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A Special Gift - Candy Heart

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Production on the Relic Knights Kickstarter is nearing completion and Soda Pop would like to celebrate the start of this amazing game and universe with a special gift to all our backers.

Announcing Candy Heart – a special miniature for your games of Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity. Candy Heart is a white metal miniature and will include tracking and reference cards for use as a Radiant Unique in your games.

Pick Your Candy

Soda Pop thinks you all have amazing taste, as evidenced by your overwhelming support in backing Relic Knights. We invite you to choose which Candy Heart pose you would like us to manufacture as your special gift. For the next two weeks the Soda Pop Miniatures Forum will be holding a poll to choose Candy’s pose.

Choose the Pose 

If you are are already a member of the Soda Pop community just log-in and choose your favorite pose. If you are not a member you can register here.

How to get your Candy

Once the pose has been chosen Soda Pop will finalize the sculpt. The digital file will then been sent to get a 3D master. Once we have approved the master, production will begin. At this time all backers will receive a $15 credit in the Soda Pop Store. This credit may be redeemed for Candy Heart or for any product in our store.

If you already have a Soda Pop Store account the credit will be applied to your existing account. If you do not have an account with us, one will be created, the credit applied, and log-in information will be e-mailed to you.

Happy Gaming Deke, Soda Pop Miniatures

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    1. Dan Hess on

      So, you are confirming that people are pissed off because their no worse off than when they started. That's quite mature of them.

    2. Igman3977 on

      Here is how I see it making people mad;
      "Bakers, we're sorry for the delays, we know you've waited nearly 2 years for your pledges, but we are going to try and make it up to you. You get a free miniature, which will take awhile to be made still, through our store. All you have to do is pay shipping. International buyers, sorry, your just screwed if you want it. Shipping is expensive! Oh yeah, we are going to let everyone else who didn't back this project get the same miniature too. It's just free, minus shipping, for backers, not exclusive. Kind of like the SDE miniatures we said were going to be backer/con exclusives. Thanks for your patience in getting your pledges."

      That is what's pissing people off.

    3. Dan Hess on

      this is what i'm, paradoxically, seeing here.
      "This timetable sucks, it sure is taking a while. What? they are giving away a bonus? THAT'S SO MUCH WORSE NOW!!!"
      Even if you never take advantage of the credit because of is it actually making you mad? how are you actually upset they gave out something for free? That's utterly baffling.

    4. Rory Albrecht on

      But if they were to include it free with the order than it would delay the arrival even more since this sculpt isn't even completed then it would need to be tooled then manufactured. I do however think that shipping should be free.

    5. Missing avatar

      TP on

      While this may seem like a good idea at face value, it doesn't look like you paused to think about how it'll cost international backers an arm and a leg in shipping to redeem this gift.

      Some kind of token gift sent with the regular orders so it'll be actually free for everyone might've been a better call.

    6. Victor Ayala on

      So i think i got it wrong... I though all the backers would get that girl on theyr parcels... So its just a bonus on the store? For me, in Spain, the shipping costs and the taxes would make it over 15$ for sure! a free shipping for backers would be great! but the mini included on the main delivery would be even better

    7. จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ on

      Soda pop is really bad company
      I don't know why I can't log in their web board
      (I already registed)

      So I hit forget password
      but nothing happen

      So I contact their support

      it's about a week now
      no any answer

    8. Major Glitch on

      @Salvador My understanding is that the mold will be produced after the voting ends. To not cause a further delay to the pledge fulfillments, this would need to be shipped separately.

    9. Brian Brenner on

      So why exactly was the video edited so that we don't get the full 360 view?

    10. Rodney "Hovertank" Brice on

      I know it is not possible for everyone, but, I am just going to order a few other things while I'm at it to reduce the postage cost of the figure. It's how I usually buy from the US anyway, purchase a few items, to make the postage shared over multiple items :)

    11. Robert carter on

      What about Postage??

    12. Missing avatar

      bobrunnicles on

      At this point I will happily take either - just chuck one at random in my package when it ships. I can't get to the forums from my work PC and it's a pain to try and get in elsewhere. I'll be satisfied with either pose.

    13. Ape2020 on

      Guys remember CMON is the one manufacturing RK and the one is actually created this KS. SPM is just trying to repair their public rep by offer credit to their own web store and not CMON web store. Plus this is being made locally in the US, so it would be practical for it to packed with pledges in China.

      I'm also guessing it per backer with the email address provided by CKPM. Now how much info did CMON give to SPM for this. Plus it CMON that got the money, included shipping money. So how much do you really expect they can cover. Of course you can wait a little later to spent your credit on a item that won't cost so much in shipping and taxes.

    14. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I login on the sodapopminiatures site without a problem.
      However when I want to answer on the forums it asks me to login again and then it fails.
      We need two passwords for the site?
      I have tried too many times and my user is blocked.
      I have never experienced so many problems with an user account before.
      I also don't understand why you don't include this miniature with every KS package.
      They haven't been sent, have they?

    15. John Pope on

      I voted Charging, but with a charge for shipping I may never get this mini. :(

    16. จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ on


      so just wait ?
      and there will be KS message tell us when we get the credit ?

    17. Missing avatar

      Rick Rynerson on

      So if we don't have an account, all we have to do is register for one using the email address we used for the Kickstarter? I'm a little confused as to how SPM will know how/which accounts to credit?

      Very cool though, and very appreciated.

    18. wouter

      Looking good and thanks a lot!

    19. John H. on

      Wow, thank you very much. I did not expect this at all, and greatly appreciate it.

      Thank you, again!

    20. Dan Hess on

      Will this figure be available in general on the store? I ask because my pledge covers myself and a friend. I wouldn't want to have to fight him thunderdome style over who gets the one available. :P

    21. Bill Briggs on

      So, any reason the "360" views only show about 300 degrees? both of em stop short of a full rotation...

    22. MRiley on

      So...$15 and a free shipping voucher? XD

    23. Phil Davies on

      I already asked this on the forums but I'll add my voice to those here. Any word on what you will do about international shipping? It's nice you are putting this together but for international backers shipping is going to cost us as much as the mini, if not more once customs is factored in. Please tell me international backers will get credit to cover shipping?

      Also, those of us who combined pledges to save on shipping on the KS? Will we get the option to receive two?

    24. Platypus Industries on

      @Matt Harris:
      Good reminder mate about the Plushies! I got one for my little girls, would love to know what they actually look like, especially at this end of the game we should have something to go by. It better meet at the soft toy standards here as well.

      So how about it SP? Can we please have some pictures/info on the plushies and anything else not mentioned like maybe some shots of the battle mat (and it's packaging?)

    25. Missing avatar

      Barret Musselman on

      Sweet, Thanks guys =)

    26. Matt Harris on

      @Matthew Aslin I figured that was the case but I'm being selfish and just want those that pledged the Kickstarter to be the ones that decide the pose, lol. I pledged one of every single thing in the Kickstarter and although I'm getting antsy, I can wait. I do wonder about the plushies of Candy and Cola, haven't heard (or possibly missed) any mention of them.

    27. Owen Glover on

      My issue is a little different. I don't mind having to register on the forum but I currently don't own Super Dungeon Explore and you have to answer questions about the game as a security check to answer!? Why why why!!!

    28. Platypus Industries on

      @Matt Harris:

      The reason (and I'm sure that you won't hear it in as many words from soda pop) Is that soda pop and CMON's relationship looks to be strained or even over from the look of upcoming releases, so moving people away from a communication method that relies so heavily on CMON.
      It seems that Soda pop is doing it's damnedest to make things right again and not have any more "miscommunications" or issues avoided.

      So I say power to Soda Pop! Looking very, much forward to my RK delivery coming in the near future. And keep up the hard work Soda Pop bring it home!

    29. John Meeks on

      don't know why but when I go to vote I just see the results so far, doesn't let me vote.

    30. Mike Norris on

      Waiting to see if anyone moans and groans about having to wait......

    31. Bill Redford on

      The post on the Soda pop forum states that they will be giving backers a $15 store credit to but this figure (or anything you want from the store).

    32. Matt Harris on

      I actually have a different complaint (1st one so far even with the delays!), why should I be forced to register for the forums to vote and why should I be forced to use the store to receive a reward? Perhaps I want nothing to do with registering for both the forum and store. I just think keeping it in the Kickstarter itself would be a better way to handle it since the reward is specifically for those of us waiting patiently on the product, not just anyone registered on the forums.

    33. Jake Richmond on

      It's too bad we can't have both, or they can't produce both and let us choose which one they want. But that's probably not practical and this is very cool. Thanks!

    34. AGN1964 on

      What's the plan for shipping?

    35. Nielsen on

      Very nice :)
      One question though, will this be shipped from the US and require additional postage?

    36. Isrious on

      Before anybody gets their panties in a twist, they've stated in the forums and on Facebook that this is being made separately from the ks line and will not affect production in the slightest.

      Also, looking forward to fielding her!