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An epic fantasy miniatures war game set in a stunning world. Beautiful miniatures, great art and fast rules!
An epic fantasy miniatures war game set in a stunning world. Beautiful miniatures, great art and fast rules!
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More characters!

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We're kind of into new release territory here, but what the heck.... time for a real stretch

Shael-Han – Hong Yao, the Red Demon

Hong Yao may have been the very first of the Children, though his transformative blessing did not come from the War Goddess. In his darkest hour, Hong Yao prayed to the Fire Lord, and was answered. His former identity was stripped away, and he became the Red Demon. He alone survived the doomed mission to Telloria, and he alone faced the scorn and dishonor at his failure and transformation. More than a decade has passed, however, and Hong Yao has once more found his place in the Dragon Legion. The indoctrination of the Children into the regular armed forces has salved his wounded pride somewhat, but he is still a different creature when compared to the Children. Where their powers are decidedly supernal, his are irrefutably infernal. In battle, he fights alone. His fiery breath can devastate a line, and his direct, brutal style makes short work of larger foes.

Nasier – Shadrus Arikim the Beast of Oraam

Among the Arkazan Longhorns, Shadrus Arikim is a legend. Despite a rocky beginning in the Ashman Legion, he has survived many wars and risen high in the ranks. He alone stood against the Hadrossian incursion at Dead Crow Strait, and he brought low the Terror of Sallum Forest. Thus, when he proposed alterations to the Longhorn war masks to the priests of Arkazan Temple, his studies and observations were taken quite seriously. Now he wears the fruit of the long labors at Arkazan. As a new breed of Longhorn, Shadrus represents a paragon of inhuman potential, and many eyes now follow his exploits, taking note of any anomalies. In practical terms, Shadrus still possesses the Longhorn strength and endurance, now augmented by an array of incendiary powers. He can ignite his warhammer to add fiery might to his swings, and even hurl great fireballs at modest distances to soften enemy troops before charging. If further trials in the coming conflict prove continually successful, the other national militaries may have to contend with an entirely new threat from Kartoresh.

Teknes – The Mighty Taur

Not all experiments in rapidly grown troops involved sentient species. Bovines, for instance, are docile, strong, and produce a new generation yearly. Unfortunately, the spirit-implantation survival rate is roughly one in a thousand, and of those, very few gain the rudimentary intelligence necessary to be useful, biddable troops. The project has since been scrapped, and Taur remains their one and only sterling example. Physically impressive, and intellectually gifted (even by human standards), Taur cuts a memorable figure in any campaign. While he doesn’t command troops in the field, he is often closeted with upper echelons for strategy sessions, and prefers cunning traps and ambushes designed to maximize enemy losses at minimal risk to Felskar forces. Taur’s custom steam armor was a gift from House Teknes after a prodigious guerilla action against Achrion when he, unfortunately, lost his horns.

Goritsi - Duchess Monica von Loukris, The Dragonslayer

When the Dragon Legions of Shael Han invaded Telloria in the brief civil war following Ancient King Arikan’s passing, Monica had only just inherited the unprepared duchy of Loukris. Alas, Loukris fell in a month. Since that time many centuries ago, the ousted Duchess has kept her crusade alive. She has attempted diplomacy, assassination, revolution, and outright warfare, yet still the Dragons hold on. Now she gives new meaning to the phrase ‘reign of terror’ as she and her devoted retainers systematically assault Achrionian interests in the city and countryside. As for Loukris itself, it has become more Achrionian than Tellorian, but the night is once more a fearful time. In battle the Duchess excels at engaging entire battle lines and emerging fully healed. Her unique harness, of cunning Felskar design, ensures that no enemy can escape the Dragonslayer’s bite.

Ephramaki, the Deepcaller Lord

A scholar turned warrior, Ephramaki of Druzeille was already a powerful magician before his conversion to the Neridan faith and subsequent transformation. Given a preference, he’d return to his university and spend his days studying the vast abundance of flora and fauna of the wilderdepths. His work on the Calith Reaver project and other similar endeavors has earned him honors from Scion Hadross himself. But the Deep Voices have other plans for Ephramaki, and he is called to war along with all the rest. In addition to the usual powers granted by Deep Callers, Ephramaki still utilizes his training in mortal magery, and can draw upon a variety of abilities. Most notably, and least surprisingly, his gift for hydromancy has surpassed those of any mortal across Arikania.

 If we hit our next stretch goal, these models will be pushed to Kickstarter backers ahead of their scheduled retail release...

The Rank 2 character shown above will be added free to the corresponding Faction Starter! This will be a Kickstarter only bonus, although these models will be available at retail later.

If we don't hit this stretch we'll include them as optional purchases in the pledge manager, most likely combined with a set of some kind.

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    1. Jessay on

      I have been always wanting to get into miniatures but just could not afford it. After looking at others what I am going to get for my 310.00 is beyond a bargain. Showed some of my friends who I do a weekly game night with and I have them already trying to factions from me. Really excited about this kickstarter

    2. Missing avatar

      John A. Edwards on

      I am buying (as much as they can ship me) precisely TO paint them. With the monotony of "military drab", it will be an overdue pleasure to use so many variations on the 5 base colors used for the different factions.

    3. Mark Kessell on

      another nice stretch goal would be to have the figures professionally painted.
      personally i'd rather have that with whats already available, than addon figures or sets if we dont hit the goal.

    4. chimaerical on

      Pretty keen to see a wip sculpt of the Minotaur character. He cuts a rather impressive figure.

    5. Jay Hix on

      At least we can purchase them if we come up short on the final stretch :)

    6. Steve Rynders on

      Love all of these except the duchess. Hope they end up as a group add-on or individual.

    7. Anton von Leski

      The people of CMON are already the greatest, thank you.

    8. Anton von Leski

      Oh super ... very cool

    9. Highlord Tamburlaine, Luxurious Reptile

      @Anton- that would be an EXCELLENT idea.

    10. S Buntenbach

      100 to go- nothing in the middle and no new addon- hard to beat
      hope the Price (if we don`t hit) will be reduced by the way ( more Money in -less to pay)

    11. DK for KD:M 1.5

      @Anton OMG +a million yes!

    12. CMON_Michael Shinall on

      @Jon, These guys are all, currently. Rank 2 Specialists.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jon Hinkerton on

      Are these specialists or leaders?

    14. Michael Merrill on

      I was hoping to avoid pledging all factions and just going with two and a bunch of add-ons...but you guys are making it way too hard! May have to buy everything and not eat for a couple months! :( :)

    15. Tristan on

      Ubercool miniatures but a 100k stretch thats a bit harsh!

    16. Anton von Leski

      Could not you get out before another stretch where you have to say to sniff something?

      for example

      Strech Goal 550k - 1 Leader and 2 Infantery from the 3rd type of Infantry with Every Faction Starter

    17. Anton von Leski

      Then I'll give him right. ... 100K stretch....ouch

    18. ✩Don E✩

      They look cool to bad 100k stretch goal is so far away. Oh we'll we will see how far we get.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sharkmoose on

      @ 600K?! Nothing in between? Ouch is right.

    20. Missing avatar

      Bondár Miklós on

      Wow those are great but couldnt we get the option to buy them (along with the other starter additions) before the kickstarter ends? Id love to purchase a couple of these cool looking character models for some of the other factions that Im not planning on getting a faction starter for. Would be really great to have the ability to buy some of these great looking figures on top of the freebie additions that we get for our chosen faction starter.

    21. Jason Willetts on

      That Teknes model may have decided my second faction for me....

    22. Kevin Rau (Author of H.E.R.O. novels) on

      This group of minis (or at least 4/5 for me) look like they are full of WIN!

    23. Timothy Kennedy on

      100K stretch....ouch

    24. DK for KD:M 1.5

      yeah that Teknes model makes my happy

    25. Dennis P Pratt on

      Wow those are freakin' great!
      I'm gonna add flames to Shadrus Arikim's warhammer when I get a hold of one of those!

    26. Godfather Punk

      Heck, what is that Gorski lady wearing? A portable combine harvester? :cool:

    27. Highlord Tamburlaine, Luxurious Reptile

      Dammit. You guys are going to make me buy a Teknes starter at some point aren't you?

      I can't resist minotaur type characters. Almost as much as lizards, gorillas, and demons.

    28. BigDaddio on

      Very nice! Looks like some great charctaers for my favorites (Hadross and Teknes)>