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A brand new science fiction miniatures game full of over the top anime action!
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3,459 backers pledged $909,537 to help bring this project to life.

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Update From Soda Pop Miniatures Concerning Future Customer Support!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Soda Pop Miniatures is happy to announce that Cool Mini or Not has completed shipping on all US backer items.

Effective immediately Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division will be taking over all customer service for Relic Knights, including: damaged items, and missing items or orders.

If you are a backer and need to contact us in regards to your order please e-mail us at

To ensure the fastest possible turnaround time on your order please use the following format for your e-mail.

Subject lines:

US - Missing (For missing items or orders.)

US - Parts (For damaged or missing parts.)

If you received an incorrect item, you do not need to return the item. Give it to a friend instead! Just send us an e-mail telling us what items you received and what items you should have received using the US - Missing subject line.

In the body of your message include:

List of the missing or damaged items.

Full Name

Mailing Address (Don’t forget apartment or suite numbers!)

If you are a backer outside of the US, Cool Mini or Not will continue to provide updates on the status of shipment. However, you are more than welcome to contact us with questions regarding your orders and we will do everything we can to assist you. Once delivery is complete we will be taking over all customer service of your items as well.

Please use the subject lines above but replace the country tag with:

UK (United Kingdom)

EU (Europe)

APAC (Asia Pacific)

ROW (Rest of World)

Soda Pop and Ninja Division have recently hired new people to help work through all of the e-mails and get packages out to you as fast as possible. We will begin fulfilling replacements immediately based on the stock we have in hand, and will expand to all items as soon as receive all remaining stock from Cool Mini or Not.

It is our promise to you that we will make sure every backer receives every item you pledged for.Then we can all start enjoying our games of Relic Knights!

Thank you,

Soda Pop Miniatures

Shipping Update 8-2-2014 and Important News

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hey backers,


Yesterday we sent out the last of the packages in the US that we had missed due to our error. If you haven't gotten a tracking number yet please send an Email to Support will try to find the issue and provide you with a solution.


The container is packed and waiting to be picked up by our air shipper. They're scheduling a plane for us right now. This about a week later than we were originally planning, this is due to a delay on the air shipper's side. They have been trying to find us a plane. It appears we should have one on Monday. The predicted ETA after shipping is 7-10 days. This is if things go smoothly with customs, which, as we've said before, can be a very nebulous time frame. We'll post an update once the container has left for Germany, and again after it has arrived. Once it arrives it tends to takes two or three days for the German hub to arrange the boxes. Then they should ship out quickly after that.


China has confirmed they are packing APAC orders. They believe the first wave of those orders will go out as early as Monday. Again this about a week later than we were originally informed. Part of this has to do with the EU container being delayed in getting out, the other part is a longer than expected turn around time for setting back up for APAC orders. They have given an estimated time of completion for next Friday, which is when they think the final packages will ship out. We will give you updates during next week to let you know how completion is going.

Please note:

At Soda Pop's request, the remaining  Remaining Relic Knights products from US/RoW fulfillment are being inventoried and shipped to Soda Pop. Due to this, they will be handling all customer support starting today 8/2/2014. The inventory of remaining product will be shipping out soon, please allow for few days of transit time and incoming inventory check, but after that Soda Pop will be able to help you with any any items that may have been missing from your pledge or damaged. They can be emailed at: 

Thank you for your patience.

Shipping Update (7-28)

Posted by CMON (Creator)
Hello Backers, we're here with a shipping update for you on the heels on last Thursdays update (dealing with the missing US and RoW pledges).

We've finished our inquiry and, according to our records, have retrieved all missing pledges. After our inquiry was complete it did indeed turn out that the vast majority of the missing orders came from GGEA+ levels, aka the order with the largest volume of items ordered. Of course all pledges are important to us, from the Champion of Justice orders of only a single model all the way to GGEA and higher, but we understand it can be overly painful and frustrating to the ones who pledged $300+ to be the ones who have experienced this issue. 

Again, as stated before, this was a mess-up on our end, completely and fully, with what appears to have happened is a docket of pledges having been marked as packaged and shipped when that simply wasn't the case. Regardless of exactly -why- the situation happened, it still happened, and a number of backers were negatively affected because of it.

To correct this, our warehouse staff as well as most of our office staff worked extra hours late into Friday evening and continued working throughout the weekend to correct this issue. As stated in the previous update, our estimate was everything should be resolved and completed by Monday. Unfortunately, even with the extra hands and the extra time spent, the fact that these are some of the largest single orders means that completing this task looks like it will take a little longer than expected. By our counts we're about 70% of the way through the remaining orders, and even as I type this our warehouse staff as well as many of our office staff are currently packing boxes for shipment. 

Given this, it would appear unlikely that, even with everyone pitching in, it will would be very unlikely to complete the remaining 30% today. With the pace that everyone has been working at over the last few days I would estimate that the remaining packages should be wrapped up tomorrow, if not then Wednesday at the latest.

Of course we'll immediately post an update when the last package has been boxed and completed, so please keep an eye out not only for the Update here but for a tracking number to appear should you be one of the unfortunate backers who are experiencing this issue. 

Once again we would extend an apology to any backer who has been affected by this error, and I can only restate every member of our staff is working hard to fix this mistake.

Thank you.

Missing US and RoW Shipments

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Backers, in yesterday's update we posted that we had completed US and RoW shipments, almost immediately in the comments we began to see a number of backers stating they had confirmed pledges and yet had received no tracking number or update. Since we just completed the above regions a small delay in some shipping information was to be expected, but the sheer volume we saw was way beyond that.

We immediately launched an inquiry to verify shipping on pledges and after completing said inquiry we found that a number of pledges, most ranging in the GGEA+ level, had simply not been shipped. The exact reason for this is unknown but all signs at this time point to it being a human error that lead to one or more packets of pledges just not being picked up to pack and ship, a critical mistake on our end and one we take full responsibility for.

We have already isolated the majority of these pledges, however, and are currently working to resolve the matter. Our warehouse, as well as most of our office staff, will be working diligently through the weekend to make sure these overlooked pledges are sent out as fast as possible. It was our mistake, and we'll not rest until it's been handled.

With this in mind, this issue should be resolved by Monday and all missing packages dispatched. Give us some time to get those packages out and upload tracking numbers. We will post another update again letting you know when all these packages have gone out. 

Once again we deeply apologize to any of our backers whom this has affected, and we will be working nonstop to correct this.

Thank you.

US and RoW Shipping Complete!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Fresh on the heels of our update of the Hell's Belles and Valeria replacements coming we have some good news: All US and RoW backer shipping is now complete!

Even better we have some specific dates for our European and Rest of World backers.

EU packages are shipping from the packing facility in China via air freight on Monday. Once they arrive in Germany it will take the shipping hub a few days to sort, and then they will go into the mail. EU backers will NOT have to pay VAT.

Asia Pacific packages will begin shipping from China on Monday!

Cool Mini or Not and Soda Pop Miniatures are currently working together to ship out and correct and mispacks that you may have received. Please contact Soda Pop at if you are missing anything besides the Hell's Belles torso or the miscast Valeria.

Please make sure to include:

• Your pledge number

• Your full name

• Your full mailing address (including apt/suite number!)

Finally, we had just over 100 backers who did not complete the backer kit and whom we have not been able to reach through e-mail. Please contact Soda Pop at if you know you are one of these backers so we can make sure to get you your items.