :-)

    45. Missing avatar

      Scott Viverito on

      A few less survivors please...for a while it was a survivor every other goal but with the guest boxs added we are getting: 58 additional survivors in the 1st 50 stretch goals with the 8 guest boxes added, and 53 additional zombies(+ 1 necromancer).
      These were just rough counts based on the stretches listed.
      Any chance of more cards, tokens, or maybe traps or additional tiles etc...Also if more guest artists are in the wings, any chance of them doing non-survivor zombies instead of 4 more survivors?

      just a few thoughts:

      Stretches as I read them may have errors, if so my apologies.
      #1: 2 campaigns and map editor upgrade
      #2: 5 zombies
      #3: survivor
      #4: 4 zombies
      #5: Dice
      #6: 4 zombies
      #7: survivor
      #8: 4 zombies
      #9: survivor
      #10: 3 zombies
      #11: survivor
      #12: necromancer
      #13: survivor
      #14: zombie
      #15: survivor
      #16: 4 zombies
      #17: survivor
      #18: Coin
      #19: survivor
      #20: 4 zombies
      #21: survivor
      #22: survivor
      #23: 2 survivors
      #24: Spawn Cards
      #25: survivor
      #26: zombie
      #27: survivor
      #28: survivor
      #29: zombie
      #30: dice bag
      #31: survivor
      #32: survivor
      #33: 4 zombies
      #34: survivor
      #35: Dice Tower
      #36: survivor
      #37: 4 zombies
      #38: survivor
      #39: 4 zombies
      #40: survivor
      #41: 4 zombies
      #42: survivor
      #43: 4 zombies
      #44: 3 cards
      #45: survivor
      #46: Zombie
      #47: Survivor
      #48: survivor
      #49: Zombie
      #50: Survivor

    46. C on

      Wow! Rackham.

      @All: if you can't purchase the Guest Boxes now, wait until retail.

    47. Bill B on

      I'm in agreement with less survivors. I do like the new sculpts that are presented but would like to see the heads with Edourad Guitons box set adjusted so they don't have that "incoming projectile, throw your head back" look (exception would be Kaila).

    48. Frank Wisnes

      Please, no more options! I can't take any more options! Can't you just offer one or two guest box so I don't have to choose which ones I prefer?

    49. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      The miniatures look great, but I'm worried that the will loose too much detail when converted to plastic.