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A brand new science fiction miniatures game full of over the top anime action!
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3,459 backers pledged $909,537 to help bring this project to life.

Bases for everyone!

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Let's decorate those bases!  This upgrade the previous unlock "Base Insert pack" so that every model gets a base insert instead of just a few!

We expect final designs to be more varied too (but still not interfere with model positioning).

Next up, Calico Kate in all her SDE cuteness!

Kate and Scully will be unlocked as a Special Edition Miniature choice if we hit $430k!

Also sneak peeks up shortly of EX2!

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    1. Ropya on

      If nothing else, sell of any doubles on e to the bay?

    2. Carl Tchoryk on

      CMoN also knows that the projects they put on kickstarter are projects that they would be doing even if kickstarter didnt exist. For them, it's a way to promote the project before launch and to get capital without getting a loan at the bank. That's why the funding goals are so low for their project, which lets them make more stretch goal which are what backers are looking for,which in turns brings more backers to the project.

    3. Eliazar de la Tierra on

      Also, putting in some more nice stretch goals might convert those undecided... I am still not sure at what level to back, but the SDE are, well, uninteresting, and the extra big guy is also rather boring in my opinion (I haven't read anything on the variety of the sculpts front, but if it's basically 2x the base troops of the faction starter in the same pose, I'm not so sure what I am supposed to do with them...). So, throwing in some fun (new) stuff for the factions or another add-on might convince those that are not yet sold to join.

    4. Daniel

      CMON is well aware that kickstarter is bias toward listing projects over their goals before listing other projects..

    5. James Greene on

      @ Ian: While I agree with you in principal that we all knew what we were guaranteed when we made our initial pledge but considering how this project was structured your words fall a bit flat. The initial project only had a single faction for its $20k 100% funded goal and the very first stretch goal unlocked a second faction choice at $40k. Even the pledge choices assumed all the remaining factions would be unlocked when this project was created, given the remaining faction choices weren't even unlocked until the project hit $100k (5 times the initial funding goal). After the Zombicide and Sedition Wars campaigns you had better believe that CMoN knows how to play the stretch goal game in order to meet and beat their funding goals. Same goes for the early adopters who made their initial pledges banking on additional stretch goal unlocks to help sweeten the pot (I was one of them). Decent stretch goals can help make underwhelming projects a reality or make a good project a super success.

    6. Phildeb on

      Let's go for a SDE as an addon pledge :-D

    7. Christopher Thomason on

      With the current and future unlocks of SDE minis, I was wondering if you'd add a copy of SDE as a futher stretch goal or just as an addon pledge for $45-$50?

    8. Ropya on

      Personally, Im just hoping it makes it high enough to unlock all 6 SDE minis

    9. Ian Trudgett on

      They would lose a lot of potential business. That is why they, and other Kickstarter projects, continue the hype with stretch goals. However, the money we pledge is for what is already presented. If you don't think that is a good deal, don't pledge. If you do and then the deal gets better then that is awesome but don't complain about not getting things that we're never part of the deal.
      We give them funds, they give us exactly what they said they would give us. I don't see why you think we are entitled to anything more than what was presented as the original offer. It's great that we do get more but we don't have any right to demand more or decide what the stretch rewards should be.

    10. Daniel Henry on

      Sorry Ian but they are not really entitled to stop because its called the enconomy. Theyre not making these minis for free and giving them away. The good folks like you and I are funding their production. Thats why they have stretch goals and can keep bringing in more miniatures. We give them more funds they become more successful, they reward that with new releases to keep the customer happy. Commerce. They dont release them because it brings enlightenment.
      If they just stopped at 20k it'd be a sad kickstarter,and I think they'd lose alot of potential business.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chasles kevin on

      While I quite agree with some of what you say Ian, I would have been more pleased to see all the cosplay minis (I recall reading there would be two for each faction, or something like that) before seen some SDE miniatures. Yup it's a "you don't have to buy them", but I have the feeling the stretch tier are being quite bigger while the gift are not anymore relic knights related and so there are not as good as other cosplay gifts for me.

    12. Ian Trudgett on

      I really doubt we will be seeing Sophia Drake, Black Dragons or Mamaro To as stretch goals. They are for only two of the six factions. Unless there are models designed and unannounced for the other four factions, there will not be a stretch goal to add to only 2 factions.

      I really wish people would stop being such grinchs about stretch goals.
      Is it free?
      Yes, awesome, you can't complain about free stuff.
      No? Then either buy it or don't, based on whether you like it or not. eg. I will buy SDE models because I play that. I will not buy Penny Arcade models because I don't read it and am not fussed about the images shown. Still not going to complain about them being 2 stretch goals though.

      Also, bear in mind that stretch goals are an extra bonus and not something we are entitled to. They could have just stopped when they hit 20k. These are like an encore at a concert. An extra bonus but not what was included in the ticket price. What was listed in the original pledge level is what you are entitled to. Everything else is what you should be grateful for.

    13. Scott Porter on

      I agree with both. With the wyrd evil baby orphanage kickstarter alot of the stretch goals were for their other game Malifaux, which made me back it cos I play Malifaux but also drove up the stretch for the game itself so I see the advantage of the SDE stuff, but we havnt had an addition to the starter factions for a long time, 2 SDE and before that additions to extra purchases. I'm in quite low at the minute and waiting to be tempted further...

    14. Daniel Henry on

      What im complaing about is I have put some serious money into Relic Knight not to get SDE minis but to get Relic Knight Minis. Im all keen for SDE to have its own kickstarter for release but im paying to enjoy the Relic Knight game with its more adult style minis. And although i know i dont have to get the SDE mini as its an option it takes away from other possible options. I mean where are the Black Dragons,or the Sophia Drake minis? It just seems like theyre trying to plug their SDE at the same time when i feel they should focus on the one game and let people who want SDE buy it seperately.
      And as for getting double the minis for the starter thats all good and well but theyre mostly double ups with no new stuff thrown in such as the aforementioned Sophia Drake. Instead the new minis come at an additional price instead of rewarding people for pushing funding levels so high. Im not saying im ungrateful, because the quality of minis Relic Knight has is amazing. I would just like to see the whole range slowly make it into the starter rewards,and make the SDE a seperate range.

    15. Alejandro on

      For those saying that SDE miniatures result in less resources to RK, you should take into account that those same miniatures are the reason why many of us support this kickstarter project.

      For example I was undecided, I'm more a collector than a gamer, so I didn't need the rulebook and, though many of the RK miniatures are great, I don't really need most of the minions... However the new SDE miniatures, and the possibility of swapping the rulebook for more miniatures, just make me decide backing this project.

      Besides the SDE miniatures are optional ones, you don't have them replacing RK miniatures in your starter, and you have many other options choosing your special edition miniatures.

      Sorry guys, but I can't see the problem with the SDE minis, apart from that having more SDE miniatures as special edition options would mean I will have less money in my account :P

    16. Brent Skinner on

      Well we will be getting DOUBLE the content of the starter pack with each starter pack now so I don't really see what you are complaining about.

    17. Daniel Henry on

      Wish we actually got reasonable rewards for our money we have commited instead of fluff/filler items.

    18. Dennis De Vos on

      well I think that after 460K achievement the 500K will come and then 550K (hoping the 500k or 550k is going to be, wait for it legendary.

    19. K. Davis on

      Am I the only one that would really like to see a true gotta get em all style reward level added that simply includes *all* of the models from the kickstarter to make things a bit easier for us completists?

    20. Dennis De Vos on

      @DaveC thanks for the info

    21. DaveC on

      It's already on the home page Dennis

    22. Dennis De Vos on

      when is the sneak peek for EX2 coming. we are almost halve way the next achievment.

    23. Angel Baker

      YAY more SDE x-over! I love the way this is being cross integrated! Very excited to see what these models bring to my SDE game

    24. Bill Briggs on

      If they wanted to tie to another game, I'd have been thrilled to see a special set of unit cards that let us use Relic Knights figures in Sedition Wars and vice-versa. I'll admit I own a handful of SD figures, but I gotta say the Venn Intersection of SD x Fantasty Dungeon Crawl lies pretty much at the nadir of my interests.

      I'm particularly down on this idea because of them being new figures, which means Development resources, Sculpting resources, and Mold-making funds are all being siphoned away from the core game to support these figures which wont be useful in the project I signed up to back.

    25. Bren "Ruggernaut" Matthews on

      Look at it this way: if they toss every single idea out that they have, folks wont need to buy more. Retailers might not buy in as they aren't sure yet it will sell in their markets. There's not enough for expansion. Also by tying in another game (a good one, too!) They generate more revenue hopefully and space out the game life.

    26. Bill Briggs on

      Still not thrilled with the SDE minis being part of this KS, I feel like we should be seeing more Relic Knights, not some unrelated game. Om the other hand, that next Boost level looks great!

    27. Glenn McClune on

      As a point f interest the reason for spacing the new sculpts compared to repeats is a matter of cost. It is far cheaper to give us duplicate figures than it is to give us new figures, even if the amount of material is the same. Having a plastic mold made is very expensive. so by spacing them they can ensure proper capitol. That said, all I care about right now are more SDE characters!!!

    28. MightyGodzilla on

      @Marc actually in 40k base size does matter, unless your playing friends. Larger bases affect things like blast and template weapons . Most tournaments will make you adhere to regulation base sizes. You may also run into uppity opponents here and there.

    29. Benny Falestål on

      Cute... Hammit. :P That's what you get for changing your mind mid sentence.

    30. Benny Falestål on

      Cause who'd want a quite RK miniature sitting next to the monitor to look at when you're in front of the comp if they aren't playing SDE? ;)

    31. Missing avatar

      Martin Ellermeier

      Hope to see some other stretches but more SDE minis. SDE is cute, however I find it too far away in style from RK, so it's kind of wasted stuff for me - if Sodapop spends money in stretches, I'd prefer them tied to RK instead of SDE.

    32. Jeff Cope on

      Still hoping the Noh Warlord mini is part of the next boost!

    33. wouter

      With only 7 days to go and the average of 1 boost a day I say it's possible. If the boosts aren't to far away.

    34. Gliblit on

      The way things go.... Maybe the next boost is for the options. And maybe then we will get some new sculpt. Just hope that the next boost is not as far as 600k away.

    35. S Buntenbach

      look on the front page

    36. MalAddict on


      I don't play SDE, so the minis for them are useless to me, but I guess if it brings more funding to the table then who am I to complain?

      Can't wait for the sneak peek! :{D

    37. wouter

      Not the sneek peek I was hoping for. But an extra Render, tank, ... are very nice as well.

    38. Rinion on

      Cant argue with free stuff, but i was hoping for Black Dragons or some such aswell!

      More SDE!

    39. Major Glitch on

      The next boost is nice, but I was hoping for some of the figures we have cards for but no minis yet :/

    40. S Buntenbach

      see the sneak peek
      but what is with the missing minis ?
      have you a picture of the tank

    41. S Buntenbach

      waiting for the sneak peek- give us the dragon

    42. Brent Skinner on

      "Also sneak peeks up shortly of EX2!"
      I like where this is going.

    43. Gliblit on

      CHEER!!!! For sneak peek on Boost!