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Pirate crews clash in swashbuckling battle for Davy Jones' treasure in this revamped miniatures board game for 2 to 6 players.
Pirate crews clash in swashbuckling battle for Davy Jones' treasure in this revamped miniatures board game for 2 to 6 players.
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The Elder Has Been Unlocked! It Gets So Lonely Being Evil...

Posted by CMON (Creator)

The Elder Below brings a very unique set of powers to the table. Once he's suffered enough damage, all bets are off, and The Elder is done "playing", becoming an immense threat to Heroes around him.

Meanwhile, with his second skill, no Hero is beyond the reach of madness- assuming you're willing to pay the cost.

And lastly, his trademark ability showcases that The Elder Below is unknown to death. Assuming the skill is charged up, KO'ing the Elder will have no effect, as he will just return from whence he came... worse yet, he'll return with 8 damage, meaning he will come back unleashing his full might!

But all is not grim and lost, mateys, oh no... From Parts Unknown we see a new figure rise in the distance!

We're proud to announce a cross-in with none-other than the great Aurelio Voltaire himself, Gothic Musician Extraordinaire, included in the game as a MERCENARY CAPTAIN!

We decided to include Mr. Voltaire as his special breed of gothic cabaret just called to us as some great background music.

Here are some songs we felt can enhance your pirate adventures:

The Beast of Pirate's Bay

Captain's All

To The Bottom of the Sea

When You're Evil

And of course you can check out more of his works over at Lair of Voltaire!


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    1. Missing avatar

      David Bigelow on

      @Craig Thanks I didn't realize that

    2. CMON_Bryan on

      Has anyone shared this update to his fans (maybe Twitter?) yet? I bet they might want to know about it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Caiaphas on

      @Trienco: Try the "inventors"/godfathers of pirate metal: Running Wild. I would recommend older albums like "Pile of Skulls"

    4. Craig Kearns on

      ADavid it says 4 health not 4 damage.

    5. Missing avatar

      David Bigelow on

      I dont know if this is just a typo on the card or a typo in the description of "the Master" because they say " worse yet, he'll return with 8 damage, meaning he will come back unleashing his full might!" but the reaction ability only says he comes on the board with 4 damage.

    6. Dean F. Wilson

      I've loved Voltaire's music for many years. Wonderful addition :)

    7. Missing avatar


      Oh, more potential music for the game. Guess it won't just have to be Alestorm then (though considering all the fighting and general craziness of the game, pirate metal is just a nice match). Any other pirate themed bands/musicians? Maybe enough for an entire crew...

    8. Max Maloney on

      He doesn't seem overpowered to me. His basic attack is so inaccurate that he won't easily accumulate large amounts of gold, making his more powerful special attack difficult to unlock.

    9. Kyle Dalrymple

      Agreed. The rule book could really use some sort of clarification section. This isn't the first ability that is ambiguously worded. Better yet, they could just give the wording of said abilities another pass to make them more clear, but maybe they don't have enough space for that wording.

    10. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      After Cthulhu, Voltaire!? Oooooooh YES! Bring out the grog!

    11. Craig Kearns on

      @Kyle this is a problem from season one about 'attack all' abilities. Given the wording on the new Kracken card for its group attack which states to 'roll the dice and apply to all zones' I'd say you roll for each hero for Whispers of Madness. But bet I could be wrong. Would love for Michael or cmon to clarify better, or beter yet make sure the clarification is in the rule book this time.

    12. Kyle Dalrymple

      Does Whispers of Madness hit every enemy hero on the board or only one at any range? If I roll 2 hits, do all 3 enemy heroes take 2 damage and then I heal for 6? Do I roll the attack individually against each enemy hero in turn, hitting one twice, the next once, etc? This one can be interpreted multiple ways, but each way seems really rough regardless.

    13. Pit on

      amazing - we found the the man upstairs!

    14. Inustar on

      Yes! Voltaire is one of my BF's favourite musicians. He'll love this.

    15. Missing avatar

      Burger Bob

      Wow, that Cthulhu dude, is going to wreck face. I'm almost wondering why you would even bother with any of the other Bruisers with this guy around.

    16. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      Holy crap the elder is sooo powerful. I can see myself and friends having so much playing this!

    17. Lance on

      also repetition on the second upgraded card: "... you may MAY roll..."

    18. Lance on

      AH NAILED IT! Prediction was correct it seems! :P