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Partner up with your friends to survive wave after wave of horrific aliens in this cooperative deck-building base-defense game!
Partner up with your friends to survive wave after wave of horrific aliens in this cooperative deck-building base-defense game!
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Premium Lane Boards + A Look at the Troops of Dreadmire

Posted by CMON (Creator)

We're closing in on our next stretch goal, backers:

Which will see us unlock new Heroes and Bosses for everyone. One item we've had heavily requested, however, are the Premium Folding Lane Boards from the original Onslaught campaign. These were eventually going to hit retail, but once the original Onslaught Kickstarter was finished and they were produced we found that, well... it just wasn't doable (production costs were... quite a bit more than originally anticipated...)

The backers here though have been requesting them, and they are one of the most popular features from the first campaign, so we're going to open them up here as an Optional Buy for backers. Please note they are Kickstarter Exclusive- they will NOT be going to retail, so if you want them, now is the time because, as I said before, they won't be seeing retail.

You'll get Four of these boards for $15. To do this simply add $15 to your pledge and the rest will be sorted out after the campaign once the Pledge Manager is released.

Alright, so we've unlocked a host of new Heroes for the game, but appreciating just how cool these Heroes are is rather reliant on knowing just how cool the Troops they come from are, so let's take a bit of time to look over the forces of NorTec you'll be wielding in XenoShyft: Dreadmire!

 We spoke on the Wave 1 Troops in our previous update, so I'll just copy and paste that bit here:

The text on the Militia was clarified, since a lot of players thought you could buy them for free. The Ranger had his stats reversed, so he is now 3 Power and 2 HP, and we introduced the Research Officer, whose meager Power of 1 is offset by his HP of 4. In addition, the Ranger now reduces the cost of a Wave 2+ Troop by 2, functionally making him a "Free" purchase for later in the game, whereas the Research Officer discounts Items, making him a valuable choice for the Instant heavy Divisions such as Science Lab or Med Bay.

If one of these Troops sees combat and survives the round, you can upgrade them into their Heroic Version, which we've unlocked for all backers:

As you can see, their abilities have drastically changed form their non-heroic incarnations. Whereas the typical Wave 1 Troop becomes only a means of currency/resources later, these Heroes contribute in meaningful ways to late-game, whether it's LeCroix's ability to negate Reveal Abilities, West acting as a super-resource card, or Vasquez becoming one of the best Troops (in terms of raw stats) as the game goes on!

The new Wave 2 Troops in Dreadmire each serve a specific role in what they bring to the table. 

First we have the Demolitionist, who is all about bringing raw power and hurt to the table. Having the highest base Power of any Wave 2 Troop you'll quickly see that his +1 power can mean a significant difference between the 3 that the Assault Commander and Sniper bring. Add to this the fact that even if he's killed he won't stop punishing the enemy, as his ability deals Wave (meaning 1-3) damage to an enemy upon his death, meaning without ANY additional card support he'll be dealing between 6-7 damage to your enemies!

Next up we have the Assault Commander, who is your "tactical mobility and buff" option. With an Assault Commander you can advance a Troop to the front of ANY player's lane (meaning, for example, if your comrade's lane is about to be overrun, you can jump some reinforcements their way) and/or give a Troop a decent combat buff. Note the and/or in that ability, so basically you can push a Troop to the front AND give them a buff, or just give someone a needed boost in combat.

Lastly we come to the Combat Sniper, who's stats are... pretty bad, not gonna lie there. The Sniper functions as an immediate source of direct damage with her ability, meaning if you need that little extra kick, she can provide it. I will stress, however, that 3 Power isn't going to get you far, and there has been many games lost due to a player simply wanting to load up on Snipers for direct damage, only to find that once the enemies engages them they are sorely unprepared. Not to doom and gloom the Sniper however! She provides a valuable asset to any Division- you just have to be smart in using her!

The key to winning is diversity of Troops- loading up on just 1 specific type will leave you vulnerable to the ever-changing tactics of the Brood, so having a diverse group to cover all your bases is key!

Now, if you've seen our latest stretch goal, you'll also know if we hit that everyone will be getting a supply of Heroes for Wave 2 as well!

Longshot Montoya likes to play his luck to survive. Compared to the typical Assault Commander he has traded his support abilities for damage prevention and direct damage, meaning he's a prime choice to deploy to the front-lines (the irony). Build the right deck, and Montoya can be a powerhouse, preventing whole enemy attacks while killing them outright!

The Heroic sniper Ghosteye Sokolov had traded the base 3 damage of the Sniper with scaling damage (Wave, so 2-3 in her case) and the ability to cancel an enemy's reveal ability. This is incredibly useful for stopping sources of damage or other nasty effects- say an enemy gives a powerful buff to everyone in its lane by running to the end on reveal... Not on Ghosteye's watch! A powerful ability, useful at all stages of the game!

Finally we come to Ravager Martini, who takes the "kill 'em all!" approach of the Demolitionist and magnifies it 10x! Boasting one of the highest base Power stats in the game, Martini can also unleash a huge payload of 5 direct damage to an enemy... at the small cost of the first Troop in that lane suffers a small blow-back as well. Put a armored up tank in front of him and let the rockets fly!

Now we come to the Wave 3 Troops, the best of the best that NorTec has to offer:

First up is the Telsa "Arc Shield" Exo-Suit, which is your primary defensive option. This suit boasts a staggering 8 HP before any additional equipment, and the ability to prevent damage (once per round!) equal to its total power, meaning if you want to deck it out in offensive gear it's only going to escalate its damage-prevention capabilities. 

Next we have the Prometheus Flame Suit, which takes the concept of killing and elevates it to an art-form... As long as you're willing to pay the cost. The Prometheus can fish out more raw damage by itself than any other Troop, period, but you'll have to pay for it by burning cards from your discard. Now, granted, it's Wave 3, so victory at any cost, right? Its just humorous to see the dead Teslas and Icasus' still being put to use as a quick +6 Damage effect when the Prometheus needs fuel!

Speaking of the Icarus Flight Suit, here we have our all purpose, tactical, "emergency!" Troop. While his Power is a bit low/average compared to a lot of other options, his ability to be where you need him, when you need him, is unparalleled. Of course, equipping him with a weapon (personal favorite is the Hades' Fury Flamethrower for a quick +3 Power) and you have an areal bomb that packs a punch as well!

And there you have it, backers! A quick overview of the Troops appearing in Dreadmire. Which one are you looking most forward to?

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    1. rcresnik on

      are the premium folding lane boards out of neoprene as well? or whats teh material?

    2. Manny M on

      Thanks @Matthew. Yeah I don't see the real value in them either.

    3. Matthew on

      *sigh* Continued...

      in the box. Personally, I think the regular ones are just fine, and the mounted boards to be a bit unwieldy. Plus you have to store them outside the box.

    4. Matthew on


      They're mounted all-in-one boards that fold up, as opposed to the cardstock quality of the ones in the

    5. Manny M on

      For a Xenoshyft noob, can someone explain the advantage or difference of those 'special' lane boards? I don't get it

    6. Missing avatar


      On the topic of lane boards, are there plans for a 6 player add-on for Dreadmire?

    7. Jeremy Sudweeks on

      sorry, are not OP. I thought wave 2 was better than onslaught. So I'm glad that someone disagrees.

    8. Jeremy Sudweeks on


      What do you mean? I was actually thinking that the Tesla exo-suit was better than the defensive counterpart in onslaught. I'll admit I haven't played the game yet, but your opinion excites me if someone feels these options are OP compared to the originals

    9. Amenephis

      Is it just me, or are these troops (especially the Wave 3 ones) notably inferior to the base game troops? I strongly suspect this is because Wave 3 was far and away the easiest of the game, but still. Quite the nerf bat.

    10. Waldemar on

      +1 to Cardsleeves :)

    11. Jason Clarke on

      +1 to neoprene premium lane boards

    12. Midian on

      Bummer, I was also hoping for Kickstarter exclusives from the old campaign. I would definitely up my pledge for those.

    13. Matthew on

      Too bad about the lane boards not hitting retail, though I really think the ones that come in the box as just fine. However, is it not feasible to make them the same material as the playmat? I always thought it was weird that they didn't match, and it's probably cheaper.

    14. Samuel Ito on

      wave 3 units have heroic versions?

    15. Eric

      Are the lane boards the same as the previous campaign's exclusive boards other than the alien logo? Any reason to buy these over the old ones if I already own them?

    16. Chandler on

      My understanding is also "Kickstarter Exclusive". So here we are: on Kickstarter :))

    17. Jeremy Sudweeks on

      Based on the image of the board above, I would say they are geared towards Dreadmire (because they have the brood logo), but as look interchangeable.

    18. Janice & Stu (Wren Games)

      Are these boards used to play dreadmire or just the previous version of the game?

    19. Denis Maddalena

      I swear, all those "heroic" names are idiotic. Feels like an attempt to force some Gears of War bro-ness into the card. They were distracting in the first campaign... didn't realize how dorky they were until i got the last edition. Plastered over everything.

      Military uses callsigns. Usually generic ones. Just scrapping the stupid names would make the cards way better. Or even if it were just an occasional thing. But this is not a conversation you would hear on base: "Yo Ravager, what's the word?" "Nothing much Ice Hammer, just turning in my 350-1."

    20. Qeqtoxii on

      4+8=12 thats all I need to know .. So 2 teslas on front with Sokolov and Vasquez back and icarus at hand .. Say hello my little vermin !!

    21. Brent Rose

      Wish I could edit my comments - Anyways - I think I misunderstood what Michael said. It actually appears that *maybe* there will be non-foil versions of the KS exclusive stuff from the previous campaign. If that's the case, that would be great :)

    22. CMON_Michael Shinall on

      Previously stated this, but got drowned in the comments section- those Troops were incorporated into Dreadmire, so you should treat their Heroic versions as follows:

      Field Commander--> Assault Commander
      Scout Sniper--> Combat Sniper
      Telsa Arc Suit--> Tesla Arc Shield

    23. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Coffey

      Is there any possibility of creating heroic versions of the KS exclusive bonus troops from the Onslaught? (i.e. the Scout Sniper and Field Commander)

    24. Brent Rose

      That's disappointing - The original campaign said 'kickstarter exclusive', not 'campaign exclusive'. As for the foil cards, no biggie there as they are just a different look to the same card. The sticking point would be things like the booster pack. Without those things, its simply not worthing buying anything for the original since it would be incomplete (missing items that can have an affect on gameplay/outcome).

    25. CMON_Michael Shinall on

      The Exclusives to that campaign are exactly that- exclusive to that campaign.

      Now, we did say that the Foil Versions of those cards were the exclusive bits there, specifically stating we may release that content later in a different version... That hasn't changed. Whether it'll be seen during this campaign... Well, we'll have to wait and see.

    26. MentatYP

      Yep, I'd also pay for more 1st campaign KS exclusives.

    27. JF Dicaire

      I agree with Brent! Is it possible to have add-ons for all previous Xenoshyft campaign such as first game and card packs? :D

    28. Chandler on

      Love the Tesla!

    29. Brent Rose

      Awesome - adding on for the boards! Now we just need addons to get all the cards/exclusives from the previous campaign and I can add on more :)