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Mechanical Keypad with Pressure Sensitive Control for Gamers and Creative Professionals
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    1. Missing avatar

      Overdriver on

      Awesome to see dome Nice stretch goals! Id love the travel bag. Something a bit water resistent would be Nice since i always spill drinks ;) cant wait to try out the controlpad!

    2. Missing avatar

      Klaus on

      Great news and Thank You!

      Still, while a different color is posh and a bag may be nice to keep it safe while travelling you can bring that along and it won't help to protect your pad until the stretch is reached. So, my first priority preference would have been the detachable cable as it would help to extend the life span of this product (especially when on the go) and also have optimal length of cord. Even more so, while plate and bag are retrofittable, an USB soicket needs best to be designed in at a quite early stage. Maybe you may want to reconsider the priority?

    3. TheChosenOne on

      Besides the 75k I couldn't care less about them since I don't plan to travel or move it a lot. But unlikely to reach those anyway. Ah well, 75k should be possible.

    4. Jyrki Vaara on

      Nice goals, hope we can crush these. :)

    5. Marcin on

      Great stretch goals! Hopefully we can hit them :)

    6. Pete C. on

      I agree with Derek on the padded case. Maybe something the Bose traveling case for there headphones. Something that is more durable and rugged for just incase moments while traveling.

    7. Missing avatar

      Derek Green on

      For the travel bag: Is it possible to do some kind of padded carrying case or padded bag? I fear a simple cinch bag will still let the board get crushed if we throw it in a backpack. Thoughts?

    8. Missing avatar

      Gerald Evans on

      Is this a stretch goal that all backers of ControlPads will get to choose fromm