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Pirate crews clash in swashbuckling battle for Davy Jones' treasure in this revamped miniatures board game for 2 to 6 players.
Pirate crews clash in swashbuckling battle for Davy Jones' treasure in this revamped miniatures board game for 2 to 6 players.
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    1. Andreas Bäsken on

      Sorry, but found one more typo.
      On Pineapples card its Blutraurch

    2. Missing avatar


      @CMON_Michael Shinall

      Ah ok, it makes sense then, forgot you could only make the solidshot once otherwise.

    3. Pierre on

      @CMoN_Michael: please at least tell us when we'll have some update on the various possible layouts with this faction

    4. LamarrsAnomaly on

      Looks like a great expansion. Just need to address the Captain Highbrow "management" typo on the character ID card.

    5. Old Hunter Michael Collaborator on

      Also noting Ridgeback's Lv. 2 Tumbling Assault should hit on a 3+, not 4+ as it shows.

    6. Old Hunter Michael Collaborator on

      Solid Shot is not a Basic Attack, meaning you can only use it once per activation. So if you want the potential to deal 8 damage with it, you'll need to Aim(+1 Die).

    7. Tristan Whitley on

      @Parlik I think it's the whole Risk/Reward... you could get 2 dice that do 3/4 damage :-)

    8. Missing avatar


      If I read the aim text on cannonface correctly, he can spend one of his remaining actions (if he have any) on getting +1 die or reroll misses?
      If this is the case why would I ever want to pick +1 die? Seems at least as good or in most cases better to spend that action on getting a full attack.

    9. Trex on

      and I thought I was going to have to make custom orcs for this game. This is sweet. Also, on to the question that I got from hearing that in Rum and bones one the backers got some kind of custom template to make their own heroes, any chance that will return in this kickstarter?

    10. Jurriaan Ruitenberg on

      @Carsten Gaschler or blood rage ...

    11. Missing avatar


      This is what I was hoping to get from this campaign. More fantasy and less plain human crews.

    12. Charlie Arnold on

      I know when it says roll a dice it means a D6 (and im not saying it badly worded) but I will have to make the joke where I activate that ability, pull out the D30 from Formula D pre placed in my pocket and roll that for potentially 30 extra dice :P

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam83 on

      I absolutely hate orcs, hate them in the GW universe and in other games as well. I would never even consider buying them to paint. However these guys... even an avid orc hater has to say these guys beat the snot out of anything else we've seen and i cant wait to get the green paint onto these bad boys!

    14. Kenna

      I just don't know how I feel about these guys. Will have to think it over hard this time.

    15. The Collector on

      @Morten Brandt Jen it says he's an Ogre.

    16. Missing avatar

      Aleksander P on

      Is The Blutrausch Legion compatible with the first edition Rum & Bones or there is the core box from R&B: Second Tide needed?

    17. Lars on

      OMG Blutrausch Orcs! I'm insanely excited about this one. Well done.

    18. Missing avatar

      Morten Brandt Jensen on

      Well done CMoN, I am convinced by the piratey orcs.

      Is Blubber Clubber an ogre or a troll? He is a big troll, he can regenerate and he is an ogre-blood? I get confused.

    19. Greg Krywusha

      Orcs? I have enough of them in other games. Although it looks great, it's pricey and...orcs. I'll pass on this one.

    20. Missing avatar

      Zach grizzell on

      This expansion does give the mercs another boat and tide deck option which is always a plus.

    21. Missing avatar


      Was Ridgeback's to-hit number on Tumbling Assault meant to increase from 3+ at lvl 1 to 4+ at lvl 2?

      Pineapple's basic attack Trophy Hunting has interesting scaling. Here's my really basic thinking, converting average # of re-rolls on misses to an expected number of additional dice:
      Lvl 1 dice rolled at increasing VP: 3, 3, 3, 5, 5.0, 5.0, 7, 7.
      Lvl 2 dice rolled at increasing VP: 3, 3, 5, 5, 6.7, 6.7, 8, 8.

      There's an odd case at 3 VP where the lvl 1 attack can get five hits while the upgraded lvl 2 attack can only get four hits, same story at 6 and 7 VP. The level 1 actually seems good enough to invest in the two other attacks first before upgrading the basic attack.

    22. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      Once again, not an Orc pirate fan, and with the price increase its an easy no for me. Crocodile crew or even lizards I would get, but not orcs.

      Very well crafted, and I even like the one with the big club, but not my thing... However that new Croc SG is just truly awesome! So much I am happy for in this campaign and the artwork and painting is stunning. Watched full game play videos and I am super excited to play them now! Wow!

      Really hoping for a third bundle with ship (crew) as I am skipping this one, that way I can still have 4 full crews :D

    23. Beowulf

      The Legion demands its own dice!

    24. Agreave (A new wardrobe IS required) on

      Meh-orcs, hate them in 40k, KoW and now this! :/

    25. Kobi

      in german Blutrausch=bloodlust

    26. Joseph A. McLemore on

      You're killin' me, CMON. I guess the kids won't need college...

    27. Impact! Miniatures on

      So I've picked up all the add-ons so far. But seriously ... if this keeps up I won't be able to afford it and will just have to cancel my pledge. Not a threat ... just the add-ons are getting seriously expensive. I like the game a lot but this is killing the pocketbook.

    28. Sjeng [] on

      Looks like they meant Blutrausch, but they forgot the s in the update text. Check the box.

    29. Pierre on

      @CMoN: what is the layout of those ships against the others (1 ship: deep lords, 2 ships: marea and 3: mazu)?

      Also: still no info on the marea vs brise? Don't seem to be able to get an answer on that one:/

    30. justin martin on

      wow, can not wait for this... loved the first one, this campaign is looking even better

    31. PrinzDan on

      Blutrauch, nice neologism. Or is it actually "Blutrache"?:D

    32. Dean F. Wilson

      Upped my pledge. Oh dear.

    33. Dean F. Wilson

      I'm assuming it's Blutrausch/Bloodlust

    34. Skeffington on

      So Blutrauch=Bloodsmoke or Blutrausch=Bloodlust?

    35. Ken Lo on

      Is there any rules in the work for 1v1v1 factions?
      like 3 free for all?

    36. Angelripper on

      Ah ok. Size is the price^^.

    37. Angelripper on

      Why is it not the same price as the other crew addon?

    38. Luis Turina Serrano on

      Take my money and run with it...