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A Victorian, adventure board game taking place in an alternative England where magic and technology have taken an extraordinary turn!
A Victorian, adventure board game taking place in an alternative England where magic and technology have taken an extraordinary turn!
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Posted by CMON (Creator)

Gentlemen! We announce our second Optional Buy Expansion!

While the Unicorn Club is dedicated to protecting the Crown from any and all threats, this time the fight comes from within! The rogue Signore Gepetto, former Mekamancer of the Crown, has returned and launched a devastating attack targeting the club itself! 

This exciting Campaign begins with an attack on the Club itself, let by the hulking mechanical monstrosity Pinokio, and continues with the retaliation of the Club and its members- venturing deep into an abandon amusement park to get revenge on this dastardly fiend!


*The Mekasylum is a Limited Print run, meaning that, outside the Kickstarter, it may be regulated to only 1 retail print-run.








Recruit the daring Archibald Argrave and the mysterious Miss Liddel! 





[8x] Evil Toy Minions!
[8x] Evil Toy Minions!




Game-play Wise, the Mekasylum brings these exciting new mechanics:

  • Cogs and Gears: The automaton Minions of the Nemesis break down into Cogs, a useful resource for enhancing Weapons, Gear, and even creating additional Minions! Kickstarter backers who get this expansion will get special plastic cog coins to represent this currency.
  • Pinokio evolves! As the Nemesis take control of this technological behemoth and customize him to your will! From your choice of armaments, enhancements, and mechanical power-ups you will have full control over just what this titan is capable of as the campaign progresses!
  • A Campaign full of twists and surprises! Everything is not as it seems in this exciting story!






To add The Mekasylum to your pledge, simply increase your pledge by the amount listed- everything else will be sorted out during the Pledge Manager!

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    1. Aonline

      Coins came the Mekasylum, they could be part of the campaign. I have not opened it but I know it features amusement park rides overlays.......

    2. Erik Gertsen on

      @Ethan if you think my (very) light hearted comment was me "being a jerk" you must get offended very very often? It was not my intention but going off like that because of a board game is, and will always be, over reacting. Anyway I hope you can see past the horrible issues and enjoy Rise of Moloch for what is is: a game.

      @Geoff thanks, I was wondering since two of the add-ons cost the same.

    3. Erik Gertsen on

      What are the plastic coins for?

    4. puhmaus on

      Adolf was from Austria �

    5. Eduardo Guimarães on

      To each his own, for me i just love the moral abiguity that this expansion brings, and i would love to see more of this in the game. Not everyone is trully all evil or all good, and you are just playing one part of the story. As someone once said: "everyone thinks their side are the hero side"

    6. Neil H on

      Reading the character fluff it doesn't even sound like Gepetto is a villain, so why are you assuming that the little girl is going to be? Sounds to me like the toys are the actual problem, and Lily and Pinokio have been weathering the storm whilst their master was in prison.
      If you have any doubts about this expansion, don't buy it but don't expect others not to.

    7. Missing avatar


      You really think it's just "PC" for someone not to want to murder children? What's wrong with you?

    8. William Pseudonyme

      I don't have any moral problem with killing a single child or even an army or children in a game.
      For fuck sake, why must everything be PC nowadays?
      When reading the background from this expansion on this update, it's pretty clear there's something fishy about the villains' story and that not everything is black or white.
      I'm pretty sure that if instead of Orphan Lily we had a german child named Adolf, there would be less people outraged.
      It's just an add-on anyway, if it's not to your liking, just don't buy it, no one is forcing you to do so.

    9. Xavier

      I love Archibalt but his power doesn t seems great

    10. Thomas Tobias Conrad

      Put these little nutcrackers on the Base of Mr. Signore Gepetto ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      Oraculist on

      MIss Liddel is a very creative take on the character - and so few adventure games have elderly lady heroes so well don there. Alice certainly fits the madhouse mood

    12. Regina Hilburn

      Any chance

    13. Regina Hilburn

      Any of changing Geppetto's horse to look more like the illustration?

    14. Wa Tten on

      when we can buy it ?

    15. Ethan Schaeffer

      I'd definitely take a shining to that monkey...

    16. Ben Crenshaw Studios on

      I sure wish the killer toys did not look like more clowns. The possessed nutcrackers or symbol monkeys would have been nicer.

    17. Ethan Schaeffer

      Lol, you got jokes, Akira.

      But seriously, it's my two cents. I don't think expressing an opinion requires a snarky attitude, trolling or coddling in response. Respond with something of substance, or agree to disagree. And if you have to be a gerk, at least make it funny...

    18. Missing avatar

      Oraculist on

      @Felipe - yes I was hoping that means she changes sides.

    19. Felipe Silveira Bulhões on

      The funny thing is that Orphan Lily is actually being attacked by the villain in the artwork.

    20. Benjamin T. Adams on

      If the coins were metal and KS exclusive you'd have me

    21. Akira on

      @Paireon so true. @Ethan good for you if you take that character so seriously and find a way to bend the rules to your brand of justice. i don't think CMON will come after you for having Nemo adopt her and together work to better the world of SMOG

    22. Geoff Skinner on

      @Erik the way it's worked in the past is that CMON has a pretty sophisticated custom Pledge Manager where you specify all the add-ons you want once the campaign is over.

    23. Ethan Schaeffer

      @Paireon I understand where you're coming from, and respect your thoughtful opinion. Agree to disagree.

      @Charlie Great minds...

      @Erik You don't need to be a jerk to get your point across. (See Paireon's comments.) Grow up, and try making the internet a little less terrible.

    24. Markus on

      It'll be our game, we could think of beaten enemies as sitting knocked out on the ground with little stars circling round their heads (like perhaps in animaniacs), or couldn't we?

    25. Xavier

      A little imagination guys. Its a game, not becausse you beat a character thats means its dead. Can just mean the character is netralizeted

    26. Xavier

      A little imagination guys. Its a game, not becausse you beat a character thats means its dead. Can just mean the character is netralizeted

    27. Missing avatar

      Oraculist on

      Ah I see Ethan below had the same concern (and worded it much better than I did). Paireon I hear what you are saying about moral ambiguity and the Victorian period's mistreatment of children (history indicates that small children were hanged for thievery in England) but since this is a fantasy game in which the players are ostensibly the heroes I would not want to play an expansion in which I'm incentivized to kill a kid.

      For me, all of this is moot if the players instead catch her or convert her to the good side or she always escapes to thwart the heroes again another day. Lilly having some kind of knockdown showdown with Little Alice sounds epic... as long as she lives.

    28. Missing avatar

      Oraculist on

      Looks like a very cool expansion. The little orphan girl being a villain though, (unless I'm mis-reading that in some way). Does that mean our heroes would need to actually kill a child in their mission to protect the city? An actual child (rather than the creepy child-like manifestation of Little Alice). Killing an orphan kid, even one with a big gun seems a step too far... could she perhaps have a mechanic where she always scurries away?

    29. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @Ethan Schaeffer - OK, while I understand where you're coming from, you have to understand the setting too - it's Victorian England (by modern standards a place that's a very far cry from nice or just unless you're part of the elite and/or very, very lucky) and steampunk (which, like most "something-punk" settings, put the emphasis on the less savory implications and aspects of the society it portrays).

      Yes, fighting and potentially killing a little girl with a big gun and a big chip on her shoulder is wrong, but so is doing the same thing to her adoptive father (a toymaker imprisoned without charges or trial) or grieving war widows from a country yours went to war with to sell terrible drugs there (the Fangs minions of the Dragon expansion), or a revolutionary who takes arms against the conquest and oppression of his native land (Nemo).

      You don't need to go very far back in history to see that most people who made it were one shade or another of asshole. In fact, I rather like the fact that CMoN actually has the balls to drive that point home, even if only in the fluff.

    30. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Very nice, especially as the fluff emphasizes the setting's moral ambiguity.

    31. Jon van Oorschot on

      The Pinokio also sounds like a lot of fun for the Nemesis player... Yeah I am gonna end up with this as well aren´t I... :)

    32. Missing avatar

      ShirowShirow on

      Good to see this isn't another "Beware all the foreigners!" expansion, although given the agents not bein' convinced the Unicorn Club are the good guys here.

    33. Jon van Oorschot on

      Guess I am in the minority then... I loved the Dragon Expansion way more than this one. The whole opium den vibe and the rainy tiles made it look very thematic and interesting. This one I am a little more hmmmm on, but the Miss Liddel and Little Alice sounds like a very interesting character to play with, so probably gonna end up with this one as well....

    34. Eddy May on

      The theme is great, the Club being attacked by diminutive looking toys and a nutter on a wooden merry-go-round horse, until little Pinnocchio barges in. The Archibald model looks underwhelming though and could do with a resculpt. It lacks the threatening aura of the artwork. I couldn't sculpt my way out of a plastic bag, so it's not my place to offer any critique. But it's definitely the absolutely amazing artwork that sells the game to me, together with very promising mechanics. After having seen and received the amazing minis for the likes of Blood Rage, Black Plague and The Others, these minis are bit bland and lack expression and drama. I'm a miniature gamer, so it's a big part of my gaming experience. And you've set a very high bar with every game since Blood Rage! ;)

    35. Cuturcu River on

      Erik, you will manage that after, when pledge manager opens, in a couple of months.

    36. Erik Gertsen on

      Ethan Schaeffer: "I know I'm over thinking this"

      Well, as long as you DO know you are, that comforts me. :)

      So, a practical question: If I add $ 32 to my pledge they will automatically throw in this expansion? What about the dice, and possibly new stretch goals with optional buys?

    37. Cuturcu River on

      I wonder if in the final version will be some lines to clarify wich squares are in the upper level.

    38. Missing avatar

      TDI on

      Again only 3 mission with this new addon and again a quite unintersting KS exclusive... more and more disappointed in the addons, esp. for this price

    39. Oliver Schaaf on

      I just love this expansion! Now I hope we'll get another which focus on the Wheel (hopefully which Nibaba).

    40. Ethan Schaeffer

      Lol, okay; seeing as you guys are playing fast and loose with which famous storybook characters are good, and which are evil, I could have stomached a only evil Nemo. I still really appreciate that you heard those of us who wanted an good version as well, and gifted us with it. (I'm still greedy though, and pining for a mini for good Nemo, and willing to pay for him as an add-on...)

      I love the new expansion, although, being a children's social worker, I find the idea of killing a wayward orphan, who's got a chip on her shoulder, because the government illegally incarcerated her only family for manslaughter, a bit unsettling, even if she's got a big gun. So I'm hoping some of the twists mentioned for the expansion allows for subduing her without milling her, turn back to the side of good, or at least turning her into a mindless beast, or something evil possessing her body. I know I'm over thinking this, but it's my first time coming across something like this in one of these types of games.

    41. Old Hunter CMON Michael Collaborator on

      Technically yes. Pinokio comes with new Equipment cards specific to him, but otherwise no, there are no additional Items/Equipment in this expansion.

    42. Mellekai

      Great new addin - instant buy for me!

    43. Missing avatar

      Tibox on

      @Cmon, Could you please tell if this come also with cards ? New items, gears and weapons ?

    44. feralway on

      No Fox but goddamn love this addon

    45. Trx on

      I wish Pinokio actually looked like Pinocchio, and that Archibald was more exciting (at least the minnie) but still, I like this so much more than the Dragon expansion.

    46. Marc on

      Little Orphan Lilly is probably my favorite character so far.

    47. Robert Haddon on

      Yeah, I prefer this over the Dragon as well. And I love the Pinokio sculpt!

    48. Xavier

      Didn t care for the Dragon but i love this one.

    49. Cuturcu River on

      I like very much the art in those tiles.