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Project: Courage and Consequence - an LP comp./ culture jam of bands against Rove's video poster

An anti-Rove LP/digital download compilation of rock bands with the same title as Karl Rove's memoir. Maximum culture jamming! Read more

Oakland, CA World Music
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This project was successfully funded on January 31, 2010.

An anti-Rove LP/digital download compilation of rock bands with the same title as Karl Rove's memoir. Maximum culture jamming!

Oakland, CA World Music
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About this project

update!: We made it! Thank you one and all for helping make this happen. We go into production monday. For now, please continue to "donate" at the $20 level for a pre-order, the real website and ordering infrastructure will be up very soon and it will be available at Amazon, etc. in a couple weeks.

Stay tuned for phase 2!
Karl Rove is coming out with a memoir called "Courage and Consequence". We are putting out a compilation LP by the same name that is coming out before his book. Songs about, pertaining to, or answers to Karl Rove specifically. We are going to culture jam his memoir and wreck his special day by dominating google results, amazon sales, etc.

We also are making a hell of a compilation.

This is a completely grassroots effort funded by donations and pre-orders.
If you would like to help, please click the link to the right and donate/pre-order.

Participating artists and songs:
Track listing (final sequence and track names listed shortly):

The Heavenly States- A Man For Our Times

Generalissimo - Swarm

Cartographer - The Biggest Asshole In the World

Cold Lake - Courage and Consequence

Victory and Associates - Lies, and the Lying Liars That Sell Them

Rival Dickens - Forget the Naughts (Rick Valentin from Poster Chlidren solo)

United Sons of Toil - Invention VS Innovation

Death Dream - Karl Rove, Let's Get Dirty

Have Special Power - A Rove by Any Other Name

Hurry Up Shotgun- Car Bomb

Lambs of Abortion - New American Century

We're Gonna Fight the Eskimos Next - Don't Praise the Machine

The idea began as an internet rant and quickly has expanded since then.
Karl Rove, Bush's brain, the man behind George W. Bush's presidency wrote a memoir and had the unmitigated gall to call it "Courage and Consequence". I'm irritated by a lot of things, but this really rubbed me the wrong way. The architect of the Swift Boat Veterans, 2 wars, and our economic crisis taking a victory lap and making money on book tours? Courage?

The original idea was a "one off band" that wrote a bunch of songs about how lame/bad for America, and the world, Karl Rove is, release it at the same time and Googlebomb the whole internet to sow as much chaos into his book release as possible. Success would be measured by the amount of disorder brought to him, and by nothing else. Even if it never went further than my group of friends it would be worth it.

However, the response was overwhelming, and soon enough enough fantastic bands were interested that it only made sense to do as a compilation. It made sense to create something positive from this. The idea is to release free downloads of the record via the website, with participants, friends, fans, and the internet linking to it and raising its google search results, and a beautiful QUALITY vinyl record for audiophiles and those with the desire for a physical product. Additionally the artwork, for both, should be very similar to the book. (Ala: Going Rouge vs. Going Rogue)

It is a little known fact that most conservative books go to the top of the best seller list and quickly fall off because they are purchased en masse by right wing think tanks and churches and then given away for free.

We believe that by getting this project ready by the time Karl Rove's disgusting memoir is released we will be able to garner considerable attention (and maybe even confuse conservative book buyers) and, while it will be artistically viable on its own, will be a wonderful example of culture jamming.

Many more established and older artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young have called out wondering where the political voices are in music today. They are here but because of the nature of the current music industry we need some help to do anything that gets over the signal to noise ratio.

We stand against Karl Rove, his tactics and what he has wrought, and reject, in its entirety, the idea that turdblossom should get to do his victory lap unanswered.

Any additional money not going to the production of the physical compilation will be going directly to the bands and artists involved in this project, split in an even manner, to recoup recording costs. We do not plan on taking one cent of money as profit.

Costs for pressing of this record and digital distribution are just shy of $3000, there is mastering, laquer pressing, processing costs, labels, shrinkwrap, inserts and jackets... and that's just the physical production, not including the actual recording costs which are mostly handled by the bands.

My qualifications for this:
I was the international head of Bands Against Bush, whose only crime was registering young voters, yet it still got me on a "watch list".

I have played in rock bands for over 10 years, completed 5 US tours, and countless smaller ones, and independently released and distributed 5 full length albums, multiple eps and online singles.

Consider this a massive excercise in free speech and an earnest attempt to ruin a man's day that has directly wrecked so many lives.

You can contact us at:


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    Inclusion of an (up to) 1,000 word entry into the liner notes of the record and digital download package. (within editorial standards) . A a signed test pressing of the LP, and 5 copies of the final LP package. Along with everything included in the lower levels.

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