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A Deep Space Horror board game with 50 amazing miniatures from Mike McVey!
A Deep Space Horror board game with 50 amazing miniatures from Mike McVey!
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4,278 backers pledged $951,254 to help bring this project to life.

She just needs to know where they are...

You rang for more characters?

Sergeant Ramirez is as tough as they come, and an ace with the Reaver support weapon! Laying down accurate and thunderous suppressing fire is a specialty.  Just don't talk back to the sarge! Enlist her for $10. Ships March 2013.  Available only on Kickstarter and as a convention promo.

If we hit this goal, it looks like Ramirez didn't quite detonate that grenade in time.  Get a free Strain version of Ramirez with every Ramirez!  Ships together with the Sarge in March 2013.


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    1. Eliazar de la Tierra on June 22, 2012

      Shouldn't you perhaps at the option and the stretch goal to the front page? I suppose it would attract more attention.

    2. MaxPuster
      on June 22, 2012

      Will that heavy weapon be optional (like it looks on the sketches)?

    3. Mike Kirkham-Ingram on June 22, 2012

      I would love to see an R.J.MacReady (Kurt Russell from the THING) figure, carrying a flamer with a big bushy beard!!

    4. Lucas Ray on June 22, 2012

      We might not see any Firefly or Riddik homage's until the expansion. Both seem to fit thematically with Firebrand rebellion and mercenaries. Not that I would mind being wrong.

    5. Vinsssounet on June 22, 2012

      Besides the most-def Firefly need, how about a little Battlestar Galactica ?
      Gaius or Tigh sounds nice !

      (actually, I was wondering if the Kara Black character wasn't some Kara Thrace homage...)

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Hansen on June 22, 2012

      Please make a Firefly homage! That would totally make my day

    7. David Manser on June 22, 2012

      Definitely need an MI (Solcom core directorship) type character.
      Hopefully "SCD Colonel Karl Johnson" can't communicate with the Strain - eeep

    8. Nick "Grand Vizier of Kilforth" Hughes on June 22, 2012

      How about a Colonel Carl Jenkins from Military Intelligence?

    9. judgedoug on June 21, 2012

      gordan freeman! the doom marine!

    10. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on June 21, 2012

      I like the concept of homage characters - I just hope they branch out from Aliens. I know we've had a Dead Space one, but with them doing more than just 1 Aliens homage, I get the feeling they don't plan on ending with just 2. Seeing as the Aliens homage doesn't do a whole lot for me...I kinda hope we see more than "Here's the crew from Aliens" over the next 100k+. I've gone $130 so far (Bio + scenery). I've given myself a cap of $150, so I'm waiting for 2 separate $10 offers, but so far, Aliens and Dead Space don't inspire me enough to part with more money.

    11. Pedwidge on June 21, 2012

      I'm really liking the Aliens homage and i totally agree with the Firefly homage, that would be awesome. Hudson would be cool, but agreed he would be a regular character, but Apone or Hicks for leadership, Drake with a heavy weapon, or Bishop as a fearless, non-infected would be some cool add ons.

    12. Avicenna on June 21, 2012

      Do you know what I like about Ramirez? That it is an homage, but it has really become more of an archetype over the years so it fits nicely with the universe. Anything too overly obvious may well put me off a little. The flip side is also that Hudson/Apone/Hicks would just be Samaritan troopers as they have nothing outwardly distinctive about them.

      Its a real balancing act finding the sweet-spot between cheesy and awesome, but I think Studio McVey are on the right side of that atm :)

    13. Gareth Johnson on June 21, 2012

      We need to save the Firefly crew Homage to the Firebrand Expansion. They'd fit it better with that.
      But as we are on the Aliens Homage (which I'm really excited about), Fielding just 2 Characters from the film just isn't on! We need a:

      Private Hudson "Its Game Over Man, Game Over. What the 'BLEEP' are we gona do now, whatarewe gona do now?"

      Sgt Apone "It's another glorious day in the Corps. A day in the Corps is like a day on the farm: Every meal's a banquet. Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation's a parade! I LOVE the Corps!."

      Corporal Hicks "All right. We take off. Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure"

    14. Scott Blair on June 21, 2012

      And Chuck Norris (amongst many others) was an add-on for Zombicide, and they went over well.

    15. Steve Kenniff on June 21, 2012

      But Guardsman Marbo IS in 40k.

      Clearly Rambo

    16. David B. on June 21, 2012

      @Reese Wade. "Walker Texas Ranger in Warmachine..."
      You sir, did not just go there...[icy stare]

    17. Mark Bisignano on June 21, 2012

      @Reese. Gotcha, missed your first post. And, yeah, both variants of the THI Utility Carapace look sweet. Here's hoping they get thrown in at a $410k goal or something.

    18. Reese on June 20, 2012

      Again my complaint is not the pay for the extra mini. Its that they are using the marketing tactic that worked in Zombicide of throwing in pop culture references, in this case Aliens characters. Im all for the extra mini hell I did it myself with Zombicide. Its that this game has its own world with its own characters, it should not have to borrow from another. There are Sedition Wars units already being produced that could be used instead of Aliens. Its like putting Rambo in 40k or Walker Texas Ranger in Warmachine. Also those are not in between stretch goals, those are stretch goals, and yes they do leave the people who do not buy the extra mini without that perk. Im not saying its wrong either, it is what it is but to assume that everyone wins is short sighted. Im sure just like at the end of Zombicide you will get an email from CmOn allowing you to add those extras to your total after the kickstarter.

    19. Mark Bisignano on June 20, 2012

      @Reese. Lawrence has noticed that starting around the pledge total of $170k, every other new stretch goal added a free item (mostly at the Biohazard level) ie Dice @ 170k, Scythe Witch and Brimstone @ 210k, painting tutorial @ 250k, etc. The In-Between stretch goals are the "pay for the extra mini" variety, @ 190, 240, 330. So as people increase their pledges to buy Dr. Riley, Mr. Banks, the overall pledge total rises bringing it closer to the subsequent goal which has been including the "freebie" to the Biohazard pledges if the trend holds true. Seems like a pretty fair mix of paying for extras and having them added in for no additional pledge.

    20. David Lee Seymour on June 20, 2012

      Awesomeness!! She DEfinitely NEEDS to be crouched more to carry that weapon and recoil tho and an angry screaming face wouldn't hurt =)
      On a side note:
      R I D D I C K

      Hell yeahz he'd fit in pefectly, just think back to pitch black & we could easily fit a convict into a cryotube, no? ...Jus say'n ^ ^

    21. Charles Davies on June 20, 2012

      *Heavyer, not higher. God I need sleep.

    22. Charles Davies on June 20, 2012

      Like it, needs to look like what she's carrying is higher. But yeh, I like it.

    23. Biomage on June 20, 2012

      I love the Aliens "knock offs"! Keep 'em coming.

    24. Reese on June 20, 2012

      @ Lawrence Yes I know they are extras, Im sure everyone does since they are clearly stated as such. No those of us who do not get them will not get anything extra, as those stretch goals only apply to those who bought the alien knock offs. I would much rather get some of the other models already being produced for the sedition wars line such as the THI Utility carapace. Personally I feel more people would be apt to purchase these extras as opposed to the Aliens characters. As it is when the next stretch is announced and its just another knock off I just try to ignore this until the next goal.

    25. Missing avatar

      jsur on June 20, 2012

      Guns looks cool, but the fun platform needs more work. The pose don't look convincing. Mike needs to go back and re-watch alien 2 and see how Vasquez carries a hvy load

    26. Jacob Stauttener on June 20, 2012

      I backed this game because it looks similar to an X-Com skirmish game in a board game. That is combining my 3 favorite things into one product. I would love to see another tank / drone as a stretch goal with a different weapon built onto it. Perhaps a drone with treads and a rocket launcher. :)

    27. Haegemon on June 20, 2012

      Agreed on the pose for not-Vasquez.
      If the face was changed from the more plain pose to when she's yelling "Let's Rock" during the initial attack, it'd help bring her up towards the must-buy of not-Ripley and not-Issac

    28. me_in_japan on June 20, 2012

      I'm liking the not-Vasquez mini, and the gun in particular is lovely (I know the same gun is in the box, but its still nice.) I was just wondering - as it stands she's a bit static looking. Will the final sculpt be a bit more dynamic? The pose that comes to mind is the iconic Vasquez, knees bent, braced for recoil pose. I'm maybe not describing it very well - here's an example of a mini (made by a certain Other Company, painted by me, actually.) Anyway - this pose:

    29. Missing avatar

      Samuel Punzel on June 20, 2012

      Just when I thought I spent enough money this comes along..... What's $10 more, right? You know we have all these marines, but there has to be a flight crew to pilot the ship to get these marines to where they need to go. And that crew could be lead by a Captain William "Bill" Adama perhaps? So maybe if there's enough time we could see him as a stretch goal?

    30. Lawrence "Saker" Collins
      on June 20, 2012

      For the folks who don't like this or that extra figure---they're EXTRAs. You don't need them. But guess what: they help you. Many people do like them, and when they up their pledge to get Ramirez or Ridley or whatever, that increases the pledge total . . . and triggers FREE stretch goal add ons for you. So YOU get more FREE stuff for no extra money, and the rest of us get EXTRA stuff that we love for a very reasonable price.

      Get it?

    31. Nick "Grand Vizier of Kilforth" Hughes on June 20, 2012

      @Ropya well said I've bit my tongue (figuratively) to not reply to some of the comments that seem to be along the lines of entitlement re: stretch goals. You don't like don't buy.

      that said Aliens characters seem to be the perfect fit. Colonial Marines on another "bughunt" sounds very like Vanguard on a mission to an infested ship. We all have our favourite SF characters we'd like to see and ones we wouldn't (personally wouldn't rush out to buy a Riddick)

      @jesse I think the other figures were offered well past the initial target being reached and were just a bonus I haven't checked but I'd also suggest that they are limited to KS and Cons. Also you assume that the $30k stretch is all people picking up the model to get the strain when it covers new backers and all the other add ons that have costs etc

    32. Simon Ellison on June 20, 2012

      Jayne or Mal from Firefly, now or in a future expansion, would definitely separate me from more cash. My wallet quakes at the prospect of this...

    33. André on June 20, 2012

      Normally you ask a retailer to sign a contract that says: I will not sell below a certain price, else I will have to pay a fine or will not get delivered any more products.

      Mainly this is done to protect smaller retailers that cannot compete with the bulk sellers. Also it helps not to devaluate your product. Ask the hifi-industry how they managed to nearly destroy themselves by devaluating their products (Answer is: By giving the customer the impression that their products are not worth anithing anymore).

    34. troy on June 20, 2012

      @Ropya hey man! remember me from the zombicide KS. i was saying the same stuff as you there. and getting death threats from other posters. i feel you man.

      that is why i haven't been posting or really reading any comments this time around.

    35. troy on June 20, 2012

      Riddick would be awesome too

    36. Mahrdol on June 20, 2012

      Studio McVey has resin Strain on the web site. I would be interested in a comparison between the resin models and the plastic models.

    37. Biomage on June 20, 2012

      Browncoats are more fitting for the Firebrand expansion.

    38. NickK on June 20, 2012

      +1 for a Firefly homage character. Jane or Mal would be AWESOME!

    39. Frederik Vezina
      on June 20, 2012

      Ouch! I may very well need three of this one...

      As for Daniel's original question, "Space Marines vs. Infectious Aliens" is a rather more narrow genre than most of you seem to think, and recent video game properties are a lot more risky for homages than decades-old movies (be they among the best movies ever).

      I'd love to get Michael Ironside's Lt. Rasczak from Starship Troopers.

      Keegan: Don't I recall a resin strain at some point? Or was it just an alternate sculpt?

      And yeah, entitlement runs deep with some people. Every stretch goal should make at least some pledgers happy, and none of them should take away from other pledgers - aside from that, really, of course you're not going to like every singe one of them. Then again, some of you will. But no matter how bad, you'll never end up with less of a game than what you originally pledged for.

    40. Lawrence "Saker" Collins
      on June 20, 2012

      "LET'S ROCK!!!!"

      And for the next special promo---well, let's just say the Terrain Pack should include a Police Call Box.

    41. Keegan Fink
      on June 20, 2012

      @ARI: All of the promo figures will be tooled in the same plastic as the rest of the regular miniatures. The *only* mini that will appear in resin is the special edition Kara Black, shown wearing a helmet on the main product page. All others will be in plastic, as will the Terrain Pack.

    42. John "Procrastinator General" Sisk on June 20, 2012

      I think a Commander Sherpard, from Mass Effect, would make a terrific Vangaurd officer, myself!

      My budget only lets me pledge $150, and I am amazed and overjoyed by how much extra stuff I will be getting for my very small percentage of the total fund. But it dismays me how many people complain and critique the stretch goal bonuses. The way I see it, I was happy with what was offered at the time I pledged, if it wasnt good enough, I wouldnt have done it! Everything since then has been pure gravy! I dont mind forking over a little more for a special model, its not reasonable to sit back expect everything new to be free.

    43. Buzzsaw on June 20, 2012

      Quick question: the additional figures (Riddley, Niven and Ramirez), what will they be, resin?

    44. Shoogoo on June 20, 2012

      Samus Aran YES!

    45. KZ (KingZombie)
      on June 20, 2012

      I agree...any of the characters from Firefly would totally fit right in! Jayne would be cool... but so would Shepard or Mal. So many choices......

    46. Humanoid Typhoon on June 20, 2012

      I would be all over a Samus figure!

    47. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on June 20, 2012

      Still holding out for a Metroid homage :) (I doubt that's likely though, as Samus has a pretty unique look, and Nintendo might be anal about seeing a homage to her without their direct involvement).

      Even so, if Bounty Hunters is the 4th faction, it might make more sense to wait until then, considering she is a Bounty Hunter.

    48. Keegan Fink
      on June 20, 2012

      @Jesse: Make sure to registered for a Boardgamegeek account (BGG), and then visit the sedition wars page and mark yourself as a "fan"