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By stephen black
$325 pledged of $20,000 goal

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What is Contact With Shadow about?

What is this book about?

Stephen Black is a Cambridge research student who comes to Singapore with his wife. He researches the printing techniques and noteworthy printers of the period between 1835 and 1911.His wife is an amateur chef, specializing in molecular cooking. For various reasons, they are in the Armenian Street/Fort Canning area nearly every day.
One evening tragedy strikes.

The inks, binding and paper of Contact With Shadow form a unique art object which is part thesis paper, part romantic novel and part illustrated travel Armenian history is touched upon, as are the lives of Sir Stamford Raffles, Sun Yat Sen and George Coleman.Contact With Shadow is emotional, factual and historical.

It's a double pleasure to read this wonderful scrapbook of historical facts, metafictions and photographs.  First, there's the joy of gleaning nuggets of knowledge about Singapore and the printed word hitherto unknown; and second, there's the childlike wonder of never knowing what Stephen Black has in store for us on the next page.
-Ng Yi-Sheng

Ng Yi-Sheng is a full-time writer of poetry, drama, criticism, journalism and songs.  His poetry collection, "last boy", won the Singapore Literature Prize in 2008.  He blogs at .

"I absolutely love this book. Not only did I learn about Singapore, the unusual presentation is fun, the images are impressive and the writing is moving and emotional"
- Vikki Weston, professional editor (Time-Life and other publishing companies)


In the past year I was fortunate to have met many supportive people! Special thanks to Kerr Sun and Serene Wee. They were there in the beginning when this was more of a documentary than the crazy, romantic, "edgy" visual-historical-postmodern-novel-artwork it has become!
The West Coast coffee shop guys! Wow! You know who you are but you will never know how much difference you have made towards improving this book!
To the staff at the National Library and the National Archives. have been patient and helpful and everything a researcher could ask for.
Michael Lee, Ng Yi-Sheng, Debbie Ding, Dora, Bindu, Wuen,Vikki Weston, Richard Lord and Damien Brachet- your input and proofreading have made this a much better book. Savinder at Word Forward is a saint! Albert at My Magic Copy on Orchard Road is the man! And Mr. Soon- I will write about you and your bookbinding skills in a separate post.
Finally to my family, who always supported this and only rarely questioned my sanity. LOL Just remember one thing! NIAPOY!
.......undoubtedly I have forgotten someone. I will apologize in advance and thank you in a separate post.


It is up!
OK...thanks for your interest, whoever you are!
OK....this is behind the scenes; digital backstage. In a week I will be calmly posting about the project itself, but for now , I am just thrashing around and treating this space as a notepad to myself....
Really, you should just go check out Contact With Shadow on Scribd.,as well as the book called Furikake, the book called Obama Search Words and the Book called Halus: Portrait and Landscape.
I say "books" but really I should say "e books." Those projects are finished and waiting in the wings for publication on paper- when I get the money or a "proper" publishing deal.
I am hoping that because of this fantastic exposure on Kickstarter that I can not only publish Contact With Shadow but some of the other projects as well.
Oh yeah...for all of you foodies, there is a project on Scribd called Omakase. That is a small project featuring photos that I took as well as some great writing on food and glassware...
Finally, all of those projects are under the Book Merah label. Twice, Book Merah books have been featured on Scribd- the first was my book called Obama Search Words and the other was Fires by Cyril Wong , who won the Singapore Literature Prize a few years ago.
OK ...what follows are notes to myself...stay tuned! Again, thanks for your interest!