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An epic fantasy miniatures war game set in a stunning world. Beautiful miniatures, great art and fast rules!

Note: All reward miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require some assembly.  All models ship with plain plastic bases, the textured bases are for illustrative purposes only.  Final designs and material subject to change.See the video under the "Models" section below.

220 miniatures for $200 - Ancient King pledge level

Mini-site with painted miniatures, rules, cards and fiction! -

Raw production models -

Wrath of Kings is a miniatures war game, where players take command of the armies of one of the five kingdoms of Arikania!  Scalable from 10 to 50 models per side, now you can vie for the throne of the Ancient King!

To: Chairwoman Arkayla Galt, Free Cities Council, at Kylos

From: Envoy Jeyna Harig in Fructus City

"Chairwoman, forgive this hasty scrawl, but I have little time.

The summit does not go well. I fear that without some miracle, each free city state will find itself beset by the five Scion Nations in a very short time. Some will come to conquer, others will come to defend, but all will be making war..."

Combining the talents of the best artists, sculptors and writers in the business, Wrath of Kings has been in development for over 3 years and now is almost ready to launch...

We've just finished sculpting (and in some cases, creating the molds and first test shots) of the first wave of release for each of the 5 Kingdoms.

With this Kickstarter, we hope to bring you an entire year's worth of releases in one shot, with all Kingdoms available immediately from launch, rather than as staggered releases - as well as provide you opponents to play against at launch, and a great deal on some amazing miniatures!

The Kingdoms

"Shael Han's demon powered armies appear to be well under the heel of their masters, but who is to say how long this state of affairs will endure?  There is something unnerving about their careless sacrifice of souls and living bodies for greater power.  Their ambassador is noncommittal and maddeningly vague - we should not rely on them as allies..." - Envoy Harig

"Kartoresh’s Ashman Legions are said to be engaging in nothing more than training exercises across our northern borders. And yet we know their military recruitment has tripled, and exports for war material has similarly increased, especially in the specialty lacquers and paints used for their magical war masks. And Scion King Nasier himself is said to have removed the Ancient King’s traditional war mask from the vaults." - Envoy Harig

"In the south, Felskar’s vast military-industrial complex never truly wound down after their ‘glorious humanum uprising,’ as their ambassador calls it. Their ambassador tells me they are retooling to broaden the scope of their technological revolution, but then why do this with the military alone? They rid themselves of ‘ruling classes’ and see it as their responsibility to do the same for all other nations." - Envoy Harig 

"As for Telloria, their vampire ambassador watches everything from his shadowed seat. He smiles often, speaks much, but says little. It is nigh impossible to fathom minds that think in decades rather than years. When war comes, I fear we’ll have no warning when their Night Legion strikes forth into our borders. We can only hope they hit Kartoresh or Achrion first." - Envoy Harig  

"The Hadrossian Ambassador categorically denies establishing underwater bases across the whole of the Arikan Sea floor. Yet we know their attacks on Kartoresh maritime forces alone have increased tenfold over the last two years, dragging enemy ships down to the depths despite the lack of a formal declaration of war." - Envoy Harig

Gencon 2013 interviews

We did a huge number of demos over the Gencon weekend, and folks almost universally loved the gameplay and models.   Check out these interviews!


With a unique one roll resolution system and an active chain of command, you'll feel like you're actually in charge of an army without being bogged down in tedious tracking.  Combat is fast, fluid, furious and tactical - your decisions will matter on the battlefield!


The models in this wave are in plastic, with weapons in polystyrene so that they keep nice straight edges on spear shafts, handles, and large sword blades etc. 

For a selection we received straight from the factory at Gencon, check out this update:

But what better way to show you the models than to paint one - note this is an actual production model, not a resin master!

Pledge Levels

One Faction Starter of your choice, proposed MSRP of $60, delivered straight to your door.

2 Faction Starters of your choice, a hardback rulebook with variant exclusive* cover, and an exclusive* sculpt of  "Iron Eyes"! $160 MSRP.

Irene von Goritsi – “Iron Eyes”

Irene “Iron Eyes” von Goritsi once served Telloria’s Sovereign as a personal spy and private assassin. More than one house of cards in Telloria’s murky political landscape has tumbled to ruin by Irene’s hand in service to Queen Goritsi. However, Irene has committed the ultimate sin in her Sovereign’s eyes by refusing the Gift of vampirism. The Gift cannot be given, only received from  whatever dark forces seethe within Telloria’s borders beneath the shadowy forests and moonlit peaks.

As a result, Irene has been exiled to Fructus Isle, a home to pirates, criminal masterminds, and political refugees. The Sovereign hopes that the brewing conflicts and the stress of the coming international summit will push Irene into accepting the Gift. Irene has her own ideas, and now considers herself a free agent, selling her services to the highest, or in some cases, most interesting bidder.

Irene is most at home in the shadows, observing enemy movements, or sneaking into their camps to steal away vital intelligence. In her role as an assassin, she prefers to strike unseen, when she can maximize her opening blow. With preparation, she can exploit even the strongest opponent’s weaknesses. She’s a predator among predators, and her powers can only grow.

Irene’s nickname was come by honestly, although she despises its use. When in a great passion, or caught unawares, her eyes turn a solid, metallic black. It reminds her constantly that she must remain vigilant against her strongest emotions, lest she succumb to the Gift.

All 5 Faction Starters, a hardback rulebook with variant exclusive cover, and an exclusive sculpt of "Iron Eyes"! ($340 MSRP).

*exclusive - We'll only have these available for Kickstarter backers with remaining stock sold or given away at conventions.

Want more stuff? Just add the appropriate amount to your pledge from the optional menu below and we'll confirm what you want with you after the Kickstarter ends.

Detailed descriptions of the Monsters available here:

Note: Kingdom Death Twilight Knight crossover figure requires at least 1 Faction Starter pledged or $50 worth of Wrath of Kings models.

We were going to print all the Faction Cards on gold foil cards as tournament prizes, and we thought it'd be a nice little piece of bling for those of you that want it.  These will be custom printed with every single unit in the game on release (might not have this exact layout). Short of winning a tournament, this will be your only chance to get these, and we likely won't be printing more than a few hundred decks.

You'll still be getting your regular Faction unit cards of course, this is just a bit of fun.

*note: Gold = Gold metallic colored. Not sure if there's any real gold in there, but we seriously doubt it.

For a look at the actual sculpts check out this update:

We'll be releasing these in plastic as part of the regular release schedule (after the Kickstarter - we don't want to bloat it and push back delivery), but the high quality European cast resin versions of these models will not be offered into general sale later. Just add the appropriate amount to your pledge if you want any, and as always we'll figure out what it's for after the Kickstarter concludes via our pledge manager. Note: May not have final rules on shipment - rules will be downloadable when available.

Actual tape case may vary, this is just a mockup. We're getting a bunch of these customized with the Wrath of Kings logo since someone keeps stealing ours at shows, and we thought you might like to have one too! It's not exclusive or anything, but we highly doubt a lot of distributors are going to want to carry them so this is a good time to pick one up without extra postage.

The boys and girls at Kingdom Death:Monster were kind enough to send their Twilight Knight into Arikania!  Check out her full story here:

Note: There is minimum pledge level of $50 for Wrath of Kings items (or 1 per Faction Starter) for the Twilight Knight.

We've move production forward for a 3rd type of Infantry for each Faction - for more details about them please check out this update:

These are Zombicide Survivors cosplaying as Wrath of Kings characters.

Zombicide and Zombicide: Season 2 Backers - if you only want these items please add $10 shipping in the USA.  No additional shipping required for elsewhere.  See the link above for details.

Stretch Goals

Achieved! Kickstarter Backer Bonus

For Goritsi and Shael-Haen, get 3 additional elite infantry per Faction Starter.

For Nasier, Hadross and Teknes, get 6 additional regular infantry per Faction Starter.

With your support it looks like the Faction Starters will have a lot of different figures in them.  Opening new tools isn't cheap, so we were concerned about having too many sculpts of any one troop type. Now each Faction Starter will have 6 sculpts instead of 3 for the regular infantry!

We've got a great looking dice bag for Wrath of Kings which we want to give you! It's a neat piece of swag which you'll find handy for your games.

If we hit this stretch each Faction Starter will get 1 additional leader model. Useful for commanding all those extra infantry you got for free! 

Achieved! Every Monster box gets an exclusive set of parts to customize it!  Build a stock Monster, or convert it with ready made bits!  Mix and match the original and variant bits to make something unique to your army!

Kickstarter Bonus. Each Faction Starter gets the additional Specialist shown!

Each Faction Starter gets the listed Rank 1 Infantry and a Leader to coordinate them in battle!  This is just for Kickstarter backers!

The pictured Specialist will be added to each Faction Starter for all our Kickstarter backers only!

Like the setting?  If we hit this stretch we'll tie the stories together into a novella (and maybe even a full length novel) which will greatly expand the world of Arikania!

Get a free Rank 2 Character Specialist of the same Faction if you get the Rank 2 Character Leader set!

The Rank 2 characters are, by Faction 
Gortisi - Korrad and Herald of Blood - $15 
Nasier - Elsis Tagil & Alayna Heska - $15 
Hadross - Oooroth of Sysor Deep & The Bannerman - $15 
Shael Han - The Warchild & The Winterhawk - $15 
Teknes - The Ironward & Raeth Sevisk - $15

We'll open another tool here to either get variant parts/poses or sculpts for the pictured Leaders into every Faction Starter or Infantry Box set so you won't have two exactly the same!  Shaded areas are suggestions only, final result may vary based on what parts we can do.

The same as the $375k stretch, this time with another tool for another set of leaders!

All Infantry boxes pictured get 50% more models - Kickstarter only. Note, we don't have all the sculpts to show yet, but there are 3 sculpts of each infantry type per infantry box.

When the Ancient King roamed the world in his mortal form - he's a Kickstarter and convention exclusive since he won't be making an appearance in the game, and is way too powerful to field. Get him free if we hit this stretch, if you pledged $200 or more (or an Ancient King EB at $190)! Otherwise if you really want him (he's cool looking), he's $10. We repeat - this dude has no rules, but will have a Gold Deck card.

If we hit this stretch, we'll add a bonus figure to each Faction Starter. These are Rank 2 characters (in plastic) with full rules. They'll be released at retail as normal but are not included in the Faction Starters. Read more about them here:

If we hit this stretch, we'll add a bonus figure to each Faction Starter. These are Rank 2 characters (in plastic) with full rules. They'll be released at retail as normal but are not included in the Faction Starters. Read more about them here:


The Characters from this update: 

will have plastic versions included free in each corresponding Faction Starter. These models will be available at retail but will be released to you earlier! The resin preview models will still be available for separate purchase if/after we hit this stretch goal.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

From past experience, there are some vagaries in terms of timing when it comes to anything produced in China, such as:

Production delays
Shipping delays
Customs delays

We've done our best to minimize this as far as possible, and we are always happy to refund pledges if for some totally unforeseen reason the game can't be delivered at all. We've already gone into tooling for some of the models so we don't believe this is in least bit likely - we've successfully delivered Zombicide, Sedition Wars and Guilds of Cadwallon. As you read this, we are also fulfilling Zombicide: Season 2, and expect to start shipping Rivet Wars and Relic Knights in November.

Kaosball, Rivet Wars and Relic Knights have their own development teams and are entirely independent of Wrath of Kings - their schedule has no effect on the production flow or development of Wrath of Kings.


  • EU orders will be shipped from our affiliates in the UK. All other international orders will ship from our US warehouse. We will apply your shipping charges to clearing VAT and import duty for you if you are in the EU so you will not need to do so yourself.

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  • While the campaign is running, please use the "Support" button on the left hand side of your screen, in order to send us a private message on Kickstarter. After the campaign ends, please email for assistance.

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  • Yes, just pledge the appropriate amount and we'll sort it out later.

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  • You'll be able to modify your shipping address using our pledge manager (CKPM) once it is available.

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  • They are plastic, but in different types (one type for organic shapes, another for weapons). Check out this video of an assembly and painting of a production model, which is the best illustration:…

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  • You may trade in up to 1 Faction Starter in King for $40 in credit, or up to 3 Faction Starters in Ancient King for $35 in credit each. This credit may only be applied to optional items and not shipping charges, if required.

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  • This would be $15 for 1 Faction Starter, $25 for 2 Faction Starters and $40 for 5 Faction Starters. We'll use the cheapest combination. If you trade in a Faction Starter, your shipping will be reduced accordingly.

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  • We can't collect that information while the campaign is running. After it's over Kickstarter will send you a survey where only basic info will be collected to seed our database. We will then contact you via email with a link to our pledge manager where you can select the specific items that you'd like.

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