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Update #1

Thanks for all the support so far :)


I just wanted to re-post what Nicky wrote about the project on her blog, almost brought a tear to my eye:

"I know. At first glance that seems kind of coo coo. And maybe it is, but, how much fun would that be ? Cookie and i have a dream to make a documentary about New Zealand. And to do it we’re going to walk from the nothern tip aaaaaaaall the way down to the southern tip. Mental eh ? Yes! We are hoping to do it in about a years time. To help us save up the funds to get there and pay for equipment, and porridge to eat on the road we looking for people to sponsor us. It’s a bit of a challenge! We’ll be camping wild so there’d be no luxuries on this trip. But every penny counts when it comes to making the DVD’s etc as when we get back we’ll be penniless :)
It’s a pretty special trip as the route won’t officially open til next year so ( if it all comes together ) we’ll be some of the very first people to do it. Proper adventurer stuff!

SO! If you’d like to see the documentary of a boy and girl struggling against the elements ( and their will power ) to quite literally walk to Mordor in a Frodo stylie then your luck is in! If you’d like a DVD or want to help us then read all about it here and you can Donate a small amount if you wish towards to costs of the film. Thanks so much Monster-Munch followers! And if we raise the monies you will of course hear all about the trip live here on Monster-Munch :D

Help us :) Kickstarter are kindly helping us with a donations page - but we only get paid if we raise the whole amount! So we have only less than 90 days to see if we can…. You know we love you! ;) xx Nicky & Cookie

Get cool stuff made by us Kind sponsors will receive a selection of things designed and made my me and Cookie ( of ) including the DVD, Specially designed A2 Posters, route planners and the right to give us very special challenges to complete on route! Read all about the Pledge Prizes here.

As some of you know, the other special thing about this trip for me is that i’m not, lets say, the most athletic person in the world ;) So this is going to be a mission and a half to say the least! And more than a mountain to climb. In fact you might know that a little while back a was rather ill, and to even dream of something like this would have been unimaginable. So in a way, that’s something that’s spurring me on to try and confront and conquer the impossible :) It might be a bit crazy but i’m damn well going to give it my best! Thanks for listening Monster-Munchers. x"

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    Donate $10 and I'll mail you all the route maps I’ve been making, maybe to use on your own hike or for research. All the maps will also be freely downloadable from my site (when I finish them) if you want to save me the postage costs :)

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    Donate $25 and I'll mail you the finished DVD once we return and edit it, plus all the maps on a separate disc. Again the video will also be uploaded to my website where you could watch it for free.

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    Donate $50 and you'll get all the above plus a beautifully screen printed A2 poster of the route, maybe some sort of date planner type thing. Probably will make this when I get back and have a bit more experience of the route and interesting alternates.

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    Donate $100 and you'll get all of the above plus I’ll leave your name (obviously nothing permanent) along the route somewhere, write it out in rocks, draw it on a sandy beach, piss it into snow, whatever! Promise to do something interesting, blog about you and then send you the hi-res photo.

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    Ha ha, this is the big one and it was Nicky's idea so unsurprisingly involves me making a total arse of myself.. but It could be pretty funny so - donate $1000 or more then at the end of each month you decide what I have to do with my facial hair.. It's a bit of a tradition that you grow your beard on a thru-hike, but I'm giving you the chance to style it for me - Big Lamb chop side burns, down to the moustache, shave half off vertically... (Only 5 available, 1 each month).

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