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The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
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Funded! Let the Black Plague Begin!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail, Survivors!

Welcome to our Zombicide: Black Plague campaign! Just 16 minutes into the campaign and the project is already funded! Wow! Thank you guys for this amazing start! We have an exciting adventure ahead of us. 

Unfortunately we're not being able to upload pictures to the system, so this update will have to be a little... empty.

But hey! We did unlock a plethora of Stretch Goals already! Let's see what has been uncovered:

$150,000 - Free Black Plague and Wulfsburg Campaign + Free Update for the Map Editor

All backers will get a free Black Plague campaign and a Wulfsburg campaign containing several new missions to play! We are also going to update the Map Editor application for you to create your own custom Black Plague and Wulfsburg missions.

$175,000 - 5 More Walkers

All backers will get 5 more Walker miniatures to boost their army of the undead!

$200,000 - Lucas - Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor

A noble warrior joins your quest!

$225,000 - 4 More Runners

All backers will get 4 more Runner miniatures to chase them around the medieval alleys!

$250,000 - 6 Custom Black Dice

All backers get 6 Kickstarter Exclusive black dice with custom icons and a medieval style!

$275,000 - 4 More Fatties

All backers will get 4 more Fatty miniatures to lumber around the tavern!

$300 - James - Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor

A wise monk will help you fend of the Necromancers!

$330 - 4 N.P.C. Zombies Exclusive Sculpt!

4 Exclusive N.P.C. Zombies for you to collect in your adventures. For those familiar with Season 3, this is the Black Plague version of the V.I.P. zombies. This Stretch goal includes 4 figures of a fair maiden turned zombie.

Let's make it happen, survivors! A long night awaits us!

Raise thy swords!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Bailey

      I just answered the survey. The maximum number for each choice was three. I want more than three of one item. How can I indicate that?
      2nd Question: Since all of the abominations were stretch goals do I still need to pick the abomination pack as an item or is that included as part of the stretch goals?

    2. Aitor Vilchez Acha on

      How are the 6 dices includes in the basic box? black? white? red?

    3. Matthew Churchill on

      Chang - I'm not sure, I thought there was going to be additional scenarios produced in a downloadable campaign...

    4. chang on

      @mathew was there a campaign beside the one that comes in the mission book?

    5. Ryan Chan on

      Out of curiosity - what would N.P.C. stand for? Can't seem to figure out what the acronym would stand for relating to Zombicide :P

    6. chang on

      @christomer i think if they add addons.. KS will defenetly collapse lol

      @cmon the campaign at 150SG, is online or in the mission book? .. please say book lol thx

    7. Teowulff

      Nice =)

      I hope for more alternative wolves, we have 11 different zombies (incl SG) and just 4 wolves ..

    8. Matthew Churchill on

      How do we access the campaign that was promised in the Kickstarter for season 3 of Zombicide?

    9. Christopher Nelson in MN on

      And if you're reading this, could you make one optional add-on character a guy from the present (or 90's) with, say, a chainsaw for a hand and a shotgun, all prepared to fight the Militia of Dimness? Maybe by the name of Bash Killiams, or something else pleasantly non-infringing?

    10. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      Better put up a bunch more SG's! :-)

    11. William Barnes on

      Thanks for the update.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kim Thevelein on

      put some stretch goals, we're going fast!!!

    13. Christopher Nelson in MN on

      Seriously CMON... C'mon! Only $140? I feel bad... Give me some tasty add-ons so I can throw more money at you.

    14. Dean F. Wilson

      What a wonderful start! Lots of great stretch goals already unlocked :)

    15. Rand Chua TL on

      The picture for stretch goals is missing?

    16. captain birdbum on

      reckon a few more stretch goals may have also been reached

    17. Marco Tonino on

      All together; loot, loot, loot!

    18. Sharkey on

      Haha, oh yeah bring on the next updates! XD