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Two pirate crews engage in fierce battle for Davy Jones' treasure in this miniatures board game for 2 to 6 players.
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Stretch Goal Reached! Gameplay Video Uploaded!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Mateys, we've hit our $200,000 goal, meaning Slevin the Lucky has been unlocked and added to the crews of all backers! Yarg!

Not only that, but we also just finished uploading our Rum and Bones Gameplay video! Double Yarg! Check it out here:

Please keep in mind that all components in the video are still in prototype form and far from the quality of the final product (where quality cards and thick cardboard tiles will abound!)

Of course, now that we've hit 200K, I'm sure you're all wondering what our next goal will be!

Well in all fairness to the Bone Devils, we couldn't unlock another Hero for the Wellsport and not take care of them as well!

Meet our $225,000 stretch goal, Mr. Smith, Bone Devils Gunner! Triple Yarg!!!

We're nearing the end of our first week, Mateys, and there is still a sea of booty to be plundered out there! Let's go and find it! QuadraYarg!!!

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    1. Eli Butcher on

      @ClanNatioy, I liked the idea of playing as many cards as you can with no card cost, then refilling. It helps to make the game just a bit more unpredictable, especially during a 2 player game when you're only playing with 3 heroes. Plus, with both sides using this mechanic, both sides are pretty over powered. In my opinion, it just pushes both players to be aggressive with their actions, and that keeps the game interesting. Regarding the cannon fodder Deckhands, it seems to me like their purpose is to do 3 things, give a unique mechanic to obtain currency for actions (the more you attack and use the currency, the more you get), to help create a buffer for objective points, making it a bit more difficult for the opposition to obtain, to create more movement on the board so there seems like there's more going on, and to just look cool. It's almost like the Deckhands are a sort of resource management mechanic. Easy kills, that are beneficial if you kill them, but can chip away at your health if you leave them be.

    2. Eli Butcher on

      So how many characters can you have in a space? Some of the time it seems like 4, others times, it looks like they're putting 4 Deckhands, but then another figure, and on the planked bridges it looks like their fitting 6 or more. What are the actual rules regarding this?

    3. Frank Wisnes

      How does the game play with 3-6 players? Reading about it and watching it played really makes it seem like a 2-player game.

    4. euansmith

      Is there a gunner with the ability to take over the enemy deckgun?

      Lens flare :D

    5. euansmith

      Terry needs to be turned into a pirate figure :D

    6. Coralline Algae on

      I like that the cards are free. It really does keep the game play focused tightly on the heroes. The balance was beautiful at a couple of points in the demo game. At a few points several cards were played to attack but the other player had defense cards to counter them and thwart the attack. It all seems fast, furious, and fun! I LOVE how the brutes are so scary to attack. Without strong FREE cards they would be impossible to face.

      Pirates fight down and dirty, they use tricks at every opportunity, and they rely on reckless abandon and luck. The free card system helps keep that intense spirit alive while building fear of a kraken attack. Pretty damn brilliant!

    7. Missing avatar

      Mikael Astrom on

      Great choice of model!!

    8. ClanNatioy on

      The Kraken doesn't really seem to be a negative though. Just something you have to take into consideration as more symbols get added. The Kraken can even be beneficial for you to get out depending on placement, if I remember correctly he just goes after each hero within 2 spaces not caring about any kraken symbols at this point.

      Maybe if there was no Kraken token added to the board, maybe if when the Kraken did "come out" one hero (either at random or chosen by the opponent) on the team that has the most Kraken symbols is attacked with the severity of the attack determined by the difference in symbols of the two opposing factions (the greater the difference the stronger the attack). This way there is always a negative effect to playing the stronger Kraken cards.

    9. CMON 36-time creator on

      Actually back in the early days the cards *did* have a Coin cost to play, and yes, they were quite low, 1-2 or so... The issue is that we began to see people holding Heroes back as mere Card Jockeys- not using their abilities at all, just using them as a repository bank to play the Tide Cards, and that went against our intention of having the Heroes be mega-awesome.

      So, after much testing, the cost was removed, the better cards toned down a bit, and the Kraken cost added in- Sure, you can play all the cards you want, but the super ones are going to give you Kraken symbols, which means he's going to come out and eat you.

    10. ClanNatioy on

      The video was enlightening. It was kind of annoying listening to the undead player who rolled average complain every time he got a below average roll.

      I was surprised at how little the crews did. Seemed like they just provided lots of gold to the opponent. I wonder what it would be like if you could chose not to spawn crew and if you had the choice would it be better not to spawn them?

      The card play was odd. Being able to play as many cards that applied at no cost then drawing back up to full doesn't seem as interesting if their was a cost or hand management to the cards. The cards can be quite powerful too and if some one draws a lot that apply to the current game state he is in quite a position to tear people up or avoid a tearing up.

      Maybe if there was a 1 coin cost to playing cards. The hero that uses the card pays the coin but if the card doesn't apply to a hero then any hero can pay the cost. could open up new abilities too. Or make is so you only draw 1 card at the end of each turn so you can't just play 3 or 4 awesome cards in a turn and then draw a new hand of 3 to 4 cards.

    11. CMON 36-time creator on

      Hur Hur Hurrrrr ;P

      I'll get him next time...


    12. Coralline Algae on

      Michael (from the video) should be a diving instructor. He's an expert at getting people in the water. lol

    13. Coralline Algae on

      This video was so great! When the sea dragon got eaten... oh man!

    14. Philipp Ottensamer

      Wow, didn't know Gary Busey played board games. :D

    15. Scott on

      It's funny. I like the model sculpt better than the illustration for this one.