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Clans must use politics, strength and honor to rule the land in this board game with amazing miniatures set in legendary feudal Japan.
Clans must use politics, strength and honor to rule the land in this board game with amazing miniatures set in legendary feudal Japan.
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Metal Coins and Full Gameplay Video!

Posted by Old Hunter CMON Michael (Collaborator)

Konnichiwa, honorable backers.

The Fox Clan continues its inexorable march, with half of its Exclusive Bushi figures unlocked!

And we're almost halfway to unlocking the rest of the Fox Bushi:


In order to help us unlock the rest of the Fox Clan more quickly, we have the first of our very few Optional Buys to offer you. What best way to push us forward than the oft-requested metal coins?

For $20 this Optional Buy gives you 65 Kickstarter Exclusive Metal Coins. This is all you'll need, even if playing with 6 players. These high-quality metal coins will come with some weathering to make them look extra authentic.

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Rising Sun Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the item you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

We also have for you the Full Gameplay video of our Rising Sun session. Here you will be able to see what changes from Season to Season and how the game progresses. This gameplay video is meant more to give you an idea of the dynamics and flow of the game. For a more in-depth look at the rules we'll have several updates with rules articles, as well as the Rulebook which should be coming towards the end of the campaign.

If you've already watched the Spring Season video, you may skip right to the start of Summer by clicking HERE.

Strength and honor!

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    1. Datbreak on

      @Thiago Aranha - any idea what the dimensions of the metal coins will be?

    2. Benjamin Grimonprez on

      @Martin Aas Andersen Thank you very much! A little lost in options with the english mixed with my mothertongue XD

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      @Benjamin You just add 20 dollar (or how many sets you want) to your pledge be clicking Edit pledge and changing it to 120 dollar. Then when the PM comes after campaign you'll will pick how many you want there (and pay for shipping). You will also be able to add the coins in the PM even if you havn't added extra funds during campaign but that method will not count towards strech goals.

    4. Benjamin Grimonprez on

      No option for the coins.....Can just put how many I want top ut in the kickstarter....

    5. Joseph M. Louis on

      How many coins are in the base game?

    6. Aldrin on

      @Matt F
      Putting it in the core box as an 'upgrade' may make the retail price prohibitively expensive.

    7. Pha3drus on

      Another option for coins is the current Empires of the Void game that is kickstarting right now here, 30 one-value, and 10 five-value: For $60 you get the game AND the coins (plus a few exclusive miniatures. I'm getting both games. :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Simon Lanthier on

      65x 5yen coins is less than 5$

    9. Michael Connolly on

      I had been thinking of suggesting metal coins as an add-on, since some people wanted it and others preferred plastic coins. Already upped my pledge. Thanks.

    10. Matt Farley

      I was hoping the coins ended up being a Kickstarter exclusive upgrade instead of an add-on. Some people ante up for them while others won't. I haven't decided yet. I'm happy they will help us unlock some additional stretch goals for sure, but I'll probably just get by on the plastic coins and spent the $20 on other add-ons.

    11. TyDeL

      30 cents a coin is a pretty great deal. Most high-quality, custom-molded game coins sit around a dollar a coin. I'm still not sure if I will get the addon myself, I'll decide later, I've been mostly happy with the plastic coins for Arcadia Quest, but I don't get people complaining about that price.

    12. Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      Adding my $20 just to annoy the cheapskates who think that a set of flimsy generic metal "coins" is a valid substitute. Why even back this game when you can get cheaper board games, if that is your kind of logic?

    13. Brian on


      > the blue guy on the left in the video

      That's Thiago Aranha ^^

    14. Brian on

      In addition - you'll get both! And ready for the the gold hoarders...

    15. Missing avatar

      JonB on

      Will these coins be IN ADDITION to the plastic ones? Do we know? Or will they be an upgrade?

    16. Alex von der Linden

      Y'all go into your FLGS and tell them you're not buying their merchandise because you can get cheaper merchandise somewhere else?

      Whining about something you dont want to buy but will benefit you because it will get the project more money seems sorta tacky and classless.

    17. Missing avatar


      I like the video. Nothing about it seems forced and the "blue guy" isn't managing the game, he's narrating what's going on. And complaining that it isn't a rules video is dumb, it's not supposed to be a rules video that's why they call it a gameplay video. I love CMON's gameplay videos, they're massively effective at getting me to pledge much more so then seeing a rulebook.

    18. K.Lenae

      I think I'll just go with my metal coins from the Yokohama deluxe edition I'll have in April/May. ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      Seryjniak on

      Love the full gameplay vid - was totally rooting for Koi ! :) I pass on the metal coins - will just fly to japan and bring me some more of 50 yen coins :D

    20. Travis Geery on

      Nice to see a little more game play and get a better feel for the game mechanics. Seeing the resolution of the war phase at the end of each season has me thinking there might be some benefit to designing a slate to keep coins in their proper place.

      Details like pegs to fit the coin center or raised edges come to mind. I mention this here as suggestion in a similar vein to those oft requested metal coins, but more than likely a solution I will address myself for the game.

    21. Lugus on

      my opinion about cheap metal coins from china at 5$ for 100 is that it's just wasting 5$ for crap
      for more standard metal coins you usually pay maybe 20$ for 35-40 coins, with more variety than this add-on, but I am happy to see it, as it means more SG for everyone ;)

    22. Aldrin on

      Great job the video! I see some negative comments down there, but I found the camaraderie charming and fun. The video doesn't tell me ALL the rules, but I think one can figure out enough to decide whether the game suits their tastes :)

    23. J. Brandon Massengill

      @Ionas - The game play video rubs me the wrong way.

      1) we aren't told how to play (no rule book or explanation in video), so we are cobbling together some context for what we are watching rather than being informed viewers.

      2) whether it is or not, the table interaction feels forced. "oh you rascal, you do did that thing in this game we are selling. No one had done that thing yet. Oh, there you did that other exciting thing you can do in this game"

      I'm still backing and want to play, but that video doesn't get me excited about either.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      For reference - a standard US nickel is 1.95mm thick which means these coins will have some heft to them (@Thiago stated 2mm thick). MUCH better quality than the paper-like thickness of the feng shui option. $20 bucks for that kind of optional upgrade seems pretty reasonable to me. And at .30 cents per coin that's on par if not cheaper than you'd find at any con or online retailer for the same quality.

    25. J. Brandon Massengill

      @Michael Sprague - I'm fine witha board expansion. I won't feel a need to buy it. :)

      The scythe board extension is nice, but I could never us it since the Scythe board barely fits on my table. If I used the extension, it would run edge to edge on my table.

    26. ionas on

      I really dislike how the blue guy on the left in the video "manages" the game instead of letting the people do it. I can get that some book keeping has to be done but that can be split up (some do the bank, some do the turn order and phases, etc)... annoying to say the least.

    27. Michael Sprague

      As for future add-on speculation - I'd love to see a larger board option (ala Scythe) - just as long as it can fit in the box....

    28. Michael Sprague

      I have bought the cheap coins from China, for Tokaido - they've been replaced by the deluxe edition coins - the "cheap" ones are just that - cheap... Better than cardboard - but they are thin and flimsy - it doesn't take much to bend them.... And they will get bent (which means they won't stack) - all it takes is that one guy who says, "do these ben... Oh, they do" or the one who thinks he can knuckle shuffle them, or the one who can't seem to get it off the table surface.... They were a nice, cheap upgrade, but I'm much happier with the thicker ones (they look, feel and sound better)

      I'm curious, are these, by chance, being made by Panda? The coins they did for Scythe (which included ones in this shape, only with blue tone to them - I'd love to see more colorful coins in games) are beautiful - the best metal coins in any of my games, and I have upgraded many.

      For those complaining about price, this is pretty in line for these - given the size and quantity.

      I have a hard time with people who complain about a non-essential add-on, it's not rocket science, you don't see the value in it, fine, don't buy it.

    29. Lilin

      @ionas The creators have stated multiple times that there are a couple more add ons coming (which is really not many by their standards). General consensus seems to gravitate around an art book and 1/2 more clans (not upping the maximum number of players, but adding a little bit of variety in the setup and clan abilities). This is all speculation, of course, but seems reasonable to me.

      Sorry to hear your enjoyment of the game would be ruined by the existence of an expansion, sounds a bit harsh but it's your money after all.

    30. Josh Worley

      @C: Don't forget we still need the Shinto sculpt for the Fox Clan - so at minimum one stretch goal for those additional 3 figures. So it would be more than $380k - possibly a full $500k for everything.

    31. Teowulff

      Coins eh? Ok - it will most probably add a few $1000 to the pledge amount, which is only good. I can imagine some people rather have genuine japanese symbols - and not Chinese. And at the same time this gives CMON some time to design more female sculpts. Which is very good.

    32. Skolo

      Sorry CMON but 20usd for the coins is some kind of misunderstanding. we can all buy 100 coins for 5 bucks shipping included, from China. If you offer 65 coins it for 2usd then maybe its a worth looking at

    33. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      @Chris, this is most likely just the start however, I would not be surprised if we see a few more of addon's as the campaign continues.

    34. C on

      @Tim: It's either spread out the expansion over several SG's, or have a *huge* 380K gap to 2040K. Or CMON could have given us the metal coins as SG's and had you pay $20+ for the Fox Clan expansion.

    35. ionas on

      typo: 30cents / 20 cents instead of 3/2...

    36. ionas on

      20 USD for 65 coins, so every coin is worth 3 cent. Maybe I take real 2 cent coins instead, at least those are worth 2 cents after purchase.

      Yet: I really hope this is the only paid addon and its okay as it is cosmetic only. If it wasn't I'd be out.

    37. Chris Bell

      I'm really glad that CMON are keeping the add-ons to a small number. Between my interest in this game and this fact I'm more inclined to get everything and feel like I'm not missing out on anything. A nice break from the usual huge amount of add on exclusives.

      Already have folks looking forward to playing this, going to be a long wait until fulfilment!

    38. Alvaro Segura on

      Better order some on alixpress, for 1$ you have 20 pcs

    39. Missing avatar

      Meik Eckhardt on

      I mean coins not cornstach

    40. Missing avatar

      Meik Eckhardt on

      And the picture in the lower left corner Loks like the Fen shui cornstach wich you can get everywhere

    41. Missing avatar


      Cheaper option to buy coins online. $20 is just too much and then shipping too.
      Other commenters have already given me this idea.

    42. Kevin Knox

      From the images and description, these coins look like they are identical to the ones in to Tokaido Collector's Edition Kickstarter. Those were some nice coins.

    43. Missing avatar

      CzarCastic on

      @David Yes, you still receive the entire contents of your pledge with the plastic coins, plus the metal coin add-on.

    44. Christopher Bragg on

      @ all it concerns: Simply increase your pledge by $20 to gain access to the metal coins, upon the release of the pledge manager your funds will be there to choose the metal coin add on.

      In regards to adding money within the pledge manager, 99.99% this is the case but this isn't always guaranteed and might now be promised. The major benefit of adding money now is to help the campaign unlock more stretch goals during the campaign, happy backing! :)

    45. Missing avatar


      Will it possible to pay for add-ons later via Pledge Manager? Or must we increase our pledges before the campaign ends?

    46. Missing avatar

      Brian Dyer on

      @Gil just click manage pledge and add$20 to the value you've pledged

    47. Missing avatar

      David on

      Do we still receive the plastic coins if we opt to buy the metal ones?

    48. Alex Krasny on

      I have been waiting for this.

    49. Gabriel on

      Sweet! Metal coins!