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A Victorian, adventure board game taking place in an alternative England where magic and technology have taken an extraordinary turn!
A Victorian, adventure board game taking place in an alternative England where magic and technology have taken an extraordinary turn!
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Introducing the Gentlemen of Her Majesty's Service!

Posted by Michael Shinall (Collaborator)

Gentlemen! This hadn't been planned, but since it's been so heavily requested by you, the Backers, we have a surprise add-on for you:

These six Gentlemen join us from the Kickstarter campaign of our previous game, On Her Majesty's Service, recreated here in brand new Kickstarter Exclusive Rise of Moloch Gentlemen color.

Now, an important note, especially for our previous backers from On Her Majesty's Service: These models come in all new color-scheme from their previous incarnations, matching those in Rise of Moloch. Since some of you might not wish to purchase these new versions, we're offering just the Dashboards and Activation cards for these Gents as well. If you only want the Dashboards and Cards, you can add $4 to your pledge and select just that option during the Pledge Manager.

Now then, let's take a look at our roster of Heroes!












To add this box of intrepid Gentlemen to your pledge, simply add the amount listed and it will all be sorted out during the Pledge Manager!

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    1. Missing avatar

      robin on

      Hi, if i want to have this optional buy i just have to add 25$ on my 120?

    2. Mario on

      Oh CMON you got me again. One day I will be broke thanks to you. But I will be able to build a house out of your game boxes... But the Fox and the Phileas Miniature are must haves.

    3. The Art of Caesura on

      @Edward very strange indeed! Sorry about that, I don't know what happened. I've re-posted my pics and the new link is here:

      @sporkBrigade Thanks a million!

    4. Sergey Pomerantsev

      my wife will kill me, $200+ already, shipping not included

    5. Northernism

      Awesome news!!! Thanks so much! This game got so much better including these guys!

    6. Eric M. on

      @Ryan weird when I click on your link I get redirected to other entry ?

    7. Grozner

      Psycho Mantis...Fox... where is Sniper Wolf???

    8. Missing avatar

      sporkBrigade on

      For anyone struggling with Colonel Steel's jacket, I took a quick potato quality snap of his other side. He really is a fantastic sculpt!

    9. Enrique Aguilar on

      The good news about this KSE "reskin" is that CMoN just made a precedent about reprinting previous campaigns KSEs.

    10. Chris Laudermilk on

      Personally I think this is awesome. CMON is responding to many backers' requests (demands?) to include these characters. It kind of felt something was missing without these 6 present. We asked for it, and they managed to deliver. I would guess economies of scale are factoring in here. OHMS was a much smaller campaign, and the molds are already there. So that is the likely reason behind the price difference.

      I elected to stick with the bust style figures for OHMS as I thought they fit the feel & aesthetics of the game better than full figure minis. However, I wouldn't be getting a bunch of heartburn over this if I had, I'd just jump on the reduce price add-on & enjoy the fact that those figures can be used in two games. As has been mentioned earlier: I guess my sense of entitlement/outrage is much lower.

    11. The Art of Caesura on

      @Lisa and sporkBrigade Hey guys, here's a pic of the Master Fox I painted:

      I really like all the originals!

    12. Missing avatar

      sporkBrigade on

      @Lisa For the originals, the quality is very good. It's part of what got me so hooked into this in the first place. I'll post pictures of them up on BGG when I get a chance, unless someone beats me to it. I was also hoping to get at least Master Fox finally painted by the end of the campaign. We'll see if that happens. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Chotikorn Buranarachada

      Will u have any campaign for them?

    14. Missing avatar

      sporkBrigade on

      Just throwing out that I own these minis, and I had to pay more than 30 dollars for them. And I still think this is great. None of this was planned, when the campaign started the answer about this set was "No, it's not possible, it's waaay too complicated".

      We the fans asked for it anyway, and they've delivered, which is mind blowing to me. The last few days of pulling together 6 fully developed hero dashboards just to make a bunch of Master Fox fanbois happy is just downright amazing!

      Anyway, bravo! $25 is a great price, and I'm happy for everyone who gets to enjoy these minis as much as I do.

    15. Mellekai

      I own the minis from the first KS and I am quite alright with the offer CMON makes to us all here. Btw I get the whole set again to boost this campaign.

    16. Petr Koky Stöckl on

      You really plan to ruin my bank account guys :D :D :D

    17. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      (The whining, if my earlier post didn't make it clear enough :P)

    18. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @Mitch Wilson-Brown - Well, I backed OHMS, I bought the 30$ full-body gentlemen figures add-on, and I still think it's ridiculous.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mitch Wilson-Brown on

      Egad! So much whining about perceived slights! Just so all the OHMS backers feel better... I didn't back it (wasn even in to board games then) but now I own the retail version (that I paid the same price and got less content) and is a huge reason why I'm taking part inthis KS. I am stoked to get these minis even though I can't use them all for OHMS because I don't have two of their dashboards. I know its not that big of a deal since the players all behave the same, but if you want to save the $4 and already have these, you could just print out your own dashboards. Let's all just be happy for this!

    20. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Huh. Didn't expect so much salt over this. What, you people would rather not have these characters available at all? As for the price point, well this KS has over 6 times the funding and almost 3 times the backers as OHMS. Economies of scale.

      Also, back in 2014 we probably couldn't have expected to get another World of SMOG KS given the rather modest success of the first one. Maybe it's the fact that my sense of entitlement isn't as overwhelmingly developped as a lot of people here, but I still find this griping and whining ridiculous when taking into account the full context. Get over yourselves.

      (P.S.: Also, they still are technically KS exclusives, and it's the first time ever that CMoN makes available exclusive goodies from a previous KS while several other companies have done it.)

    21. Lisa

      For previous backers that have the original full-size minis...can you comment on the quality, and/or post a picture on BGG?

    22. BoomTown on

      I am a previous backer and I think it's more than fair.

    23. Akira on

      good move! now can you release the Blood Rage KSE monsters in a different color of plastic, please?

    24. Blodhemn on

      I am pleased we get to use our full body mini's from Smog 1. But like some other previous Smog backers I am not very pleased I have payed $5,- more then the set price this time around PLUS if I want to make use of my old minis I need to pay $4,- more for the cards/dashboards....
      That is not cool and far from fair/ respecting old backers.

    25. Lisa

      For those comparing to On Her Majesty's Service, it looks like they are the same sculpts, but produced here in a bluish-gray color instead of cream like before. The previous ones also came with color bases, so that may be part of the reason why they cost more.

      For update 21 of On Her Majesty's Service, there are some photos of production proofs for these minis. There were many comments about how they didn't look very good compared to the computer-generated images during the campaign. CMON comment was that the details didn't show up well in that picture. Is there a photo available of the final (produced) minis from that game?

    26. King Meeple on

      Okay, the optional buys are starting to get out control. I am an all in or out type of person, and this is past the threshold of too much. CMoN, please say this is the last optional buy.

    27. frch0603

      @Tim Not sure if they are upsetting the KSE, I am assuming from their update that these are different sculpts, and they are for a different game? and $4 is pretty trivial to me. Seems like old backers just got a nice bonus, $34 bucks to use your minis for 2 games, while we have $25 for 1 game.

    28. Lilin

      Yay! Female mekamancer and knight, male dilettante, and all around delightful characters.

    29. Noel Shabazian on

      Wow! Is there going to be an all in price option?

    30. Jeff Richards

      @Tim van der Weyden We'll have to agree to disagree, I suppose. Perhaps manufacturing costs have decreased, or the scale of this project warrants a lower price. I don't need for the current backers to get slapped with a ten dollar tax to make me feel better. I've had those minis with my OHMS now for a long time, and I'm happy with my purchase. Circumstances change, prices change.

    31. Cuturcu River on

      @Marko, I was sure of your happiness here! :D

    32. Jim Yates on

      Cool, but getting way too expensive now, especially as need to add shipping.

    33. Tim van der Weyden

      @Xavier; I have to agree with S Buntenbach. As On Her Majesty's Service backers we paid $30 for the miniatures and they were labeled Kickstarter Exclusive. Before you say, but this is also a Kickstarter project; we used exactly that same argument when backers asked for the chance to buy the complete not-BBT cast for Zombicide 1. (So @Jeff Richards, paying $34 as an "On Her Majesty's Service backer", while new players pay only $25, doesn't sound anywhere near "still respecting old backers".)
      I don't think any creator should throw in stuff just for free, but in this case I really think CMoN should either up the price of the Gentlemen to $34/$35 or throw in the dashboards and cards for free for backers from On Her Majesty's Service.
      Didn't want to use the word "should" but have no alternative. It does feel like a slap in the face.

    34. Foxwhisperer on

      And now we can play Fox Force Four! All female team! Best day ever!

    35. Robert Dietze

      Thank you so much for adding the option to just get the dashboards. Already got the miniatures.

    36. Foxwhisperer on

      \V/ Praise the Fox! \V/

    37. Daefyd Wyr

      It looks like his left side faces forward and his right side backward, giving him 2 left hands.

    38. Missing avatar

      Reverant on

      Wow this going to be awesome for so many!!! great job accommodating everyone.

    39. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      @Reverant Thanks

    40. Missing avatar

      Reverant on

      @Diego he has a jacket over his shoulder just like Archibald Argrave

    41. Joaquin

      What does the fox say!?!?!? Awesome update! So excited!

    42. Jeff Richards

      This is awesome; thanks, CMON! Great way to bring these to new players while still respecting previous backers. Very happy!

    43. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      Could somebody please explain the right arm part of the monster one? On the mini, I see the pic and don't understand whats going on there...

    44. Crimson Ghost on

      Added Booom Baybay!!!

    45. Juha on

      What is Colonel Steel holding? I have really hard time trying to figure that model out.

    46. Missing avatar

      sporkBrigade on

      Thank you for making this a reality! #TeamMasterFox

    47. Missing avatar

      Sam C


    48. Mr Suitcase on

      But, wallet?... NOOO!!!!