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A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
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    1. Digimortal just now

      Just the core pledge or a ton of extras?

      Bare in mind a full pledge will cover 2 large parcels shipped internationally & customs charges, which in the UK would be around 20% the goods sale value plus admin fees.

      It would suck if the fee has gone up because you did not complete the pledge manager, I know my pledge postage & customs cost around $30 for the core box + 2 expansions.

    2. Adam Taylor
      12 minutes ago

      Well get this... just found out I didn't complete my pledge manager... so now it will cost $98 to ship to Australia...

      That is Insanity!

      Would anyone pay that?

    3. Missing avatar

      Dave 15 minutes ago

      Cmon sayin GH will be shipped by christmas actually will be shipped closer to July 2018.....

    4. Pastor Tommy 24 minutes ago

      *if they did not care

    5. Pastor Tommy 25 minutes ago


      Stop complaining CMON is not stupid, they do make mistakes. Green Horde has nothing to do with MD. So back off. They are trying to do something nice. We are waiting on MD we will get it soon a few months later we will get GH core game. At least they are trying to get it to us early instead of making us wait for it. The stupid part of all this is complaining about something that is out of our hands and over something they are doing out of the kindness of their hearts. If they did care they would say "screw you guy wait until 3Q 2018 and we will sale all of these core boxes we got early." Stop complaining, CMON is a good company that makes mistakes, remember they are humans just like you.

    6. Digimortal 31 minutes ago

      Out of interest did everyone get 2 copies of the Assassins Cloak? Not sure which boxes they came in :S

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris H
      38 minutes ago

      Justin you should probably read that update a little more carefully.

    8. Josh (no not that Josh)
      39 minutes ago

      @Justin While I understand the angst, and I have quite a bit of my own? Shipping Green Horde towards the end of the year/early next year is irrelevant to the timeline of Massive Darkness. People are already receiving MD. CMON has MD in their warehouse now for the states and ROW. It will ship and be in our hands most likely by next month.

      Shipping MD doesn't have any impact on production of Green Horde.... MD is already produced....

    9. Digimortal about 1 hour ago

      Found a bit of time to get the core hero girls are done, just the dwarf to go then on to the horde :(


    10. Francis Petit about 1 hour ago

      Received in Montreal Canada, delivered by Canada Post

    11. Justin Allmon about 1 hour ago

      Shipping Green Horde when you have so spectacularly NOT shipped US MD is stupid. I backed Green Horde and I am going to be more pissed MD is not out if they do that. Once again, CMON apparently has no clue on logistics. TO recap, it was our fault (supposedly) they did not close PM earlier to start production which they told us well after the original PM deadline, they miraculously get a shit ton of the boxes to GENCON so they can sell them there, they apparently did not do QC checks on their stuff (even though they are replacing the components and after uploading the wrong files initially for people to DL and print....really?) after they swore so hard after MASMORRA and AQI and R&B2 that they were adding plenty of room on the timeline to account for issues. Clearly they forgot to add time to account for stupid.

    12. Missing avatar

      David about 1 hour ago

      I received my game in Paris.
      Quick question to french backers : I got english version. Shouldn't it be french version instead ?
      Many thanks.

    13. Donatos Aphael about 1 hour ago

      Ditto ! Canada Post finally delivering tomorrow ;-)

    14. Philippe Nunez about 1 hour ago

      Finally getting ours tomorrow. After our vacation unfortunately... ah well.

    15. Missing avatar

      Diana Van der Vis about 1 hour ago

      Received in Winnipeg Canada, delivered by Canada Post.

    16. Mr Suitcase about 2 hours ago

      Massive Darkness was delivered to my home in Burlington, Ontario at the fullness of the Eclipse. Almost to the minute.

    17. Bálint Péter about 2 hours ago

      Okay cool,then nothing is missing:)

    18. Garuk about 2 hours ago

      @Bálint Péter I just learned that the other 2 artifacts are inside the 2 Heroes & Monster Set "Sorcerers vs Lord Tusk" and "Noble Warrior vs The Cockatrix" Only 1 of the artifact is a Kickstarter exclusive, the one for the bonecrusher class.

    19. Bálint Péter about 2 hours ago

      So, someone can help me out with the artifacts?
      There is 6 in the core box! (the way is should be)
      Then there is only 3 in the KS box:1 Bonecrusher's Pauldron,1 Priest's Reliquary and 1 Assassin's Cloak(only 3 instead of 5)
      1 in the Sorceres and Lord Tusk box: 1 Sorcerer's Ring
      1 in the Noble warriors vs the Cockatrix: 1 Noble's Standard

      That makes it 5 artifact in total,that's the way it should be?

    20. Jack about 2 hours ago

      Someone before said that the other two artifacts are in a different box. If I remember correctly 1 in each of the stretch goal hero/monster boxes

    21. Missing avatar

      Jesterx about 2 hours ago

      @Juergen Weiss
      Kann ich Dir meine Mail Adresse geben, damit Du mir vielleicht die Scans schicken kannst, wenn Dein Spiel eintrifft?

    22. Missing avatar

      Caldebraun about 2 hours ago

      Arrived today in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Thanks CMON -- looks good so far.

    23. Bálint Péter about 2 hours ago


      I've also have only 3 KS artifact card instead of 5. Did you wrote to CMON? if yes what did they said?

    24. Jason V about 3 hours ago

      Looks like my package should be here by Thursday in Sask. Canada. You can always check for tracking info on the pledge manager page too.

    25. Matthew Bauer about 3 hours ago

      Awesome news about Green Horde, but with CMON's track record, I'm not getting my hopes up.

    26. Jonathan Kinney about 3 hours ago

      Anyone got a shipping notice for Canada yet? In Vancouver and waiting patiently. Actually very patiently as I have Lisboa, 7th Continent and Wasteland Express Delivery Service to keep me occupied. :-)

    27. Starflier23 about 3 hours ago

      @ Jason We must both be outside the path of totality when it comes to darkness arriving in a box...

    28. Jason Daniels about 3 hours ago

      Ok, just watched the eclipse, where's my game?

    29. Pietro de Martino
      about 3 hours ago

      Got it today in Italy. It's really MASSIVE!!! (components seem all right but I need some more time to check deeply). I plan to start to read this evening the rules and soon hope to start to play.
      Thank You CMON!!!

    30. Mitch about 4 hours ago

      If CMON needs help packing and shipping, I would be more than willing to help speed along the process if they want to hire some extra help. Sounds like they need it desperately.

    31. Garuk about 4 hours ago

      Where do we write for missing components?

    32. Patrick Johansen about 4 hours ago

      Can't say I'm not envious, but I still hope that it arrives for you to unpack tomorrow!

    33. Missing avatar

      Jesterx about 4 hours ago

      Now i get a reply, my first ticket was gone to the darkness :)

    34. Brendan Plumstead about 4 hours ago

      It's being delivered by UPS, ACD is the company the package says its from.

    35. Brendan Plumstead about 4 hours ago

      Does anyone recognize ACD Distributions in the US? I have a package incoming tomorrow from them and right now it can only be one three things, this, something SDE related, or Gloomhaven...

    36. Sebastian Gutsche about 4 hours ago

      Gibt es hier eigentlich noch andere Deutsche (speziel Berliner) die noch warten auf ihr Pledge. Werde langsam irgendwie ungeduldig.

    37. Garuk about 4 hours ago

      Got my big box today. Checking everything out and I seem to be missing 2 artifacts card. In the box containing the Kickstarter exclusive (called Lightbringer Pack MD-KS01), there was a small bag with 3 artifacts cards, shouldn'tthere be 5?

    38. Missing avatar

      Jesterx about 4 hours ago

      Can somebody scan the tiles and send it to me?
      I need the Tiles
      The Front and the rear side please :)
      I want to play

    39. Missing avatar

      Jesterx about 4 hours ago

      I write them, but i dont get a automatic reply. You get some?
      What part from your game are broken?

    40. Missing avatar

      Jesterx about 4 hours ago

      Habe im Netz nachgesehen. Bis jetzt nichts brauchbares gefunden, leider :(
      Maßband hab ich auch keines, muss ja wissen welche Abmessungen ich da brauche für die Tiles.
      Kosten entstehen so oder so, da ich zu einen Copyshop gehen muss, da die Tiles nicht auf ein A4 Blatt gehen.
      Wenn Du sie einscannen könntest wäre ich Dir sehr dankbar.
      Bin echt angefressen. Antwort von Support hab ich noch keine bekommen,

    41. Missing avatar

      Marco S. about 4 hours ago

      MWST und Zoll bezahlen? Würde nicht verstehen wieso.
      Ich hab ja schon alles bezahlt, auch den Versand

    42. Missing avatar

      Paul Texas Ogre about 4 hours ago

      Nothing left in Texas yet . I keep hoping

    43. Juergen Weiss about 4 hours ago

      @Jesterx Es ist nämlich egal ob das eine Nachlieferung ist oder nicht, Mwst wird trotzdem fällig. Hätte ich sehr unfair gefunden weil die ja bezahlt war. Ist aber gut ausgegangen.
      Wie gesagt, deine Tiles bekommst du sicher und nachzahlen wirst du dafür nichts müssen.

    44. Juergen Weiss about 4 hours ago

      @jesterx Such mal in Google, da findest du die tiles bestimmt. Zur Not scanne ich sie dir ein (wenn ich mein Zeug endlich mal habe).
      Also ich bin sicher, für deine 3 Tiles wirst du nichts beim Zoll zahlen müssen. Unter 25 Euro wird da nichts fällig und dieses Pappzeug interessiert da keinen.

      Bei Black Plaque haben mir 2 der Basisboxen gefehlt (hatte alles 3 mal bestellt) und ich bekam sie ca. 2 Monate später. CMON hat mir eine Rechnung geschickt auf dem der gesamte Wert mit 12$ angegeben war. Hätte nie gedacht, dass der Zollbeamte das glaubt, hat er aber und ich musste nichts nachzahlen.

    45. 10,000Lumen about 4 hours ago

      @Patrick @Ravenwing mine has arrived at the GLS hub in Kolding

    46. CT (I play games) about 4 hours ago

      Canada: Best Coast - shipped on Friday, arriving this week on Thursday.

    47. Missing avatar

      notpsychoyet about 4 hours ago

      Sitting here in Canada, west coast, wondering when I'll get my game. No emails yet so no clue what the timetable is. I still can't wrap my head around the incompetence involved in the distribution network but I'm just going to try and be patient.

    48. Missing avatar

      Sammie65 about 4 hours ago

      @jesterx support works like a charm. I had within the hour answer and broken items are being sent.

    49. Jason Daniels about 4 hours ago

      One "crisis" at a time, folks.

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