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A Victorian, adventure board game taking place in an alternative England where magic and technology have taken an extraordinary turn!
A Victorian, adventure board game taking place in an alternative England where magic and technology have taken an extraordinary turn!
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Unleash The Dragon!

Posted by Michael Shinall (Collaborator)

We are proud to announce our first Add-On! The Dragon!

In this expansion for Rise of Moloch the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club will work to stop the nefarious plans of a secretive organization only known as "The Dragon". In this new three-mission Campaign the Gentlemen will travel to the secretive Limehouse District; their investigation taking them to seedy warehouses, opium dens, and beyond- tracking the sources of mysterious toxins and elixirs that have begun to poison the denizens of London.

But The Dragon will not simply sit by and let their plans be undone. They have sent one of their top Agents, Doctor Li Fong, and his group of cunning henchmen to stop the Unicorn Club at all costs!







Doctor Li Fong
Doctor Li Fong


Fu Manchu
Fu Manchu


The Opium Dragon
The Opium Dragon


Fang Minion (x8)
Fang Minion (x8)




Gameplay-wise The Dragon brings the following excitement to the table:

  • All new "Shadow" mechanics- The Agents of The Dragon utilize stealth and literal shadow to conceal their movements around the board.
  • All new "Poison" mechanics- Whereas Moloch's Agents Torment the Gents, and the Embassy seeks to Mutate them, here the Gents must contest with various Toxins and Poisons generated by Doctor Fong and his cohorts, causing crippling debuffs or empowering their strikes against the Gentlemen!
  • The Gentlemen are not without their tricks, however! New types of Elixirs and Potions are widely available in the Limehouse District, granting the Gentlemen new and unique buffs and powers!
  • Finally, Doctor Fong also brings his unique type of Poison Zombies to the fold as well- warping the already grotesque foes into new horrors! 
Awaken The Dragon!
Awaken The Dragon!




All this and more greet both the Nemesis and the Gentlemen in this three-part Campaign, sure to bring new levels of excitement to your World of Smog Adventures!

 *To add The Dragon to your Pledge, simply increase your pledge by that amount and the rest will be sorted during the Pledge Manager.


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    1. Alex Limos

      i find it amusing that the ones offended by the use of trite racial stereotypes weren't Asian themselves.

      I've lived in the US for 25 years, but partly Chinese in heritage. I find nothing offensive in the use of these stereotypes. In fact, I find its use as adding to the mystique and mystery of the East to a game set in a steampunk Victorian setting. Hong Kong was the window of the West to Asia during that time and having Chinese myth be part of the game added flavor to this game that I found just plain awesome.

      I understand that in the current political climate where people will go out of their way to be heard and don't care who they offend, balanced by people who will go out of their way so they won't offend anyone, I'm glad we have people like Eric Chang who provides us perspective.

      To quote Eric, "Thanks for being offended for my community", but it's not necessary. This expansion wasn't released by people who went out of their way to offend anyone.

      Cheers everyone. Bring peace to all you meet :)

    2. Oihan on

      I'd indeed like the original veils, it makes them look like Jiang-shi, which I guess was their original role

    3. Missing avatar

      Nameless on

      just paint the mini and add a bit of sheer fabric as an actual veil.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan Paskin on

      Dido on the following:
      Another +1 for the veil. Also Li Fongs's facial hair doesn't come close to matching the picture.

    5. frch0603

      @TDI it is mentioned on main page now

    6. Missing avatar

      TDI on

      Would also like to know if dragon addon is not a limited print run anymore, because not mentioned on front page and not mentioned in update section or do I miss something

    7. Gabriel Giroux on

      +1 on that : Another + 1 for the veils. Think it would look better + convey the sort of anonymity which this type of function would require.
      Definitely think that the alternate sculpts pales behind the one included with the box, but more choice is always nice.

    8. Missing avatar


      +1 veils for the fangs. Makes a huge difference in the vibe of these minions.

    9. Anthony Cook on

      +1 veils for fangs

    10. Missing avatar

      Eric Chan on

      Hey Charlie and Terry,

      I'm western born, but of Chinese heritage. And Guess what dudes, I was a victim of racial bullying growing up. White kids kicked my ass simply for being Asian, almost on a daily basis in grade school.

      So my comment about this expansion is... ITS FREAKIN AWESOME! I LOVE IT!!! It's the Victorian Era. That type of clothing looks about right to me for that era. I'm gettin this FOR SURE!

      Thanks for being offended for my community, but if you know anything about us Asian, we don't complain too much. We enjoy fun and making money! And this expansion seems to satisfy the first of the two!

      Please buy this expansion if you like the theme! Please don't be put off by the racial stereotypes cuz ITS AWESOME! I mean, look at that dragon! - Western born Asian with a traditional Chinese upbringing approved : )


    11. Missing avatar

      Oraculist on

      I added $32 to include the optional buy but, I'm with Terry on this one relying too heavily on really tired racial stereotypes.

      I understand that this faction is a crime cartel and I understand that nuance has been included to make them somewhat sympathetic (a la the Fangs are out for revenge), but an Asian gentleman who is out to destroy the Dragon (and who can provide inside knowledge) would make this feel less egregious.

      Side note: I love the audacious use of umbrellas in this game and that include's Li Fong's.

    12. Cedent on

      @CMON Could we have an answer about the veil, please ? :)

    13. Terry Chiu on

      @Matthew Tayler
      "please,please, please for once can I enjoy something without PC culture stumping all over it." I'm glad that you're not bothered by this, but I'm not in such a privileged position to consider racist imagery a non-issue.

      "Yes I understand your concerns..." No, I'm not so sure that you do.

      "if it bothers you that much then do not buy it." Sorry. but it's not enough to "not buy it". The use of racially inflammatory Orientalist imagery in your game should not be approached with nonchalance or thoughtlessness. I'm not in favor of censorship, just that appropriating racist imagery be done with some consideration of history and context and I think the game designers should aware of this.

      "This is Victorian England and they were not very PC...lets stay authentic" This is not a game with an historical setting. This is a fantasy game flavored with bits and pieces of Victorian imagery and the designers get to pick and choose which pieces of that history they want to use. This is also a game with airships and mechanical monsters. That's "authentic"?

    14. Matthew Taylor

      +Terry Chiu...please,please, please for once can I enjoy something without PC culture stumping all over it. Yes I understand your concerns but in truth if it bothers you that much then do not buy it. This is Victorian England and they were not very PC...lets stay authentic

    15. Missing avatar

      Tibox on

      @Cmon, Could you please tell if this come also with cards ? New items, gears and weapons ?

    16. Stéphane Dassieu

      +1 for the veil, great figs !

    17. Cedent on

      One more +1 for the veil.

    18. Terry Chiu on

      This is a beautiful addition to the game. Beautiful design and the setting is very atmospheric.

      That said, I'm on the fence about getting this expansion. I'm a little uncomfortable with the utilization of racial stereotypes in the characters in this box. I'm well aware of the fact that Victorian lore utilized many (now-offensive) racial stereotypes and this tied into England's sad history with political/cultural imperialism. That said, it seems like designers have a couple of routes to go if they're going to employ racist imagery in their games---they can either subvert or critique those images (and since TWoS is set in an alternate-universe version of Victorian England, there would have been great latitude to do this), or they can regurgitate and reinforce those stereotypes. I'm slightly disappointed that it appears to the latter situation that's happened here (unless I'm missing something). As an example Fu Manchu as created by Sax Rohmer was pretty much an extension of the Yellow Peril phobia (the idea that "Orientals" were sinister barbarians who were out to spread their mendacious evil in the West) that really blossomed in the late 19th century; I don't see much evidence that the character as incarnated in this game is much different from this racial caricature that dominated 19th-century Western notions of Chinese villains and i was hoping that a game that was set in a re-imagined version of Victorian England would do something a little more interesting or subversive with these creaky racial stereotypes. Needless to say, this makes me unsure about supporting this particular component of the game (which I'm otherwise very excited about).

      Just my two cents. Carry on.

    19. Christophe Garlaschi on

      Another + 1 for the veils. Think it would look better + convey the sort of anonymity which this type of function would require.

      Definitely think that the alternate sculpts pales behind the one included with the box, but more choice is always nice.

    20. Carl Svärd on

      I feel like it's a bit weird to not include the veils for the troop minis, it was basically what made it stand apart from being your regular run of the mill geisha with fans (and especially since we're gonna have 8 of them, really there is so much reason for having the veil / cloth thingy, makes little sense not to include it).

    21. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      +1 for veils. I was surprised to find the correct mini in CMoN's shop, even:
      I understand that's the old miniature line in a different scale, but staying true to the art would make a cool expansion even cooler.

    22. Ben Crenshaw Studios on

      the veil would be much better. As a general rule alternate sculpts on a figure you only use one of are useless. I'm pretty sure these things are all locked in and planned, so in future if it does not add something new to game play it does not make me happy.

    23. Missing avatar

      Isrephael on

      Lending my support to the veil. And to the fact that it's "chasing the dragon," and to the fact that it's "CiXi." Those small edits would take an excellent expansion to a phenomenal one.

    24. Jonathan Reid

      Love this expansion, Kipling, Rohmer references excellent how about some Wells, Stoker and Doyle? This whole game just gets better and better.

    25. Missing avatar

      Arkeran on

      ( Maybe those sculpts are only early renders of what will be really released )

    26. Missing avatar

      Arkeran on

      I'm joining the others about veiled The Fang, they would be way better. I don't really see the point of having another sculpt of Mr Hong ( The first one look better as for me ). I'm very interested in this game but it looks like the sulpts aren't that well defined, I don't know why, they seems a little bit rough and lacking of details compare of what can be found nowadays, is it only me ?

    27. Daniel Twisp on

      I really like this addon, but I would really prefer if the Fangs had the veil over their faces. Since it's the same sculpt over and over, it helps to make them feel more like a faceless horde when they have no facial features, and that would justify the reused sculpt much better.

      Not sure about getting the addon in general, but if the Fangs get veiled faces I will just because I'd be impressed that you listened to the comments ;)

    28. DD on

      +1 for veil on fangs.
      +1 for better Li Fong face

      Really hoping the KS excl Mister Honk will have a different board, like the KS excl. Emma has.

      The opium dragon truly looks amazing. :)

    29. Dean F. Wilson

      Actually, if a new sculpt is made, then perhaps there could be four of each for variety.

    30. Dean F. Wilson

      Wonderful expansion. I love the creativity.

      That said, I was disappointed that the Fangs models don't match up to the art. While I accept that there can be small divergences, this is a huge mismatch. They should have the paper covering their faces -- that's a better design altogether.

      So, +1 for redoing Fangs sculpts.

      (Maybe keep this version as a stretch goal?)

    31. Missing avatar

      _Flip on

      +1 for redoing the fang sculpts. Right now they don't look menacing at all!

    32. Elfo on

      now how awesome is this?

    33. maxx

      +1 for veils on Fang minions like others have mentioned. It's a shame the sculpt missed such an important part of the look of the figure. Li Fong's face looks way better in the art. Hoping that these parts would be reconsidered before final production due to popular opinion

    34. Brad Vomocil

      KS Exclusive alternate sculpt is pretty un-enticing. On the other hand, I really like the expansion contents...

    35. Missing avatar

      ShirowShirow on

      Was hoping for a cool Chinese general type gentleman if we where getting an expansion like this...

      Gettin' some colonial vibes here.

    36. slahounek on

      +1 for veil, +1 for redoing Lifongs face :)

    37. Mechamonkey on

      that exclusive makes this a retail purchase for me. Everything looks awesome that isn't exclusive.... Be nice if the models looked like the art though. the Fongs look so much cooler with that paper over there face.

    38. Xavier

      Hope to have a Faery add on

    39. insider714 on

      Nice to see the good doctor made it from "World of Smog, on her Majesty's Service":

      Too bad the sculpt's face is kinda lame....

      You might want to have a stretch goal for alternate Fang sculpts (not that i couldn't mod them anyways)

    40. Missing avatar


      Those fang sculpts would look SO much more awesome if they had the face covering like on the art.

    41. Awesomus Prime on

      Another +1 for the veil. Also Li Fongs's facial hair doesn't come close to matching the picture. The mini looks like it has a Tom Selleck mustache.

    42. Akira on

      +1 veil or younger faces at least on fangs

    43. Dexter Frankenstein

      Another +1 for the veil.

    44. Cameron Thompson on

      Also not a fan of the kickstarter exclusive sculpt either, much prefer the box version.
      Looks like a development sculpt that got superseded.

    45. Cameron Thompson on

      I was going to get this until I realized the fang was the minion unit..

      The pose looks way to distinct to make a good minion model.
      +1 for the veil and +1 alternate poses.

    46. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Hah! Took me a while to figure it out, but love the reference to "The man who would be king"!

    47. Lilin

      +1 veil (everything else looks wonderful)

    48. Missing avatar

      Nieka Fields

      Is there time to correct the empress's name on the Fangs cards? She was CiXi, not XiXi.

      Can't wait to see the final product! Kipling nod, awesome!

    49. Happy Sunshine on

      Altermative sculpt for the KS exclusive? Thanks you saved me some cash. I will wait for retail.