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A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
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Black Darkness, Massive Plague! The Zombicide Crossover is Here!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Lightbringers!

We're almost two thirds done to unleashing the Troglodyte Warriors!



To help the final push towards these warriors, we've asked for reinforcements from a nearby universe, where a black plague runs rampant!

The Black Plague Crossover Set is a Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy that brings you over 50 cards to allow you to use a lot of the retail content from Zombicide: Black Plague in Massive Darkness. It will also allow you to use all of the Massive Darkness Heroes as Survivors in Zombicide: Black Plague!

Of course, a Zombicide: Black Plague core box is necessary to use this content, and some of it requires a few of the expansion boxes. Please note this Crossover Set will not be available on retail.

Black Plague Survivors as Massive Darkness Heroes

The Crossover Set comes with 15 Hero Cards to bring the main Black Plague Survivors as Heroes in Massive Darkness.

  • 6 Heroes from the Black Plague core box
  • 4 Heroes from the Wulfsburg expansion
  • 5 Heroes from the Hero Box-1 expansion

Converting all 50 Survivors from the 13 Special Guest Boxes, and 23 Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors would not be possible, so we focused on these Survivors that are easily available at retail.

Black Plague Survivors as Massive Darkness Heroes.
Black Plague Survivors as Massive Darkness Heroes.

Black Plague Zombies as Massive Darkness Enemies

The Crossover Set includes 19 Guard cards to bring many Zombies as Mobs and Agents:

  • Walkers from the Black Plague core box are a Mob, with a Fatty as the Boss.
  • Runners from the Black Plague core box are a Mob, with the Abomination as the Boss.
  • Necromancer from the Black Plague core box is an Agent.
  • Wolfz from the Wulfsburg expansion are a Mob, with the Wolfbomination as the Boss.
  • Deadeye Walkers are a Mob, using one sculpt as the Minions, and another as the Boss.

There are also 6 Roaming Monster cards to use the Abominations from the Zombie Bosses Abomination Pack:

  • Abominatroll
  • Ablobination
  • Abominotaur
Again, we are not including the Kickstarter Exclusive Abominations in the set, only those available on retail.
Black Plague Zombies as Massive Darkness Enemies.
Black Plague Zombies as Massive Darkness Enemies.

Massive Darkness Heroes as Black Plague Survivors

Finally, the Crossover Set will allow you to bring ALL the Massive Darkness Heroes to Black Plague as Survivors.

  • 6 Survivors from the Massive Darkness core box
  • 5 Survivors from unlocked Stretch Goals
  • ANY other characters we reveal during this campaign!
Massive Darkness Heroes as Black Plague Survivors.
Massive Darkness Heroes as Black Plague Survivors.

If you're interested in purchasing any of this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Massive Darkness Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

For the Darkness is Massive, and full of terrors!


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    1. Goodsound on

      Actually cards that allow using Massive Darkness Enemies as Zombies in Zombicide are missing....

    2. Missing avatar

      Jed Morganstein on

      @Steven Palmer best of luck, but judging by the most recent update, it's too far along for any changes to your order. That being said, as I understand it CMON's kickstarter exclusives aren't, strictly speaking, exclusive. A set amount are produced, and any extra which aren't purchased during the campaign are sold / given away as prizes at conventions and events. Otherwise, you're at the mercy of the secondary market.

    3. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      Good afternoon,

      After discovering CMON from the Massive Darkness Kickstarter, and finding another hit with Rising Sun (both of which I've backed with the base game and most of the add ons), I was excited to see the Zobicide: Green Horde campaign go up. The more I read about it, the more I felt I also needed too look in to Zombicide: Black Plague... This is where I have a possibly big favor to ask... One of the few add ons for Massive Darkness that I did NOT purchase was the MD/ZBP crossover package ($8 I think). Now that I am buying ZBP, I am greatly regretting not picking up that add on, as it appears to add a good deal of content to both games, and is also Kickstarter only... Is there any possible way to do a last minute add of that item to my plege? Or purchase it separately? Or add it to ZGH, which I will be pledging here soon?

    4. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      Really hope a cross-over will be available for Green Horde

    5. Jeffrey J. Agersea on

      @Chantal the Addons from MD will all be made into characters for ZBP, but ONLY the items listed above from ZBP will be made heroes for MD.

    6. Jason Brown

      Runners are level 3.

    7. Gravolis on

      I can't read, what's the spawn number for zombie runners please ?

    8. Kenta on

      What's the point of not converting all the survivors from the Zombicide Black Plague kickstarter when this itself is a kickstarter exclusive optional buy? I mean, doesn't it make sense that for those people who have backed the Zombicide Black Plague kickstarter to purchase this optional buy in the first place since it is exclusive. Just putting my thought out there, since I would really love to see ALL the survivors from Zombicide Black Plague kickstarter campaign to be playable in massive darkness as well :(

    9. Chantal Noordeloos

      Ah! Maybe I should have read the comments. Looks like someone already asked this. Eagerly await response

    10. Chantal Noordeloos

      Can I assume that the characters from the add ons will also be part of the crossover thing?

    11. Scott Quincey on

      Sorry if these questions have already been asked -
      will this include 15 hero cards to be used for ZBP or 21 (including the ones in the optional add on buys)?
      If all 21 cards be included, will they all be included even if I don't buy the two optional add on buys?

      I hope that makes sense.


    12. Missing avatar

      Scott Knowles on

      @Joel Norman I agree and the main draw for me when it comes to CMON published games is the 'Sandbox' element of them. This one by far fills this role the most and I can guarantee that in a few months time someone on Board Game Geek will have posted card templates which can be edited to include any type of model you want. I am planning on incorporating Blood Rage and B-Sieged models into this game as well as a lot of old GW warhammer models I have lying around.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joel Norman on

      I think the crossover for Zombicide is probably the greatest optional buy ever offered. It occurred to me, (unfortunately quite late in the campaign, but maybe this can be done as a regular retail product later?) that lots of the monsters and some of the heroes from Blood Rage could also work in the Massive Darkness universe, even if the reverse isn't as applicable.

    14. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      Are the other six heroes from the two add-on expansions (heroes &a monster sets) going to be a part of this BP/MD crossover (3 from the Spearmaiden Cyclops, 3 from the Hellephant)?

    15. Askyel on

      Too bad the guest artist stuff for zombicide black plague weren't getting the cards, some of the sets I wanted to get. I'll just get them anyways and make my own rules

    16. Trex on

      @Dreux Barbier, yes you can, just add the extra money for the extra crossover kit.

    17. Dreux Barbier on

      A friend of mine just can't swing the 120 now but will buy MD later at retail. Can I get more than one crossover kit to give to him for his copy?

    18. Shawn Charney [TundraThunder] on

      @Domitilla yes, you can add on whatever you'd like in the pledge just won't count towards stretch goals.

    19. Domitilla D'Amico / Marco Infussi on

      Newbie question: if I don't add now another $8 to my pledge, could I decide to buy this in pledge manager when the KS is closed (eg. late buy)? Thank you.

    20. Tabletop Tribe

      I do think they perhaps need to produce 6x Necromancer crossover cards for Ajax though, as he has a certain "necro" look about him.

    21. Tabletop Tribe

      @Igor - the Alpha and Rat aren't retail releases, just KS Knight Pledge exclusives. The crossover is only applying to miniatures that are freely available through the shops, otherwise it's not only relying on someone backing this project but also having backed the Black Plague Kickstarter too (or purchasing them for an arm/leg on ebay!)

    22. Igor Morgado on

      also Abominarat (that fits well with your Ratling extras)

    23. Igor Morgado on

      You really should add Abominalpha, since is a good damn miniature in zombicide pack.

    24. Christian Hetebrij on

      What is the size of the troglodytes? About the same as orcs? Bigger? There are no pics of them next to heroes...

    25. Christian Hetebrij on

      This add-on adds so much! So many more mobs to deal with! I have zombicide but not Black Plague. Definitely getting this add-on!
      I wonder... Do warrior priests have special abilities against undead things?

    26. Mike the Knight on

      The Crossover needs Zombicide Spawn Cards for the Minion, Agent and Boss and Roaming Monsters so we can throw the Massive Darkness monsters into Black Plague. I want to house rule some interesting events in Black Plague. That Cyclops likes to make noise throwing rocks at locations to lure zombies around. "Oh look it's throwing rocks at us, wait why did it miss us?? "Oh crap there goes the door!"
      Imagine running into some Orcs (or whatever), the combat attracts zombies.
      It appears a giant spider lives in the vault....

    27. Josef Hanzl on

      Le JOE - hope, tahat Sybil skills are switched with Bjorn, otehrwise, elven range will turn into hack&slash barbarian :-)

    28. Robbie Sistrunk on

      If Guillotine Games or Cool Mini or Not would develop a custom card service, I'm sure their customers would use it. Then the player base could do their own conversions and the companies would generate profit.

    29. Diego Serrate Pinilla on

      I agree that some of the "Undead" monsters like the Mummy or Flesh Golem for MD can be easily portrayed to Black plage as Abominations. Please think about that guys!
      Even using some the Agents or Bosses as a new Necromancer able to summon those new guys can be cool!

    30. FlorianAliasJoe on

      I love this crossover but there's something I just noticed :
      Aren't there mistakes with Sybil's skills ???
      They are almost all Melee-oriented whereas she is a Ranged character in MD (even stated as having "uncanny mastery of the bow and arrow".
      I hope this will be changed...

      I have nothing for a strong feminine Melee woman character, that would really be cool, but I just don't think Sybil is the right girl.

    31. Dondon

      Cun-Ha could also be a Cabal member

    32. Dondon

      You could Add to "The Black Plague Crossover Set" as Abominations for Black Plague a few on the Roaming Monsters:

      Cun-Ha (He is a Dead Guy after all)
      Flesh Golem (Is made of several dead people, not mentioning that it should be rotting-stink)
      Nightmare Thing (It could be a Cabal Special)

      I would surely Add those three for the time being.

    33. Blitzpear

      Great move, I'm so glad to have an opportunity to back this show. Fun in all directions.

    34. Missing avatar

      François Uldry

      Can we have a kit to convert the heroes of Black Plague to Massive Darkness ?

    35. Daniel Unger on

      Absolutely great Update

    36. Tony on

      Love the add on. Great deal for only $8. I'm gonna order 2 so I can have extra walker/fatty, runner/abomination, wolf/wolfbomination, and deadeye walker mob/boss combos to my adventure. Not to mention the extra necromancer agent. I have extra of all of the above from my PB pledge, and figure if you could use more trogs, you could use more zombies.

    37. Brian - Analyst of Brimstone on

      @alejandrotebar just simply pledge $8 more dollars and after the campaign is over you will be getting a survey. On the survey you will indicate what the pledge money is going to.

    38. Missing avatar

      alejandrotebar on

      Sorry, first time backer.

      "If you're interested in purchasing any of this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Massive Darkness Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager."

      I cant seem to find any options in the pledge manager to do this.

    39. Missing avatar

      scorion on

      +1 for b-sieged

    40. Zamukito on

      A crossover with b-sieged it will be great

    41. benji t

      I'm pretty sure that this exact version of the crossover pack is exclusive, but there will be a retail version that does not include any exclusive MD content. Right now, all MD content, including exclusive content, is included.

    42. Agis Neugebauer on

      I love the crossover idea.
      Is there any chance to get a Wrath of Kings crossover too?

    43. Missing avatar

      David C.O. on

      This has sold me the game.

    44. Gagdec on

      A real must have! This is a realy cool add on thank you CMON.
      Any chances we coud have some necromancer cards for characters like myriam, ajax , orc flayer, goblin archer and troglodyte brute bosses? Also zombicide version of the artifact cards could be a nice touch...

    45. Achim Seeburger on

      crossovers are an excelent idea, love it.
      please make more like this ;)

    46. Missing avatar

      Dmitry Sichev on

      Dear CMON, It would be very nice to see a big monsters from Massive Darkness (like Elementals) in Black Plague as Abominations. And some other bosses (like Chu-Ha or Troglodite Agent) as Necromancers. It is pretty easy applicable - just a few more Zombicide cards and special rules.

    47. aron aka jello on

      @"The Mad Rabbi" - Thiago mentioned in another comment somewhere that none of the cards are their actual abilities and such. They are just quick placeholder images he threw together for the update image.

    48. JAKUB on

      @Andreas Hohn, just add the amount to your pledge. Then you will select the item in Pledge Manager. Pledge Manager link will be sent to your mailbox in about 2 month time after campaign ends.

    49. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hohn on

      It is my first time on kickstarter. If I want to get the crossover I just have to add the amount to my original pledge?

    50. donnbobhardy

      @Mad Rabbi - I'd send a PM.