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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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We're going full throttle with the Sons of Ragnarök!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hey Sinners!

We're approaching the end of our journey (or is it just the beginning). And so, to help us ride into the sunset in style, we have one more Optional Buy to offer. Get your motor running for the Sons of Ragnarök!

The Sons of Ragnarök are a notorious outlaw biker gang, that could very nearly have become Acolytes of Sin themselves. However, their total rejection for following orders made any approach to try and conscript them to aid the sins result in a very dead servant of sin. This biker gang is obsessed with Viking mythology, with members assuming nicknames in reference to the Norse Gods. The realization that the Apocalypse (or Ragnarök, as they prefer to call it) was upon them stirred the gang into a battle frenzy! However, their contempt for authority also means they would never agree to join FAITH. Though that doesn't stop them from carrying on the fight against the Others on their own terms!

The Sons of Ragnarök Optional Buy box contains a full team of 7 heroes, including a Leader, 2 Fixers, 2 Snipers, and 2 Bruisers. These rebels tend to operate outside of FAITH, but they can be mixed and matched with any FAITH team as your group may choose. This team follows the same rules as any FAITH group, though they were designed with special synergy among themselves.

Kickstarter backers can get this box by adding $25 to their pledge. It will also be available at retail eventually for an estimated MSRP of $30.

So let's get to know better this band of misfits!

Father Odin - Leader

Father Odin is a natural-born leader. The fact that he can command the loyalty of such a rowdy gang speaks for itself. The blood he gives in battle pushes the whole gang to fight even harder for their leader. The more wounded Odin gets, the more extra dice all the heroes roll!

Father Odin's sculpt 3D render.
Father Odin's sculpt 3D render.

Loki - Fixer

An ex-FAITH agent, Loki is a very slippery character. He'll fight when it's advantageous, but has no qualms about retreating to lick his wounds when things go south. Any time he is wounded (but not killed), you may immediately swap Loki with another hero from the reserve, healing all of Loki's wounds and other conditions!

Loki's work in progress master sculpt.
Loki's work in progress master sculpt.

Fenris - Sniper

A fierce marksman, Fenris is loyal to a fault to his father and his gang of bikers. He specializes in escort missions, putting himself in harm's way to allow his comrades to move in safety. While he is wounded, he may take one hero with him when he moves, keeping them safe from the ill effects of leaving or entering harmful spaces.

Fenris' sculpt 3D render.
Fenris' sculpt 3D render.

Thor - Bruiser

Thor is without a doubt one of the most fearsome warriors around. He seems to believe he is the god of thunder himself, and few would be inclined to disagree when they see him in action. When he is wounded in a fight, he goes into a murderous blood rage. In these occasions, he may take corruption to automatically destroy an Acolyte or Abomination in his space after the fight is over.

Thor's sculpt 3D render.
Thor's sculpt 3D render.

Freya - Sniper

Most ladies would have a hard time hanging out with such a gang of brutes, but Freya fits right in, never a step behind her fellow Sons of Ragnarök. An uncanny sniper, with great defensive training, she's always ready to protect her 'brothers', willing even to sacrifice herself for them. During her turn, you may transfer wounds between Freya and another hero in her space.

Freya's sculpt 3D render.
Freya's sculpt 3D render.

Tyr - Bruiser

Always in competition with Thor to see who amasses the highest kill count in battle, Tyr will use anything at his disposal to make sure his enemies are put down for good. Before rolling for a fight, he may discard an Upgrade to gain an automatic Hit, gaining a new Upgrade at the end of the turn.

Tyr's sculpt 3D render.
Tyr's sculpt 3D render.

Heimdall - Fixer

The scout of the team, always looking out for the safety of others, Heimdall is an expert in solving crises. But beyond that, he seems to have a 6th sense about crises that haven't even occurred yet! At the start of his turn, he may take a wound to look at the next Apocalypse cards, or at a couple of Sins cards in the Sins player hand. Knowing what's to come can be key to victory!

Heimdall's sculpt 3D render.
Heimdall's sculpt 3D render.

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the The Others: 7 Sins Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.


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    1. Rand Chua TL on

      Love the art of these new Heroes!

    2. Daisy Swaffer on

      FINALLY!!! Another female character I can get behind!! Only 2 in all of these heroes isn't great but I'm glad to see Freya here looking how I want a hero to look - ready for action and appropriately attired!
      Now if only they'd done Loki as female...

    3. Timmoth on

      I really like the story for this gang. They all fit together well with real character (even aside from what's been borrowed from the Norse).

    4. Missing avatar

      Morten Brandt Jensen on

      @Gunter they sure would make a nice gang.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gunter Schmidt on

      Is the sculptor Viktor Dragosani? They sort of look like his Vikings for Conan. Awesome. Very well done faces. Freya mini is nice (I want to name my first daughter after that godess), glad that she is represented after BR only had Frigga. Thor simply kicks ass. Sure, Tyr and Heimdall really need a bit more distinction unless Tyr is quite a bit larger, because now he doesn't look as intimidating compared to Heimdall's buff forearms.

      It seems Adrian isn't finished with Vikings after Blood Rage and I'm happy about it!

      PS; They'd make for a nice Orlock gang, too. Oh Necromunda, how I miss thee.

    6. Matthias Schneider on

      BIKER-GANG WITHOUT BIKES???? On foot? :-) That would be nice if you created really biker-minis with bikes ...
      BIKER-GANG OHNE MOTORRÄDER???? Per pedes? :-) Das wäre toll gewesen, Miniaturen mit Bikes herzustellen ...

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael J on

      Yes! So happy to see this! @Thiago, thank you! This made my day.

    8. Missing avatar

      Morten Brandt Jensen on

      @Thiago can you please comment on this issue of sculpts of Heimdall and Tyr sculpts, and details of weapons.

    9. Cyrano on

      @Bill K - I tend to agree, I might just house rule it that Loki comes back with 2 less wounds and 2 less corruption.... keep the flavour but tone it down a bit... of course he may come back to a different player as well, he's a cool miniature - could almost make a good "proxy"

    10. Rudy Martell on

      @japester well said!

    11. japester

      I'm not a big biker or SOA fan (nothing against them, met the cast a few weeks ago and they were all super nice), but that's not the point. I am a Blood Rage backer, and announcing this right as that game is arriving at our doors is genius. LOL

      As for the arbitrary "lets make things fair" quotas, I'm firmly against telling artists and character designers how to curb their creativity. Anything else will NEVER succeed in pleasing everyone, as the litany of complaint types is a mile long. Wrong gender ratio. Wrong racial ratio. Wrong sexuality type ratio. Wrong religious ratio. Not enough handicapped characters. And it goes on and on. As a few others have said, I've never chosen a character that looks like me, and neither has anybody in my (rather diverse) game group. I can't even comprehend playing with someone who compares a game figure to themselves. These are game pieces, not dolls. I say keep having million dollar Kickstarters and producing the games and artwork that keeps your creative juices flowing!

    12. AJ Carruthers

      I'm a little sad that Tyr isn't missing a hand... Though I suppose given that they're SoA that can't be helped.

    13. Bill the Raven on

      True, but that still means Loki may be able to go through 2 effective lives. Maybe there is a way the Sins player can focus damage on Loki and kill him (before his swap out ability can trigger).

    14. QuoteStar

      @Bill I don't think you can call reinforcements typically unless a character is dead, which means that Loki is a one-time swap until someone dies and he gets brought back in.

    15. Bill the Raven on

      I read the character bios to ensure that this should be a pass for me. I liked Loki, but his skill seems unbalancing. His swap out ability seems like it almost allows the FAITH players to have 8 characters instead of 7 (since Loki can be swapped out before he dies and come back later at full health). Since in most of the games I've heard of being played, the Sin player tends to lose, isn't Loki just unbalancing it further?

    16. antwan ragland on

      actually now that I'm thinking about it. If this set was completely gender swapped it would have been awesome! A bunch of badass biker chicks named after Norse gods? Awesome.

    17. Belisarius

      Nice set but a missed opportunity to get some cool female minis into the game.

    18. antwan ragland on

      @Paulo, for starters not everyone will be painting they're game, I'm gonna guess that a majority of people who own this game will not paint it. So that isn't really a valid argument. It is more about representing different races and backgrounds. And saying "They gave you an americano indian, an indian indian, a chinese a japenese, nordics, africans, brazilian, italiana, scotish, slavs, after +25 characters are Caucasian, including the one from Africa, doesn't feel like much diversity. Diversity would be oh, we need a character from france, why not make it a black woman? But instead making it a white male because... because....? There aren't enough of them in the game? Can someone give me a good because?? Anyway, yes I am super excited by this game but I am tire of people telling me I should be satisfied with the small handful of minorities I get. I've heard all the excuses, In the Z:BP kickstarter someone even tried to point to history as to why there were no minorities in it. lol

    19. Crystal Groves

      I'm probably going to pass on this set. Loki is the only one that I'd want to play.

    20. Sammy on

      They are ok.
      This is the first set I might pass on. Though it will be hard to pass up a mini like Freya when there are soo few bigger stronger looking women among the heroes.
      Will wait till Pledge Manager to decide on this one.

    21. Kenna

      Mriley - "I have heard one say "I'm going to play Hot Bitch Boobs McGee here" and then proceed to have a blast the entire session." I admit it, this is totally me!

    22. kevin freksen

      I Would love to see a x files themed hero box !!

    23. Kenna

      Not a fan of SOA, but really digging some of these characters! Freya sculpt is nice, and actually looks like a proper sniper! Yippee!

    24. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on


      A pass from me.

    25. Xavier

      Not goiing to take it but happy with this aad on who will help unlock next SG

    26. Missing avatar

      Morten Brandt Jensen on

      Show some more accurate sculpts of the miniatures please. And lets move away from the topic of oppression of hither and thither (ask directly for a female character boks instead, and elsewhere please).

      The sculpts and background needs more work as is, and either Tyr or Heimdall needs a redesign to set them apart.

    27. Jay

      Now I'm officially broke

    28. William H. Nelson on

      Noitamies and Willenium, I'm not a troll; I'm a serious gamer who just happens to also have OCD. lol Seriously, though, the lack of female characters in this game wasn't an issue up until these last few stretch goals. The MOF and the SOR additions make the ratio almost twice as many guys than girls. And Fernando, it's because of people like you that they don't add more woman in; all this stupidity about the sexualization of plastic figures has forced them to try and be more PC with their games so they don't get blasted on the internet by butthurt, unnecessarily offended people. Over all, I'm happy with my purchase, but saddened that they didn't take the chance and add more females to the mix. It's still going to be a great game, though.

    29. Missing avatar

      Silverm on

      @onei no worries, as I've been told you can modify your purchase with the pledge manager, so you have two months or more to save for that.

    30. onei on

      My account is at 160$, can't afford more things... (FUCK!)

    31. Missing avatar

      Silverm on

      Problem is considering the amount of complaints the female designs are getting on this kickstarter a even gender ratio is a superfluous idea. If people dislike the designs as is then there are not going to like another 10+ females designed by the same people. Although I am also struck by the ludicrous notion that someone's player group have so many women that they could run out of options as is for a group. We must have like two full teams at least of female characters as it is.

    32. MRiley on

      My gaming group must be oddly progressive - neither the male nor female players really care what gender their character is, looking more at general background and abilities and style than what's between their legs or under their shirt.

      I've also never, IRL, heard a female gamer say "Ugh, I won't play that one, she looks like a sex doll!" though I have heard one say "I'm going to play Hot Bitch Boobs McGee here" and then proceed to have a blast the entire session.

      Gaming is more often about who you feel like being for a session rather than who you actually are - for us, at least.

    33. Adrien Auger on

      Wow. You people are serious whiners.

    34. Marco on

      i really don't get some people, i-m a guy, loads of my friends are guys and we play as male and female characters as long as they look cool and have fun abilities who cares what sex they are!

    35. Vadim Deylgat

      I actually went from super excited to completely bummed in a matter of seconds when reading the update. I'm a huge Sons of Anarchy fan, so my first thought was that the characters where modeled after some SOA characters, but only Loki could be reference to Jax while indeed the others are more a link to Blood Rage (which I initially backed, but then dropped). It's still an okay add on, but nothing like the BBT cast in Zombicide...

    36. Becky Glenn

      I'd also like to chime in for more diversity. We ladies like the horror and brutality.

    37. Fernando Guizar Rojas on

      See, in theory I would want more female characters in the game, to have an equal ratio and so the ladies in my group can play as someone they identify with.

      But in practice, having actually seen the female characters made so far, I say no. Please no, no more of those. I'd rather have one hundred more male characters than one more embarrassment of a sex toy.

    38. Paulo - Reinhard von Lohengramm on

      People with their complains are Boring. You know you can paint with dark or white skin right? Or you can paint them blue and be avatar.. About women ratio, go to soda pop and their the ratio is the oposiite... Oh my god its depressing to read all these complains.. They gave you an americano indian, an indian indian, a chinese a japenese, nordics, africans, brazilian, italiana, scotish, slavs, and many more.. How much more diversity? I Dare you to give me a game with such diversity. Stop complaining. Enjoy the game.. Damn it..

    39. Willennium

      @Noitemies Me thinks a TROLL be present on the boards.

    40. Willennium

      @Troy you also forgot the Indian (India) in the Men of Faith box. Still, one Asian, one African, and one Indian does not diversity make. I'm excluding cat people/demon hybrids for the sake of this discussion.

      Primarily my hope is that the good folks (and I do appreciate their efforts) at CMON take note of these comments and work toward a better representation in future releases.

      Just thoughts though.

    41. Yossarian on

      Is it just me, or do the abilities for this faith team seem very overpowered compared to the rest?

    42. Chris Reaume

      Sons of Ragnarok made me think Sons of Anarchy. Ron Perlman as a bruiser!

    43. Gonzalo on

      This was a great suprise! Really dig the biker gang and viking mash-up. Since they are not part of FAITH, the box should include new Story Boards for the gang to further differentiate them.

    44. DevGuy on

      @MRiley QFT. I for one am happy to see optional buys that are, in fact, optional!

    45. Missing avatar

      Morten Brandt Jensen on

      This is a little tame. The idea is good, but there should be a greater resemblance to the old Norse gods and goddess in the background. Tyr and Thor should be more distinct (Tyr is representing war and while Thor is strength and victory). What is it with Fenris and Tyr, Tyr needs less hands - one lost to Fenris in a contest gone wrong.

      Also the 3D sculptor should Work more of the details of the weapons. Thor carries what looks like an M60 on the painting while the sculpt looks like an anonymous assault rifle. Meanwhile some of the assault rifles looks like FAMAS F1 but the 3D design looks unfinished.

      And Tyr again, he looks almost identical to Heimdall. Same hair, beard, rifle and they even carry the same axe. Poor sin player will get all confused.

    46. MRiley on

      Some people are just never happy with things they don't need to purchase XD

    47. Missing avatar

      Brandon McFarlane on

      I'm disappointed in this one. Obviously everyone has their own tastes, and the models look pretty cool, but they just don't do it for me. I can live without this add on. I guess I had higher hopes for the last day or so.

    48. antwan ragland on

      @troy "(and A black guy) LOL! ok you're right I really have nothing to complain about.. there's a black guy in that one box and three of the characters are girls.. nevermind, your head is a bird, my argument is invalid.

    49. Christopher Shorter on

      @Garlok Looks like most of the pictures are 3D renders, which usually indicates the master sculpts are still being worked on.