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A photo book and fictional history of the 20th century's most notable dogs
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Going to Prepress Proof!

Posted by Winnie Au (Creator)

Dear backers, friends, and family -

When we started this project, we imagined it was something fun and silly we could do on the side and kick out in a few months. None of us has ever published a book before, and what was supposed to take 6 months has ended up taking over 2 years to complete. We want to say thank you for your unending patience, your support, and your belief in us.

We have been busy doing many versions of many proofs at home to make sure the images are all color matched and retouched properly, that the text printed out (vs on screen) looks good in relation to the photos, that all of the stories are copyedited, and that the digital file is prepped for prepress. It has been a lot of checking and rechecking to make sure every detail and adjustment is made before we start printing.

We're super excited to announce that we are finally sending our book off to the printer for the prepress proof. A prepress proof basically shows us what the final book will look like when printed on the printer's paper and with their ink. When we receive our prepress proof we can judge if the colors of the photos are rendering correctly and make any necessary adjustments from there. Once we approve that proof, the books will be printed and shipped to us in about 4 weeks. The final books will be hardcover, 92 pages, and will be printed in the USA.

We are putting in our final order with the printer this week, and it will be a very limited edition print run. As of now, this will be the only time you can order this limited first edition through us. 

We don't plan to print too many extra copies to keep in stock so if you want any extra copies of the book other than your reward copy, please put in a pre-order through our pre-order site by Friday, May 3, 2013, at this link:

Since it has been such a long time since our project started, we will message and confirm with you your current mailing address before sending you your rewards.

Thank you again for your patience and support - can't wait for you to have your books!
In other news, Cindy is now the proud owner of her own corgi Appa! Please welcome Appa to our family! (In the photo with 2 corgis, Appa is on the right, and Winnie's corgi Tartine is on the left.)

Winnie, Cindy, and Alice

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