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A new miniatures RTS inspired boardgame. Walking tanks, crazy artillery and cool characters battle in the trenches!
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Factory visit and prototype assembled units!

Posted by CMON (Creator)
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The core game is well under way, and the assembled units are looking very fine indeed.

The damage markers are specced so that if you pick up the model and shake, they won't come off.


P.S. We're aware that the Blight cavalry character is in the wrong color.

  • Image 328870 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 328871 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 328872 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 328873 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 328874 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 328875 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 328876 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 328877 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 328878 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 328879 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
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    1. Daniel Nóbrega on

      Fantastic. I'll need a bigger table to play this game.

    2. Niranth on

      I have been counting down the days since I played at Gen Con. I can't remember having this much anticipatory excitement since I was eight and waiting to open up Christmas presents!!

    3. R2D2 on

      @ Neil Ardron - D'oh!!!

      I didnt even realise that when I made my "joke" ;o)

    4. John Drinkwater on

      Will the bases end up matching the figure color ?

    5. Eli Butcher on

      These figures look insanely awesome! I can't wait to see all the extra figures and expansions! BUT I'm seriously psyched about this core set looking as great as it does. You guys have completely outdone yourselves!

    6. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      The miniatures look better than expected.
      I really wish the game was here.
      Looking really forward to play it

    7. Steve R. Bullock on

      Once in a while a Kickstarter surpasses all expectation... THIS IS ONE OF THEM!
      Great looking items! The bases are brown because the ground tiles are brown - good idea. I will pretty mine up with some terrain and grass. And the green and the grey figure colors are right on, as well.
      This is one super game heading out way!

    8. John Sheffield on

      I think I ask this on every CMoN Kickstarter :) What kind of plastic is being used for the units? It's probably been mentioned but I missed it.

    9. Jared Bond

      Would love to paint those bases separately...... :)

    10. Pedro Benitez on

      Hey if y'all don't mind just ship me those and deduct from whats owed,LOL!

    11. Harvie on

      Actually, looks like there are notches on the back of infantry, just really hard to see them from the pictures.

    12. Harvie on

      Looks great, I was expecting notches on the infantry base as well incase condition markers were added to the game at a later date.

      Can't wait to play.

    13. Highlord Tamburlaine, Luxurious Reptile

      Looks neat. What are those other markers there besides the damage ones? I don't recognize them.

      Will we get to clip those damage markers off the sprue?

      Is that going to be the final color for the bases, or will they match the unit? My daughter said they look like they're standing on pop tarts...

    14. David Wolf on

      Yeah I agree with Neil the cavalry unit appears to be an Allied unit not Blight so you want to make sure before final production starts

    15. Neil Ardron on

      Errr, check your front page the Blight cavalry guy is actually an Allied hero so better leave him the colour he is

    16. Wind Lane on

      ...can I have those?

      Seriously beautiful looking stuff. Can't wait to get mine!

    17. R2D2 on

      And that Rivet Wars Bender is brilliant!!! ;o) Bite my shiny metal **s!!!

    18. VonBlackheim on

      Use nail clippers to get pieces off the sprues and to clean up models. The more difficult stuff will need an exacto knife.

    19. R2D2 on

      Everything looks so shiny!

      But why is the Blight cavalry in wrong colour? ;o)

      Also why the Blight tank commander is suckin a pacifier? LOL

      Cant wait to get these in my hands and on to the table!!!
      Thanks for the update.

    20. Kreation on

      These look great!! How hard will they be to take off the base for painting? I've destroyed more SDE bases than I'd like to mention trying to get bases off for priming and painting. LOL :(

      Any tips are welcome; thanks.

    21. Sean Eddingfield on

      Hey Craig M Brooks

      Check Update 54, the creator mentions that he won't be done production until October and ship, he hopes, sometime in November. With all of the additional pieces not included in the core game shipping with the Battle of Briton in Q1 2014.

    22. Craig M Brooks on

      The detail is better than I thought. Awesome job! A very exciting day for sure. Are you still on track to deliver this month?

    23. Michael Martin on

      Looks outstanding! When can we expect to get it?

    24. Rameses on

      Thanks for sharing Ted!
      Seriously you must feel proud and honored to see this dream coming together like this.
      Thanks again for sharing your dream with us fellow gamers!

    25. S Buntenbach

      great news- the small parts look like conctor from playmobil kidtoys :)-
      one question : in the orginal Survey the Special infantry lost- i order a second normal an hope that we can deal it- i make a notice in the Survey- is this the right way?

    26. Agusky on

      Totally Epic ! i'm so glad to see this project more and more vivid by the time ! What are the spiky round shaped tokens for ?
      I'm so impatient to assemble and paint all that !

    27. Jeff Racel on

      Absolutely fantastic looking! Those look far better than I was expecting. Great job Ted and CMoN!