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The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
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The Hunt is on! Come join the dance of death! Things are going to get Brutal!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

With a swing of his mighty axe, another stretch goal has been torn down! Now all backers will get Paul, the "Hunter from Downunder", a Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor!

Next up, we have a very seductive, if very deadly, bunch of NPCs!

If we reach $1.660k all backers will get 4 figures of the dancer NPC zombie, as well as 4 white bases as a piece of flair for these infected entertainers!

Our gallery of Special Guests now has the honor of receiving an amazing addition: Gipi, the legendary Italian artist, brings to Zombicide: Black Plague a band of Brutal Survivors!

The four Survivors included in the Gipi Special Guest box come from his card game Bruti, which will soon have an English version produced by CoolMiniOrNot: Brutal!

Brutal is a fast-paced hand-management card game where each player takes the role of a fighting pit warrior. Battles are fierce, swift, and deadly. Fighters equip themselves with weapons, shields, armor, and other special items they find on the pit’s muddy, blood-soaked floor. Players attack their opponents with a vast array of strikes and moves, trying to breach their defenses and strike them down with a flurry of chops and slashes. Brutal can be played in one-to-one combat or in teams of two, taking about twenty minutes to tell the stories of brave fighters in a brutal combat to the death!

Find out more about Bruti by visiting

Gipi (Gian-Alfonso Pacinotti) was born in Pisa in 1963 and lives in Rome.
He has emerged as a world-class artist and writer.
In 1994 he began publishing short stories on satirical Italian magazines while working as an illustrator for the publishing industry and international press.
In 2002 he started collaborating with Coconino Press, publishing his first comic books. His graphic novel "Appunti per una Storia di Guerra" (2005) appeared first in France, then was published in the United States as “Notes for a War Story” by First Second Books, winning the Goscinny Prize for Best Script and proclaimed Best Book at the prestigious Festival International de la bande dessinée d’Angoulême.
In 2006 “Gli innocenti” (The Innocents) earned him an Eisner Award nomination and the Max & Moritz Prize.
His books: “Esterno Notte” (2003), “Questa è la stanza” (2005), “S.” (2006), “LMVDM - La Mia Vita Disegnata Male” (2008), l'antologia “Diario di fiume e altre storie” (2009), “Verticali“ (2009) and the anthology “Baci dalla provincia” (2013) are all translated and published in Europe, USA and Asia.
After creating and directing various independent short movies, 2011 saw the presentation of his debut feature-length film “L'ultimo terrestre” (The Last Earthling) produced by Fandango and premiering at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.
In 2013 he returned to comics with the graphic novel "Unastoria".
His work is exhibited in museums and has won him countless honors.
Gipi has long been an avid gamer and game designer. The four characters for his special guest box come straight from his card game “Bruti” (Brutal).

Each of these 4 Survivors will come with their miniature and ID card. Also note that this optional buy is not a Kickstarter Exclusive, and will be available on retail eventually.

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage" pledge button on the Black Plague Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

Raise thy Swords!

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    1. Greg Breault / RocketSlug Games on

      I love these concepts. Any pics of the sculpts yet?

    2. Jack

      Not sure this guest box is worth buying, need to see pics of the models please

    3. Ben "Who Let The" Robz "Out"

      And will Brutal be sold through kickstarter or your own store?

    4. Greg Breault / RocketSlug Games on

      I really love the style of this guest box. Are we able to see the actual minis or have they not been sculpted yet?

    5. Missing avatar

      david on

      1.660.385 sorry :P but still there :) waiting for next update

    6. Missing avatar

      david on

      1.666.000 unlock the next reward, we are already there :D

    7. CMON 35-time creator on

      @John Doherty: No, Brutal is a separate game that will be sold on its own.

    8. John Doherty

      Are you making the "Brutal" card game an add-on in this kick-starter?

      Please say yes!

    9. Gregory M Auld

      I am a little burnt out on survivors. The only new survivors I could see myself getting a little exited about would be something like rip-offs of Joffrey or Tyrion from Game of Thrones or maybe the Dread Pirate Roberts from the Princess Bride.

    10. Epmer on

      We have 40 walkiers and 24 NPC (with this 4 they turn 28). This is a bad number, You have to upgrade the number of normal zombies i think and i miss a big amount of items. Stop survivors plz

    11. Carmen on

      No worries; there are still 23 days to go. Plenty of time to add non-survivor goals.

    12. Missing avatar

      Philipp Büchner on

      If I take a look at the awesome 3D Tokens given us in the B-Sieged Campaign, these SG are really boring. I bet the next SG will be a Survivor again, followed from N:P:C.s or another Survivor.
      Come on CMON, give us something else please...

    13. DevGuy on

      These guest boxes are clearly targeted at retail, where buyers *won't* have all the KS-exclusive survivors you're all complaining about.

    14. Max Maloney on

      Personally, I prefer the guest artist minis (all 20 of them) to the pop culture reference exclusives.

    15. Patrick Heeran on

      Yeah - to each their own. If you like the look of them, I'm glad for you. And I'd never say anything negative about personal preference. They just aren't for me is all.

    16. Rudy Martell on

      Martin: I guess it depends on whether the backer likes the artist's style or not!

    17. Rudy Martell on

      Martin: I guess it depends on whether the backer likes the artist's style or not!

    18. Carmen on

      These art boxes are awesome!

    19. Martin Dickson

      I find it amusing that comments on the guest box are split almost equally between "awesome!" and "eeeww!" :)

    20. Patrick Heeran on

      Pass. Those survivors are ugly as sin.

    21. Neelz on

      Well this is the first gust box that's tempted me to spend the extra money. I've always been a fan of the strange and unusual survivors in regular zombicide, Tomico's my go to survivor girl.
      As for more NPC zombies, I don't use the vip equivalent in zombicide, I just mix up all the sculpts and half the fun is seeing what zombies show. That being said, I'd love to see some alternate fatty and runner sculpts as a stretch goal. Oh and +1 for more monty python holy grail minis. French taunter with Taunt, and a bunny abomination I'd pay extra for that.

    22. Zoroaster, Demilich of Valoria

      The art for these survivors is interesting and different enough that I might be interested but I'd have to see the actual miniatures before pledging for these, not just the artwork.

    23. F74N on

      I'm scared

    24. Twizted on

      They look great, but as others have said, there's so many survivors and NPCs now, that I'm not really excited to see more :( Which is something I never thought I'd say!!

      I'd love to see new zombies introduced, or better looking tokens, even as add ons! I'd pay for nicer tokens, or a Zombie Dragon with its' own campaign!!

    25. Eli Butcher on

      It feels like they've normally given out more than 4 or 5 extras of each zombie type by now. I'd like to see more zombies, or another variant of each.

    26. Eli Butcher on

      @Max +1 about the trays staying their color, but the pegs being the accent color. It would be CRAZY bright and busy the other way.

    27. Nick Drake on

      the art is not my cup of tea at all, i'll wait to see the minis but its not like i need more survivors

    28. Draelin

      With the style of the drawings from miniatures of this Special Guest Box this is the first Box where i am not sure if i really want to buy it. Will decide when i see pictures from the real Minis.
      But i instantly had the feeling that they will not fit to the rest of the games miniature style

    29. Dabiglulu on

      How about getting some New tiles or cards? I love the New characters and npcs but new weapons and places would be really Nice imo.

    30. Max Maloney on

      @Carmen - The survivor trays already have pegs and sliders that match the base colors. I think casting the entire tray in super-bright colored plastic might be a little too much. I like this approach of matching with accent colors and leaving the base color of the tray very neutral.

    31. Alderman Jack on

      Great update, O like the dancers as well as the box. Especially Carlotta and the Prince. Those NPCs add nicely to the zombie crowd, even without using them as NPCs.

    32. Kryzsko on

      I am going to paint Donna and Pipino to be half orcs.

    33. goreshade on

      I like all the special guest boxes, I'm just glad they're not Kickstarter exclusives though. They're probably something I'll wait to get retail. Some people seem to think they're being forced to purchase everything CMON puts out.

    34. Eli Butcher on

      I'd like to see the rest of the cast from Monty Python though. :)

    35. Eli Butcher on

      @Eric I can't say I remember ever hearing anyone ever say that we've got TOO MANY survivors. lol. nice. I will admit that I don't see the need to bring out so many Guest Artist sets, BUT they're going to bring them out anyways, so if someone wants to buy them, then bring them on. I'm going to assume that we're not doing Zombivors with this new version, since all Guest sets are coming with 4 Survivors, instead of 2 Survivors and 2 Zombivors??? I'm cool with that. I never used the Zombivors anyways.

    36. Eric Arsenault on

      Nice, but theres too many survivors already, please add new tiles, cards or zombies...

      Hope that there is not too many of those add-ons still to come ! Wishful thinking I know =)

      And it would be nice to read about their abilities...

    37. chang on

      @freda @all i think the art is pretty nice, that is not an issue for me. This box look like a group of psycho from the "underworld"EU.. my problem is.. more survivors? meh.
      if i didnt have 36 survivors already, i will probable buy this box and artist box 1 (add on) .. but why do i need 8 more?

      i do agree, nice for those that play DD. these would add nice pimp to the game

    38. Will B. on

      Same as everyone, too many survivors and npc SG.
      Doesn't really push to take even more add on survivors imo.

    39. Kryzsko on

      The problem is I like all the artist box survivors better than a lot of the ones that come with the game. I like how unique and different they look. I plan to use them as NPCs for DnD.

    40. Esper on

      Donna Carlotta alone make this box worth.

    41. Fango on

      I'm guessing the new N.P.C. is like a Middle Eastern belly dancer or a 'racier Princess Jasmine' of sorts...She's not exclusive so was likely planned for release in the same box as the Moor.

    42. Michael J Ward on

      Agree with some of the reservations below - artwork so far removed from the core set that I could never see myself of my game group using these. I guess that is the point that they are "different", but so jarring. I'm desperate to put more money on this project but haven't been swayed by any of these guest boxes.

    43. Ralph Miller

      Quit teasin' me! I had my wallet out and ready to buy the game Brutal...get to work on that English version! Please....!

    44. Carmen on

      As for survivor overload, I plan on simply selling off a bunch of the figures cheap to a D&D dm friend of mine. (I'm keeping the ID cars, though!) I think I like the art boxes look better than most of the regular survivors, anyway.

      I wouldn't mind seeing non-survivor elements brought in -- the aformentioned 3D tokens, maybe add-on player trays molded in player base colors, or even another dice set.

    45. Fango on

      @Serpine - I have a feeling that this is one of the reasons for the initial runaway success of Black Plague...many of these figures would be great for any Fantasy Tabletop RPG. I have a hunch that a large portion of backers are pledging to get the figures for that reason, and the fact that it is a board game is just a nice bonus perk.

    46. Serpine on

      As I'm hoping to use the miniatures as much for D&D as the actual game, I'm good with the crazy survivor packs. These latest four figures (particularly Donna) will be fun options for both.

    47. Christian on

      I'm also in survivor overload. I know the dev team wants to keep things simple and survivors can add new game mechanics while staying simple but at this rate, I'll have more than I'll ever need for this game.
      Alt sculpts for zombies or 3D elements (spawn points, dragon bile, doors, barricades, 3D Ramparts!?!?!) would be more exciting than more and more survivors that will see less and less play.

    48. The D of D&E on

      I think this is my favorite Guest Box so far, really like the gritty, ugly look to them

    49. Frank Wisnes

      Not just you. The earlier ones had at least a touch of fantasy, this one it just too off even for my taste.