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A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Pardela 5 days ago

      I still did not receive the game for which I paid :(

    2. Strogar 6 days ago

      can view pledge info here and check the status
      they won't respond to a KS comment for support or missing items, need to log a ticket in the CMON support system for that.

    3. Missing avatar

      Philipp Wilhelm on January 8

      I have received nothing yet. Where can I ask if maybe I forgot to pay additional Shipping costs or anything? I'm kind of worried I won't receive anything.

    4. Ivo Carlos Sasse on January 6

      hello, I received my package but is missing the enemy box: elementals. Now do what?

    5. Missing avatar

      Phil read on January 3

      Just had a reply back from CMON after chasing them yet again "currently our warehouse is closed for its annual inventory and we have been dealing with a large flow of web store orders from the holidays" so it would seem that new orders are more important than people like us who pay CMON money in advance for future products based on only a promise of delivery. When you chase them to keep that promise they give you the run around for 5 months and give you nothing for the money you gave them in trust. Well done CMON, great way to treat your backers.

    6. Missing avatar

      Phil read on January 3

      Yes I opened a ticket months ago. Have exchanged various emails and they promised to send me the cards and tokens back in October but still nothing. These items are not stretch goals or free or give always, I have bought and paid for them. CMON have taken my payment and not sent me the goods I have paid for, now they are just ignoring me. I have been robbed, that's the only way yo put it.

    7. Missing avatar

      chortophagos on January 3

      they still haven't sent me my stretch goals. Closed my complaint like 3 times on me. Is anyone else having this kind of problem? I'm thinking about pursuing legal means. This is just not cool.

    8. Wrobbel on January 2

      Did you open up a ticket?

    9. Missing avatar

      Phil read on January 2

      I'm still waiting on the Black Plague crossover set, 3D doors and plastic tokens to be sent to me after all this time. It's not good customer service from CMON as these are items that I have paid for, they have my dollars but I don't have any product, feeling like I've been robbed. I've been collecting their games for years and I have a huge zombicide collection, I'm always positive about them and their games at my club and my FLGS but this experience has spoiled that which is a shame. I have opened a ticket months ago and sent various emails but I'm just being ignored by CMNO.

    10. Irwenz on December 31

      Should i get worried if i havent received my replacement cards yet ?

    11. IS AWESOME on December 30

      I was thinking the same thing, also I wish I would have purchased another set of the frost dice...

    12. Wrobbel on December 30

      Open a ticket with the CMON support.

    13. Missing avatar

      David on December 29


      I received my pledge this summer but it has just been opened this week as it was a christmas gift for my brother.

      I have an issue with the cocatrix miniature which has no head. I can send a picture to prove it of course.

      Can anybody please tell me what to do ?

      Thanks in advance for your help

    14. Cechman on December 26

      Im in the same boat want the elementals as well +1 should they be released

    15. TheSirSpence on December 26

      Thanks Drive, at least in not going mad. Shame though, 2 of my favourite heroes are in that box

    16. Drive Elizabeth on December 25

      @TheSirSpence The crossover pack did not have cards for any guest boxes, so no.

    17. TheSirSpence on December 25

      Hi guys in either going mad or it was never made.

      I bought the Zombicide cross over pack. Could someone tell me if it came with cards for the John Howe box? I thought it did and now I can't find them anywhere!

    18. Missing avatar

      Marcos García Fonseca on December 23

      @Suratay I would like to be able to buy some of the non exclusives, I didnt buy cause I didnt have the money, thinking I could buy it later...

    19. Missing avatar

      Suratay on December 20

      Hi CMON

      recently i've heard that the elementals will not come for retail.

      As an official backer of Massive exist a chance for me that i can get it from you because it was not proclaimed as "kickstarter only"?

      Or comming the elementals for retail?

      Thank you for a reply

    20. Tung Chi Ming on December 18

      still not yet received my game in asia�

    21. Koin-Koin on December 18

      @francois et @francoiscolas
      Les pledges français étant arrivés pour la majorité en aout/septembre, je vous conseille de contacter directement le support via le site CMoN :

    22. Frencois on December 18

      Never received my pledge either.
      Seems there is a huge pb with pledges to Europe.
      Feel bad I may get Zombicide Green Horde before MD.

    23. Missing avatar

      francoiscolas on December 17

      toujours rien recu ( a paris)
      est ce normal ?

    24. Missing avatar

      Jarosch on December 14

      Hi. Still did not get my pledge sent to Austria, and did not receive a tracking code or anything else.

    25. Missing avatar

      Don Staunton on December 13

      Im still waiting for my pledge in Australia

    26. Gedracon on December 12

      @Jonathan: I build my own box with foam inserts to store all miniatures and the other game material.

    27. Jonathan Houchin
      on December 7

      Just a quick question. Does anyone know how to store this game? Id rather not have to lug around 5 boxes

    28. Barry Windsor Smith on December 4


      I participated for the core set. Now I would like to buy all the add-ons, including the elementals and the two exclusive sets (Marble Dice and Black Plague Crossover). Do I have the opportunity to buy everything from you? If so, when?

    29. Gedracon on December 2

      Finally received the game. Took only four month after DPD failed to read the second line of my address :) Quiet a surprise the content was in good shape. Only the core box was damaged on one edge of the box. No big deal for me, fixed it with some tape. Miniatures are great and now it's time to paint them.

    30. Ben Stealer of Bagged Lunches
      on December 1

      @Jerry - exclusives tend to be divisive. Some people hate them in general, others love them. Any time a production company does something regarding them (including them in a KS, excluding from a KS, offering them in a KS then offering them afterwards) someone will have something to say.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jerry Frazee on December 1

      I never have understood why people get so upset if something goes from exclusive to not-exclusive. I could care less. I already have mine and will have had the items and used them for a good long while before anybody else does, so I'm fine with it. All I can figure is people want to sell their exclusive stuff for ridiculous prices and they're afraid of "losing" money. Too bad, so sad! I buy these KS games because they look cool and are generally a lot of fun, not to make some sort of investment out of it. Feh!

    32. Ben Stealer of Bagged Lunches
      on November 30

      Thanks, Jamuraa

    33. Ben Stealer of Bagged Lunches
      on November 30

      Interesting. Well, we can look at it like a good thing. It almost guarantees a season 2 for MD. Especially if CMON is going to continue connecting Zcide and MD. It also makes sense that they did make the ZGH xover non-kse.

      Does anyone have a source for this information?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jamuraa on November 30

      The Black Plague Crossover Kit will be available at retail in December. So it‘s no longer Kickstarter exclusive. Not so funny :(

    35. Ben Stealer of Bagged Lunches
      on November 29

      @Tom Schmidt - what are you talking about?

    36. Missing avatar

      Tom Schmidt on November 29

      Uhm... CMON, one quick question: If you say that something is Kickstarter exclusive, isn't it a bit cheap to then release it in another language as a not-exclusive item? I do feel really bad about this...

    37. Missing avatar

      chortophagos on November 26

      O my. I ordered 2 lightbringers, and they didn't send me the stretch goals. This is just sad now.

    38. Irwenz on November 26

      Canada and still no replacement parts.

    39. Missing avatar

      chortophagos on November 24

      Yep, finally got my pieces for those tracking. Sad, 2 months late, no compensation, never had probs before. Still, cmon is worth it, they are a great company, minis are awesome.

    40. Philip Rodrigues on November 22

      Hi. When is the replacement parts expected to arrive in Canada? Estimate. I believe the update was posted in August as it's November now.

    41. Andrew Nicastro on November 22

      @S Reading what you said, I have played 3 games so far. One solo, one with my SO, and one with my group of 6 players. I have to say, playing solo and with two people was a bit underwhelming in terms of difficulty, but still fun, as we got to share all the loot between just two people. Playing with 6 players, however, s**t got real. with the scaling health for agents/roaming monsters, and scaling number of minions for mobs, and the fact that we spawned Chromantis at the end of round one thanks to the event deck, and a weretiger at the end of round 2, we died in 4 turns. haha I suppose I just got lucky (if you can call it that) in the sense that we drew into lots of mobs, an agent that spawned another mob, and two roaming, all on the first tile. I can see what you mean in term of underwhelming enemies, but I believe that could have just been the fact that you were playing the first quest, which is built to allow easily getting to the end. We played the big game hunting quest last night (the quest I talked about above), and it was definitely challenging, and still alot of fun, even though we died quickly. haha ALL OF THAT SAID, I feel that the randomness of encounters is my only complaint. If I could guarantee this higher amount of enemies every game, that would be ideal. I guess I could just remove some of the slimmer door cards, but not sure if that would be a great idea. Anyway, just read your comment and thought I would say my piece regarding your concerns!

      @CMON I received my replacement copy about a week ago, and have been drooling over the minis, and loving the gameplay thus far. I was salty having to wait an extra month or so to get the game after the first was stolen, but once i opened the box, I didn't care. The contents kept me up early into the morning as I carefully inspected the contents of every single box.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ivanov Oleg on November 21

      i was not a late backer and i paid before deadline for 2 games and addons. Also i buy Zombicide: Green Horde only for figures for MD. I still dont have a track number. And i dont know where is my games. "Thank you" CMON and ... you!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Fiverings on November 18

      well my shipment was finally shipped. i was NOT a late backer and paid my shipping before the deadline. A lot of us did notify CMON about any one of the numerous problems with this campaign but their response often was not helpful so there are a few of us who were disappointed. This is the only kickstarter campaign that I have has serious problems with but I will do a bit more investigating of the people running the campaign before drop money on a project.

    44. Missing avatar

      chortophagos on November 17

      oh wow, didn't notice all the complaints here. I pledged x2 copies too, but they only sent me main game in sep. Didn't get x1 main game, x2 stretch goals. Complained enough now they finally said sending. cmon disappointing too many peeps. I said refund my shipping or give me some compensation and they just say, thnx for your patience. I'll give them that they've done a good job before, but it is sad to see them lagging and hurting supporters.

    45. Missing avatar

      Charles Kimbril on November 16

      I contacted them with my id, they said, we shipped it, not our problem.

    46. GinjaBugbearNinja-Where are my Peanuts? on November 15

      For those who haven't received their game id advise contacting c'mon support via Facebook or their website.
      You won't get anything from them on the comments page after a campaign

    47. Joshua Elliott on November 15

      I also have received no game yet and backed early.

    48. Danny Day on November 14

      I have yet to receive my game and I was a EARLY backer!

    49. Missing avatar

      Fiverings on November 11

      How many of you backers who were not a late backer did not get the game yet?

      I backed the game during the campaign. I paid for shipping. I paid the "surprise extra shipping cost" BEFORE the deadline.

      No game, hasn't even shipped yet.

      Am I the only backer who paid in the proper period to have my game delayed?

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