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A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Fiverings 2 days ago

      well my shipment was finally shipped. i was NOT a late backer and paid my shipping before the deadline. A lot of us did notify CMON about any one of the numerous problems with this campaign but their response often was not helpful so there are a few of us who were disappointed. This is the only kickstarter campaign that I have has serious problems with but I will do a bit more investigating of the people running the campaign before drop money on a project.

    2. Missing avatar

      chortophagos 2 days ago

      oh wow, didn't notice all the complaints here. I pledged x2 copies too, but they only sent me main game in sep. Didn't get x1 main game, x2 stretch goals. Complained enough now they finally said sending. cmon disappointing too many peeps. I said refund my shipping or give me some compensation and they just say, thnx for your patience. I'll give them that they've done a good job before, but it is sad to see them lagging and hurting supporters.

    3. Missing avatar

      Charles Kimbril 3 days ago

      I contacted them with my id, they said, we shipped it, not our problem.

    4. GinjaBugbearNinja-Where are my Peanuts? 4 days ago

      For those who haven't received their game id advise contacting c'mon support via Facebook or their website.
      You won't get anything from them on the comments page after a campaign

    5. Joshua Elliott 5 days ago

      I also have received no game yet and backed early.

    6. Danny Day 6 days ago

      I have yet to receive my game and I was a EARLY backer!

    7. Missing avatar

      Fiverings on November 11

      How many of you backers who were not a late backer did not get the game yet?

      I backed the game during the campaign. I paid for shipping. I paid the "surprise extra shipping cost" BEFORE the deadline.

      No game, hasn't even shipped yet.

      Am I the only backer who paid in the proper period to have my game delayed?

    8. S
      on November 11

      And I really wish this had something like Zombicide, that you can play behind 6 players. Increase difficulty based on player count...anything.

    9. S
      on November 11

      Finally managed to play a game.

      Did Quest 1, with 6 players.
      We had a few hiccups at the beginning, but got it under control rather well and

      First thing we notice was doors seem rather weak. Majority of the time it is just 1 Mob that spawns and before another spawns (assuming you don't flip a double spawn) the first mob is already dead. Just felt very empty and lack of monsters to face and you never really went through a whole lot of guard cards in their perspective levels. We always did less then a handful in each of the levels.

      The Lesser and Greater Demons seem underwhelming, when you only see one at a time. You have this massive deck of monsters to randomly draw from and you only see one until you kill it and hopefully draw another. I'd been happy if the card didn't allow extra activation and just allowed me to plop another monster down. And anything to possibly put down more mobs.

      By the time we go towards the end, even before that, almost everyone was stunning the mob to prevent counter-attacks. Making enemies literally never attack until it was the enemies phase and assuming they were even still around.

      Now I get that it was quest 1 and it's probably an easy quest. Maybe there are special rules in the future quests to make things harder in the sense of getting more stuff out. Just seems a shame to do on certain quests and not have much in the else where as general rules in the game.

      Overall, quest 1 made the game seem very underwhelming for me. Models are great, game play is good, and character sheets are awesome. It just seems that once you hit a certain point, you are practically a walking just destroys the game a bit and lack of enemy spawns contribute to this.

      I just hope to some degree that I just missed something and someone points something out to me, but I fear that I didn't and the game in the aspects of mass horde of monsters to face is rare to start.

    10. Rene Biewald on November 10

      I got my replacement cards yesterday in germany

    11. Missing avatar

      on November 9

      ...and the replacement card pack two days ago... Finally.

    12. Missing avatar

      on November 8


      I got my replacement mini weeks ago...

    13. Dondon
      on November 8

      I'm still waiting for my missing items!! And since I pledge for me and a few friends we are all here waiting after CMON apparently finishes with ALL the Late Pledges before I can see all those missing things...

      I have been waiting for more than a month already and I find that kind of treatment somehow lacking, but it seems to be the spoon you are served when backing here :(

    14. Missing avatar

      JWhit on November 7

      I received my replacement cards today in the UK. Didn't realise how bad the originals were until I pulled them out :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Charles Kimbril on November 7

      I didn't get my game, they say they shipped it..
      What really bums me out, besides not getting the awesome pieces I purchased and was really looking forward to, this is the second time I have lost money. So i'm done with Kickstarter all together...

    16. Rodd Closson
      on November 7

      I still don't have the game. Should I have the game given last items were shipped last week? Thanks.

    17. Missing avatar

      on November 6

      The misprints-swap pack.
      No idea but I think first arrived months ago...
      Contact support....

    18. Missing avatar

      王祈翔 on November 6

      Not got mine yet in Taiwan!! How long should it take?

    19. Missing avatar

      on November 5

      Yes still waiting
      Contacted support last week...
      Said I shall contact them again if nothing shows up in a week... Si waiting till wednesday and reopening my Ticket

    20. Missing avatar

      James Crawford on November 4

      Are people still waiting for replacement cards. I haven’t received anything yet in England!!

    21. Missing avatar

      on November 3


      No they should have been sent without inquiry
      Have also gotten none.
      Contacted support this week and they asked me to wait another week.
      Then I shall reopen the Ticket.
      Nothing yet btw

    22. Missing avatar

      Jesterx on November 3

      Get my replacement tiles, but the Corners are damaged:(

    23. Ikael on November 3

      I received the ONI miniature, replacing the defective one contained in Lightbringer pack

    24. Carlos D
      on November 2

      No replacement cards here in Taiwan.
      Were we supposed to ask for them via their support website ?
      I thought that they would be sent to all backers....

      At least that what it seems from this statement.
      "Thankfully the factory has responded very quickly to this issue and the plan to get Replacement Card Packs to all backers is well underway."

    25. Michael Brooke on November 2

      @Stefan This is why you check the pledge manager, I'm sure CMON even mentioned the issue you had would happen if you didn't finish your pledge manager, that's our responsibility as backers

    26. Missing avatar

      on November 2

      No idea about boxes..

      Try support... Worst case they don't.

      Btw asked for replacement cards (the pack for misprints) and support asked me to wait another week and then reopen the Ticket in case nothing arrives...

    27. Jack on November 1

      Just got mine but the box corner is very damaged , does anyone know if they'll replace it ?

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul Darcy on November 1

      Not got mine yet in the U.K. Looking at the other comments things do not bode well.

    29. Grediel on November 1

      I just got my copy of the game today in Ecuador had to go pick it up myself, 6 weeks in customs because CMON used the cheapest postal method to send it even when they charged me more on shipping than any other KS which deliver with couriers and didn't even provide all the necessary documents I had to send bills and statements so it got processed. My biggest regret and the worst part is backing SMOG, Rising Sun and ZGH before this arrived and now I will go through this same shit at least 3 more times.

    30. Philippe Scheffer on October 31

      I didn't receive my copy? I had confirm the 02 august ... Is it normal ?

    31. Naiko Hatesyou on October 30

      @Josh the design of lord tusk was changed from the original resin, they just didn’t tell us. Everyone’s lord tusk does not actually have tusks.

    32. Josh Warfield on October 30

      Did people receive a new lord tusk? Mine is missing a tusk.

    33. Missing avatar

      Damir on October 30

      Did people not receive pledge reminder?because l didn’t receive 1

    34. Guy Edwards
      on October 30

      Still nothing. Very frustrating to see it is available in my local game store and backers are still not delivered to.

    35. Cryo on October 30

      @Damir - I got my copy ages ago, and replacement cards as well. In QLD here

    36. Howard Dobko on October 29

      Has anyone in Canada received their pledge yet? Still waiting (Sask.)

    37. Missing avatar

      Edward J Ware III on October 29

      Just received mine today. I was late to confirm my address too. I confirmed it 9/22/17.

    38. John on October 29


      I've had mine for a while now I'm in Victoria

    39. Stefan Sørensen on October 28

      I backed 187 dollars, for a lot of ekstra stuff, then I wasnt informed that I still owed around 3,5 dollars for ekstra shipment. So I became a late pledger.
      My game was then send from US for about 45 dollars in taxes ekstra because I live in Europe and my shipment cost me 70 dollars. So no ekstras for me and the game cost me about 240 dollars thats over twice the prize for the game.
      Thank you CMON for the bad information. Will NOT support you again.

    40. James Kahalewai III
      on October 28

      Still waiting on my copy.

    41. Sinko on October 28

      I have just recieved an unexpected extra copy of MD and replacement cards in the UK. Been hit with a big import charge - £30 - and no idea why I have then. The KS replacement cards arrived ages ago and the original KS order came direct from the European hub.

    42. Missing avatar

      Damir on October 28

      Has game been sent out to Australia yet?

    43. Anthony Birdsong on October 27

      Got my late pledge with crossover cards and replacement cards on the 25th. I got the FedEx notification one day ahead of delivery and KS notification a day after delivery. I am only 180 miles away from CMON if that matters. I hope the rest of the long waiters get news soon!

    44. Missing avatar

      Prom3thee on October 27

      Still haven't received the crossover Black Plague cards.

    45. Missing avatar

      Steven Southrey on October 27

      I still haven't received my package and I don't remember being a late pledger. Is there a way to check that? Thanks.

    46. Emanuelle Avila Rodriguez on October 26

      Got it last Monday, very late pledger

    47. Missing avatar

      on October 26

      Have any "late pledges" received their order?

    48. Brandon Barlow
      on October 25

      Still haven't received my missing 3D Doors and Bridges pack. I did get a response to my support ticket though.

    49. Anthony Birdsong on October 25

      I have a FedEx notification from CMON in GA. I was bumped to late backer status because I added onto my original pledge,

    50. Missing avatar

      on October 25

      Still no replacement cards...
      I think I will wait til the end of the week and contact support if nothing shows up by then....

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