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An epic fantasy miniatures war game set in a stunning world. Beautiful miniatures, great art and fast rules!
An epic fantasy miniatures war game set in a stunning world. Beautiful miniatures, great art and fast rules!
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Monster special!

For the larger games you can take up to 4 Rank 2 Specialists - and if you really feel like scaring an opponent, how about 4 Monsters?  With this special, it just got a lot more affordable..

 If you get 3 identical Monsters, get the 4th one of the same type on us!


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    1. Jonathan Shaham on

      I'm looking at several of the monsters, but I simply can't justify that much for what amounts to four of the same type, especially in a game where tactical flexibility is so important.

    2. Realm Master K


      CMoN: I agree with the sentiment. If you let us buy 3 of any monster and get a 4th free, I will add them to my pledge right now. Unfortunately I do not not need 4 of any 1 type.

    3. Realm Master K

      CMoN: I agree with the sentiment. If you let us buy 3 of any monster and get a 4th free, I will add them to my pledge right now. Unfortunately I do not not 4 of any 1 type.

    4. Missing avatar

      Casey O'Banion on

      I'd much rather have an all monster pack than a buy 3 and get 1 all for one type.
      A) Goritsi is probably gonna be my main force and their monster is not appealing to me at all.
      B) Odds are good that the mini range will expand and have more monsters and that this deal will mean dead weight.
      C) I'm in for ancient king right now. I would rather have better ways of getting EVERYTHING for every army rather than stocking up on a bunch of the same thing.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dave Griffiths on

      I suppose if I was a store owner this would be a great deal!

    6. Rodrigo Altamirano on

      No se, ni siquiera compartiendo la compra entre mis amigos justificamos comprar 3 iguales!!!! No me cierra la oferta, yo ya compre 4 monstruos diferentes.

    7. S Buntenbach

      + great Discount for KS
      - who Needs 4 Monster in his armee
      - 2 Fraction 120 USD, 3 Fraction 180, .. i think most of us are in with max Money
      sorry last 2 Goals/updates aren`t good (1. the way, 2. the deal), give us better stuff

    8. Jonathan Stansfield on

      Great value if you want 4 of the same.
      I only going for 3 factions and I was toying with upping my pledge in the pledge manager to get 2 of each for those (Nas, Gor, Had) - now I think I'll find the extra cash to get 4 of each. I'm a sucker for duplicates and cant argue that they want to give me 4 for $60 when MSRP will be $140 - that is some awesome discounting.

    9. Mattias Juhlin on

      If you want my money, change it to 4 different monsters ... if you dont, keep it as it is :P pretty simple over here

    10. David Smith on

      Why would they want to give you the option of buy any 3 or 4 and get one free, they will only lose money that way as the all-in collectors knock $20 off their pledge.

    11. Víctor Jota on

      I was hoping to get the buy the 5 monsters for the price of 4... Buy 3 to get 1 isnt very appealing.

    12. Shaun1985 on

      I doubt that CMoN will listen, but I'm adding my voice to the many clamouring for 'buy 3 of any monster, get any 1 monster free'. Or even if it was 'buy any 2, get one 1/2 price' I think more people would be interested than this.

    13. Scott Kirby on

      Not sure how CMON decided to go with this proposal.
      How many backers would prefer this to having a "Buy ANY 3/4 Monsters get 1 free".
      They could have a much bigger response from more backers that way, myself included.
      As it is I don't need or want 4 Monsters that are the same (maybe later on), but I would definitely be interested in 1 of each for my 5 factions now and saving some money.

    14. Arthur K on

      Actually if they just write rules for blood engine for zombiecide, fenlung and longhorn rules for relic knight i am sure those model will sell

    15. Missing avatar


      I'm on the fence for this buy 3 identical and get the 4th free, but I can see why it might appeal to some. Mainly it allows you to build them with the variant pieces, for those of us that don't like or cant do magnets.
      Still I'm hoping that the next stretch goal is an upgrade to this one and allows us to swap out monsters ;-).

    16. Artem Filatov

      I still think to buy two models of monsters from each fraction. But for the present I has not received a sufficient impulse. The goal offered in this update does not involve me. It is too expensive for two figures unnecessary for me.
      And guys here are right. "Buy all five minis and get one more free" would be more seductively for those who deliberates to buy add-on monsters.

    17. Fabio Sans Picinin on

      To be totally honest, I don't think they are trying anymore. 3 of the same monsters to get 1 free will not attract many people.

    18. Bill B on

      Throwing my vote in for a change of the Monster Special to be "Buy ANY 3 monster types and get one free" This would work for those who want all their monsters to be the same type as well as for those who want to have a mix. Its a win / win for both sides. I'm surprised that with the amount of comments and no doubt emails, that a rep from CMON hasn't posted a comment to address this.

    19. Mark Eberle on

      Getting a "free" non-faction specific model that could be taken and used by any army would be a much better "special" than this. CMON was able to have some really killer offerings by this time during the end of Zombicide Season 2. My thinking is that they never thought this KS would get this huge. This "special" is just a stop gap measure while they wait for concept art and or prelim sculpts to get done for tomorrow. At least I hope that is the case.

    20. Dinomight on

      What a... bonus!..?

    21. Missing avatar

      lesage on

      a big joke this offer !
      I take 5 factions and no need 4 SAME specialist. Beter to choose ANY specialist for this price.

    22. Missing avatar

      José Ramón Vilas Cruz on

      For many buyers like me, who bought the entire collection, this is very disappointing.

    23. Arthur K on

      If it is buy 3 of the same type get 1 exclusive mini free i could understand as the alternative bitz could make up to 3 unique monster... But 4... Who need 4... Unless the game designer r telling us we are going to need 4....


      Wow... gay... got all excited cause I thought you were gonna cut us big spenders some slack buy letting us get a deal on 1 of each monster. Who the hell wants 4 of the same?!?! This is a crock

    25. Lochlannon on

      You can count me in the buy three get one free club. This is the only Cool Mini or Not I have participated in and a lot of people are considering them the Microsoft of miniatures companies. I have not yet had buy in to this thought, but honestly these last "stretch" goals are a bit disappointing to say the least. From a business perspective I think they front loaded their kickstarter and are now wondering where to go. More alternate parts, body swamps. I don't know what options..a new plegarth model (I would so buy this). Come on CMON - feed us :).

    26. Missing avatar

      Dave Griffiths on

      I don't care for this update. I have no need for four monsters of the same type. It would be better if it was "purchase at least three monsters and get $15 credit". I will have to change my pledge now and not for the better.

    27. Mark Eberle on

      Why on Earth would anyone want 3 "identical monsters?" Maybe to sell after the KS? To split with a friend? The only way I'd go for this is if all four came with many alternate head, arms, weapons, etc.. Otherwise, what's the point?

    28. Missing avatar

      Adrian Lovegun on

      Would be up for this if it was different monsters.
      Not interested in 4 of the same type sorry.

    29. Curtis Brown on

      I'm in for the minis and was going to get 2 c.a.g.e.s any way so one more with all the variants parts at the reduced price to get 4 sounds good to me, I'll bite.

    30. Arthur K on

      Buy 3 of any kind would certainly be more useful for me, but then some Tenkens guy will probably have problem about it...

    31. Darksteed on

      I'm ok with this deal. It comes in use for me. Thanks CMON!

    32. Levi on

      Thanks mates, I undertand now and am out for this, changing pledge now.... sadly...

    33. Paul Whitehouse on

      @Levi, No. What is means is you buy 3 exactly the same monster and get another exactly the same as the other 3 free. Not really much of a deal and kind of a wasted update for me to be honest :-(

    34. Kevin Rau (Author of H.E.R.O. novels) on

      @CMoN - could you guys snap 3-4 pics of each of those monster figures from different angles (and close-up) for us, please? Also, any chance that we could see what the dragon and squid look like withOUT their rider? I'm wondering how much they look like normal monsters of that type if the rider isn't sitting on them (e.g. is there a big saddle attached to the larger figure)...

    35. Treganter on

      @Levi: nope, sorry mate. It means "buy 3 of the same dudes and get 1 more for free".

    36. Kevin Rau (Author of H.E.R.O. novels) on

      @Levi It means if you buy 3 Blood Engines, you get a 4th Blood Engine for free. All 4 must be the exact same miniature.

    37. Missing avatar

      Spartan Baby Inspector on

      I would happily buy two of the Nasier monsters and two of the Shael Han monsters if I could get one of them free. No way do I need four of any one type.

    38. Levi on

      Hang on a minute, am I got the message wrong? Sorry am not a native English speaker but what does "get 3 identical monsters, get the 4th one of the same type" mean? My understanding is this: buy 1 octopus dude + 1 dragon dude + 1 goat dude, and then I can get the giant zombie-like dude for free. am I correct?

      If not, please let me know and I think am out for this deal.


    39. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      Damn I was first happy to see this, but then saw "same" this was a big let down. So this started with a bang and now ending with a fizzle :(

    40. Paul Benson on

      Or even make it, "buy and 3 monsters, get a 4th of equal or lesser value free" if needs be.

    41. Paul Benson on

      I'm going to throw in my vote to change it to "buy any 3 monsters, get a 4th free" as well.

      This current deal isn't going to really spur people throwing money at this Kickstarter, except for the rare few that have embraced only one faction.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeff McNary on

      im happy with this option 4 blood engines for me

    43. Levi on

      How about directly say $60 for all five monsters.... buy 3 get 1 still leave one out

    44. Granite26 on

      maybe an equivalent 'buy all 5 and get 1 free of your choice'? Solves Ben's entirely correct point.

    45. Jon Larsen on

      and looking like photoshop collided with your gaming table...

    46. Raymond Barajas on

      I'll probably do it, I wanted 2 of the robots for a RPG. I can always just get a third so I can snag a free one.
      Is there any trade in value on rule books? Or just starters?

    47. Missing avatar

      Greg Ciallella on

      I don't particularly care for this "savings". If you play with four monsters, you won't be able to use any of the other specialists that come with the starters or the ones we paid extra for. The other thing is that monsters, except for cage, are 80 mm bases. that would be four 80 mm bases on the table. That's going to really gum things up. Unless you feel like hiding behind them...

    48. Ben Clapperton on

      The problem with buy three of any and get one free is all the people who are currently getting all four will drop their pledge. Conversely, anyone currently buying two of one will likely bump their pledge, and anyone buying one for the faction they really want to play may also bump their pledge. This isn't a stretch goal which is going to get the total shooting up, but then again, CMoN are not running this campaign in that way anyway.

    49. Missing avatar

      Chris Colvin on

      Kinda tempting to pay $285 for the free one in every faction but my wallet couldn't take it.