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Clans must use politics, strength and honor to rule the land in this board game with amazing miniatures set in legendary feudal Japan.
Clans must use politics, strength and honor to rule the land in this board game with amazing miniatures set in legendary feudal Japan.
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Art of War - The Rising Sun Art Book!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Konnichiwa, honorable backers.

After the weekend, we're creeping close to our next Stretch Goal:


To start this final week on the right note, we have one more Optional Buy for you. This is something the backers have been requesting since the start of the campaign, and you knew there was no way we would not offer this:

For $25 this Optional Buy brings backers The Art of Rising Sun book! Containing all the amazing art created by Adrian Smith for the game (including expansions and promos), this hardcover book is estimated to contain about 70 pages of stunning full color artwork! Throughout the campaign you've seen several examples of the Rising Sun artwork, so you know this will be one gorgeous art book. Please note that while this is not an exclusive, it will be a Limited Edition production run. When we run out, it's over. So if you're a fan of Adrian's work, make sure to guarantee your copy.

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Rising Sun Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add $25 to your pledge. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

Strength and honor!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Linton Hughes on

      +Torgo If you want to learn how to paint minis - I strongly recommend Sorastro's Painting on Youtube ... I hope he will start a series to paint these minis - but even if he doesn't his work on Blood Rage and Zombicide has improved my painting ability immensely. I will buy this book simply to make painting the minis easier for me. Also this guy… He is painting the box art for CMoN

    2. Casey Pierson on

      Purchasing the art book because I'm not well versed in traditional Japanese art\painting\color theory. Cannot wait to start paying these.

    3. Ryan Jarrell on

      Any thoughts on releasing it digitally after the physicals are gone?

    4. Jarrett Roberts on

      So geeked out about this, the figures are awesome... The daikaiju figure is what put this over the top as my favorite campaign on Kickstarter. I am getting multiple copies for myself and niece who is studying Japanese and art in college. I love the detail and attention to Japanese folklore being a complete Japanophile, adding the artbook was the crowning touch. Five days to go and excited what other stretch goals we may make! :)

    5. King Torgo on

      Probably a pipe dream, but as a novice painter, I'd love to see a guide that walks through how to paint these minis. Mine would look like crud if I tried it on my own.

    6. WKDFROG on

      Sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but I couldn't see it if it was: As this is a Limited run is it guaranteed if you add the $25 to your pledge you will be guaranteed the option to buy one in the pledge manager? If not, can you withdraw your $25 after the pledge manager opens? Thanks

    7. Missing avatar

      Vladimir Nikolić on

      Sorry if this is somewhat off topic, but what do you people thing about the possibility of a second kickstarter exclusive/optional buy clan (by this I don't mean the "Dinasty expansion" thingy) or somehting that adds to existing clans, like the Mystics of Midgard did for Blood Rage?

    8. Pawel on

      Artbook for Blood Rage was absolutely stunning.

      Artbook for The Others not only was stunning, it also had great stories from the game world within.

      It is must have for me!

    9. Reinhard Vanclee on

      Just pledged for the Art Book alone, can't wait for it!!

    10. Daniel Legault on

      Thanks for burying legitimate questions under pointless "pass" comments literally no one cares about.

      Will the art book contain lore and history text, early or not included concept art and or painting guides.

    11. Daniel Legault on

      Thanks for burying legitimate questions under pointless "pass" comments literally no one cares about.

      Will the art book contain lore and history text, early or not included concept art and or painting guides.

    12. CVO on

      Will this include the art from the expansion or just the base game?

    13. Cuban Nerd on

      Can you reduce the huge titles with the numbers at the bottom? The size is killing me. It's too distracting and prominent unless the dimensions of the artbook are smaller than what I'm envisioning. Reducing or removing the name would help to the composition of the pages. Also, reducing the amount of text and add some sketches and concepts would be great. Thank you.

    14. Akira on

      i think an Adrian Smith Lithograph portfolio would have been better based on the layout shown

    15. ionas on

      Great stuff! Love that it is cosmetic and exclusive!

    16. ionas on

      Great stuff!

    17. Davi Rosa on

      I would rather pick rhis up than the expansion

    18. Damien Mason on

      I'm hoping there's some sketches and the like in here too. If you could include some of the painted minis from the previous updates as well that would be even better :)

    19. Paint'Riot Studio

      any change change size to A4 ? not really fan of the A3 size :/
      the first artbook on blood rage is really the best for me !

    20. Mercurius on

      I regret not getting the art book for The Others because it contains all the flavor text and plot details, which I feel would make the game more compelling. I'd like to know if this artbook is similar.

    21. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      @Will You can add as much or as little as you wan't to your pledge amount now (even 1 dollar is enough). Then when the pledge manager comes after campaign you pick what you want, subtract pledged amount and pay any difference + shipping. So even if you dont increase our pledge now you can still get the art book later but advantage of doing it now is that it hepls reach the strech goals.

    22. Daniel Legault on

      Will this feature just the released art in the game or also concepts that didn't make it in? As for the text, does it include game/historical mythological lore?

    23. Benjamin Kubczak

      I hope the design group will consider breaking out one more optional add-on buy consisting of planned stretch goals that we may not even get to see during the campaign. Make them KS exclusives. I would think that would rake in much more money than the art book, IMHO. Just a suggestion; it would require some last-minute planning & scrambling, but you'd definitely get more money from me!

    24. Missing avatar

      Panon on

      @Shawn Charney

      I know that it would be anachronistc and also thematically odd... But considering the amount of fantasy elements on both games (Blood Rage happens in a Midgard that consists in 8 regions around the trunk of Yggdrassil, it's not even "our earth") i belive that it would not be such a problem. I explained how they could loosely justify the crossover.

      Also, it would be an optional buy, so those who don't like the idea of mixing it don't have to hehe

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hendrycks on

      @Kyle Ferrin If it wasn't optional then the only other option would be that it's included in the original $100 which means it'd be free for everyone lol

    26. Missing avatar

      charles-etienne jamme

      Can we have an insight about the text next to the drawings ? Background, rules, designer comments ?

    27. Zzy

      Knew this would happen. But love to have it. You make me struggle a bit every so often.
      Things are getting expensive. Plus the potential increased shipping.

    28. King Torgo on


      Correct. That will get you the game, all of the stretch goals, and the art book. You'll get a survey after the campaign asking you to specify what item you want for that extra 25 bucks.

    29. Davi Rosa on

      I would rather take this than the expansion.

    30. Davi Rosa on

      I would rather pick this one up than the expansion.

    31. Missing avatar

      Will Harriett on

      Love art books like this, so I'm in. Just to be certain I've done this correctly (only 2nd Kickstarter I've done), I bumped up my pledge from $100 to $125, so that should cover me for both the game stuff and the art book, right?

    32. Kyle Ferrin on

      I'm essentially buying this game for Adrian Smith's art, so I'm pumped for the art book add-on and I hope it pushes us to the next stretch goal ASAP!

      How fortunate that it's optional if it's not something you want!

    33. Shawn Charney [TundraThunder] on

      @Panon While there are mechanistic similarities between Blood Rage and Rising Sun... There is just No thematic tie-in to the Blood Rage Monster and the Rising Sun would be a very abrupt non-obvious my opinion. But I guess it has been done before (by a different publisher) for Kemet/Cyclades. I'd be happy to see it, but very, VERY surprised.

    34. Alex von der Linden

      Sometimes when I go to restaurants and they ask me what I want, I tell them what food items I don't want. I feel like people really want to know what I don't want to buy.

    35. Missing avatar

      NJ3478 on

      pass to infinity....zzzzz

    36. Alex von der Linden

      Another Monday, another add-on. Imagine that. It's almost like CMON knows how to run a Kickstarter.

    37. Akira on

      @Panon keep fighting the good fight!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Phil Schmidt

      Are there any more add-ons after this one?

    39. Missing avatar

      Jason Evans

      This is awesome. i wanted to get something like this for a painting guide

    40. Daefyd Wyr

      Now you are spaming here too?

    41. Akira on

      please give us work in progress and alternate/rough version drawings. maybe even some historical reference. it looks like this is going to be 70 pages of clip art from this kickstarter. at least don't overlap the artwork and the giant page numbers are unnecessary.

    42. Alex Krasny on

      Very cool. Assuming it has the mythology of all the monsters/kami? Can we get some larger scans of a few pages so I can really see it?

    43. Missing avatar

      Panon on

      Please, just do a Blood Rage Crossover optional buy!

      Both games have a lot of similarties, even with completaly diferent mechanics. And Eric Lang himself said more then once that he consider this game to be the spiritual sucessor of Blood Rage.

      There are a few ways I imagine that could be done:

      The most simple one, adding Season Cards for the Blood Rage monsters to be used in Rising Sun and upgrade cards for the Rising Sun monsters to be used in Blood Rage. It can be either just a few monsters, all the "core monsters" that come in the retail box, or all of them. The explanation is simple: Some weird monster from a far land has found it's way to the land of the game (eigher one of them).

      The other way is to use some or all of the gods from one game into the other. The problem with this is that the Gods of Asgard was an expansion and not on the core game. So, this would have to be done in adition to the monsters, because that way even who has only the core box of Blood Rage could be interested in this optional crossover. The reasoning here is that some people started to worship a foreing god, or it has made itself present in this distant land (again, works both ways).

      And the last and most complicated option is to use ONE of the clans from one game into the other. This is the least probable one, as they would have to offer 2 extra bushis on the crossover and create a drakkar for the chosen clan (probably Fox, as it's the one KSE). And the Blood Rage clan (probably Wildboar, but could be one from the core box) would require 1 extra mystic to work as the shinto, and 4 fortress. Obviosly each clan would get a sheet and all the markers for the other game. I can see this option ONLY if the other two are there as well. The explanation for this is that the clan has traveled from it's homeland to conquer a new distant one.

      Alternatively: The viking clan could work diferently, having a way to use the ship, or having more bushis (warriors) to compensate having one less shinto (mystic), without the necessity to adding those extra miniatures on the crossover... But they would still require the strongholds...

    44. K.Lenae

      Not my thing, but so many peeps have been requesting it I hope it gives us a boost to our lovely lady with all dem legs.

    45. Martin Langfeld

      Will the magnificiet Rogland Studio Paintings be included? Maybe even with colour or technique guides?

    46. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      This is getting expensive!

    47. Datbreak on

      i'm hoping for more content related add-ons... but hopefully it gives us a little boost... to be fair it does look beautiful

    48. Mellekai

      Great book. I will get two of them for sure.

    49. Lilin


    50. PA on

      So much pass in this....sigh