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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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Apocalypse... now!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hey Sinners!

Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast, For it is a human number, Its number is Six hundred and sixty six. And we have just reached it, unlocking for all backers the 6 Envy Abominations, as well as the Kickstarter Exclusive 7 Sins Dice Bag!

We still have one more Stretch Goal to fully unlock Envy!

And to celebrate this day of darkness, nothing more appropriate than to welcome the Apocalypse itself!

Art by Adrian Smith.
Art by Adrian Smith.

This is a very special Optional Buy we are making available now due to sheer backer excitement. This is something we had initially planned as a later release, but since every day there seemed to be about a dozen people demanding to see the four heralds of the apocalypse, we decided to push this forward and offer it to you guys!

The Apocalypse expansion offers players a whole new play mode, only for the very brave (or very crazy), including the huge and frighteningly detailed figures of War, Pestilence, Famine, Death, and Apocalypse itself! Here's all the Apocalypse Box contains:

  • 5 Big Figures
  • 4 New Tiles
  • 1 New Story Board
  • 1 New Apocalypse Track Board
  • 5 Monster Reference Cards
  • 12 new Upgrade Cards
  • 1 Rules and Maps Leaflet

Backers can get this Optional Buy for $40, and it will available at retail later on for an estimated MSRP of $50. But those who get this item during the Kickstarter campaign, will also get 2 Kickstarter Exclusive Heroes: Kwanita, the Bruiser, and Benoit, the Sniper!

The Avatars of Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence, by Adrian Smith.
The Avatars of Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence, by Adrian Smith.

Apocalypse represents the next stage in the Hell Club's scheme. They have opened the final gate, unleashing Apocalypse and its four Avatars onto our world. Haven will no longer be taken, it will be razed to the ground! Even the Hell Club is not foolish enough to stand where these entities roam, and have abandoned the city. It's FAITH's mission to stand against Apocalypse itself!

Apocalypse, by Adrian Smith.
Apocalypse, by Adrian Smith.

Apocalypse introduces its own Story Board, which revolves around the Sins Player attempt to obliterate Haven, employing the Avatars of Apocalypse. This Story Board is not part of any of the 3 story modes (Terror, Corruption, or Redemption), and is played, as usual, with any combination of Sin and Acolytes. There will be 6 different maps for this Story, mixing the 4 new tiles with the tiles from other sets: 2 basic maps using the core box tiles, 2 maps using the tiles from the Gamma and Delta boxes, and 2 maps using the tiles backers have unlocked as KS stretch goals.

This expansion introduces a brand new Apocalypse Track to the game. On this track, instead of drawing new Apocalypse cards as the track advances, new Avatars of the Apocalypse are  brought onto the board, eventually culminating with the appearance of Apocalypse itself!

Each of these huge monsters affect the game in a different way:


Master sculpt of the Avatar of Death.
Master sculpt of the Avatar of Death.

Death is not only a fearsome opponent in direct combat, but it also sows death wherever it roams. Any Hero caught next to it finds his life slowly draining away. Stay away from this reaper of lives, or you won't last long.


Master sculpt of the Avatar of Famine.
Master sculpt of the Avatar of Famine.

Famine drains the city of its resources, leaving heroes starving for aid. A District visited by Famine loses its ability to lend help to the heroes, who will have to look elsewhere for the resources they need.


Master sculpt of the Avatar of War.
Master sculpt of the Avatar of War.

War is not only a great warrior itself, but its a great commander for the forces of the apocalypse. Each monster joining it in a fight becomes fiercer and more dangerous. Don't let War amass an army, or you won't stand a chance.


Master sculpt of the Avatar of Pestilence.
Master sculpt of the Avatar of Pestilence.

Pestilence turns the city into a veritable pool of decay. Corruption tokens around it become more powerful, leading heroes quickly to their doom.


Master sculpt of Apocalypse.
Master sculpt of Apocalypse.

When Apocalypse shows up, the heroes will be hard pressed to hold their ground. This behemoth is surely a beast in combat, but even more insidiously, it is able to take temporary control of heroes, using them as monsters to attack their teammates!

Here's a scale comparison to give you an idea of how big the figures in this box are. Apocalypse is almost 50% taller than the Avatar of Pride! These amazing sculpts are by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois and Jason Hendricks.

Scale comparison of the figures.
Scale comparison of the figures.

The Apocalypse box contains 4 new City Tiles to set the stage for the final confrontation. These tiles connect the New City with the Old Town, featuring brand new locations. These include an opulent Opera House, a decaying Vehicle Graveyard, a bustling Chinatown market, and a creepy Amusement Park. We should be able to show you the artwork for all these tiles in the coming days.

The Amusement Park tile (unfinished)
The Amusement Park tile (unfinished)

With all these new terrors around, the heroes will need some extra aid. The Apocalypse box brings 12 more Upgrade cards to shuffle into your inventory deck, adding more firepower and different strategies for the heroes. There are 6 different cards, with 2 copies each, featuring things like a magic blade that becomes more powerful as the Apocalypse Track advances, armor that heals you when you wade into spaces full of fire or corruption, and holy books that reduce the power of Avatars.

As a special treat for those that get the Apocalypse box during the Kickstarter, we are adding two Kickstarter Exclusive heroes. These characters will not be part of the retail version of the Apocalypse box.

Benoit - Sniper

A brilliant mind, paired with a strong body, and amazing marksmanship. Benoit fires his rifle with mathematical accuracy. When he attacks, he may be able to heal wounds or corruption depending on his prediction of the shot's results.

Master sculpt of Benoit.
Master sculpt of Benoit.

Kwanita - Bruiser

A fierce and proud warrior, Kwanita can hold her own against any opponent. Never one to shy away from a fight, the taste of her own blood only gives her more rage in battle. The more wounds she takes, the more powerful her attacks become!

Master sculpt of Kwanita.
Master sculpt of Kwanita.

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the The Others: 7 Sins Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.



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    1. Sebastien Tanzi on

      Is it still possible to increase the pledge to get this box ?

    2. Dabiglulu on

      Hi there, any chance we see a pdf version of the rule book of this expansion?

    3. Missing avatar

      xiaotong zhang on

      who cantell me ,how can i get it?

    4. Lance Klindt on

      OK... OK... - SORRY,
      yes, just increase your pledge by the amount needed to cover your optional addons. Then you can later specifically identify these addons in the survey and pledge manager that cmon will eventually send out. That's when you'll also pay for shipping. The other alternative is to leave your pledge as is and just pay for optional addons and shipping through paypal when the pledge manager comes out.Hope the info helps!

    5. Lance Klindt on

      OK where do you add to your pledge? Apocalypse

    6. Missing avatar

      david mielcarek on

      If someone does not by the other expansions will there be alternatives suggested to replace the "2 maps using the tiles from the Gamma and Delta boxes"?

    7. Cyrano on

      @Matthew - i agree, i like the bodies caught up in the tentacles in the art like they are being absorbed, but do like the more dynamic look of the model .. the art looks a bit static. Great expansion though

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew Wells on

      Anyone else like the art for the avatar of the apocalypse more than the sculpt?

    9. Missing avatar

      Ben Sherman on

      Thanks a ton! @Manuel Joseph Ibanez III

    10. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      Actually, Conquest is the other name for Famine.

    11. Jam Ibañez

      @ben sherman: yes, just increase your pledge by the amount needed to cover your optional addons. Then you can later specifically identify these addons in the survey and pledge manager that cmon will eventually send out. That's when you'll also pay for shipping. The other alternative is to leave your pledge as is and just pay for optional addons and shipping through paypal when the pledge manager comes out.Hope the info helps!

    12. Missing avatar

      Ben Sherman on

      To add this to my pledge to I just increase it by 40 dollars and say that Id like it on the survey? im new to kickstarter and couldnt find anything to click when i tried to add this optional buy in the manage my pledge tab

    13. Kenna

      BWA HAHA! I'm going to yell "Jazz hands!" every time I thunk that monster down on the table!

    14. Missing avatar

      Alex Willey

      Awe inspiring miniatures, make no mistake. Love Death and Pestilence in particular. But the second I saw the Apocalypse mini I thought 'Jazz Hands!'

    15. wikiro on

      Yeah I know its a modern gay symbol and I have nothing against it. I just think Rainbows on a white shirt looks dumb. So I'll probably put it on his leg somewhere. Or put a reading Rainbow shirt on him.

    16. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      Now this is what I call a add-on! Amazing minis all round and ones I'd truly enjoy painting. Good thing my skills are up to par to produce a great finish to such models. I will be adding this to my pledge.

    17. Rand Chua TL on

      DAmm was thinking they would be horseman like miniature. LOL
      On their name
      The white rider is generally referred to as "Conquest". The name could also be construed as "Victory," per the translation found in the Jerusalem Bible (the Greek words are derived from the verb νικάω, to conquer or vanquish). He carries a bow, and wears a victor's crown.
      The rider has also been called "Pestilence", particularly in pop culture

    18. Missing avatar

      Geppetto_O on

      I really like this game and will buy everything, as I did with your previous products... but I have to make a negative criticism: the tiles are REALLY BAD!

      Warning, do not speak of the graphics of the buildings (those work), but the STREETS!
      There is not a shred of street furniture!! I do not know... benches, fire hydrants, street lamps... even scrap cars or corpses!!

      So far I have not mentioned the thing, but see the connection between old and new town WITHOUT the minimum criterion was really bad!
      Yet you are illustrators fantastic! It takes so little to make the tiles much more enjoyable... ok, I can understand the meaning of "desert roads", but also the empty streets are filled with furniture and road signs!! Then... that change of graphics between road and tiles... horrible!!

      Pardon the outburst, but for a quality product like this I expected more attention!

      You are however fantastic... I hope that the fundraising still grow a lot, I can not wait to see your new thumbnail... but inside of me I hope that you will change the graphics of roads... are unwatchable! ^^

    19. Strogar on

      would like to see how these look painted

    20. gel on

      @Jan - Based on the update, the Apoc box has 6 map configurations. 2 of those will need the core box. Then the next 2 will need the tiles from the Gamma/Delta boxes. I'm assuming 1 map for Gamma and 1 map for Delta. Then the last two maps will need the KS exclusive tiles we will be getting. So you can still play the Apocalypse story even if you just have the core box and not planning to buy the Gamma and Delta boxes. :)

    21. Jan Philip on

      Do I understand correctly that you will need the tiles from the Gamma and Delta Boxes to play the Apocolypse Story included in this optional buy?

    22. Cyrano on

      I hope these will fit on the city tile spaces ok....

    23. TyDeL

      I know what you mean, the extra game content with the Hero Packs are fantastic, but you have to remember, those are adding a bit of variance to the existing games, this set is an entirely new scenario. New rules, new obstacles, new baddies, new map. This is basically the end game scenario. I think it's a pretty big gaming boost for an extra 10 bucks over the hero packs.

      I don't feel much need to have 20+ characters to choose from, but dropping these beasts on the board? That's a dynamically different gaming experience.

    24. TyDeL

      I really hope to get my paint skills up because these are top notch looking "miniatures". I'd love to paint them up to near-show quality and display them when not using them. They're so good. I think if I didn't enjoy painting, I would probably pass on this for the Hero Packs... I'm just hoping to pick up a Hero box at retail at some point.

    25. TyDeL

      Yeah, the Apocalypse Avatar alone looks like a $20 miniature.

    26. Missing avatar

      Abraxas Video

      Damn it. I already have pledged more than I should, and now there's going to be another $40 to add >.<

      On a side note, Famine looks like he is badly in need of a diaper change...

    27. Kenna

      $40 for this is a STEAL, considering the size of those figures (not to mention the 2 free heroes). Even Reaper Bones that size run about $8-$10 each, and these definitely blow those out of the water. I really wanted the horsemen on horses, but these are fantastic so I will let that pass. :) Death alone absolutely blows me away!

    28. wikiro on

      I'll put it on his sash.

    29. wikiro on

      Yeah I know its a modern gay symbol and I have nothing against it. I just think Rainbows on a white shirt looks dumb. So I'll probably put it on his leg somewhere. Or put a reading Rainbow shirt on him.

    30. Sammy on

      The rainbow flag has been used for many causes & is generally a sign of freedom. But hey, a gay character is cool so make of it what you want!

      This set is a total must buy. Love the giant figures. The Native American girl is pretty funky looking & I dig zee sexy Frenchman.

      My pledge is now up to $200US!! That's like a million Aussie dollars!! :D

    31. NecroNuke9

      I like the Native American berserker.

    32. NecroNuke9

      Disturbing and Awesome! A must buy.

    33. Missing avatar


      @wikiro The rainbow is there because Benoit is possibly gay. That "dumb rainbow" is a gay pride symbol.

    34. Shayne Judkins

      @Jason I kind of agree with you. Maybe we are spoiled with the pricing of the main/core game and all the content it comes with (not to mention all the other CMON games, especially Zombicide Black Plague), but it certainly feels a bit "overpriced". Seems like there should be at least 10 new map tiles and 25-30 upgrade cards, but just my opinion. The quality of those models and size it outstanding! Maybe, that is the reason for the cost, because they are certainly HUGE. But, considering the cost of adding more cards and map tiles would be "minimal", it "seems" like there should be more of this.. Once again, just my opinion and I certainly have the right to NOT buy this add on (yeah, like that will happen, lol). ;)

    35. wikiro on

      I'd rather paint "Free" on his shirt. Randows just look dumb on shirts. Reading Rainbow shirt or maybe put the rainbow somewhere else.

    36. wikiro on

      @Jason do the "which box do would you rather hit in the head with" test and guage that way. More plastic more money.

    37. Nigel McNaughton on

      Maps tell you how to arrange the tiles.

    38. Jason on

      Very very nice looking figures there but I can't help but think, "how much?". $40 for 5 figures and a very small amount of other stuff.

      You get more stuff from the $30 hero boxes.

      I understand these figures are bigger but that's quite the asking price.

    39. Raptures Demise

      it says comes with Maps Leaflet, now I may just be silly but what does that mean?

    40. Renato "Merc with a Mouth" Lule on

      @Judgement Dave, I hope you know they do add a reminder to every update with an optional but letting you know how to add it. Obviously it doesn't work =P

    41. QuoteStar

      @magmlava I get how you feel, but I think not only are people more familiar with Pestilence through pop culture, Conquest as a concept might also be too close to War.

    42. Mary Death on

      Some great looking sculps, $40 is a lot of money for a add-on but is worth it.

    43. move over on

      Yeah, I was being hyperbolic. I just prefer Conquest because it implies a human created apocalypse as opposed to some outside force causing it with Pestilence.

    44. Chainbreaker on

      @magmlava: Interesting topic that. Actually, there are different interpretations of the first horseman (the one with the white horse). It is called conquest in some sources and pestilence in (the) others. Pop culture references usually prefer pestilence, probably because it is easier to portrait. Some bible translations mention plague/pestilence so I guess that interpretation isn't really wrong.

    45. Nigel McNaughton on

      Wow amazing stuff. This is going to be a beast to ship, I think given the shocks many of us got with Z:BP it's time to update the shipping estimates again.

    46. move over on

      Nooooooooooo....! Pestilence isn't a horseman of the apocalypse, it's Conquest!!!

    47. dafrca on

      Ok, fine, here is some more of my money. LOL

      Nice play on the four horsemen.

    48. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      My voices are at peace, for the End of Days is coming

    49. Rivsung

      The first image of Death had me sold. I so want these with a professional paint job.