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A brand new science fiction miniatures game full of over the top anime action!
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Cerci Speed Circuit Battle Box

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Next up for our unboxing pictures is the Cerci Speed Circuit Battle Box. The Cerci Battle Box features Marie-Claude, Esmee, two Pit Crew, and the Royal Wrecker. 

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We have received a few questions about the difference between the Battle Boxes and the Kickstarter "Starters." The majority of the models will be arriving to you in retail packaging. Some of the final retail packaging ended up different than how the Kickstarter was organized. This is why the Battle Box contents do not directly align to the Kickstarter "Starters." Any additional models you pledged for, such as the Relic Knights, will be supplied in their own boxes.

Templecon is coming and Soda Pop is going to be there! Stop by and say "hello" to John, Chris, and Ross. They'll be there all weekend answering questions and running some Super Dungeon: Arena. If you haven't registered it's not too late, passes are available at the door!

Tomorrow we get a visit from the fiendish Noh!

Deke, Soda Pop Miniatures

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    1. Madrox on

      This kind of works out well for me since I can just grab the retail starter to expand. Kind of annoying for anyone who ordered the stuff that ended up in the retail box though.

    2. Dan Hess on

      There's no reason to buy the retail battle box if you already have a Marie. The only unique content in the Cerci battle box is Marie. If you have her and want a Wrecker or Pit Crew, you can get those separately.

    3. Missing avatar

      Barry Ween

      @Ape2020 I love your contributions to the community! Sadly SQ SHOULD have been the battle box QK. As MC was touted as a LE model, the fact that they had people pay for her as a LE model and then place her as the QK in the battle box is absurd.

      I don't want 2 so IF I end up buying the CSC battle box I would have 2. The only option, as you have pointed out, is to find a shill online to pawn off the one I paid for already.

    4. Ape2020 on

      So just a FYI for those who got KS faction starters while seeing this "Battle Boxes". You are still getting what you pledged for and except for a few models everything will come in retail packaging.

      Cerci KS starter
      1 retail box RK Princess Malya/Mr. Tomn
      1 retail box QK Suicide Queen/Rollo
      1 retail box Rin
      2 retail boxes 1ea Pacebot
      2 retail boxes squad (3pack) Helles Belles
      1 retail box ESPer Deck / Tokens
      1 shrink wrapped Dashboard, Starter Rule Booklet, Game Cards (objective tracker and stuff).

      Note that the Cerci Starter will not have the Battle Box, this has been confirmed on by Deke on the SPM forum.

      The change to Cerci was to make the battle boxes a nice low cost entry into faction. RK themselves will likely be around $50 a shot while most of Cerci QK (Suicide Queen) & minions (Helles Belles, Pacebot) in the KS starter where big mounted figures. So the smaller Marie-Claude, Pit Crew, and Royal Wrecker where picked, all of which are not in Cerci KS starter.

      Marie Claude "promotion" to QK did have the effect of getting an extra model her cypher Esmee, which if you didn't notice is unlike any of the other Darkspace/Cosplay units. It also means MC will come in a special KS packaging one of the few figures that will happen too. So those that got her will have timed exclusive (guessing 2-3 months) in special packaging. That will only be available if you pay $40-$55 for the Battle Box as all QK in these Battle Boxes are exclusive to them. I think you won't be getting her at cons for $15 like the other KS exclusives but I might be wrong with that.

      Still while I support the decision to strengthen entry point for this faction both cost wise and with an existing model. I also understand those that are upset that they spent money or LE slots getting them.

      I did post all the other starter factions on the main comments sections to get an idea of what backers are getting.

    5. Gareth Davies on

      Damnit, I chose Marie Claude as one of my special choices! If I knew I could've got her outside the Kickstarter or even conventions then I would've chosen someone else!
      Sorry guys but this isn't cool.

    6. Bradley Zakany on

      Do the contents of the boxes smell good? Nothing like that new game smell.

    7. Missing avatar

      Grindar on

      Scenic bases are in update 99.

    8. Brian Oz

      Have they shown pics of what the scenic bases will look like? I can't remember.

    9. Kevin McCormick on

      @Grindar: Very good analogy with Warmachine. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Grindar on

      @Dan They could have come up with another Questing Knight.

    11. John H. on

      @Grindar - fine, but a larger caveat for Cerci would have been nice. And probably to put it at the end of the list, if it's a big exception.

    12. Dan Hess on

      Ropya, there never was a "normal" version of Marie. There is only the one version that was ever available.

      I, for one, am actually kinda surprised at how little things changed, organizationally, from start to end in the project. I'm not too worried about Marie coming off exclusivity. It's not like it makes the mini any worse. And 10$ for two minis (as she comes with her cypher too) is a great price still. This is coming from someone who has 2 or 3 of her in their pledge too.

      Exclusives are fun. But I would rather see the game be done well, then to see it have a hole for everyone but me, because i managed to get the exclusive that fills that hole. A game that's good for everyone is better than a game that's just good for the "insiders".

    13. Missing avatar

      Grindar on

      John, they're showing it because the retail starters were the first thing to roll through the factory presses, and having the faction basics they're the easiest to show off anyhow.

      The faction starters were rearranged for retail cost issues and to support more even play at the lower points level (think warmachine starter boxes being 20ish point games versus the Kickstarter starters which are set up for 50 point games (using relative warmachine points, not the relic knights points costs).

    14. John H. on

      I'm very confused why SPM is showing this box, as this particular Battle Box doesn't overlap the KS Faction Starter models at all. It's got the Darkspace Marie Claude, the Pit Crew from the big add-on, and the optional Royal Wrecker. From the previous reveal, I would have expected Suicide Queen & Rollo, 3 Belles, and Pacebot. I guess including the bikes makes the Cerci starter too fast, or too much stuff?

    15. Mark Fadden

      OK, after a good hard look I get it. What this really means is KS rewards and retail packaging are not related. SP/CMON intend to honor the pledge levels even though they have nothing to how this will all retail package in the end. So we get the 6 of whatever and the 2 of whatever that we always thought we were gonna get. So the net on this is actually a benefit to the Cerci players and any others they may part out similarly.If you didn't pick up the add ons (and I'm not going to go into the amount of crazy not doing so would have been) and you are a cerci player you will be able to pick up the retail battle box with no duplication. So the only real issue here is that MC is not really special edition anymore. Pretty sure that is not so big of a deal since ebay has been invented and she was supposed to be available at cons and other "special" occasions. If somebody really wanted the model they would find a way to get it.

    16. Ropya on

      Count me in the camp peeved that the cosplay mini is now included in the battle box.
      The normal version I could understand especially if the background for her changed.
      But not the cosplay version.
      I know of it said limited and not exclusive.
      But really? What changed that the cosplay version is now included?
      I mean, the SDE promos are super limited.
      Or are those going to be released in the next SDE expansion?

    17. Missing avatar

      Grindar on

      Barry, you're getting all the minis, the boxing has just been rearranged from the graphic. For Cerci I don't believe any Kickstarters are getting this particular Cerci starter because of the starter rearrangement, we're getting a custom one that represents the mini combo that was in the pledged version of the starter. Every other faction is getting their retail box plus the extra stuff in separate boxes.

      They may give this package to everyone who pledged for all of these particular miniatures on top of our normal starter stuff for logistics simplicity, it's just basically an extra card deck and rulebook *shrug*. We will see. If you just pledged for some of them I assume it's safe to assume you'll be getting them in retail blisters/boxes.

    18. Missing avatar

      Grindar on

      These look fantastic, glad I picked up everything for this faction. Still miffed about her not being exclusive too, but I'll get over it.

    19. Mark Fadden

      OK, I've read the posts and I'm still a little confused or maybe I just need to say this out loud so it sinks in. If I pledged for any faction besides Cerci I'm gonna get a battlebox plus whatever extras that were listed. If I pledged for Cerci and I paid an extra 10 bucks or used one of my promo's I'm gonna get a battlebox and whatever extras were listed. And we're calling that balancing play. Huh.

    20. Rory Albrecht on

      @Barry, that is correct. Also it has been stated that for Cerci they are doing some boxing of the miniatures specifically for the kickstater so none are just going to come in plastic bags but fully boxed in retail boxing or the kickstarter boxing.

    21. James Curtis on

      It must just be me but the details, especially the faces, look a little soft.

    22. Missing avatar

      Barry Ween

      I need to make sure I understand this all correctly.

      I pledged at the Gotta Get 'em all level. Now, due to the changes, I will be receiving an amalgamation of the starter box and the rest of the stuff promised by this graphic.

      Is this right or is something in my understanding awry?

    23. Kevin McCormick on

      @Rory: Precisely. This whole endeavor ended at so much greater a height than I anticipated when I first pledged. Besides, this is a fairly minor sacrifice, compared to what could be.

      @CMON: Thank you for the response! Very much appreciated. :)

    24. Rory Albrecht on

      @Kevin, I understand completely to me exclusive means exclusive. That said I can't even imagine how much things can change for a plan design this big and sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

    25. CMON 36-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      As development continued on Relic Knights, a few adjustments were made to bring all the factions into alignment with one another. Marie-Claude was moved to a main range model as Cerci's 3rd Knight and Marikan To was upgraded to Questing Knight to be Noh Empire's 3rd Knight.

      Also, looking forward to TempleCon! We have some SDE Arena Events planned and its one of my favorite conventions so it will be a good time.

      - SPM_Ross

    26. Kevin McCormick on

      alleviates* (I need to stop trying to eat and type at the same time... Go lunch breaks).

    27. Kevin McCormick on

      While I am not upset, I do agree with @Alex. Although I appreciate your response @Rory, I don't feel it really elevates the concern that those of us who spent $10 on a miniature we believed to be unique to Kickstarers/Cons is now no longer thus. In short, if I, or anyone else for that matter, was not a part of this Kickstater, I would be purchasing this Battle Box as it is, regardless of price, in the interest in expanding my collection. While $10 is very little compared to the large sum I spent on Relic Knights, I do feel that this may raise some concern.

      Needless to say, I'm thrilled to get my models (whenever that happens, I'm not in any particular rush). And again, I appreciate your response @Rory. :)

    28. Rory Albrecht on

      @Alex, the Marie mini will only be available in the battle box not separately so you would in effect pay around $50 to get her when retail comes out

    29. Dan Hess on

      I'm really liking the pit crew model with the shades. Only the other one was really featured much in art and stuff. But, I think the less exposed one looks way more in the roll of the unit. Lots more character to it.

    30. Missing avatar

      Alex Carpenter on

      I'm not sure about others here, but when I pledged for the cosplay minis, marie included, I was under the impression that they were a Kickstarter special edition/ Con exclusive.

      I feel that had I have know than on initial release I could simply pick up the Marie mini, i would have used one of my exclusive slots on something I would otherwise be unable to aquire, as living outside the US, it is unlikely I will be at any cons.

      I'm just a little peeved is all, really.

    31. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      Ah I see! It wouldn't affect me anyway as I went for pretty much everything but just thought it would be a logistical nightmare, but as you say, if the models are available individually then it's a much easier task to send them, than have to deal with pledges that differ from the battle boxes individually. :)

    32. Evan Ralston on

      @TSINI You will get what you pledged for. For all of the Kickstarter starters EXCEPT Cerci that includes the retail Battle Box they are showing us in these updates. For any miniatures you pledged for outside of the retail Battle Boxes you will get in the retail packaging. That means for Cerci you will simply get the retail packaging for all of the miniatures and not the retail Battle Box.

    33. TSINI "Unholstered Comfort Gun" on

      So just out of curiosity, if you didn't pledge for Cosplay Marie Claude, are the packing team pulling open the starter sets and removing the model and cards? Or have you guys been dividing and packing the Kickstarter production differently to keep in line with the original pledge model?

    34. Rory Albrecht on

      @ Kevin, the retail box has changed from the kickstarter starter box however you will receive exactly what you pledged for so if you chose to get Marie Claude you will get her but if you didn't then you can get her when retail drops and pick her up that way

    35. Missing avatar


      Good eyes, Kevin, I hadn't even caught that! Now I'm curious, too.

    36. Kevin McCormick on

      I noticed that the Cosplay Marie Claude is included in this "Battle Box." Does this mean that she is no longer a Special Edition miniature? If that is the case, will those who purchased a Cosplay Marie Claude with the understanding that she was to be only available through spending $10 be receiving an additional Cosplay Marie Claude?

      Just wanted to ask for the sake of clarification. :)

    37. Barry on

      We're not getting shipping dates until the factory re-opens in a couple of weeks. I'd guess a mid-March ship, with an early April delivery date.

    38. Michael Salt on

      @Andres, they have already told us that nothing is happening until Chinese New Year is over, so I'm always happy to see the models closer up before i get my hands on them.

      I had been a little worried about Marie-Claude after the CMoN's video. I mean seriously, her neck looked almost a foot long in that first one :)

    39. Maguila Gorila on

      We don't want this videos. We just want SHIPPING DATES.

    40. Damien Smith on

      Will they be doing demos of Relic Knights? Any chance we can see an updated gameplay video? The last one was years ago and I'm sure much has changed in how the game plays.

    41. Missing avatar


      Looking good! I wish I had the talent to paint these minis nearly as well as they deserve.