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Mechanical Keypad with Pressure Sensitive Control for Gamers and Creative Professionals
1,072 backers pledged $94,625 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Rafael on

      @Val: no, i'm pretty sure it won't reach the 150k mark.

      It'll stay at this amunt probably.

    2. TheChosenOne on

      Projects that have been "completed" generally tend to drop off massively. This is also not a big draw project like a new X wide known name game.

    3. Missing avatar

      Val on

      I have my doubts we will ever reach 150k. We are at the half way point with only 19 days left and we've only just reached our first stretch goal. I've been keeping track of this kick starter and after all the early bird slots were filled it's been a real grind to reach 75k. It's really unfortunate that all these stretch goals are being utilized so poorly. Instead of using this extra money to fund superficial things with no practicality i would rather see that money be invested in things that will add functionality to the product. Anodizing face plates is superficial. Having a case is silly when this product will sit in a lot of people's desk for most of it's life. Sure protecting the product is necessary but having a cable that detaches will increase the longevity of the product during transport and when in use not just during transport like a case would.

      When there is no mention of decent warranty coverage most users will have to pray the cable doesn't fray during it's lifetime. Why not build a product that is user serviceable after it's warranty expires? If community feedback is anything to go buy i think everyone here would like a removable cable over anything else. I have no idea why this wasn't thought of before moulds and pcbs were designed. Most if not all high end keyboards now come with detachable cables and cooler masters isn't new to this.

      Anyways at least this project got off the ground and i do hope that the travel bag is nice when we reach 100k at the end of this kickstarter.

    4. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Stengel on

      I am really looking forward the control pad! In the past I utilized a programmable numpad from cherry... it is pretty much the same - but not analogue :-(
      As I have some experience in using a separate numpad for gaming already I ask you for considdering a semetric design. So if for whatever reason the bottom line of keys has only 3 instead of 4 keys please design all 3 in the same size...

    5. Cooler Master Creator on

      Yep, when we reach $150K, then all backers will get it.

    6. AIMPAD Collaborator on

      My understanding is that if we reach $150,000 funding then all ControlPad backers will get the detachable USB-C cable.

    7. Pete C. on

      Witch backers will be able to have the option to get detachable C?