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An epic fantasy miniatures war game set in a stunning world. Beautiful miniatures, great art and fast rules!
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Monsters are in town!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

First, some good news.  We've already secured French and Spanish distribution at Gencon for Wrath of Kings!  Europe is the spiritual home of Arikania, where many of the artists and sculptors hail from, and this is very good news indeed for the future of Wrath.

On to the main event....

The eagerly awaited optional menu is now available! To add any of these items, just increase your pledge by the appropriate amount and we'll find out what you want after the Kickstarter ends (via our pledge manager). 

P.S. For King and Ancient King, multiple choices of a single Faction are ok.

Goritsi Blood Engine

Whereas vampires and werewolves are human hosts Gifted by Telloria’s inherent darkness, the vile Blood Engines are avatars of pure evil summoned by heinous rites. Augmented by steam-powered blood pumps which further amplify their strength and resilience (whence they receive their name), Blood Engines require large supplies of fresh stock to keep themselves corporeal in the mortal realm. On the battlefield their beastly presence and voracious hunger give pause to all but the hardest veterans. In combat, a killing streak only stokes their furnaces as they rage from foe to foe, consuming, drinking, and hungering.

Nasier Greathorn

An evolution of the Arkazan Longhorns, the Greathorns’ war masks are similarly bonded with their flesh, and their bodies transformed into powerful weapons. Greathorns excel where stealth is not a priority, especially in strategies revolving around area denial: charred corpses, burning terrain, and smoldering footprints mark an enraged Greathorn’s passing. In battle the Greathorn’s human host is sometimes sorely tested to rein in its captive elemental’s powerful instincts to burn, smash, and kill. However, they are not mere berserkers and can still distinguish friend from foe even at the height of fury. Wise commanders simply point Greathorns at their enemies and let them loose.

Hadross Cavaliers

Careful application of magic and captive spirits allow these terrors of the deep to stalk the land. Many Hadrossian scholars consider kulons the most intelligent among the many varieties of kraken kept as beasts of burden. As such they are remarkably quick to learn, and similarly quick to take offense, though, once trained, kulon demonstrate almost childlike loyalty to their cavalier masters. While they can boast to no great speed ashore, Kulon Cavaliers make up in reach what they lack in velocity. Enemies venturing too close find themselves ensnared by tentacles and dragged towards the kulon’s gaping maw to be consumed, crushed, or speared.

Shael Han Fulung Devourer

Although the vast dragons of legend are long gone, the Fulung Devourers share many of their traits, being amongst the most intelligent and versatile of their species. But, like the most spirited horses and proudest raptors, dragons require patient handling and constant diligence under a steady temperament. It is no wonder that Achrion alone boasts the only contingents of dragon cavalry. On the battlefield the Devourer can fill many roles, as exemplifying Achrion’s philosophy of flexibility over specialization. They can strike enemies at range with breath of searing light, cover an advance under a misty, mystical cloud, or break enemy formations outright through sheer strength and ferocity.

Teknes C.A.G.E.

Combat Augmenting Galvanic Engines (CAGEs) represent the current pinnacle of technomantic engineering. Within the armor, a single operator becomes a platoon unto himself, boasting greatly enhanced strength and resilience. They’re especially proof against magical assaults of any kind. In ordinary sentry modes CAGEs clank along on steam and coal alone. In battle, power is drawn from a score of elemental batteries, which are easily replaced once the bound elemental’s life force is depleted. A CAGE may win no awards for agility, but in striking power they are unmatched. A solid blow will cleave through the thickest armor known to magic or science as enemies flail ineffectively to strike at the operator within.

If we hit $225k every Monster box gets an exclusive set of parts to customize it!  Build a stock Monster, or convert it with ready made bits!  Mix and match the original and variant bits to make something unique to your army!

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    1. Stacy Proficy on

      Seriously guys with the detail and the wonderful paint jobs you have the best looking minis since rackham

    2. SeaBreeze Brit on

      Are these the rank 2 specialists that will include the extra model at the $350k stretch goal? Which faction is the elemental chick for? I need her in my life.

    3. Zhiyuan Fu on

      For the Hadross Cavaliers, will the free variant parts provided in the stretch goal allow for the complete removal of the rider? Or is the rider easy to remove from the original model?

    4. ZioJS on

      My first time on kickstarter and I have already spent a lot fo money (my hope is that my wife dont't come on this page!!).
      Ancient king + shipping outside US + All Character Monster... 395$...

      A lot of trust, lots of money .... come on guys do not let me down!!!!

    5. AGN1964 on

      @CMoN, This is an unimportant, selfish request. My least favourite part of the Blood Engine is the extra joint in the right arm. If there were an optional right arm, with the normal number of joints, that is the one I'd put on the mini.
      I am sure there are far more important points to consider when designing the optional components.

    6. Missing avatar

      UniversalHead on

      Since I've already pledged at Ancient King level, I really need a good 5-box deal to push me over the edge on these ...

    7. Tris Moran on

      Kinda have to agree that you guys really should get these add-ons on the front page and promote them. Really liking the look of these models, will have to go through the faction info again and decide which one(s) to go for

    8. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      What are these four big things on the back of the C.a.g.e.?

      Out of what material is it?

    9. Pugnacious Cee on

      Why is the Nasier one 6% more expensive than any of the other ones? Doesn't seem very fair...



    11. Kevin Rau (Author of H.E.R.O. novels) on

      Question for @CMoN - is the octopus mount separate from the rider? It seems to be if the bottom-most pic is depicting an interchangeable rider. My big question is - how does the mount look WITHOUT the rider on top? Does it look like a saddle, or does it look like a normal, riderless monster without the rider?

    12. CMON_Michael Shinall on

      Just to reinstate it: All the above models are on an 80mm base, save for the C.A.G.E., which is on a 50mm.

    13. AGN1964 on

      @Kaz, If you change your pledge now, it helps unlock stretch goals.

    14. Matthew Jandreau on

      I'm a fan of the variant bits! It's a great stretch goal besides just adding in more models. Of course, these models all look fantastic!

    15. Missing avatar

      Panagiotis Papakos

      Guys, you NEED to change the front page to include these ASAP. You are losing pledges by not displaying these loud and proud, they can sell the factions by themselves.

      I generally think it was a bad idea you launched the kickstarter before the addons. The initial pledges hugely increase future fundraising, and the big figures tend to be the ones that convince people. Now most people probably checked the kickstarter, saw it somewhat unambitious, and did not pledge.

      You also need more long term stretch goals ASAP. Make people who are undecided keep checking.

    16. Kaz on

      An all 5 deal would be awesome! Maybe a later stretch goal???
      The variant bits are nice though. I would like to echo the one question about whether we can wait until the end of the kickstarter to upgrade our pledges? I know that I was able to make final choices when I did the Myth kickstarter.

    17. AGN1964 on


      @CMoN How about posting the names of the sculptors and painters? This is some fine work!

    18. Ooook on

      +1 for an "all 5" deal.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ted Swalwell

      Add another vote for a 5-box deal - that would definitely interest me.

    20. Missing avatar

      Neville Atkinson on

      I also would be very tempted by a deal if buying all five monster boxes, also as an Aussie backer will there be any additional shipping charges for monster add-ons or will this be covered by the initial pledge shipping cost?

    21. Michael Hughes on

      Also, why does the Shael Han rider have Kraft Mac&Cheese coming out of his backpack? That was an unfortunate color choice by the painter.

    22. Michael Hughes on

      I pledged Ancient King, but I really dislike the Nasier. Any chance of getting credit for the starter during the pledge manager that I can apply to getting something else. (For example, a monster box :) )

    23. Garm on

      Do I have to pledge for these now or can I decide after my wallet takes the initial kickstarter hit and my budget returns to normal(ish)?

    24. Troy Ryan on

      As mentioned below,any chance of getting a deal for buying all 5 together? I know they're all heavily discounted to begin with but it can't hurt to ask.

    25. CMON_Michael Shinall on

      Also to speak on base-size: They are all on 80mm bases, save for the C.A.G.E., which is on a 50mm.

    26. CMON 35-time creator on

      Just to clarify, just one monster per box, but you can field multiple monsters.

      They are considered rank 2 specialists, and you can trade out two rank 1 specialists for one of these. So a 50 point game (recommended) could field 3 or 4, if you didn't want to use other specialist types.

    27. JM Fernandez on

      Are they all of the same base size, 80mm? Would be nice if you could add an overlay of how big a normal human would be when next to a larger model to give an idea of how big they really are. Kinda like what PP does.

    28. EvilGardenGnome on

      It doesn't say, but what the international shipping costs? Will some tiers have to pay shipping and others not?


      How about a bundle deal for buying all at once?

    30. Brian on

      Oh, man, I love that Fulung Devourer. Thanks CMoN, you may have just helped me pick my second faction!

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      How many of these will each faction "need"? Two or three? Or is one sufficient?

    32. CMON 35-time creator on

      Just one monster.

    33. Paul Schwartz

      what does it mean by box set is it just one for that price if so why does it say set that misleading

    34. Ian Stewart

      Very very awesome! These models look great in person, and should be wonderful to paint.

    35. JM Fernandez on

      Same with me, eb ancient king and I'm tempted to get all the monsters.

    36. DK for KD:M 1.5

      @Kaz I feel your pain... as does my wallet

    37. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Same here.
      I'm wondering whether to get one, two, or three of each. Maybe Leif or CMoN can help me out.

    38. Kaz on

      Wow! There went my wallet... ;)
      I just realized the drawback of getting the Ancient King level is that I really like ALL of the factions.
      Oops. These are all phenomenal models!!!