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A brand new science fiction miniatures game full of over the top anime action!
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Black Diamond Battle Box

Posted by CMON (Creator)

In the aftermath of the Sundering War the Merchants' Guild military was disbanded and the Security Charters were formed, ostensibly overseen by the Alliance. Black Diamond quickly grew to become the largest and most powerful of these charters. With its hierarchy composed primarily of former Guild personnel it has systematically absorbed the smaller charters. Those it cannot buy it seeks to control through wealth and political maneuvering. 

Many fear that Black Diamond is merely a veneer for a leaner, more deadly Guild military apparatus. Black Diamond refutes these claims and remains faithful to the restrictions placed upon them by their charter—for now.

The Black Diamond Battle Box contains Leopold Magnus, his cypher Static, 1 M-8 Blitz Auto-Tank, and 5 Diamond Corps.

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 We hope you enjoyed our unboxing photos and videos! As soon we have the studio shots of the models we will post them right away. 


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    1. David Lee Seymour on

      Lol I was just joking around. I'm currently backlogged with designs for Xia, BUT I WILL be remaking the M-8 , you can count on that. ( with proper tread anatomy ) No KS involved there though, and I've got to properly calibrate my printer still before attempting such a large print too. I'd like to make that original sabastian SDE also. =)

    2. Edward Farkhiev on

      @David Get started on your renders. I'll definitely back that Kickstarter ;)

    3. David Lee Seymour on

      @Cartoon XD lol that's priceless, man =)
      Yeah, I figure if I start rendering my own minis designed after the concept art I should have them all done and printed in time for the shipping update. =D
      ...and MY M-8 tank will be a minimum of 3x3" ^ ^
      Seriously though, these minis are looking nice =) Hope it's as much to play as it seems.

    4. CartoonHero on

      18 months and counting with an estimated delivery date about a year ago

      Sometimes I imagine how happy my, as yet, unborn children will be when they receive this product (presumably, long after I am dead)

      Though the occasional product shot is quite comforting, in a nearly effectual way

    5. Ape2020 on

      Those figures are likely the metal figures they have been showing for awhile. Especially the Black Dragons.

    6. Thantastic on

      I was at TempleCon this weekend and they had a few of the Relic Knights pieces on display, including some Black Dragons and the M-8 Blitz assembled and painted. They all looked very sharp: the level of detail on the figs was nice, molding looked clean, and the scale was very finely balanced, with the human-sized pieces looking well-proportioned overall, without having all the equipment being wildly outsized as occurs in a lot of other lines. The M-8 was clearly meant as a support piece, and the scale and shape of it looked good on display with the troops. Happily, they also had a beautifully painted One-Shot, which looked great with the other pieces.

      I'm getting excited about this project again, and am very much looking forward to getting my own Diamonds on the table.

    7. David Lee Seymour on

      from the parts pic in this update, it looks like they're simply 2 round holes for pegs from the outter mounts, so it's possible to have them backwards AND upsidedown O.o lol. This would adjust "ride height" as well. (pimp-my-minitank)? lol.

    8. Scott Ferguson on

      It does make me wonder how many of those tanks are going to be assembled backwards by folks. You'd think that if they go on a certain way, the pegging would only allow for one configuration?

    9. David Lee Seymour on

      sorry about the triple post, BUT looky...
      scroll down and there's a nicely painted tank.
      ALSO, I take back what I said about the angle not being changed due to proper assembly. Upon closer look you can see that the front wheel is BIGGER than the rear and so should in fact make up for it =) ok, sorry can't help it, I love me some little drone tanks =) sedition wars had it all wrong...mostly.

    10. David Lee Seymour on

      BEHOLD !!!…
      Keep in mind these are Black Dragons, so they're a lil bigger than the troops =)

    11. David Lee Seymour on

      It's a bit bigger than I expected actually. They showed pics of it before and it seemed so tiny, but it IS a drone as stated many times. I love the super-aggressive anime tank tread styling to it too ( they most certainly ARE backwards ) compare to it ANY anime tank using this style tread, BUT I don't think it will affect the turret angle once assembled the right way either. Look at the parts pic, they're basically swappable rectangles in shape.
      Leopold just looks bad -ass to me, and he's definitely NOT human anyhow, that was apparent from the start, just look at his leg structuring. I'm going to love this set =) Even the troops look sweet.
      Oh, and I wasn't suggesting trading before release earlier. I know the other figs are retail. =)

    12. Edward Farkhiev on

      At the last minute I switched from Black Diamond to the Corsairs for my 3rd faction (wasn't a fan of the alien designs) but now I'm on the fence. I really like what I see so far. The girly tank with the treads on backwards is actually my favorite piece in this set.

    13. John H. on

      Doesn't the backstory have Leopold a cyborg like Greivous?

    14. Ryan H on

      You guys crack me up.

    15. Bradley Zakany on

      THINK OF THE CHILDREN! What will they think when they see a tank put on backwards? Also, this is probably still the group I like the most as well. Although, Agent 7 is still my favorite of the Corps.

      Anyone else think the assembled Leopold looks like a Sith Lord?

    16. Scott Ferguson on

      Ya, I thought that it seemed weird that the barrel of the cannon was angled down. That makes so much sense!

    17. Anthony on

      @David: You are right! Looking at the tank it is angled slightly downward... I wonder if flipping the treads around would make the angle look better!

    18. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      Its a the overall size is what I expected..just thought based on the art work that the tank body would match the track size a bit more.

    19. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      I really dont like the way the tank looks. something looks seriously off..the treads seem wierd ot me...and I wish the body was a bit bigger...a little more boxy and a little less tacked on to wierd treads.

    20. John H. on

      I'm really glad I ordered these. I wonder, how many of these are female troopers?

    21. Dan Hess on

      You should just wait for Sophia to become available retail. She wasn't in the kickstarter and no one will have her before a retail release.

      I think she will be a pretty key figure in many Black Diamond groups when she does come out though.

    22. David Lee Seymour on

      @Bradley I have to agree with the whole truck nut thing, lol.

      BUT....Ironically enough the Tank anatomy IS WRONG here lol. ~No, seriously. Whoever assembled the one in the video put the treads on BACKWARDS!!! XD. Just look at any pic of the tank from previous posts or homepage even, lol.
      So...There ya have it. Improper tank anatomy...shamefull
      That being said BD has been my FAV from the onset. I feel bad for anyone getting this at retail though. No agent7's, no One-shot ( there's all your titillation ) I would REALLY like a Sophia Drake though. Hell, I'd trade One-shot for Sophia if anyone's up to the offer.

    23. Edward Farkhiev on

      OOOOOH I want that Metal Sluuuuuuug....

    24. Anthony on

      Luckily I have a model of the Metal Slug (, not my paintjob) that will work well as the mommy tank!

    25. Dan Hess on

      Well, that tank is as adorable as I had hoped. Black Diamond is one of the factions I'm most interested in, overall. This didn't hurt that interest at all.

      Though, the lack of proper tank anatomy is downright disturbing. I mean, every other tank has it...these guys really ARE prudes.

    26. Bradley Zakany on

      @TSINI B-b-but think of the children! Think of the poor mentally incompetent children that would

      You know what, I can't do it. I cannot fake being upset about some sort of titillation. All I can say is, I never understood that whole truck nut thing. I get that trucks have a trailer hitch that you can hang things from, but vehicles are typically considered and referred to as female. I mean, I named my Jeep Elizabeth and my old Saturn Lucy. Bras are put onto cars and usually there is junk in the trunk. Boats are often given feminine names and are referred to as she because they are expensive to take care of, but it is a cost and labor of love.

      All that aside, this game needs more kilts.

    27. Psientologist on

      So Mold lines
      Much Flash

    28. Anthony on

      @Edward: Ah, that makes sense! Bring on the (double-D) bombshells of justice!

    29. Edward Farkhiev on

      Anthony, I'm pretty sure it's a girl tank. Every faction box has at least 1 female. I think they forgot to add the skirt to the back.

    30. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      Hahaha Anthony! Anatomically correct tanks (and wolves) for all!!

      Looking forward to this faction!

      Now show us some relic knights!!! :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Asquith on

      Looks like a lot of mould lines overs details on the standard troops

    32. Pedwidge on

      Great looking models all around. The diamond corps have a lot of detail to them. Normally I fear models where you need to match a weapon to 2 seperate arms, but it looks like the diamond corps were made with pins and detents to make everything fit.

    33. Missing avatar

      TP on

      Tbh, based on the concept art, I was expecting a drone tank that's maybe slightly bigger than a human and it looks like that's exactly what we're getting.

      It doesn't look particularly menacing in the video, but I think that's mostly the light material. Black primer, some drybrushing in dark metallics and/or grays, it should be easy enough to paint the tank up to a nice tabletop standard.

    34. XD Miniatures on

      That tank's a bit smaller than I thought it would be...

      @Anthony: What does that even mean?

    35. Anthony on

      I definitely like the Tank,but he needs testicles and his penile sheath, tho. It's just not right without proper anatomy. Mostly because I'm sick of those White Knighting / pearl-clutching Puristic "think of the children" Americans.

    36. Chris Keimig on

      I thought the tank would be bigger.

    37. Kreation on

      Just always wants to say...FIRST! ;P

      Looking good!