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The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
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The Doors! Break on through to the other side!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

We come to you today with an optional buy that's been requested several times. The 3D doors from Season 3 were a big hit, and Black Plague could not be left behind! There's nothing cooler than a map full of medieval-looking 3D doors (whether it's Zombicide or your favourite RPG game).

This optional buy comes with 27 doors, coming in 3 different sculpts for extra variety! That's twice as many 3D doors as the number of door tokens that come in the Black Plague core box. We added more doors to this pack not only to give you more freedom when designing your own Quests (including epic Quests with the use of the Tile Pack), but also to try and keep the 3D Doors pack useful even if we do future expansions with more door colors!

 The 3D Doors pack comes with:

  • 15 neutral (grey) doors
  • 2 blue doors
  • 2 green doors
  • 2 violet doors
  • 2 yellow doors
  • 2 white doors
  • 2 pink doors

Please note that the floor piece in these pictures is still a work in progress. The final piece will be a stone floor.

If you're interested in purchasing any of these optional buys, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Black Plague Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

Raise thy Swords!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Valentina Tapia on

      18 Usd extra to get these amazing doors!

    2. -GoRdoN-

      "Add barricades and vault plastic doors!
      Plastic tokens too!


    3. -GoRdoN-

      @Pedro @Teaowulff. Yup i second/third that. Double doors just looks super weird right now...would really appreciate it if it's re-done to open properly

    4. Teowulff

      @Pedro: agreed. It looks weird like this.
      I'd rather have double doors twice this size.

    5. Pedro Nunes on

      please redo the double doors to a single door or make the double door open correctly!

    6. Farfadet on

      @Dean Jones, you seem to be right.
      I hope that bases won't be to large. Half size would have been enough so that we could see more of the map.

    7. Dean Jones

      @Farfadet. I would go for the Zombicide ones. The coloured bases are important for this game, and by the looks of it Conan doesn't need them.

      It would be easier to play Conan with Zombicide doors than the otherway round, or you would have to play with the Conan door AND the coloured door tokens in Zombicide to remove ambiguity.

    8. Missing avatar

      thomas g knudsen on

      please redo the dubble doors to a single door

    9. Skritter on

      Add barricades and vault plastic doors!
      Plastic tokens too!


    10. Eduardo Guerra on

      Add barricades and vault plastic doors!
      Plastic tokens too!

    11. Joe Crane on

      Conan doors if you ask me, but both would be good.

    12. Farfadet on

      Guys I need your opinions : I backed Conan and was about to add their doors :
      Now I see ZBP doors and I don't know witch ones I should choose.
      I like ZBP ones but theirs bases are too big for me and I think they would look badly on Conan's maps.
      Conan's doors are more "classic" but bases are smaller so I could use them for any game.
      Damned I don't know what to do (and I won't buy both...)

    13. Skritter on

      Please mister CMoN. Can I have some plastic VAULT DOOR MARKERS to go with these beautiful doors.


      Ohhh! and some plastic barricades as well.

    14. Gerald Collins

      By the way, I've got the Season 3 doors and used them last weekend at a convention. They are much easier to see on the table, no stability issues at all. I'll get these as well, just to have more doors in total as there are some really large scenarios and I could end up using all of them. (smiles) A friend took some pictures and I've asked him to forward them to me. I'll try to find somewhere to post them (BGG probaby) once I have them in hand.

    15. Gerald Collins

      Junior, You can add the doors (or other addons) a few months down the road, when confirming the KS goodies on the CMON pledge manager. Adding them now, helps us reach the next level, but you aren't prevented from adding them later if needed. It seems I always add a few more goodies when the final confirmation is done.

    16. Shucked on

      Oh it didn't occur to me that the colors are the secret room colors. I was thinking they would be doors that opened up instead of out but this is still awesome.

    17. old beetle on

      Where were these for Arcadia Quest? I can always use doors!

    18. Anthony Hennig on

      Oh, they look cool. I gotta have them, if nothing else, but to have the doors be more visible on the gameboard when the zombie hoarde is out and about.

    19. Junior6288 on

      @Giuseppe some doors actually work like that, where they have a false center, and instead open from one side. But I can see how some might think it looks weird. Doesn't bother me, at least.

      The 3D doors are an awesome add-on, reminds me of my Hero Quest days. I love that they open and close. These will probably replace my Descent door that don't open, and have to be laid down or moved off the board when opened. May have to get them retail though, can't really afford right now.

    20. Sanguinius on

      these doors are less bland than the season 3 ones so should look good.
      i prefer these doors to the door tokens as once the board becomes crowded with zombies, you can miss a door token, but not a 3D door.

    21. Fubiquitus on

      @Lance - I think the 3D doors will make doors easier to see on the board especially for larger games. I haven't yet received my regular Zombicide doors so I haven't been able to try them out yet, but I think they will help.
      For the smaller missions with only 4 tiles or so there may be little need for them, but I have had a few game sessions where doors were missed or not seen so I believe these will be useful.

    22. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      could the floors be transparent (so we can still see the beautiful artwork underneath) and instead use a color rectangle frame to denote color? (similar to the color rings you're using in B-Seige and Blood Rage. Or forget the transparent part, just make it a colored frame for the 'floor'

    23. Eli Butcher on


    24. Eli Butcher on

      @K Wirick - Or instead of Doorz, add in some sweat "Mimic Chests" into the inventory deck!

    25. Berserk on

      @David - read the comment below every update and you'll get it.

    26. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      You need only to change the pledge amount from 150 -> 168

    27. Missing avatar

      David Hermans on

      Can't select optional buy's trough pledg manager button?
      What's wrong?

    28. Berserk on

      Now I need the plastic tokens, :-D

    29. Juan José Torres Aldeano on

      Why not a pack of 3D Dors and a Medieval plastic tokens?

    30. Lance Banson

      I'm still a little skeptical about door minis. It feels like it would look a bit strange to have them jutting up from an otherwise 2d environment, and might clutter the board. Not to mention what's shown isn't anywhere near the finalized product (I hope).

      Does anyone have some pictures of Zombicide set up with the doors from the Season 3 kickstarter I can check out?

    31. Fubiquitus on

      Thanks CMoN - I'm loving this game more every day. Keep up the great work!

    32. Stefan Tremblay on

      Here's an idea : card sleeves (optional buy)
      They can be used to sleeve together classic Zombicide cards with Z:BP card backs. Voilà, no problemo! Great add-on by the way, thanks!

    33. Shanktimus on

      @stephen - Yep, and I think part of it was probably the fulfillment and packaging issues for all of those individual KS exclusives from the last few. I mean, I love my individually boxed heros, but it's a bit wasteful on the packaging. Much more organized to have them in the larger trays. But if you sell individual heros, logistically they need to be packaged separately since not everyone will get all of the same ones.

      @Pveith - Yes, those 12 cards were polywrapped with how many other cards though? My point about them not including the Crowz spawn cards only, is that it's a very small thing to include in every box. Let's say it's 12 cards, well then you have to shrink-wrap those 12 cards by themselves. Printing, packaging, and shipping what is likely to be a small run could become almost as expensive as getting the Crowz boxed set with miniatures made in bulk.

      That's the real problem. The only people you're going to sell the individual spawn cards to are people who are reusing their crowz. Many of these may want the additional figures as well for replacements or additional spawns, which limits the sales of them, so ordering and packaging a small run can be expensive.

    34. Missing avatar

      Gidian on

      Is this the final design of the doors? Well, how should I say it … it doesn´t look like a professional work (unlike the miniatures). Just take a look at the stone structure of the right door. The joints/gaps (don´t know the correct engl. word for it) are not long enough, the stones itself have no rough surface and so on. And the upper part of the left one looks somehow unproportional.

    35. chang on

      @Shanktimus @stephen addon no to be KS exclusives?? yay!! best news ever!! thx :)

      well this item make to my maybe list:
      - howe guest box
      - kopinski borthers
      - 3D doors

    36. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      And those cards were not packed in a box, either, but just polywrapped in a deck with all other free cards and thrown into the package loosely.

    37. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      @Shanktimus: In Z:S3 we got 3 crowz as a free stretch goal and they came with 12 spawn cards - the same that I later got from the box. I don't see why it would be too hard for them to offer us the cards separately or give us the same sg here with cards - a lot of people asked for that, too.

      I own more than enough doors, so not buying this. But it's nice they listened to so many people's wish in this case, at least.

    38. Teowulff

      Bring it on! Double doors, traps, collasped ceilings, broken archways! Barricades! =D

    39. Eli Butcher on

      So there are no barricades in this version of Zcide then?

    40. euansmith

      I'm sorry, there appears to be an error in this post. The graphic for the 3D doors says, "optional buy"... Optional? 3D Doord? OPTIONAL?! I think not!

    41. K Wirick

      Awesome! doors!... now how about Doorz and their spawn cards!
      jkjk XD
      ill definitely be adding these on!

    42. Grimoire Studios on

      They said they were going away from exclusive add ons in this campaign

    43. Runeclaw on

      This looks like a very good deal. I am a backer of Conan and been thinking whenever I should get the 3D doors they offer or not once the PM comes out. That is 10 doors of the same design for $12.

      Here I get 27 doors of 3 different designs for $18. So the odds are very high that I will pick this one instead.

    44. Shanktimus on

      @Andreas - we haven't hit another stretch goal... The last update was for hitting the $2,200 SG for the dwarf. The following stretch goal is $2,255k - We're currently at $2,241k

    45. Shanktimus on

      Notice how there haven't been any KS exclusive optional buy figures? All of the optional buys are the Guest Survivor packages which will be available later as well. I think they are trying to move away from the individually packaged survivors after the shipping delays that came on the Season 3 pledge. Their entire fulfillment was held up because they were waiting on some of the last figures to arrive.

      With the optional Guest Survivor packages, these could be ordered in advance, over the pledge estimates, since they will be stocking these to sell after the pledge. Plus, I think many tabletop gamers would buy some of these guest boxes just for the figures to use in their games.

    46. Andreas Wagener on

      Did they just forget we hit the two stretch goals?

    47. Stephen

      I love the Doors
      How about some windows too - wouldnt be a good zombie flick if they didnt climb through windows :) maybe a short wall below and then the window -

    48. gawain_77 on

      Cool update. The doors come at a nice price abd will be of same quality as S3 doors surely. But as Giuseppe said: Please alter the door on the left, it has to leafs but opens to one side. Thats physically impossible.

    49. Shanktimus on

      @Nathan - The Crowz sculpts are identical to the previous zombicide Crowz. The only difference is the spawn cards for black plague. So I believe he means it would be nice to have an option for JUST the spawn cards for people who already purchased the Crowz figures.

      But, I doubt that will happen. It's more a packaging issue. They would need to come up with a new plan for packaging just the cards. The box-art and everything for these looks to have been designed already and nearly finalized. I imagine the projected KS Exclusive survivors were already planned at the number they have to fit in a single tray together.

    50. Tom McDonald

      Thanks for the info.