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A Victorian, adventure board game taking place in an alternative England where magic and technology have taken an extraordinary turn!
A Victorian, adventure board game taking place in an alternative England where magic and technology have taken an extraordinary turn!
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Introducing Baker Street!

Posted by Michael Shinall (Collaborator)

Gentlemen! Heading into the weekend we have a brand new Optional Buy for you:

One of our most requested sets, this Optional Buy brings you four new models and a set of two exclusive missions! Join Lord Holmes and Doctor Watson as they work to stop the nefarious schemes of Colonel Moran and Irene Adler! 

Not only that, but as a bonus we're also including Gentlemen Dashboards for these Agents, allowing you to field a whole team of the legends of Baker Street!













To add any Optional Buys to your pledge, just add the total amount to your pledge now and, once the campaign is complete, it will be sorted out during our Pledge Manager!
To add any Optional Buys to your pledge, just add the total amount to your pledge now and, once the campaign is complete, it will be sorted out during our Pledge Manager!


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    1. Oscar Iglesias

      This box needs the box in Sherlock Holmes figure to be moved to a different base... or just removed.
      And Moriarty, for sure.
      At this moment is just a "nope".

    2. Birne Gilmore loves Deus Lo Vult on

      japp, please remove the box of Sherlock's base. It's nice, but seams totally deplaced on his base :/

    3. Xavier

      They said plenty off time that Moriarty. That mean they already have a plan for him

    4. Vincent on

      May I give a suggestion ? I think this pack needs 2 things more : moriarty for sure, and a dash bord for the invisible man, for players who’d like to separat sherlock from his place with the big monster in the box � That won’t cost a lot more to CMON.

    5. queerchameleon

      That cabinet is going to look completely silly on the board. Horrible design decision IMO. Guess I'll be cutting them both off the base and rebase them.

    6. Aitor Vilchez Acha on

      This expansion needs Moriarty. Where is he? Please, add Moriaty. 25$ is a good price for some mini more.

    7. Aitor Vilchez Acha on

      @Eph&Pveith: +1, 5th mini!

    8. Herbert Geekswain on

      Guys, for those who want Holmes separate from the cabinet, it would be a very simple matter to remove him and put him on a smaller base. If you then pinned under his feet, you could swap him back and forth with the big base as desired. Bish, bash, bosh. What ho!

    9. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      @Patrick: oooh, thanks for that link! My favourite would be Lady Usher, Mrs Dudley or Tinkerbell next, but there's several more I fancy.

      +1 for Holmes and cabinet on separate bases! This set is quite expensive for 4 minis and no boards/overlays, and although I must have it, a 5th mini shouldn't kill CMoN.

    10. Jynk

      I'm with Ed Hughes... I, too, would like Dr. Moreau and the animal people. Perhaps as an expansion some day if not in this KS.

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam83 on

      I Hope we get the Dr Proteus Treves (Elephant Man) model soon in honor of the late John Hurt.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ed Hughes on

      My vote for the next add-on is the evil Doctor Moreau and his half-animal minions

    13. Missing avatar

      Ed Hughes on

      I'm also of the opinion that Holmes is better without the crate

    14. William Pseudonyme

      Awesome sculpts, I can't help but thinking about Carrie Fisher in Blues Brothers when looking at Irene's mini

    15. Patrick Stangier on

      @Jonathan Reid
      HG Wells is unlikely to happen as that was never part of the SmartMax sculpts CMoN is mostly (re)using for this campaign. Here, have a look at what's likely to come up:

      @S Buntenbach
      Removing the throphy cabinet would not change any sculpts, as Holmes and the box were always separate sulpts. They just formed a set, like Major Dreadful and Winston, which have been turned into individual figures for this campaign. Providing a Holmes without the box would not be anymore difficult for CMoN as providing Major Dreadful without Winston.

    16. Mortaneous on

      Oh OK, thanks @Xavier and @Michael. I got confused and didn't realize that 'mission' and 'chapter' were interchangeably used in several updates.

    17. Missing avatar


      Add more ghosts!

    18. JAKUB on

      @Michael, any chance to see figures high presentation, just like you did for Massive Darkness?

    19. Michael Shinall Collaborator on

      2 Chapters total.

    20. Paul Richardson

      One of the Russian backers commented on that update what the problem was and that it should now be sorted. CMON said they would look into it.

    21. Sergey Pomerantsev

      @Mortaneous thank you, and @Xavier thanks as well.
      I think this happened because of the shipping service CMON using. I had absolutely no problem receiving 10kg of comics in one box last December and a smaller but 2+ kilogram box of pawn for PFRPG in September. I think I will use a service of a shelf at some big warehouse and then have them resend the package.
      Totally forget about such possibility.

    22. Xavier

      I think one mission = one chapter

    23. Mortaneous on

      Also, you said this optional buy comes with two missions. Is that two missions with X number of chapters each? If yes, how many chapters per mission?

    24. Jonathan Reid

      Excellent thank you. Next request for HG Wells The Time Machine set including Time Traveller and Molocks please.

    25. Missing avatar

      Trent Y

      Holmes' ability looks very weak. Just sayin' is all.

    26. Jonathan Reid

      Excellent thank you. Nextvreqest for HG Wells The Time Machine set including Time Traveller and Molocks please.

    27. Mortaneous on

      Are Holme's and Moran's bases the same size as Drago's? It looks bigger to me and I'm wondering if that would still fit in a tile square.

    28. Mortaneous on

      CMON and Russian backers already took a big hit by this new Russian law in their Rum&Bones: Second Tide campaig:

      Here's what was posted in Update 74 (Jan 16 2017)

      This Update is specifically for RUSSIAN backers. Please Read!

      We have been informed of new Russian Import Laws, which have been recently passed. As a result any packages over 2kg are being returned to sender unless being sent to a Business Address.

      Over the last week we looked into methods of establishing a Russian fulfillment center to avert this issue but unfortunately that option has not worked out. This has left us only the option to refund all Russian backers- we have no means of delivering your pledge.

      We apologize for the news and are currently unsure of how this will impact future projects, but at this time due to these laws we have no means of fulfillment in Russia.

      We will update if anything changes or new information becomes available.

    29. Sebastien (Space Pirate) on

      On the KD:M kickstarter, I reduce my pledge by 300$ (from 700 to 400) at the last moment. I'm so glad that I did that, because now, I can buy all those beautiful addon without even thinking (except thinking they will be gret).

    30. Schmidt on

      going to have to cancel 2 other pledges to keep up with these addons :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Oraculist on

      Hmm an optional buy well I could always wait but it seems to have...

      My favorite Sherlock villain (Irene, not Moran)
      Watson with a... is that... a very dapper umbrella!?!

      OK adding to my pledge. Again.

    32. Xavier

      @Sergey : down the campage page at the shipement information. "Unfortunately, different import laws and customs from some specific countries have made it impossible for CMON to ship games to them.
      *WE DO NOT SHIP TO:* Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan."

    33. Akira on

      @Sergey, maybe Trump and Putin can sort it out by next Winter?

    34. Sergey Pomerantsev

      @Marko, you kidding me? Where can I read more about this? Because I didn't have any problems when receiving my large box of comics December '16.

    35. Missing avatar

      Brian Fitting

      Out of Curiosity, wasn't Holmes very skilled in melee (bare knuckle boxing, using a cane, martial arts, etc.) in the books and used that more often than using his pistol? Not trying to change the design f the character. Just was kind of surprised at the trigger vs. the punch values. Maybe I missed something.

    36. James L

      +1 for no cabinet on the Holmes mini (or an extra version of the mini without it). Clutters the base detracting from Holmes and will look really odd during gameplay... Sorry chaps. The other minis are awesome... Aa alternative sculpt like the gorilla fellow in the other expansion would be ace ;)

    37. Foxwhisperer on

      @Sergey, this game won't be shipped to russia. Something to do with a new law about importing to russia.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tistou on

      @Michael Shinall : release Moriarty from the Tower of London please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    39. Sergey Pomerantsev

      I just getting wondered, how much will cost the shipment to Russia.

    40. Missing avatar

      Dylan Friedman on

      Pretty perfect addition in my opinion. Steampunk victorian era London just screams "Holmes!"

    41. yugnat on

      No weapon for moran as an heroe?

    42. Timothy S on

      i also like the cabinet with holmes :-)

    43. S Buntenbach

      Cmon use the orginal smart max sulpts
      they can t change anything

    44. Mellekai

      I like the casket, too!

    45. Missing avatar


      i don't get the casket - what am i missing? thanks for filling me in

    46. Greg Krywusha

      +1 on no casket. I know these minis have been molded already. As a collector's piece, I understand it being there. But as a mini for a game, it just takes up space without truly being part of the game... mechanically speaking. I'd personally like Holmes by himself on a standard base... especially since the rest of the minis in this set are singular without any extras.

    47. Cuturcu River on

      I like the casket. :P

    48. Missing avatar

      He-Maniac on

      @Michael This ADD is amazing.. Regarding Holmes and the cabinet: could you introduce it as an artifact (e.g. alien telepathic skills)? Otherwise it is rather redundant and superfluous (but beautiful).. ingnoring the production costs, 2 Minis (with/without) would be perfect...

    49. Tony on

      +1 for no casket with the Holmes figure.

    50. Michael Bane on

      I hate you guys. This is too awesome. I am going to have to cough up so much money.