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Escape with us to a sci-fi world where a pair of genius inventors battle villains to bring change to a polluted & corrupt world.
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Message from the Tinker Crew

Posted by Containment Field Studio (Creator)
Hello TINKER Supporters!  

With the end of our campaign just hours away, I'd like to mention our "Stretch Goals."  

We have raised some money through private investors and coupled with the achievement of our Kickstarter campaign we will be able to begin principal cinematography in February. However, if we are able to raise more money we will be able to elevate the level of our production (hence: Stretch Goals). In short, here are some of those goals:

$14,000.00 - Gives us the ability to engage the services of a PR Firm that we have been talking to. This will help us get more coverage and then more fans, which could lead to more investors.  

$21,000.00 - Gives us the ability to create additional miniatures for the "Water & Power" scene at the end of the pilot.  

$32,000.00 - Gives us the opportunity to acquire additional custom props from McCune Design that are significant to the plot in the pilot. This is important because it's an extreme elevation of production values for the show. It makes the whole thing look that much better.  

$46,000.00 - Gives us additional funds to expand the shooting schedule and to rent additional equipment, like a second camera and the crew necessary for that type of expansion.

The more we raise, the better looking the show will be. No matter how much we raise, it will all go up on the screen. Nothing wasted, nothing pocketed. Please help us get there. Thank you for your support and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  


Michael Taglianetti, Creator/Executive Producer - TINKER  

Paul M. Smith, Co-Visual F/X Supervisor/CG Supervisor - TINKER  

David R. Hardberger, Co-Visual F/X Supervisor/Miniature Supervisor - TINKER  

Tibor Szakaly, Director of Photography - TINKER  

Lucid Luminos, Director of Social Media & Crowd Funding - TINKER  

Alex Lorre, Co-Executive Producer - TINKER  

Sean Williams - Supervising Producer - TINKER  

Don Allen - Producer - TINKER  

Tempast Wulf - Associate Producer - TINKER  

Corena Gibson - Associate Producer/Costume Designer - TINKER

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