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A brand new science fiction miniatures game full of over the top anime action!
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Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

We had one of each of the new Battle Boxes express mailed to us so that we could get pictures for you. Today, and each day next week, we will show pictures and a short video from our unboxing of the battle boxes. 

Please note that this is NOT studio video. These are pictures and video that we took on my trusty iphone. Studio photography will be following after Templecon. We just couldn't wait to share!

First, is the contents of the Battle Deck. Every Battle Box includes one Battle Deck. The Battle Deck includes your 42 card Esper Deck. In addition, it includes double-sided action reference cards, scenario reference cards, tracker cards for primary and second objectives, and token key card.

 Next is the mini-rulebook. Every Battle Box had its quickstart rules upgraded to a mini-rulebook. The mini-rulebook is 32 pages and includes all of the rules to play the game. We took just a couple photos of the page spreads. You can download a pdf copy of the mini-rulebook on the Soda Pop Miniatures Media Page.

And now the faction specific contents of the Star Nebula Corsair Battle Box. The models are: Captain Harker and his cypher, Caeser, a squad of 5 Corsairs, and 1 Broadside. In addition to the models are the faction colored tokens, cards, and dashboard.

 Last but not least is a short video of the models all assembled. Like the pictures, video was taken immediately after assembly with my iphone. Studio quality shots will be forthcoming.

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Replay with sound
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 There we go! We will show the remaining factions, one each day, beginning on Monday.

Deke, Soda Pop Miniatures


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    1. John H. on

      @James - if you're looking to back out, you had best contact CMoN *now*. They are finalizing production and shipment, to ship within a few months.

      Note that you should expect to get 90% of your money back, as Amazon and KS took 10% off the top - that's money that Soda Pop never received, so won't be able to return. If that 10% is a problem, you could try going back to Amazon and KS to see if they will reverse their fees after the fact. But really, you should look at it like the non-refundable cost of postage and envelope.

      Good luck with whatever you decide.

    2. Brad Scaggs

      @Victor - You/People will get whatever you/they pledged for.

    3. Victor Ayala on

      Im curios at one point. I backed for Cerci, and also for the limited Marie Claude. Do i suppose that those who didnt asked for her wont be getting her into the new packaing?

    4. Missing avatar

      Josh Rea on

      @Dan Hess: I figured it was worth asking. I've seen late KS that added in promos when they ran late. I figured offering last minute sales at the discount rate to backers would be a goodwill gesture, keep out of pocket down for sodapop, and help with establishment(since for minis games product in the wild is the most cost-effective advertising) of the line all at once.

    5. Rinion on

      @David They'll likely be painted over anyway, as bases usually get basecoated when the model is sprayed, so i'm not too bothered!

      Thought they'd have used someone elses bases/standard one, but it might be cheaper for some reason to have your own made in bulk like this rather than buying, or something!

    6. David Lee Seymour on

      I'm really wondering about the purple bases myself. They' choice of color. Different anyhow although I think most will be painting and customizing bases anyhow.

    7. Dan Hess on

      The pledge managers are long closed. People who back out are basically just leaving them with more retail product for the most part. Since 95% of the run is being done in retail packaging anyways. So, it's unlikely there will be any additional opportunities to get KS pledge level deals on stuff. It will have to wait until retail waves start.

      You may be able to find some e-bay listings after things ship too. But those will likely be a fair bit more as well.

    8. Missing avatar

      Josh Rea on

      I'm sorry if this has been addressed before, I get lost in the comments sometimes. If people are dropping off, is there any way to 'buy in' on more factions at the KS prices still if we're already backers?

    9. David Lee Seymour on

      One thing I definitely have to give SodaPop credit for is the EXTREMELY HIGH production value shown in this box set. =) SodaPop has always had great sculpted minis, I'm just hoping they can work themselves back from the whole "or-not" storytelling fiasco.
      Eagerly awaiting the next pics, SPM , Keep it Up !! =D

    10. Ape2020 on

      I believe they are still giving refunds less KS & Amazon fees. I think the best bet for that is contacting either CMONs via the help me here or PM Ross on the SPM forums. If you try after the models ship you are likely have to pay for return shipping, Paypal fees, & KS/Amazon fees. At that point your better off trying to sale them on eBay or some other secondary market site.

    11. Jay D. on

      Since we are getting answers in this comments section I would like to ask a question. I went into this game with a few friends and after all this they have decided to back out. Because we had a huge amount of money in this I don't want to see them basically throw money out the window.

      So, my question is what is the return policy on sending the box / boxes all this is going to be shipped in back to you? Would we be able to get a full refund on our kickstarter pledge without the kickstarter fees?

    12. Lars Poley on

      Hi guys, great miniatures! I am so glad I participated in this kickstarter. Some time ago I was Not happy in case of the delays. But by looking at the pictures I think Relic Knights could become ohne of my favourite games. If the rules will work. In These days me and my group are gaming Warmachine and Eden. And wie hope Relic Knights can compete with These wonderful games. The figures can completly compete. :-) Looking forward Tor play the game. Carry ob SPM!!!

    13. Adam Rosowicz

      Wow, those assembled models turned out great! I'm glad to see none of the bending from the earlier reveal video. I'm still really looking forward to getting this stuff in hand!

    14. David Lee Seymour on

      @SPM as far as playmats/dashboards are concerned, have you looked into contacting Gripmats? They're KS just ended a few weeks back, but they are eagerly looking for games to support. You already have the art, You'd just have to contact them to work out details amongst yourselves, but they make very high quality material dashboards, playmats, and score tracks. I think something anyone interested in playing this game would seriously love to have. =)

    15. Kreation on

      On laminating: You can put a towel over the paper and iron the folds out. It works pretty good, just be careful with the heat. It should then laminate fine.

      +1 to being VERY excited.

    16. John H. on

      Excellent clarification, Ross.

      KS backers will get:

      1 retail starter "Battle Box"
      - Questing Knight (Harker)
      - basic minions (5 Corsairs)
      - minions with upgrade (Gun)
      - playmat, rules, cards, dice, tokens, etc.

      + Relic Knight (Cate & Skully)
      + more basic minions (5 more Corsairs)
      + 2nd upgraded minion (2nd Gun)
      + bonus specialist (Iron Chef)

      In effect, KS backers are getting double starters, plus the bonus specialist

      It's very cool.

    17. Igman3977 on

      We're what, another 1-2 months from receiving still? Wish I could say I'm still excited.

    18. CMON 36-time creator on

      Hey guys! A lot of you have it right, this is an Unboxing of the Retail Battle Box. The Retail Battle Box comes with a Questing Knight, different from where Kickstarter Backers will receive their respective Relic Knight in the Kickstarter Battle Box.

      @Joseph - I got your email this morning, and sent you a reply!

      We have had some fun ideas for Playmats as well, so I am looking forward to seeing where we go with those.

      - SPM_Ross

    19. CMON 36-time creator on

      Just to be clear. The retail packaging ended up differing from how the Kickstarter was organized. You will receive EVERYTHING you pledged for. So things like Relic Knights that are part of the Kickstarter "starters" will arrive in their separate retail packaging.

      Ross is going through the PMs and sending refund requests on to CMON. I will hit Ross up to make sure yours been sent to them.


    20. hausdorff space on

      @John: It's the difference between between the "Battle Box" (shown above) and the "Faction Starter" (the KS sets).

      I am really impressed by the look of this battlebox, can't wait to see the others.

    21. Pandataur Studio LLC on

      Awesome, Progress! It is looking good, putting that excitement back into my veins Relic Knights.

    22. Missing avatar

      Craig H on

      Looks great - only thing missing is a link "If you want to add this faction to your order, enter your credit card number here". :-)

    23. Missing avatar

      John on

      I didn't see that in the description. Will read it again. Regardless, thank you for the heads up! Btw gents, it is looking real good, I hope we can get it up and running here in Houston.

    24. Missing avatar

      Aaron Skrivanek on

      @John - this preview is for the RETAIL starter box, not what we're getting with the KS starter (which is what you listed).

    25. Missing avatar

      John on

      So that looks neat, I am excited, etc. Cool. That Nebula Corsair Faction Starter seems to be short a few models. The web page stated this concerning the Faction Starter:

      What you get in the Star Nebula Corsairs Faction Starter:
      •Relic Knight (Calico Kate),
      •Cypher (Skully),
      •1 Minion (Breaching Gun),
      •5 x Minions (Corsair Crew),
      •Quick Start Rules,
      •Esper Deck,
      •Tracker Cards,
      •Data Cards,

      Unlocked bonus!
      •5 x Minions (Corsair Crew)
      •1 Minion (Breaching Gun)
      • Iron Chef - Calico Kate has very particular tastes, and her eight foot tall four armed galley cook, simply called "Iron Chef" is sure to be wherever she is. Fiercely loyal, and the freshest ingredients, whatever you do, don't end up on the menu!

      •Captain Harker & Ceaser
      Harker has plundered and pillaged across space with such success that he could buy a planet and retire in opulent splendor.

      So am I missing something?

    26. Brian Oz

      The purple bases are interesting. Looking forward to seeing what the scenic bases look like.

    27. Missing avatar

      Grindar on

      Rinion, Deke has said they're investigating getting that done and also doing special ones for events (printing on standard card mat material)

    28. Pedwidge on

      Wel, the starter explanation was in the comments of the previous update. The forums has a Q&A topic covering this and more. Here's a the page talking about the starter sets: (page 32)…

    29. DrLegend on

      @Rinion That's actually a really good idea!

      I would totally love a downloadable playmat image we can print out and play on.

    30. Pedwidge on

      It was talked about in a previous update. These box sets are going to be the retail starter sets, but it doesn't change what you will get from your kickstarter pledge. Looking at what is in the retail set compared with the "starter" we all pledge for it looks like we came out way ahead.

    31. Missing avatar

      seth mink on

      I thought the relic knight came in the starter?

    32. Rinion on

      Nice! Are there high res pictures anywhere for the mats, maybe to be printed on mouse-mat style material?

    33. Dai on

      Very nice - really looks like a quality product from here! Minis look better than I'd hoped too.

      Can't wait to see the Cerci box contents!

    34. DrLegend on

      Great looking stuff. I'm really diffing that tokens and a playmat is included in all sets.

      There's an extra $10-15 in savings right there. Great way to start a new game.

    35. Missing avatar

      Grindar on

      the lamination will be a pain because of the folds. If you don't want it to fold it'll be fine. The other thing is how the card sleeves (I assume you're sleeving) will act on the laminate.

      I will try the game with and without dashboard, and if it's really essential I'll probably put the work into converting it into a mounted board.

    36. Missing avatar

      Rolf on

      This looks super awesome. Great job, can't wait to see the other factions. Not far from having it between my own hands xD

    37. Dan Hess on

      If the dashboard is made of normal poster style paper (like a Pokemon play may) then it should laminate just fine. I've laminated many posters I just didn't want to get roughed up over the years. They all did great. Though, i suspect there may be different brands of laminate that may or may not work as well, in general it should be fine.

    38. Missing avatar

      Joseph Zipprich

      Hey sodapop how do I go about getting a refund? Sent an e-mail already.

    39. Missing avatar

      LC Weiss on

      Does anyone know how well the dashboard would hold up to lamination. I realize that would make it a pain to put back in the battlebox, but I'd hate to have them go to pot....

      ....maybe I'll dig out an old Pokemon sheet and give it a try...hmmm...

    40. Graham Lloyd on

      This looks great, every bit as good as I expected from the kickstarter! I'd be 'kicking' (ha ha!) myself if I'd asked for a refund!
      I don't care that it has taken so long - especially now we are in the 'blue period' after Christmas. I think it looks well worth it!

    41. Michael Hotaling on

      Looks good to me! At first glance these look better than the video CMoN put up around thanksgiving.

      Huzzah for little things to look forward to next week. And studio photography after Templecon for high quality images.

    42. Garm on

      Oh, man, this looks great! Minimal mold lines. Exciting looking cards. Can't wait!

    43. Francois on

      Looks sharp, i can't wait for this to finally get in player's hands.

    44. erratyk on

      Looks great, the sculpts look solid and the mold lines don't look to be that bad, which actually surprises me. I'm actually starting to get excited again. Thanks SPM for the update.

    45. Kyle Hart

      Looks good. I look forward to seeing the rest next week.