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Doodle3D Transform is an app that makes designing in 3D easy and fun! Transform 2D drawings easily to 3D designs for your 3D printer.
Doodle3D Transform is an app that makes designing in 3D easy and fun! Transform 2D drawings easily to 3D designs for your 3D printer.
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    1. Doodle3D 2-time creator 4 days ago

      @Adam We don't have a timeframe for it yet, but it will be included in version 1.0.

    2. Missing avatar

      Adam La Gorce 4 days ago

      Any time frame on being able to make a sketch with exact dimensions? I would use Doodle3d so much because it's so easy to use if it had dimensional capability. For instance right now I need to make a 3D printed bracket. The bracket needs 4 holes with exact spacing. But currently I cannot make this bracket with Doodle3d due to the fact I can't specify the spacing. I'm going to have to use my other cad software again.

    3. Doodle3D 2-time creator on February 28

      @Gernot; the stamp tool is very experimental currently. As we said in our update, try at your own discretion :) The final implementation for a tool like that will likely be quite different (in code and design), so its unlikely we'll do cross-browser support for the experimental version.

    4. Doodle3D 2-time creator on February 28

      @Ivan; Q1 is also addressed in our most recent update. The short version is we don't know exactly, but we are working hard on it to get it to the level and polish that we'd like to see. Please bear with us.

      Q2 testing with the WiFi-Box is done throughout the proces as the code is being written, we'll reserve an extra 1 to 2 weeks at the end of the proces for our unit tests.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel
      on February 27

      lovely stamp tool - does it also work ïn IE Edge browser ? it gives me a response [object Object]{d3ArrowHelpers: false, disableTalkus: false, experimentalColorPicker: false, experimentalColorUnionExport: false, experimentalStampTool: true, gaDebug: false} but does not show up....

    6. Ivan Hoe on February 27

      @Doodle3D team,

      Q1. When will the Release version 1.0 be ready?

      Q2. How much time are you setting aside to test it with the WiFi-Box?

      Thank you

    7. Doodle3D 2-time creator on February 27

      @ Christopher: We have gone back and forth a bit on whether or not we'd be shipping WiFi-Boxes before or after we have succesfully achieved compatibility between Transform and the WiFi-Box. Because the update will be considerably large, and we want to update the packaging we have decided that we'll not be sending the WiFi-Boxes untill the Release version 1.0 is ready and tested with the WiFi-Box.

    8. Missing avatar

      Christopher Polidore on February 25

      I backed the transform with the wifi box but never received the wifi box (it says my shipment was in January). Is there any reason (I missed the notes for the most part)

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Brown on February 22

      I backed this long ago but never received the Beta?

    10. i hate buying gas on February 22

      Going to have to turn on the hack to design on different sides/axis.

    11. Doodle3D 2-time creator on February 20

      Hey guys, Nico and me are in the process of writing our latest Kickstarter update while Peter and Casper are working very hard on the code. There's a lot we want to cover in this update so please know it's coming.

    12. thebarshot on February 17

      can we get a update please?

    13. 許銘宏 on February 14

      Release multi-language version?

    14. Missing avatar

      Omri Ron on February 8

      I am waiting

    15. Missing avatar

      Brandon on February 7

      Update soon?

    16. Missing avatar

      Pritul Jain on January 19

      Please send me my key for it

    17. i hate buying gas on January 14

      when do you expect the android app to be available?

    18. i hate buying gas on January 14

      just watched the new eraser vid. i like it. flexibility with precision then you can get nuke size erasing if needed. is this available now?

    19. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel
      on January 13

      The eraser looks promising - from what we can see it comes in an intuitive way
      Do you have some ideas for changing the weight of a line you draw?

    20. Doodle3D 2-time creator on January 12

      @i hate buying gas @Gernot J. Abel: Today we worked on an idea how to improve the eraser tool. Please let me know what you think of this approach:

    21. Missing avatar

      Gernot J. Abel
      on January 12

      Haha - the erazer paradox ... my son 10 yr uses it and asked how to change thickness of the lines he is drawing. Any hint?

    22. i hate buying gas on January 11

      Yes I did try that. Probably takes more patience than I gave it. I'll get used to it the more I use it. But the better I get the less I'll need to erase. So how do I get better at erasing? Hmmmm enter the eraser paradox....

    23. Doodle3D 2-time creator on January 11

      @i hate buying gas: Have you tried zooming in? The eraser gets smaller then.

    24. i hate buying gas on January 10

      So far so good. Playing importing of image files and that's pretty neat.
      One thing that I think needs to be changed is the eraser. It erases in a circle area and depending what you need to remove it is difficult to do that w/o removing something you want. Can we get a more precise eraser?

    25. Doodle3D 2-time creator on January 8

      @Cole, thanks for your comment. On the bottom it says: "Already have an account? Login." but I admit it's somewhat hidden. It brings you this page:

    26. Missing avatar

      Cole Uhlman on January 7

      @creator. I can't log in to my account, because does not preset an option to log in! There is only "login with facebook", "login with google+", and "create a new account"........but no "login to an existing account".

      Is there some secret and different url that I can log in from?

    27. Tammy Durham Lovemark-Inman on January 5

      New adress

      Tammy inman
      360 s 22nd street
      Cottage grove or 97424


    28. Trillot Bernard on December 30

      I cant no more login. And i cant recreate an account because it already exists.

      Please help.

    29. thebarshot on December 27

      i scanned a pair of scissors into the program and the 3d side didnt pick everything up on a closed pair. can the scanner be made better to pick up more detail please?

    30. Charles Bernard on December 21

      I have an issue with slicing on "material intersections".
      My slicer (Simplify 3D) does not handle very well where there is an intersection of materials.
      For example, the intersections of the PiggyBank Doodle are excluded from the slicing, they are not printed (it's just empty)
      Am I the only one with that issue?

    31. Doodle3D 2-time creator on December 19

      @thebarshot Working on it. Have you seen our collection of screengrab GIFs? They are speeded up so maybe hard to catch up with. We are working on good video instructions.
      @Subbu, A.S.G.Pillai, @CK ONG, @Steffen Martin, @Daniel: You've got mail.

    32. Missing avatar

      Subbu on December 18

      I am still waiting for the key. Please send it

    33. Missing avatar

      A.S.G.Pillai on December 17

      My key not delivered yet.send soon.

    34. Missing avatar

      CK ONG on December 16

      Hi, I did not receive the data key. Can you help me to check. Thank you.

    35. Steffen Martin
      on December 16

      i receiver my beta key, but i can't log in my account. Can you hell me?

    36. thebarshot on December 16

      can someone start working on youtube vids to show us how to work everything?

    37. Daniel
      on December 16

      I haven't received my beta key. Any chance you can provide me one? Thanks.

    38. Doodle3D 2-time creator on December 16

      @thebarshot: Have you tried to click and drag over the image when scanning? That let's you choose the threshold. You can see it happening here in this GIF:

    39. Toby Mize
      on December 16

      @Creator Never got my beta key... Could you send me one? Thanks!

    40. thebarshot on December 13

      i know you can scan items in but it dont seem to work to well at this point. is there anyway to make it scan better? i have to tap on the screen to get the image to load is that normal?

    41. 許銘宏 on December 6

      I not receive to Doodle3D Transform BETA

    42. Missing avatar

      Thierens Katrien on December 2

      @CeKWg thanks!
      That is indeed the idea.

    43. Doodle3D 2-time creator on December 2

      @CeKWg, that sounds very useful! I will discuss this with the team.

    44. CeKWg
      on December 2

      for my experience, step file can be open with most of the 3D modeling software. My guess is Thierens want to use your software to build up the basic and use other 3D modeling software to put the detail in.

    45. Doodle3D 2-time creator on December 2

      @Thomas Farnell, thanks for your message. I just sent you a copy of your keys.

    46. Doodle3D 2-time creator on December 2

      @Thierens Katrien - STEPfile are not on our roadmap yet. Can you give me some good reasons? What would be the benefits with regards to STL?

    47. Thomas Farnell on December 1


      i sent an email about my codes not working and have not had a response. i get the error “Resource not found”

    48. Pat on December 1

      @ray and @james i had that same thing happened to me if you are using either yahoo mail or gmail there is a tab that says "all mail" and it shows all mail from all tabs i have gmail and theres a tab that said promotional and thats where i found my keys but wouldnt have found them if i didnt click the all mail tab so dont look just under your main mail or spam they might have gotten sorted to the wrong tab

    49. Missing avatar

      Thierens Katrien on November 30

      @creator: Will it in the future be possible to export to . STEPfile?

    50. Doodle3D 2-time creator on November 30

      @thebarshot. Thanks for your ideas! Most things are already on our list. I hope we can have them implemented in version 1 otherwise they will be added in an update.

      To summarise your request:
      - more predefined shapes
      - tweak points of a polygon
      - snap to other points (already partly possible with the straight-line tool)
      - measurements
      - enter numbers for size and offset
      - cutting tool

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