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The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
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John Howe! 'nough said.

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

Special Guests don't get much more special than this! It is a profound honour to introduce to you our new optional buy:

The John Howe Special Guest box comes with 4 new Survivors created and designed by this legendary artist, including their miniatures and ID cards. Such unique characters necessitated us going one step beyond, so we've also created a couple of special equipment cards for this box: unique spells for both Cyrine and Hildir.

John Howe (born August 21, 1957) is a Canadian book illustrator, best known for his work based on J. R. R. Tolkien's worlds. Howe and noted Tolkien artist Alan Lee served as chief conceptual designers for Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, and Howe also did the illustration for the "Lord of the Rings" board game created by Reiner Knizia. Howe also re-illustrated the maps of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion in 1996–2003.
His work is however not limited to this, and includes images of myths such as the Anglo Saxon legend of Beowulf (he also illustrated Knizia's board game Beowulf: The Legend). Howe illustrated many other books, amongst which many belong to the fantasy genre (Robin Hobb's books for instance.) He also contributed to the film adaptation of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. In 2005 a limited edition of George R. R. Martin's novel A Clash of Kings was released by Meisha Merlin, complete with numerous illustrations by Howe.
Howe also llustrated cards for the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Black Plague Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

To wrap it up, how about we check out the initial John Howe sketches for these Survivors?

Raise thy Goats!

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    1. Surgeon Sturgeon on

      No one in here but U.S. Chickens

    2. Fallen on

      anybody there??

    3. Fallen on

      i really wanna get this, just for that witch and her goat... but i need see the sculpts plz!!!

    4. ijoaki on

      I need to see the sculpts before I decide if I need to add more money or not...

    5. Missing avatar

      bowlingshane on

      would also love to see the sculpts from this box before the end

    6. Jack

      Can we see pictures before the campaign ends please

    7. Shucked on

      Are we going to get to see sculpts of these?

    8. vaanguard on

      +1 @Albert. The civilian survivors is a great idea.

      More game boards would be great addition either as an SG or add-on. I was thinking of perhaps an old church as one tile, with the church crypt as another tile. Zombies and crypts gotta go together. Another idea would be a castle and its dungeon.

      Adding more boards would be a nice change from all of the minis, which are much appreciated, but something different would be fantastic.

    9. Epmer on

      couple = 2?

    10. KBL on

      +10 Albert

    11. Missing avatar

      Albert Pin on

      I love his art and this set... What I would really like to see is 3D terrain and civillian survivors for those Search and rescue missions... That would-be really be great.

    12. Skritter on

      I think the OWL should offer some wound protection against a Crow attack!!

    13. Skritter on

      """Thiago Aranha - CMON about 7 hours ago @Xipe Totec: Yes, Hildir comes with the goat!"""
      ... and don't forget the Owl

    14. Odin has left the building.... on


      HornZ on everything these days

      Hornz FTW

    15. vaanguard on

      @Thiago Aranha - CMON: Thanks for the info on the goat...glad it is included. Cool!

      How about ratz? Everybody wants them...well most of us do at least. :-) Please add them. Batz too please.

      Also, for those of us who already own Crowz from the previous KS, will you be offering just the spawn cards?


    16. Arthur K on

      Finally someone who didnt worked for GW

    17. Pachro on

      Zombicide: Guest Artist (also a plague of some sort). I'm not feeling any of the guest artist packs thus far, but I'm glad many others are.

    18. Farfadet on

      We can buy a lot of Heroes' Box created by awesome artists and that's great.
      I wish there would also be Zombies' Box created by these awesome artists (like more NPC).

    19. KBL on

      Just noticed, and don't know if it's just me, so help me out here guys.
      Does Dravogs legs look wierdly unproportioned? As in too short in comparrison the his upper body?
      Not that it changes my mind about getting this, just thought it looked a little wierd.

    20. Micah Rose on

      A cool spell for Hildir would be Augury: look at the top three spawn cards and put them back in any order. About to open up that building, maybe you should augury it first?

    21. MRiley on

      Love the concept, but need to see the sculpts before pledging for them. Otherwise I'll just wait for retail. So far I think the Adrian Smith box is the only one I'm wavering on whether or not to add. I'm already getting a ton of survivors in the Knight pledge and I'll be able to pick up the guest boxes for the same price as the KS offering at my LGS when they release.

    22. Big Tim Stiles

      @rodney nadeau: I would line up a buyer if I were you ;)

    23. Jack

      HOWE did CMON get JOHN onboard! YEEAAH!

    24. Missing avatar

      Gunnar Diechmann on

      1+ KBL + Thrud Box

    25. Kilo on

      @ rodney lol

    26. rodney nadeau on

      I would like to know how many artist boxes will be released.
      So I know if I need to sell a kidney or not

    27. Thiago Aranha on

      @Xipe Totec: Yes, Hildir comes with the goat!

    28. KBL on

      A must have box along with Adrian Smith and the Kopinski brothers.
      For me, this is where the interesting characters are.

    29. Cdr. Shepard's Favorite On the Citadel on

      I asked for something other than swords. Now I have air dragons and a ram.
      Thank you, CMON!

    30. Jeremey on

      Very cool.... very very cool

    31. Devil Inside Productions

      @vaanguard, My question was also going to be that Hildir comes with the goat, right? That will make me feel need to buy this box.

    32. chang on

      @micah oh snap, i miseed that. this one comes with extra equipment/spells cards?
      no other guest box did that right?

    33. vaanguard on

      +1 for ratz -- many people have been asking for this. This would be an awesome SG or even an add-on...either way, a must-have.

      +1 for add-ons that offer other than survivors. I think the guest artists could create some outstanding and unique need to restrict their creative talent IMHO.

      Wonder if Hilder comes with the goat.

    34. Micah Rose on

      This box is an add for me because I like that they have two female spellcasters--lots of people have been asking for this--and they both come with extra spell cards. I think that is something they need to do in more boxes as it will really encourage buying them. The other two heroes feel a bit samey to me.

      The other box that is a must buy for me is Carl Critchlow's Thrud box. I love that he put himself in the box (the necromancer) and I love the characters, especially Thrud and his garden snail intellect and unfeasibly large axe. Reminds me of old Groo comics.

    35. Micah Rose on

      @Pveith and Eph I think the sculpt can be pulled off like the picture. The image has a swirl touching (dragon mist coil?) touching her on either side. It can also be swirled at the base to be steady. That image is totally reproducible in sculpt. Have you seen the Paolo Parente sculpt with the leaping warrior woman? I think that they'll make it happen pretty close to the art.

      "Cyrine can't look like that as a sculpt. No way to have the swirls going around her in a one-piece mini, she will be flatter and I hope the sculptor pulls it off well."

    36. chang on

      @guilherme sorry, guess i missed your point. Got it. I guess im happy that the addons are survivors, and they are adding extra abominations here and there as free SG :) But like @carolline said i see ur point, maybe a buy of some mini extra expansion with different zombie mechanics will be good. That said i think they have received a lot of fire before from adding things that feel are needed to complete the game; which i don't think is the case.
      Im still hoping for ratz :) after all is the black plague :)

    37. Coralline Algae on

      All of these optional survivor buys would be easier to swallow if we were also getting more zombies. The issue many people are having is that we are seeing character after character roll out and relatively few zombies. The perception is that CMoN is maing loads of PC molds and much fewer enemies for them to battle.

      Personally, I think CMoN is making too many character molds... but they're doing it right. Making them optional is the right way to go. We simply need more enemies to balance out the overwhelming horde of survivors.

    38. Berserk on

      Even if he is considered a good artist I don't like these characters. This box is a pass.

    39. Guilherme on

      I guess people rather have more survivors than other awesome creatures to fight against. Oh well, like someone said before, you can't please everyone.
      Anyways, if CMON releases more new stuff other than survivors, they will see more of my money and people will get closer to next SG. If not, well, then they don't.

      @chang some people (like myself) are eager to spend more money and buy more stuff. I will also pass on this, but I would like this to be something to add new enemies, mechanics, etc.

    40. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      They pay with the funding amount the guest boxes. But there will be always people who do not want more survivors, want no zombivors, want no... CMON/GG can't satisfy everyone.
      I have nothing against more survivors. Different skilled Survivors increase the gameplay experiences. But it is sad that GG didn't plan another or more expansions if the campaign is succesfull like it is, now. Even if it means a 2nd shipping wave, doubling the shipping costs.
      With few millions we could have a full new main box and 2-3 expansions and still few free extras or free expansion.

    41. Eric Lemay on

      I have all the zombicide Box, all. it's a game that not take himself seriously. It's also agame that my girlfriend like to play. With black plague, I was thinking, "finally a dongeon crawler that my girlfriend will want to play with me"! The lasts addon and stretch goal are way too grim and serious. As if the game was losing its soul.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jay Santos

      WOW ! That this is indeed a special guest!

    43. Postman on

      @Guilherme i think it is a bit campanies Politics. Why produce exclusive Add on, which for a madness price sold by the ebay boys, or earning himself with zombicide licenses by the artist?

    44. chang on

      to create* teams...

    45. chang on

      sorry but... lol lol lol
      1. optional buy, im happy that this buy is something i can pass; getting more for less always good.
      2. dont show all the characters if u dont want people to feel overwelmed. just take them out little by little, like u r getting mini expansion.
      3. my group LOVE reading characters; we get together on game arrival to great teams of characters that compliment each others

      so at the end, you dont HAVE to enjoy this, but you are given the option to.

    46. Frank Wisnes

      So... much... whining..

    47. Ian Foster on

      I hope the sculpts live up to the art!

    48. Kris Knives on

      @Guilherme: It didn't cause any problem for my group when we played Arcadia Quest. People just picked a few which looked interesting and tried them out. After a few games we had tried most the heroes and people starting figuring out which were their favorites. Same way we handle it with every such game with a whole lot of characters. I don't see why it is a big deal unless you are obsessive about reading every hero's card.

      I'm pretty happy with the influx of survivors and just hope I can afford them all now so my dollars go towards stretch goals rather than having to pick them up later.

    49. Marianne Cazes on

      Alright... this is the only box I need.
      John Howe has been my favorite artist since... well, since I discovered The Lord of the Ring and his art when I was 12...
      Thank you so much!